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--Anna Macy Bond, wife of John
--Barachiah & Elizabeth Millikan Woodward Macy
Hannah Macy Mills, wife of Aaron
--Perry & Charity Mills Macy
--Wayne & Mary Ellen Mills Macy
--William & Julia Ann Mills Macy

--Keziah Manlove Wheeler

--Rebecca Mann Thornbrough

--[MM]James and Jane Marchel Smith

--Alice Maris Simcock
--Amanda Maris Woodward
--Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall
--George Maris
Hannah Maris Mills
Mary Maris Bartram
also see Maris Genealogy Web Site

--[MM]Perry and Lilly Bell Woodward Mark

Marshall, Marshill
--Abraham & Alice Pennock Marshall
--Abraham & Mary Hunt Marshall
--Abraham & Rachel Carter Marshall
--Ann Marshall Davies
--Cloud and Mary Woodward Marshall
--Deborah Marshall Hinshaw
--Deborah Marshall Hobson
--Dinah Marshall Hobson
--Elizah Marshall Woodward
--Elizabeth Marshall Beals
--Emey Marshall Hobson
--Hannah Marshall Cook
--Hannah Marshall Gibbons
--Hannah Marshall Mendenhall
--Humphry Marshall
--Isaac Marshall
--Jacob and Anne Marshall of Ireland

--Jacob, son of William and Rebecca
--Jacob & Hannah Pennock Marshall
--James & Sarah Waite Marshall
--John Marshall, son of William and Rebecca
--John and Ann Hobson Marshall
--John and Ruth Hadley Marshall
--John & Hannah Caldwell Marshall
--Joshua & Mary Cook Marshall
--Pamelia Marshall Woodward
--Patience Marshall Cook
--Rebecca Marshall Hinshaw
--Ruth Marshall Hinshaw
--Samuel & Sarah Ashmead Marshall
--Thomas and Ann Chapman Marshall
--William & Elizabeth Bills Marshall
--William & Rebecca Dixon Marshall

--Abraham and Lydia Woodward Martin
--[MM]William and Alice Martin Woodward
--Lydia Martin Woodward
--Thomas and Margery Mendenhall Martin
--Rachel Martin Woodward
Rebecca Martin Woodward

--Rebecca Mauk Beard
, wife of John W.

--Ann Maulsby Thornbrough
--Elenor Maulsby Thornbrough
--Sarah Maulsby Mills, wife of William

--Lafayette Fremont & Frances Bertha Eikenbary Mayfield

--Alexander & Margaret (Peggy) Williams McAlpin

Polly McClelland Frazier

--David John and Surilda Beard McConnell

--[MM]Charles and (1)Kathleen McConnell (2)Ann Olivia McConnell Shelley

--Margaret McCormick Woodward

--Elizabeth McCowan Canaday


--Nancy McCracken Hinshaw
[MM]Samuel and Elizabeth Woodward McCracken

--June McFarland Frazier


--Thomas & Abigail Frazier McKnight

--Rosa McLaughlin Turner

Rebecca McNeese Woodward

--Louis and Edna Jean McWhirter Woodward

--Aaron & Rose Pearson Mendenhall
--Aaron & Mary Woodward Mendenhall
--Aaron and Miriam Rich Mendenhall
--Aaron Mendenhall son of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Abraham & Elizabeth Wells Mendenhall
--Ann Mendenhall Bartram
--Benjamin Mendenhall, son of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Benjamin & Ann Pennell Mendenhall
Caroline Mendenhall Stewart
--Charity Beeson Mendenhall, wife of Mordecai
--Charity Mendenhall Mills (wife of Aaron)
--Charity Mendenhall Mills (wife of John)
--Charity Mendenhall Stanfield (wife of William)
--Elihu and Abigail Hill Mendenhall
--Elijah and Mary Stanfield Mendenhall
--Elijah, son of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Elizabeth Mendenhall Coates Kirk
--Elizabeth Mendenhall Mills wife of John Marshall Mills
--Elizabeth Mendenhall Thornbrough
--Elizabeth Mendenhall Woodward
--George & Sarah Pim Mendenhall
--George, son of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Grace, daughter of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Griffith Mendenhall, son of James & Martha Griffith Mendenhall
--Hannah, daughter of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Hannah Mendenhall Mills, wife of Zachariah
--Hannah Mendenhall Sanders
--Hannah Wells Mendenhall Mendenhall
--Isaac and Rachel Hoggatt Mendenhall
--James & Eliza Hoopes Mendenhall
--James & Hannah Beeson Mendenhall
--James Woodward & Hannah Wells Mendenhall Mendenhall
--James & (1)Martha Griffith Mendenhall (2)Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--James and Rachel Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Jane Mendenhall Wheeler
--John, son of Mordecai and Charity Beeson Mendenhall
--John Mendenhall (son of Aaron and Mary Woodward Mendenhall)
--John and Eliza Woodward Mendenhall
--John & Elizabeth Coates Mendenhall
--John & Elizabeth Maris Mendenhall
--John and Mary Woodward Mendenhall
--John & Mary Wright Mendenhall
--John and Rebecca Mills Mendenhall
--John & Ruth Brown Mendenhall
--John & Susannah Pearson Mendenhall
--Joseph Mendenhall, son of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Lydia Mendenhall Mendenhall
--Margaret Mendenhall daughter of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Margery Mendenhall Martin
Maris Mendenhall, daughter of Mordecai and Charity
--Marmaduke, son of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Martha Mendenhall Beeson, wife of Edward
--Martha Mendenhall Beeson, wife of William
--Martin & Abigail Mills Mendenhall
--Mary Mendenhall, daughter of Aaron and Rose Pearson Mendenhall
--Mary Mendenhall, daughter of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall
--Mary Mendenhall Newlin
Mordecai & Alice Mills Mendenhall
--Mordecai & Charity Beeson Mendenhall
--Mordecai & Eleanor Edwards Sumner Mendenhall
--Mordecai & Hannah Marshall Mendenhall
--Mordecai and Phebe Canaday Mendenhall
--Moses Mendenhall, son of John and Susannah Pearson Mendenhall
--Moses and Dinah Rudduck Mendenhall
--Nereus Mendenhall
Phineas & Tamar Kirk Mendenhall
--Rachel Thornbrough Mendenhall
Richard & Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall
--Richard & Sarah Harris Mendenhall
--Richard, son of James and Hannah Thomas Mendenhall
--Rose Mendenhall Packer
--Sarah, daughter of John and Susanna Pearson Mendenhall
--Sarah Mendenhall Bond, wife of Joseph
--Sarah Jane Mendenhall Hill
--Sarah Mendenhall Woodward
--Sarah Mendenhall Miller
--Stephen and Elizabeth Rich Mendenhall
--Stephen and Sarah Mendenhall
--Thomas and Joane Strode Mendenhall
--Thomas Lovell Mendenhall
--Thomas and Phebe Rudduck Mendenhall
--William Mendenhall, Jr. (son of William & Martha Beeson Mendenhall)
--William & Martha Beeson Mendenhall
--William & Sarah Lovell Mendenhall
also see The Mendenhall Family Association Web Site
and the Mendenhall Family Web Site
and Chad Nichols' Aaron and Rose Pierson Mendenhall and Descendants site.

--Elizabeth Mercer Woodward
--Thomas & Mary Greenway Mercer

--Phebe Merriman Woodward

--Esther Metcalf Newlin

Meyers, Myers
--Mary Ann Myers Turner

--Isaac and Martha Beard Miller
--Mary Miller Woodward

--Abigail Millikan Frazier
--Alexander & Georgia Tennessee Millikan
--Ann Millikan Beals
--Benjamin and Margaret Bales Millikan
--Benjamin & Sarah Mendenhall Millikan
--Benjamin & Rebecca Rush Millikan
--David Millikan, son of William
--Elihu Millikan
--Elizabeth Millikan Woodward
--Hannah Millikan Blair
--James and Hannah Woodward Millikan
--Jane Millikan Hoggatt
--Jesse and Lydia Barrett Millikan
--Jesse and Margaret Shelley Millican and family
--John and Mary Wyatt Millikan
--Joseph Millikan, brother of William
--Martha Millikan Frazier
--Mary Millikan Brattain
--Mary Millikan Tomlinson
--Samuel & Ann Baldwin Millikan
--Samuel and Martha Coltrain Millikan
--Sarah Millikan Hoggatt
--Sarah Millikan Mills
--William & Eleanor Smith Millikan, Jr.
--William and Hannah Brazelton Millikan
--William & Jane White Millikan
--William and Susannah Frazier Millikan

--Jacob and Alice Trego Millison
--James & Abigail Hayes Millison
--James & Grace Woodward Millison
--John & Mary Millison
--Richard & Ann Millison
--William & Elizabeth Allen Millison
also see Millison Web Site

also see Cheska Wheatley's Quaker Mills Family Web Site
--Aaron and Nancy Fife Mills
--Abigail Mills Mendenhall, wife of Martin
--Alice Mills, daughter of John and Rebeckah
--Aaron H. Mills
--Aaron & Catherine Farmer Mills
--Aaron & Charity Mendenhall Mills
--Aaron & Hannah Macy Mills
--Alice Mills Mendenhall, wife of Mordecai
--Amos H. & Eliza B. Mills
--Ann Elizabeth Mills Bond, wife of Edward
--Anna Maria Mills Hadley
--Benjamin Mills, son of John and Rebeckah
--Betsy Jane Mills Bray
--Charity Mills Canaday
--Charity Mills Gwinn
--Charity Mills Hoggatt, wife of Samuel
--Charity Mills Macy
--Charles H. Mills
--DeMaris Mills Locke
--Elizabeth Mills Thornbrough
--George and Anny Mills
--Hannah Mills, daughter of John IV
--Hannah Mills Hammer (daughter of Aaron Mills)
--Hannah Mills Hammer (daughter of Zachariah Mills)
--Hannah Mills Poe
--Hannah Mills Stanley, wife of Elijah
--Hannah Mills Wheeler, wife of Manlove
--Henry Mills, son of Zachariah and Ann
--Henry & Hannah Thornbrough Mills
--Henry & Hannah Woodward Mills
--Hur Mills, son of Henry and Hannah
--Hur and Rachel Harrold Mills
--Isaac & Rachel Beals Mills
--Ira and Mary Dillon Mills
--Jane Mills Davis, wife of John
--John & Harriett Williams Mills
--John and Charity Mendenhall Mills
--John & Mary Davis Mills
--John & Rebecca/Rebeckah Mills
--John & Sarah Beals Mills
--John & Sarah Millikan Mills
--Jonathan Mills, son of John and Rebeckah
--Josiah and Martha Hadley Mills
--Joshua Mills, son of Henry and Hannah
--Julia Ann Mills Macy
--Levi, son of William and Lydia Mills Morgan
--Lydia Mills Morgan, wife of William
--Margaret Mills, daughter of Henry and Hannah
--Mary Ellen Mills Macy
--Mary Mills Beeson, wife of William
--Mary Mills Cook, wife of Thomas
--Mary Mills Smith, wife of Joel
--Milliken and Martha Smith Mills
--Miriam Mills Haworth, wife of David
--Mordecai Mills son of Aaron
--Moses Mills son of Henry and Hannah
--Moses & Elizabeth Thornbrough Mills
--Nathan & Sarah Larrance Mills
--Oliver & Emma Alice Carter Mills
--Perry and Sarah White Mills
--Phebe Mills Cookwife of Abraham
--Rachel Mills Wheeler
--Rachel Mills Williams, wife of Richard
--Rebecca Mills Mendenhall, wife of John
--Rebecca Mills Morgan Thornbrough
--Rebeckah Mills, daughter of John and Rebeckah
--Rebeckah Mills, daughter of Henry and Hannah
--Ruth Mills Johnson, wife of James
--[MM]Ruth Mills Larrance
--Ruth Mills Larrance
--Samuel and Mary Ballinger Mills
--Sarah Mills daughter of John IV
--Sarah Mills Hunt, wife of William
--Sarah Mills Johnson, wife of Tarleton
--Sarah Mills Swain, wife of Elihu
--Seth & Charity Thornbrough Mills
--Seth and Rachel Beals Morgan
--Seth and Rebecca Mills Canaday
--Tabitha Mills, daughter of John and Rebeckah
--Thomas and Elizabeth Harrold Mills
--Thomas and Matilda Beard Hartman Mills

--William Mills, son of John IV
--William Mills, son of John and Rebeckah
--William and Dinah Hawkins Mills
--William & Martha Frazier Mills
--William Clarkson & Rebecca Hadley Mills
--William and Sarah Maulsby Mills
--Zacariah Mills, son of John III

--Margaret Minshall Marshall

[MM]Cynthia Woodward Monk and family

--Polly Montieth Woodward

--Pauline Woodward Montgomery
--Jane Montgomery Woodward

--Ann Moon Hunt, wife of Isham
--Joseph & Eliza Frazier Moon

--Henry & Rachel Moon Thornbrough
--Mary Moon Thornbrough Simon and Louratha Humphries Moon
also see the Moon Web Site

--Alford and Sarah Elizabeth Woodward Moore
--Elizabeth Moore Woodward
--George and Sarah Moore Thornbrough
--John and Jane Thornbrough Moore
--John and Lydia Ann Woodward Moore
--John & Rachel Hayes Moore
--John & Margaret Moore Welch
--Mary Moore Woodward
--Sarah Jane Moore Woodward

--Abigail Morgan Beals Brazelton, wife of William II
--Ann Morgan Thornbrough
Dora Morgan Sheets

--Elizabeth Morgan Baldwin, wife of William
--Huldah Morgan Beal, wife of William
--John, son of William and Lydia
--Rebecca Mills Morgan Thornbrough
--Rhoda Morgan Woodward
--Sarah, daughter of William and Lydia
--Seth & Rachel Beals Morgan
--William Morgan, son of William and Lydia
--William & Lydia Mills Morgan
--William & Rebecca Mills Morgan
--William & Mary Jane Woodward Morgan

--Henry & Sarah Canady Woodward Morrison
--James & Mary Newlin Morrison

--[MM]Elsie Mosher Monk

--Sally Mullinex Beard
, wife of William

--[MM]see Theodore Munhall page

--Jane Murphy Barnett Williams

--Mary Ann Myers Turner