Evan and Sarah Woodward Jones of Chester County, Pennsylvania

Evan and Sarah Woodward Jones

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Sarah Woodward was apparently the daughter of Richard Woodward, Jr., and Deborah Stanfield Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

We do not know the parentage of Evan Jones. There was more than one Evan Jones in Chester County in this time frame. We have eliminated immigrants Rees Jones and Cadwalader Jones as parent possibilities. The name Jones in Chester County seems to stem from the Welsh "John" and with the Welsh naming pattern might have been "Evan son of John..."(some other surname). Since Evan was also a Welsh surname, it could also be the reverse!

Evan Jones may also have come directly from England with a group to purchase land, as a 1703 land deed for 1665 acres in Goshen, Chester County, refers to land late of "...Evan Jones & Company...." This land had been granted by William Penn's commissioners. This land also adjoined land "late of Evan Jones." (This land of course may not have belonged to our Evan!). We do know from his will that Evan Jones had a sister Jane Jones Benson. Jane Benson also signed as family at the wedding of daughter Mary Jones. (See paragraph at bottom of this page for yet another possibility.)

  Sarah Woodward
born about 1706 Chester Co, Pa
died 8/28/1769 Chester Co, Pa
burial Uwchland Meeting Burial Ground
Evan Jones
born probably England
died 12/23/1772 Chester Co, Pa
burial Uwchland Meeting Burial Ground

  Married: 10/22/1726 Newark Monthly Meeting, Chester Co, Pa

Hannah Jones born Pennsylvania; married James Starr
Margaret Jones born Pennsylvania; married Ellis Haines
Deborah Jones born 1735 Pennsylvania; married Joseph Hunt
Mary Jones born Pennsylvania; married Isaac Bailey
Richard Jones born Pennsylvania; married Ann Bailey
Ruth Jones born Pennsylvania; married Thomas Hayes
John Jones born Pennsylvania; married Rachel Hayes

Family Records in Pennsylvania

We have not speculated on a County of birth for the children as the Jones family moved about, being at various times in Philadelphia County as well as Chester County, Pennsylvania (and of course this may reflect more than one Evan Jones family!.) Their last move seems to have been in 1740/41 when they presented a certificate at Bradford Monthly Meeting in Chester County from Goshen Meeting. (This too, of course, may not have been an actual move, just a change to a more convenient meeting.)

Both the deaths of Sarah & of Evan Jones are recorded at Bradford Monthly Meeting though they are buried at Uwchland Meeting Burial Ground. More research through various Quaker records may turn up the birth records of the children.

On 10 May 1746 a mortgage in Newlin Township, Chester County, mentions a bolting mill and a grist mill bounded by land of Evan Jones, John Newlin, John Harland and Brandywine Creek. A 200 acre parcel had been conveyed to Evan Jones 4 June 1735 at this location. On 27 May 1748 Evan Jones of Merion in the County of Philadelphia, yeoman, conveyed 189 acres of this parcel to Thomas Stubbs of Newlin. (Again, perhaps this merely reflects the fact there was more than one Evan Jones!). Evan Jones's will was written in East Bradford, Chester County, and mentions a plantation in Whiteland. East Bradford Township bordered on West Whiteland Township so the land may have been nearby.

In May 2007 we heard from Steve Johnson who has acquired an Evan Jones land warrant. The warrant is dated 25 June 1736 and confers 395 acres to Evan Jones and wife Sarah, from Robert Carter, John Earl and Robert Lambert. Sworn to William Wall and John T. Wall. The land description appears to be the property in East Bradford where Evan lived at the time of his death. This indicates that perhaps Evan did not actually move about a great deal and we have added notes above to that effect.

Will of Evan Jones

East Bradford, November 6, 1772; proven January 2, 1773.
To housekeeper Margaret Redmond 20 pounds and privileges of house room &c. while unmarried. To son Richard Jones and Ann his wife the income and profits of the plantation where I now dwell until my grandson Thomas Baily arrives to age of 21 at which time I give 1/2 thereof including mansion house to said Thomas Baily. The other 1/2 I give to son Richard and Ann his wife during life, at their death to their children if any. Otherwise to be sold and proceeds divided among my residuary legatees. The 1/2 devised to Thos. Baily to go to same if he dies under 21. To daughter Ruth Hayes 50 lbs. To sister Jane Benson 20 lbs. To granddaughter Sarah Starr chest of drawers. To son John Jones 5 lbs having done sufficiently for him heretofore. Executors to sell plantation containing 200 acres in West Whiteland. All remainder of estate to grandchildren: Sarah, Rachel and Hannah Starr; Jonathan, Nathan, Evan, Deborah, Jane and Ellis Haynes and Jos. Hunt, Evan Baily; Mary Evan; James and Sarah Jones; Sarah, Rachel and Hannah Hayes; [Haynes but crossed out and Hayes written in] to be equally divided. Executors: Son Richard and friend Humphrey Marshall and James Gibbons. Letters to Jones and Marshall, Gibbons renouncing. Wit: Adam Grubb, Nathl. Sellers, Miles McCarty.

Children of Evan and Sarah Woodward Jones

Margaret Jones Haines

Daughter Margaret Jones married Ellis Haines, son of Isaac and Katherine Haines, of Goshen, on 8/10/1751 at Bradford Monthly Meeting. Evan and Sarah Jones signed the wedding certificate, as did Richard Woodward, but only Isaac Haines signed; perhaps Katherine was ailing and not able to attend. The only other Haines relative signing was Isaac Haines, Jr. The children of Ellis and Margaret are not listed at Bradford but we know from Evan's will above that they had children Jonathan, Nathan, Evan, Deborah, Jane and Ellis, Jr.

Isaac Haines, father of Ellis, wrote his will 6 July 1766 and it was proven 16 August 1768. He left his son Ellis a plantation containing 146 1/4 acres and 20 shillings. This was apparently part of Isaac's own land as he left "remainder of plantation" to son Josiah. We do not find Isaac's land in Chester County land records. Wife Catharine Haines wrote her will 19 February 1776, proven 17 Sept 1785 in Goshen. She left her sons, including Ellis, 5 shillings each.

Deborah Jones Hunt

Daughter Deborah Jones married Joseph Hunt, son of Joseph Hunt of township of West Town, Chester County, yeoman, on 6/13/1754 at Bradford Monthly Meeting. Joseph Hunt brought a certificate from Concord Monthly Meeting and Joseph and Mary Hunt signed as parents. William Hunt also signed as a family member. On 7/17/1755 Deborah Hunt removed to Exeter Monthly Meeting so records of the family can probably be found there. We know they had a son Joseph, Jr., from the will of Evan Jones.

Mary Jones Baily

Daughter Mary Jones married Isaac Baily, son of Thomas Baily of the Township of Newlin, Chester County, yeoman, on 3/9/1758 at Bradford Monthly Meeting. Isaac Baily brought a certificate from New Garden Monthly Meeting. A large contingent of Bailys signed as family: Daniel, John, Josiah, William, Joel, Caleb, Hannah, Ann, Sarah, but no Baily parents signed.

Thomas Bailey, son of Isaac and Mary, received special consideration in the will of Evan Jones. Evan Jones also mentions grandson Evan Baily. In Bradford Meeting records there is a notation of Mary Baily, born 10/18/1779, daughter of Isaac and Mary [Hicksite Records]. More records of children might be found in the Hicksite records.

Ruth Jones Hayes

Daughter Ruth Jones is mentioned as Ruth Hayes in Evan Jones's will, with children Sarah, Rachel and Hannah Hayes at that time. An additional son Reuben Hayes is mentioned in the will of Ruth's brother, Richard Jones (below).

On 3/16/1764 Ruth Hayes acknowledged her fault for "marrying out" [of the Quaker faith]. On 7/15/1774 Ruth Hays (sic), wife of Thomas Hays, received a certificate to Newgarden Monthly Meeting from Bradford but children were not mentioned. We have quite a bit of Hayes information on the Joseph Hayes page (husband of Ruth's aunt, Jane Woodward) and suspect Ruth's husband belongs in that family. The only likely candidate we have seen is Thomas Hayes, named in the will of William Hayes, brother of Joseph, but we lack proof.

John and Rachel Hayes Jones

Son John Jones is mentioned at Bradford as "gone out in marriage by a priest" on 17th day 6th month 1763. On 13th day 6th month 1783 he paid militia fines. The James and Sarah Jones mentioned in Evan Jones's will are his children. Richard Jones's will (below) names an additional child Mary.

The identity of John Jones's wife is discovered in the wills of James and Mary Hayes of East Fallowfield. James was a brother of >Joseph Hayes. James Hayes named his daughter, Rachel Jones, in his will in 1772. Widow Mary Hayes wrote her will on 23 April 1777, proven 21 October 1782. She names her son-in-law, John Jones, and her four grandchildren: Evan, James, Mary and Sarah Jones, who were all under 21 at the time.

Richard and Ann Bailey Jones

Son Richard Jones, resident of East Bradford, died 1/28/1808, and is buried at Bradford Monthly Meeting Burial Ground. His will is a wealth of genealogical information but seems to indicate that Richard had no children of his own. We have not completely untangled all the relationships possible from his will. Richard Jones is mentioned in the wedding parties for 21 marriages at Bradford Monthly Meeting so he had a lot of relatives. He himself was married by a priest and was disowned on 4/10/1762 at Bradford. On 2/16/1770 he acknowledged his fault and was reinstated. On 8/14/1772 there is a record of Richard Jones, minor, to Goshen Monthly Meeting. Whether this is a son of Richard or a nephew, we do not know. On 8/16/1793 there is a notation at Bradford that Richard Jones desires to be a member. Again we do not know which Richard Jones. According to one family genealogy Richard Jones was married to Ann Bailey; possibly the Ann Bailey, sister of Isaac Bailey, who married Richard's sister, Mary Jones. As time permits, we will try to untangle the many relationships mentioned in the will and list them below.

Will of Richard Jones
East Bradford, June 24, 1807: proven August 10, 1808. To wife Ann plantation in East Bradford during life; also 400 lbs and all household goods. To sister Ruth Hayes my plantation in Londonderry, containing about 87 acres, now in tenure of Peter Mulberry. To Elisha Baily and Hannah, his wife, my other plantation in Londonderry, containing about 240 acres, now in tenure of George Bird, paying to Samuel Breckinridge and William Henry Baker 25 lbs each. To Mary Carter, Elizabeth Carter and Rachel Carpenter and John Worth my other plantation in Londonderry, containing about 50 acres, now in tenure of Margery Passmore. To my nephew James Jones & his wife Ann my plantation in E. Bradford where I reside, at wife's decease, paying to his sisters Mary, and Sarah 40 lbs each. To nephew Reuben Hayes 150 lbs. To James Millison 100 lbs. To Sarah, daughter of Jonathan Buffington 30. lbs To Jane, daughter of John Courtney 25 lbs. To Margaret Watson, Sr. and Margaret Watson, Jr., 15 lbs each. To Abraham Woodward, Darius Minks and John McNelly 10 lbs each. To William Stephens 6. lbs To Joseph Ingram 30 lbs in trust for the schooling of poor children under care of Bradford Meeting. Executors to sell house and lotts in West Chester and divide remainder of estate among the following persons: William Woodward, John Woodward, Joseph Woodward, Jas. Woodward, Eli Woodward, Abram Woodward, James Underwood, Joseph Thornbury, John Young, Richard Millison, Robert Thornbury and his daughter Mary Pennock, and John Butler, Jr., son of John Butler. Executors: Nephew James Jones and Elisha Baily. Wits.: Moses Baily, Abraham Baily.
Will contested and a verdict in favor of its validity August 10, 1808.

Known Relationships in the will of Richard Jones
*Nephew James Jones and sisters Mary and Sarah were children of Richard's brother, John Jones and his wife, Rachel Hayes Jones.
*Elisha Baily, son of John and Hannah Baily, who inherited the Londonderry plantation and was an executor of the will, was married to Hannah Starr, daughter of Richard's sister Hannah Jones Starr, and was thus his nephew by marriage.
*Abraham, James, John,and William Woodward were known sons of William Woodward, brother of Richard's mother, Sarah Woodward Jones. They were thus cousins of Richard's. Abraham Woodward is our ancestor and the subject of this web site. We are not sure of the relationship Eli Woodward. There was an Eli Woodward who died 11/12/1851, aged 79, at West Bradford and buried at Bradford Monthly Meeting. He was a grandson of William Woodward, son of William Woodward, Jr., and a member of Bradford Meeting so he is a likely candidate.
*Richard's aunt, Elizabeth Woodward, sister of Sarah Woodward Jones, was married first to Thomas Thornbrough; Joseph Thornbury mentioned in the will was their son, and thus cousin of Richard. The Robert Thornbury and his daughter Mary Pennock is actually Richard Thornbury, another son of Elizabeth. Elizabeth was married second to John Young, and he is likely the John Young mentioned in the will, or it may have been a son of theirs.
*Richard's aunt, Hannah Woodward, sister of Sarah Woodward Jones, was married second to Joseph Underwood, and James Underwood is probably their son and cousin to Richard.
*Richard's aunt, Grace Woodward, sister of Sarah Woodward Jones, was married to James Millison, and Richard and James Millison are their sons, cousins to Richard.
Sarah Woodward Jones had a brother James Woodward, who died young. His son is the Joseph Woodward named in the will. His daughter Jane Woodward, married William Butler in 1762. Richard and Ann Jones attended their wedding, signing as family. The John Butler mentioned in the will may be son of William and Jane Woodward Butler, although he is not mentioned in the Woodward Bible that lists their children (perhaps a grandson?).

Possibly more to come - if we can determine the relationships! It gets furthr complicated as wife Ann Baily Jones wrote her will on September 24, 1815, probated October 2, 1815, and again there is a whole tangle of family relationships to be sorted out.

More Possibilities for Evan Jones

1/19/2001 Someone published some of Gilbert Cope's research (dated 1879) on a Chester County Mailing List . It included the following information on his wife Ann Garrett Cope: Fourth great grandparents - John William and Hanna Price Rees. They had a son Richard Jones married Jane Evans, daughter of Thomas and Anne Evans. Note the Welsh name of John William Rees would have been translated for his son as Richard son of John, i.e. Richard Jones. We feel that Richard and Jane Evans Jones would be good candidates for the parents or grandparents of Evan Jones and Jane Jones Benson. Also note that Evan named a son Richard. At the moment we are not quite sure how to follow up on this but will keep you posted.

For intrepid souls there is a Jones Web Site about Jones families from the United Kingdom. Be forwarned that the "back" button on their site will not get you back here. Therefore we are giving you the URL as well as a link: http://www.joneshistory.com .

12/23/2007 We have noted from the "History of the Woodward Family" by Dr. Lewis Woodward (1879) that he carries Sarah as daughter of Deborah Stanfield Woodward and carries her birthdate as 1706. Dr. Woodward was a meticulous researcher and also had access to some records that are not now extant so we feel confident in changing our information to match his.
9/12/2007 Added several notes about the land records found for Evan Jones and added information from a warrant found by Steve Johnson.