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We have marked the locations of our closely connected families on this outline map.
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Family Locations:

James Hunt - Bearstad, Kent
John Simcock - Acton Parish, Cheshire, England
Richard and Robert Woodward - Acton Parish, Cheshire, England
Thomas Eavenson - Acton Parish, Cheshire, England
Abraham Marshall - Monyash, Derbyshire, England
Thornbroughs - Cartmel, Westmoreland, England
Edward Thornbrough - Lurgan, County Armaugh, Ireland>

Photo of Quaker Meeting House on Cartmel Fell

(Thornbrough's Meeting)
Hugh Barbour in Quakers in Puritan England has two maps of England showing early Quaker Centers. They are linked below. The map of Northern England shows Cartmel in Westmoreland where the Thornbrough ancestors were located. The photo above is also from this source.

Northern England

England in 1660 showing Quaker locations

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Irish Quaker Meeting Locations
(from Ulster Local Studies, Vol 16 No 1, Summer 1994)

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