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Any names preceded by [MM] in the below index of Woodwards will take you to Marion Monk's Woodward Web Site. Generally speaking these are descendants of Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward. From there use the back button on your browser to return to this page.

--[MM]Jesse and Harriet Shelley Wait
--Sarah Wait Marshall

--Frances Walker Williams
--Josephine Walker Welch
--William and Martha Faulkner Walker
--William & Sarah Brown Walker

--Mary Waln Simcock

--William & Rachel Newlin Walter
--Ann Walter Newlin

--Amanda Thornbrough Walton
--James and Rebecca Woodward Walton

--[MM]Ernest Warner
--[MM]Jesse & Hanna Woodward Warner

--Ann Way Entriken

--Benjamin and Margaret Thornbrough Weeks

Welch (Welsh, Welsch)
--Alice Welch Henderson
--Amanda Evaline Welch Eikenbary
--Charlotte Welch Hiatt
--Ellen Welch
--Hartwell Welch
--Harvey & Rachel Woodward Welch
--James & Josephine Walker Welch
--John & Margaret Moore Welch
--Joseph Welch
--Joshua and Fannie Lester Welch
--Keziah Welch Wheeler
--Lester Welch
--Lydia Ellen Welch Carr
--Mary Elizabeth Welch Endicott
--Patrick & Elizabeth Newkirk Welch
--Sarah Welch White
--Sarah Jane Welch Carr
--Sterling and Phebe Whiting Welch
--Victoria Welch Williams
--Wiley & Sarah Essley Welch
--William Welch
--William and Jane Adams Welch

--Elizabeth Wells Mendenhall, wife of Abraham
--Harrison and Hannah VanLeer Wells
--Joseph and Mary Underwood Cook Wells

--Alice Wellsmith Maris

--Sir Benjamin West

--Alonzo Wheeler
--Charity Wheeler Gordon
--Hannah Wheeler ThomasM
--Henry and Leah Wheeler
--John and Keziah Manlove Wheeler
--John and Keziah Welch Wheeler
--John and Mary Cook Stevens Wheeler
--John & Rachel Mills Wheeler
--Jonathan & Jane Mendenhall Wheeler
--Jonathan and Phebe Wheeler
--Keziah Wheeler Stalker
--Manlove and Hannah Mills Wheeler
--Manlove and Mary Kendall Mendenhall Wheeler
--Matilda Smith Wheeler, wife of Alonzo Leroy
--Sarah Haworth Wheeler
--Judea Wheeler Williams

--Alexander and Jane White
--Elizabeth White Woodward
--Elizabeth White Thornbrough
--Hannah White Beard, wife of Jesse
--Jane White Millikan
--Jonathan & Lydia White
--Margaret Owens White
--Margaret White Williams
--Margaret Owens White Beard, wife of James
--Mary White Woodward
Sarah White Mills, wife of Perry
--Saul (Samuel?) and Sarah Welch White
--William and Susanna Thornbrough White
--William White, contemporary of William Millikan

--Phoebe Whiting Welch

--William and Jane Woodward Hayes Wickersham

--[MM]Elmer and Helen Woodward Wilder

--Sarah Wildman Hunt

--Aaron & Charity Nation Williams
--Allen (Jr.) and Sarah DePew Williams
--Allen & Lucinda McNew Williams
--Allen & Sarah McDaniel Williams
--Allen & Jane Woodward Williams
--Amos & Phebe Allen Williams
--Amos & Nancy Harris Williams
--Amos & (1)Caroline Parr Williams (2)Julia Ann Goodnight Williams
--Andrew J. Williams, son of James
--Ann Williams, daughter of Amos and Phebe
--Ann Eliza Williams Collins
--Charity Williams Cutsinger
--Claiborn & Nancy Scott Williams
--Delilah Williams Trout
--[MM]Earl and Cecelia Woodward Williams
--Elizabeth Williams Barlow Tinkle Bowman
--Elizabeth Jane Williams Townsend
--Elizabeth Williams Frazier, wife of Aaron
--Elsie Williams, daughter of Amos and Phebe
--Elsie Williams Lawless
--Frances Walker Williams
--Hannah Williams Queen
--Harriett Williams Mills
--Harvey Benton Williams
--H. G. Williams, son of James br>--Isaac and Hannah Beals Williams
--Jackson & Sarah Parr Williams
--James and Mary Davis? Williams, son of Amos and Phebe?
--James & Judea Wheeler Williams
--James and Victoria Welch Williams
--James Monroe and Sarah Vinson Williams
--Jane Williams Cutsinger
--Joel Williams, son of Amos and Phebe
--Joel & Jane Dawson Williams
--John &(1) Sarah DePew/Lucinda DePau Williams (2)Margaret White
--John and Martha Chambers Williams
--Joseph & Sophia Thornbrough Williams
--Lorenzo Lester and Sarah Pike Williams
--Lydia Williams Sutherland, wife of Andrew
--Margaret Williams McAlpin
--Mary Williams Bond, wife of Benjamin
--Phebe Williams Worl (Worrell)
--Rachel Williams Woodward
--Richard & Prudence Beals Williams
--Richard & Rachel Mills Williams
--Richard & Sarah Baldwin Williams
--Sarah McDaniel Williams
--Thomas Williams, son of Amos and Phebe
--Wesley Williams
--William & Elizabeth Ralston Williams
--William & Hannah Frazier Williams

--Ann Jessop Willis Thornbrough
--Jonathan & Hannah Thornbrough Willis
--Lydia Willis Thornbrough

--Ann Wilson Chandler
--Christopher and Dinah Gregg Wilson
--Christopher & Esther Woodward Wilson
--Christopher and Mary Cox Wilson
--Hannah Wilson Chandler
--Hannah Wilson Furnas
--James and Amy Gregg Wilson
--James and Elizabeth Clark Wilson
--John and Dinah Cook Wilson
--Joseph & Ann Woodward Wilson
==Mary Wilson Spray
--Phebe Wilson Hawkins
--Rachel Wilson Thornbrough
--Ruth Wilson Thornbrough
--Samuel & Ruth Thornbrough Wilson
--Sarah Wilson Hawkins
--Stephen and Lydia Pusey Wilson
--William Wilson
--Thomas and Ann Dixon Wilson
--Thomas and Esther Woodward Wilson

--Lewis and Eliza Woodward Windle
--William & Moses Windle (married Deborah Harlan) includes children Stephen, Lewis, and Moses

--Edmund M. and Catherine Woodward Winnegar

--Susannah Winslow Beard
--Miriam Winslow Thornbrough

Wolf, Wolfe
--Catharine Wolfe Woodward
--Francis E. Wolf Turner

--Disey Wood Thornbrough
--Elizabeth Wood Bonsall Hunt

-- See Woodward Name Page

Worl, Worrell
--John & Sarah Newlin Worrell
--Robert & Phebe Williams Worrell

--Lydia Worley Hunt

--Thomas Stalker and Mary Worth Woodward

--Charity Wright Cook, wife of Isaac
--Keziah Wright Thornbrough
--Sarah Wright Mills
--William and Elizabeth Bartram Wright

--Mary Wyatt Millikan