Abraham and Phebe Mills Cook Pennsylvania and North Carolina

Abraham and Phebe Mills Cook Family

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Abraham Cook was son of Thomas and Mary Underwood Cook of Pennsylvania. There were many connections between the Cook and Woodward families which will be explored both here and on Marion Monk's Web Site. Where an entire page is not warranted, notes will be added to this page.

Phebe Mills was third child and second daughter of John and Sarah Beals Mills of Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina. Phebe's sister Mary Mills married Abraham's brother Thomas Cook, Jr.

Phebe Mills
born 1738 Frederick Co, Va
died 6/4/1790 Guilford Co, NC
burial New Garden MM
Abraham Cook
born 11/1737 Pennsylvania
died 1/8/1793 Guilford Co, NC
burial New Garden MM
  Married: 9/23/1756 New Garden Monthly Meeting, Rowan County, North Carolina (see below for witnesses)

Rachel Cook born 10/28/1757 Rowan County, North Carolina; married Jacob Jessop
Mary Cook born 5/21/1760 Rowan County, North Carolina; married (1) David Stevens and (2) John Wheeler (out of unity)
Isaac Cook born 2/24/1763 Rowan County, North Carolina; married Rachel Unthank (more below)
John Cook born 3/5/1765 Rowan County, North Carolina; married out of unity Lydia Hussey
Phebe Cook born 8/28/1767 & died 5/28/1768 Rowan County, NC
Abraham Cook born 7/31/1769 Rowan County, NC; married Elizabeth Baldwin (more below)
Jacob Cook born 9/3/1772 & died 6/18/1781 Guilford County, NC
Nathan Cook born 9/20/1775 Guilford County, NC; married Hannah Edwards
Sarah Cook born 9/20/1778 Guilford County, NC; married William Stanley
Moses Cook born 9/1/1780 & died 6/22/1781 Guilford County, NC
Ruth Cook born 6/13/1783 Guilford County, NC; married Abel Knight

History of Abraham Cook

Abraham Cook was the son of Thomas & Mary Underwood Cook according to the History of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Thomas Cook had a twin brother, Abraham, for whom his son was named. Father Thomas Cook died in Pennsylvania. His widow, Mary, and family located from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas sometime before Abraham's marriage. At Abraham's marriage 9/23/1756, Thomas Cook is listed as deceased, but Mary Cook signed the wedding certificate. Other witnesses included John Mills, Hur Mills, William Hunt, Nathan Dicks, Thomas Thornbrugh, Enos Thomas, Sarah Mills, Martha Hiatt, Hannah Ballenger, Mary Dicks, and Sarah Hunt.

Abraham Cook bought land in Rowan County shortly after his marriage. "Bowater Beals to Abraham Cook for 15 pounds Virginia money, 100 A bought from Richard Williams, granted by Granville May 1756. John Beal, Mordecai Mendenhall. Proved Oct. 1757." Because of Bowater's land purchase in 1756 we know the families moved from Pennsylvania to the Carolinas sometime between Bowater's marriage in York County, Pennsylvania (to Abraham's sister, Sarah) in 1752 and his land purchase in 1756. He left the land to his sons (see will below).

More on the children of Abraham and Phebe Mills Cook

Isaac and Rachel Unthank Cook

Son Isaac Cook was disowned for marriage out of unity to Rachel Unthank on 4/27/1793. She was daughter of Allen and Jemima Hunt Unthank, born 2 Feb 1776. Though Isaac and Rachel married out of unity they made their peace with the Quakers and a few records of their children are found among the Quakers. On 2/28/1795 Isaac and Rachel con their outgoings at New Garden MM. Daughter Anna, born 2 Apr 1793 and son Eli Born 10/30/1795 are the only ones given with dates, but additional children Allen, Sarah, Jonathan, Jemimah, Pleasant and Phebe are named on transfer certificates between New Garden and Deep River monthly meeting. Two additional possible children, William and Rachel, Jr. were born after 1813.

Son Eli Cook was dismissed from New Garden Monthly Meeting on 1/30/1819. No reason was given, which usually meant nonattendance at meeting. Eli Cook had probably already gone to Wayne County, Indiana, where on 1/27/1825 he married Hannah Beard, daughter of Patrick and Hannah Woodward Beard. Hannah Beard Cook was grandaughter of Abraham Woodward and John Beard of Randolph County, North Carolina, while Eli Cook was grandson of Abraham & Phebe Mills Cook.

Abraham, Jr. and Elizabeth Baldwin Cook

Son Abraham Cook, Jr., married Elizabeth Baldwin on 4/11/1821 and they too moved to Wayne County, Indiana, in August 1821. Elizabeth Baldwin was daughter of Uriah & Hannah Hunt Baldwin. Uriah was son of William and Elizabeth Baldwin. Abraham, Jr. & Elizabeth had a son Eli Cook, born about 1825, who was no doubt named for his cousin Eli(above) who married that year in Wayne County.

Will of Abraham Cook

Abraham Cook made his will in Guilford County 4/29/1792, signing with his mark, and witnessed by Enoch Macy, Daniel Baldwin, and James Thornbrough. He mentions daughter Rachel Jessop and Mary Stephens and leaves them five shillings. He left Sarah and Ruth Cook his household goods, their mother's clothes and some livestock. He left land to his sons Isaac, Abraham, John and Nathan. The location of Abraham's land can be seen on the Guilford County Ownership Map.