James and Grace Woodward Millison of Chester County, Pa

James and Grace Woodward Millison

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Grace Woodward was daughter of Richard, Jr., and Deborah Stanfield Woodward of England and Chester County, Pennsylvania.

James Millison was son of John & Mary Millison of Chester County, Pennsylvania. In a 1719 deed John Millison's land is described as adjoining Richard Eavenson, Thomas Mercer & John Yearlsey. We do not find the original deed. James Millison requested to come under the care of Bradford Monthly Meeting 3/20/1742 (before his marriage to Grace). There is an excellent and well researched Web Site on the Millison family, including John Millison's will and James and Grace Woodward Millison's marriage certificate information.

  James Millison
born Chester Co, Pa
died bet 1786-1790
Chester Co, Pa
Grace Woodward
born Chester Co, Pa
died before 1786
Chester Co, Pa
  Married: 4/2/1743 Bradford Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania. (See the Millison Web Site above for a copy of their marriage record.)

Mary Millison married Nathan Cope before 10/15/1773
Richard Millison died 1820, married first cousin, Ann Millison, daughter of Jonathan and Charity before 1789
William Millison married Elizabeth Allen 4/6/1791 at Londongrove
James Millison,Jr. born 1748 Chester Co, Pa married Abigail Hayes
Jacob Millison (possible son)mentioned as married to one not a member at Caln Meeting 5/17/1782 (ref Bradford Mtg); possibly married Alice Trego

We do not find a will or administration for either James or Grace Millison/Milleson in Chester County. James Milleson was on the 1774 tax list of Chester County with 140 acres, 2 horses, 2 cattle, 3 sheep. His son James was still being referred to as James, Jr. in 1776 so evidently James Sr. was still alive then. The lack of a will or administration for either leaves some doubt as to their list of children.

More on Children of James and Grace Woodward Millison

Mary Millison Cope

Mary Millison married Nathan Cope, son of John and Grace Cloud Cope before 10/15/1773. John Coope names son Nathan in his will and Jason Cloud names grandson Nathan Coope in his will in Chester County. Mary Millison (now Coope) was disowned at Bradford Monthly Meeting on 10/15/1773 for marriage by a priest. Nathan was born about 1754 and died about 1800. They had children Grace Cope, born about 1773 and Sarah Cope. Beth Radcliffe shared information on the Nathan and Mary Millison Cope family but does not give sources.

Nathan Cope apparently made an exploratory visit to Warren County, Virginia as he was received on certificate dated 9/30/1795 from Bradford Meeting at Crooked Run Meeting in Virginia (Hinshaw IV:594). We have a handwritten notation in our copy of the Bradford Meeting records that Nathan and Mary accompanied James, Jr. and Abigail to western Pennsylvania but have no source of the information.

There is a World Tree Project listing for Nathan and Mary Millison Cope that lists a number of children and references as source "A Record of the Cope Family�" by Gilbert Cope 1861.

Richard and Ann Millison Millison

There is information on this couple on the Millison Web Site mentioned above. Both Richard and Ann were disowned for marrying as first cousins but later made their peace through Concord Monthly Meeting. Ann was supposedly daughter of Jonathan and Charity Millison.

William and Elizabeth Allen Millison

William Millison of West Marlbrough married Elizabeth Allen 4/6/1791 at Londongrove MM in Chester County, Pennsylvania (from Cope�s "Abstracts of Chester County Meetings"). Elizabeth was daughter of Benjamin and Hannah Greenfield Allen of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and granddaughter of John and Emey Cox Allen. John Allen was born 8/3/1694 in Dublin, Ireland and married Emey in 1719 at Newark Monthly Meeting. (Source:"First Families of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 1", by John Pitts Launey, 1999.) William and Elizabeth Allen Millison had children Elisha Millison, married Hannah Chandler 9/14/1814 at Redstone MM, Fayette Co, Pa and later migrated to Harrison County, Ohio; Rachel Millison m. Unknown Scott about 1817 Washington Co, Pa (Rachel dismissed 7/24/1817 for marriage contrary to discipline).

James and Abigail Hayes Millison

James Millison, Jr. was chastised at Bradford Monthly Meeting on 5th month 11/12th day of 1775 for going out in marriage before a magistrate. He had married Abigail, daughter of Caleb Hayes. They evidently made their peace with the Quakers at some point in time.

On 11/14/1794 James Millison, Jr., wife Abigail, & minor children Sarah, Mary, Lydia, James, Anna & John requested a certificate at Bradford Monthly Meeting to Redstone Monthly Meeting in western Pennsylvania. Son Caleb requested a certificate for himself to Redstone. They were one of the few Woodward related families to start migrating west instead of south. Redstone Meeting House was a beautiful though crude building made of red stone. ( photo courtesy of Beth Radcliffe). The photo is a current one and Beth remembers going there for picnics and says it is a very peaceful place. James & Abigail's certificate was received at Redstone on 6/26/1795 and included children Sarah, Mary, Lydia, James, Ann & John. On 9/2/1796 their certificate was endorsed on to Westland Monthly Meeting in Washington County. There is more on this family on the Millison Web Site.

Jacob and Alice Trego Millison

Jacob Millison is perhaps another son of Grace and James Millison since he was a member of Bradford Monthly Meeting and his reported marriage was in the same time frame as the other children. There is a will of one Joseph Trego, wife Alice, November 12, 1803, that mentions a 100 pound bequest to daughter Alice, wife of Jacob Millison. Whether this is the same Jacob we do not know for sure, but Millison was not a very common name in this area in this time period. One argument against Jacob as son is that Richard Jones (son of Evan and Sarah Woodward Jones) left 100 pounds to cousin James Millison and a portion of the remainder of his estate to cousin Richard Millison in 1807 but does not mention Jacob. This is not necessarily definitive because Richard Jones did not name all his relatives in all families (there is a copy of the will on the Jones page).