Edward Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania

Edward Woodward, son of Richard Woodward, Sr.

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Edward Woodward was fifth child and fourth son of Richard and Jane Woodward of England and Chester County, Pennsylvania. Much of the information on this family comes from The Woodward Family of Chester County, Pennsylvania by J. Gary Woodward. It appears to be well researched in the records of Providence Monthly Meeting. We have not yet researched Providence Meeting but if there are changes found they will be made on this page. Edward Woodward married three times (1) Abigail Edge (2) widow Alice Smedley Allen and (3) widow Elizabeth Taylor.

Abigail Edge was the daughter of John & Jane Smedley Edge of Providence. Alice Smedley was daughter of George & Sarah Smedley and widow of John Allen of Newton Township. Elizabeth Jarman Taylor was widow of Peter Taylor of Providence.

  Edward Woodward
born probably Cheshire England
died bet 5/15 & 11/12/1754 Chester Co, Pa
Abigail Edge
born England
died 9/27/1716 Chester Co, Pa
  Married: 3/24/1705 Chester Monthly Meeting, Chester Co, Pa

Margaret Woodward born 12/22/1705; married Aaron Vernon (more below)
Edward Woodward, Jr. born 10/28/1707; married Sarah Sharpless (Sharples)
Abigail Woodward born 5/24/1710; married Moses Vernon, brother of Aaron (more below)
Mary Woodward born 6/25/1712; possibly died before 1754
Hannah Woodward born 5/2/1715; married William Hunter (more below)

The above marriages are recorded at Providence Monthly Meeting.
  Edward Woodward Alice Smedley Allen
born unknown
died probably 1741 Chester Co, Pa
  Married: 3/23/1722 Goshen Monthly Meeting, Chester Co, Pa (Encyclopedia of American Biography (New Series), Vol XVII gives them married at Providence Mtg but Gilbert Cope�s transcription of Goshen Monthly Meeting Records shows Alice as received on certificate from Providence at Goshen and the marriage at Goshen.)

George Woodward died 1757, never married
Jane Woodward married cousin Nathaniel Newlin (more below)

Edward and Elizabeth Taylor Woodward

Edward Woodward married third Elizabeth Jarman Taylor, widow of Peter Taylor, 4/15/1743, at Newton Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania. They had no children. Elizabeth Woodward had several children by Peter Taylor. She wrote her will on Feb 15, 1782 and it was probated May 28, 1784. Named were children Margaret Taylor Thomas, Elizabeth Taylor Smedley, heirs of deceased son Mordecail Taylor, heirs of deceased daughter Sarah Taylor Heacock, and Nathan, Peter, and John Taylor.

Children of Edward and Alice Smedley Allen Woodward

Jane Woodward daughter of Edward and Alice Smedley Allen Woodward married her first cousin Nathaniel Newlin, son of John & Mary Woodward Newlin on 11/30/1757 at Old Swede's Church in Wilmington, Delaware. They could not have a Quaker marriage as first cousin marriages were prohibited among the Quakers. They made their peace with the Quakers as Jane's death was reported 9/10/1823 at Concord Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Lewis Smedley�s Web Site gives interesting information on Alice Smedley Woodward and the children of Edward and Alice. (click on "Alice" on the home page.) It also includes additional information on Edward Woodward.

Land Transactions for Edward Woodward

Edward Woodward purchased a "moiety" of land from the estate of Thomas Taylor. The land was in Middletown, bounded by Ridley Creek, and by his father Richard Woodward's land. When Edward gave the land to his son Edward, Jr. for "five shillings and natural love and affection" in 1741 it was listed as 200 acres.

Edward Woodward is called yeoman in 1731 when he bought a 200 acre tract of land at a Sheriff's sale for 60 pounds. The location is not specified, except as situated on the branches of Brandywine Creek.

When John Allen, first husband of Alice Smedley Allen Woodward made his will 8 April 1720 he left his real and person property located in New Town to Alice. In 1733 Edward & Alice leased 174 acres to John Williamson for five shillings. John Williamson released the land back to them a few days later. The lease was signed by Edward and Alice but not recorded until January 1741. It is possible that Edward recorded it at the time of her death. William Hunter, future husband of Edward's daughter Hannah witnessed the lease and release.

When Edward's sister Jane Woodward Newlin's husband Nathaniel made his will 10 January 1732 he appointed Edward coexecutor with Jane and also named as trustees, Ellis Lewis and John Newlin. (John Newlin was father of Nathaniel Newlin who would then marry Edward�s daughter Jane Woodward. John Newlin was married to Mary Woodward, Edward�s sister) . The executors named differed from what is given in Nathaniel�s will abstract and is quoted with Jane and Edward as executors in Chester County Land Records. We mention it here, not because it actually involved land for Edward himself but to illustrate the closeness of the families.

(Information on land transactions and wills is from Abstracts of Chester County, Pennsylvania Land Records, Vol 1-3, by Carol Bryant.)

More on Children of Edward and Abigail Edge Woodward

Margaret Woodward Vernon: Daughter Margaret Woodward married Aaron Vernon, son of John and Sarah Pyle Vernon on 12/23/1732 at Providence Meeting. They settled in Newton Township about 1747. Aaron's will, dated 8 1765, mentions children: Edward, Aaron, John, Sarah, Abraham, and Rebecca.

A previous marriage proposal for Margaret is documented in Early Church Records of Delaware County, Pa, by John Pitts Launey and F. Edward Wright. On 3/29/1727 "Richard Dobbs to marry Margaret Woodward [dau. Of Edward Woodward]" Evidently there was a falling out as on 6/28/1727 "Richard Dobbs was charged with cursing, swearing and calling for damnation on himself if ever he married Margaret Woodward; her father withdrew his consent, and Margaret does not desire the marriage." We have been chastised on some of our pages for including such information though it is a matter of public record. But in our view no family is without some warts and it makes the family history more interesting to find them. Quaker records seem unique in the documentation of sins as well as of births, deaths, and marriages and let us know that our ancestors were quite human.

Abigail Woodward Vernon: Daughter Abigail Woodward married Moses Vernon, son of John and Sarah Pyle Vernon, and brother of Aaron, on 10/23/1730 at Providence Meeting. Moses's will, dated 7 1767, mentions children Nathan, Elias, Moses, Edward, Gideon, Abigail Engle, Mary, and grandson Nathan, son of Abigail and Fred Engle.

Hannah Woodward Hunter: Charles L. Hunter is researching the Hunter family. Edward's daughter Hannah Woodward married William Hunter. Charles tells us William was the son of Captain John Hunter born 1666 in Northern England. William was born in Ireland and died in 1751. He married Hannah Woodward on 12/11/1740 and they had three children: William, Edward, and Adlan Hunter. A grandson Edward, son of Edward Hunter became a Mormon Bishop. Charles can be contacted through the Hunter mailing list on Rootsweb.

We have not personally verified any of the Hunter information but do find that William Hunter owned land in 1743 in New Town near Crum Creek. As mentioned above William Hunter also witnessed one of Edward Woodward�s land transactions.