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James and Jane Bullock Woodward Family

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James Woodward was son of James and Anne Pyle Woodward and grandson of Richard and Deborah Stanfield Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Jane Bullock was daughter of Isaac and Margery Smith Bullock of Chester and Delaware Counties, Pennsylvania. Margery Smith Bullock is named in the will of her father Thomas Smith in 1748.

A word of caution: Some of the information on the children of James and Jane Woodward comes from a secondary source: �First Families of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Vol 2,� by John Pitts Launey. He in turn references another secondary source, so take the information with a grain of salt. Launey's books are available from Willow Bend Books, Westminister, Maryland. Where possible we have verified some of the information in other records.

On World Family Tree there is a transcription of Dr. Lewis Woodward's "Genealogy of the Woodward Family of Chester County, Pa [1879]" that includes the will of James Woodward, written in 1830, which generally supports the list of children. We have received this will from another source and have appended it at the end of the page. In researching for our Woodward Web Site, of which this page is a part, we have found Dr. Woodward's information to be well researched and reliable, with few errors. We would certainly recommend the transcription of his work as a reliable source for more information on the children. In the will James names wife Jane, sons Moses, Aaron and Isaac and daughters Margery, Ann, Jane, Elizabeth, Albina, and Mary. We then have to assume that other children, if correctly named, died before 1830.

  James Woodward
born 2/6/1746 Chester Co, Pa
Died 1836 Chester Co, Pa
Jane Bullock
born 10/8/1748 Chester Co, Pa
died 1/25/1835 Chester Co, Pa
Married: 12/7/1770 (confirmed in records of Old Swede's Church on the Delaware). James Woodward was dismissed from Bradford Monthly Meeting in Chester County on 6/14/1771 for his marriage to one not a member.

Margery Woodward, born 10/21/1771, Chester County, married Jonathan Parke
Isaac Woodward, born 12/25/1772, Chester County, married Prudence Taylor
Aaron Woodward, born 10/11/1774, Chester County, married Sarah Chalfant
Ann Woodward, born 10/26/1776, Chester County, married Adley Brown
James Woodward, born 12/19/1778, Chester County, married (1) second cousin, Rachel Woodward and (2) Lydia Seeds Woodward
Esther Woodward, born 12/19/1780, Chester County, died before 1830
Jane Woodward, born 2/14/1783, Chester County, married Joseph Hoopes
Moses Woodward, born 11/14/1784, Chester County, married Catherine Sinquet
Elizabeth Woodward, born 2/8/1787, Chester County, married second cousin, John Woodward, Jr., brother of Rachel above
Hannah Woodward, born 2/8/1787, Chester County, died before 1830
Albina Woodward, born 1/14/1789, Chester County, married George Hoopes, brother of Joseph Hoopes above
Eliza Woodward, born 5/30/1791, died before 1830
Mary Woodward, born 3/22/1793, Chester County, married John Mendenhall

James and Jane Bullock Woodward of Chester County

From Lewis Woodward�s "History of the Woodward Family in Chester County": James, born 2d month 6th day, 1746, married Jane Bullock. She was born October 8th, 1748. James was a wheelwright, or, as then called, a coach maker, by trade, also followed farming; his tract, containing eighty-six acres, lay in the angle formed by the Downingtown and Strausburg roads, running east along Strausburg road seventy-five perches, and along Downingtown road north to the Valley road. He sometimes spoke in way of public testimony among the society of Friends. He died in the year 1836, and was buried at the Friends� burying ground in Marshalton. His wife died January 20th, 1835, being in her 87th year.

A number of Woodwards are found as both Woodward and Woodard in West Bradford in Chester County, Pennsylvania in 1790. The James Woodward found there may or may not be this one as there was more than one James in that time period.

There are four James Woodwards in West Bradford in Chester County in 1830. One set of records appears to be James and Jane next to sons James and Moses. The record for James, Sr: 1 male 50-60, 1 male 80-90 and 1 female 80-90. This record supports the advanced ages given by Lewis Woodward for James and Jane. We include the sons� records below.

More on the Children of James and Jane Bullock Woodward

Margery Woodward Parke

Margery was named in James�s will in 1830. She is given in Lewis Woodward�s History as born 21 Oct 1771 and died 5 Aug 1831. We find Jonathan Park in 1830 in East Caln in Chester County: 1 male 60-70, 1 male 40-50, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 10-15; 1 female 50-60, and 1 female 20-30. Dr. Woodward gives the list of children as Thomazine, Jane, John, Jonathan, Phebe, Eliza, Margaretta, Washington, and Joseph. The three youngest children Margaretta, Washington, and Joseph are probably the three children with them in the 1830 census. There is a John Parke in East Bradford in 1830: 1 male 30-40, 1 male 20-30, 2 males 10-15, 1 male under 5; 2 females 60-70, 2 females 20-30, and 1 female 10-15. A Jonathan Park is found in Salisbury Township in Lancaster County in 1830. Since this would border on Chester County it may well be son Jonathan: 1 male 30-40, 3 males 20-30, 3 females 20-30. We have nothing further on this family.

Isaac and Prudence Taylor Woodward

The marriage of Isaac and Prudence is found in the "Moses Marshall Marriage Docket" as taking place on 4/21/1796 at Godfrey Hibbard's in Chester County. Isaac Woodward lived out his life in West Bradford in Chester County. Prudence died sometime before the 1850 census: West Bradford, Chester County: Isaac Woodward, 80, farmer, born Pa; Rebecca, 51 [daughter], Pa; Taylor, 28, Pa; Prudence A., 26, Pa; Prudy, 12 (no doubt a granddaughter). Isaac is living near his brother Moses Woodward (more below). We also know from Isaac�s father�s will that Isaac had a son James Woodward. Dr. Lewis Woodward gives the following children for Isaac and Prudence: James T. Woodward, Rebecca Woodward, Washington Woodward, Aaron Woodward, Taylor Woodward, Richard Woodward, and Prudence Woodward. James is proven by his grandfather�s will and Rebecca, Taylor, and Prudence are proven by the 1850 census. The names Washington, Aaron, and Richard Woodward are too common to identify as belonging to Isaac.

We find son James T. Woodward in 1850 in West Bradford, Chester County: #25 James T. Woodward, 52, carpenter, born Pa; Mary, 45, Pa; Eben, 25, carpenter, Pa; George, 23, blacksmith; William, 21, carpenter; Isaac, 12, Pa; Davis P., 9, Pa; Elizabeth, 19, Pa; Lydia, 23, Pa; Sarah P., 1, Pa. Lydia is wife of George and Sarah is their daughter per thye 1860 census in Londongrove: #803 George Woodward, 32, blacksmith, Pa�; Lydia, 32, Pa; Sarah, 11, Pa; Anna, 9, Pa; Augustus, 7, Pa; Harman J., 5, Pa; Clara, 3, Pa; Martin Shay, 19, Ireland, blacksmith apprentice; Isaac Woodward, 22 [George�s brother], Pa, blacksmith apprentice.

Tom Williams is a descendant of James and Jane's son Isaac. Isaac and Prudence had a child Jane B. Woodward born 7/9/1807, who married Moses Keech and was Tom's ancestor. Moses and Jane are found in West Bradford Township in Chester County in 1850: Moses Keech, 45, shoemaker; Jane 46, Pa; Anna M., 3, Pa.

James Woodward

James Woodward married first to his second cousin, Rachel Woodward, daughter of John and Lydia Martin Woodward, probably about 1803. Rachel was born 3/25/1774 in West Bradford, Chester County and died 5/11/1829 in Marshallton, Chester County. They had children: Moses S. Woodward, born 8/4/1804, Pa (married Elizabeth Moore 1839 and Phebe Kane 1862); Titus Woodward, born 12/8/1806, Pa; John B. Woodward 3/29/1809, died 2/5/1837; Lydia Woodward, born 5/11/1811, Pa (married Robert Sypherd); Mary Woodward, born 10/19/1813, Pa (married Milton Keech); James B. Woodward, born 12/1/1815, Pa (married Mary Carter 1845); Jane Woodward, born 10/27/1817, died 2/28/1818, Pa; Joel H. Woodward, born 1/26/1819, Pa (married Elizabeth Redd); Martin Woodward, born 9/22/1822, died 1823); Alice Woodward, born 10/24/1824, Pa (married T. Wilson Cheyney).

James Woodward married second to Lydia Seeds, daughter of George and Margaret Hoopes Seeds, but we do not believe there were children of this marriage. Lydia was widow of James's cousin and brother-in-law William Woodward, son of John and Lydia Martin Woodward, and brought her unmarried children to the union.

There is a fascinating census record in 1850 in West Bradford, Chester County for James Woodward, Jr. It is a great example of how families blended together and took care of each other: #232 James Woodward, 72, farmer, born Pa; Robert Seyfert, 43, farmer, Pa; Lydia (Seeds )Woodward, 67, Pa; Lydia Seyfert, 34, Pa; Rachel Seyfert, 17, Pa; Alice Woodward, 27, Pa; Elizabeth R. Woodward, 25, Pa; Charles Keech, 7, Pa; Joel Woodward, 2, Pa. This family takes some untangling: James & Rachel's daughter Lydia married Robert Sypherd who is the Robert Seyfert helping James with the farm. Rachel Seyfert is the daughter of Robert and Lydia Seyfert. Alice is James's daughter, still at home. Elizabeth is Elizabeth Redd Woodward, widow of James's son Joel and, Joel Woodward, age 2, is her son. Charles Keech is son of Milton and Mary Woodward Keech and grandson of James. Milton and Mary Woodward Keech were alive and well in Philadelphia in 1850, where Milton was a bartender. The grandson was apparently just visiting as he is also listed in Philadelphia with their children: Adeline, 12; Amanda, 10, Charles, 7; Anna, 3. Alice Woodward, daughter of James, is also listed with them in Philadelphia so perhaps she came with Charles to visit James. Milton Keech was brother of Moses Keech who married Isaac Woodward's daughter Jane (above), niece of James Woodward, Jr.

Jane Woodward Hoopes and Albina Woodward Hoopes

Daughter Jane Woodward married Joseph Hoopes, son of Joseph and Mary Forrester Hoopes. Jane's sister Albina married George Hoopes, brother of Joseph.

Jane Woodward was born 2/14/1783 and Joseph Hoopes was born about 1790 in Chester County. Joseph and Jane had children: Forrester Hoopes, born 9/6/1811 (married Lydia Ann Beale); Charlotte Hoopes, born 11/17/1813 (married Joseph Beale); Elizabeth (Eliza) Hoopes, born 11/18/1815 (married Thomas Beale); possibly Jane Hoopes born about 1818 (more below); Lydia Ann Hoopes born 5/9/1820 (married Job Darlington 1841). Lydia Ann Beale, Joseph Beale, and Thomas Beale were all children of William Beale, born Ireland. In years of genealogical research we have only seen this one example of three sets of siblings marrying each other. Two sets is fairly common.

The Beale name is a nightmare to research with many, many different spellings found in different records. We cannot fathom the pronunciation that resulted in so many different spellings by different clerks. We have rather arbitrarily used the Beale spelling as the first record we find of parent William is in 1850 in Springfield, Delaware County, Pennsylvania where he is living with daughter Lydia Ann Beale Hoopes: #57 Forrester Hoopes, 38, innkeeper, born Pa; Lydia Ann, 39, Pa; Benjamin, 17, laborer, Pa; William, 15, laborer, Pa; Jane Garrett, 32, Pa; Peter Haney, 56, Ireland; William Beale, 73, Ireland. We think that Jane Garrett is possibly another child of Joseph and Jane Woodward Hoopes as her birthdate of about 1818 would fit right into the family and she was possibly a Garrett widow. There was a large Garrett family in Chester County, as there was a large Hoopes family, and there were a number of intermarriages between the two families although we do not specifically find a Jane Hoopes of the right age married to a Garrett in the published genealogies.

Also in Delaware County, Birmingham Township in 1850: #23 Thomas T. Boile, 40, farmer, Pa; Eliza [Hoopes], 35, Pa; Mary J., 12, Pa; Sarah G., 9, Pa; Ann H., 5, Pa; Oliver Lewellen, 29, miller, Pa; Jesse Hipple, 27, miller, Pa. Thomas and Eliza Hoopes Beale had another son Joseph living with (or visiting) his grandparents in 1850 in East Goshen in Chester County, Pa: Joseph Hoopes, 60, farmer, Pa; Jane, 65, Pa; Joseph H. Boyles, 15, Pa. In the 1860 census Joseph is back with Thomas and Eliza.

In 1850 we find Joseph and Charlotte Hoopes Beale in Penn Township, Philadelphia County, Pa: #1269 Joseph Beal, 38, fireman, Pa; Charlotte, 36, Pa; Mary J., 15, Pa; William, 13, Pa.

In 1850 we find Job and Lydia Ann Hoopes Darlington in West Bradford, Chester County: Job Darlington, 35, farmer, Pa; Lydia, 29, Pa; Joseph, 5, Pa; Hannah, 1, Pa; Joseph Gamble, 11, Pa; Rebecca Bennett, 17, Pa.

Albina Woodward, daughter of James and Jane Bullock Woodward, married George Hoopes, son of Joseph and Mary Forrester Hoopes, and brother of the Joseph Hoopes married to sister Jane. George Hoopes was apparently deceased by 1850 as we find Albina living with son Robert T. Hoopes in West Whiteland, Chester County:  Robert T. Hoopes, miller, 36, Pa; Eliza, 28, Pa; George, 2, Pa; Y. Lewis, 1/12, Pa; Alvina, 61, Pa; Esther, 26, Pa; Caroline, 20, Pa; Isaiah Mallack, 20, miller, Pa; Jacob Bruce, 14, Pa.

Albina Woodward Hoopes lived to a ripe old age. She is still in West Whiteland, Chester County in 1880: Albina Hoopes, 91, Pa, parents born Pa; Esther R., 56, sister [she was daughter], Pa, parents born Pa. Albina is living with George Woodward, grandson of her sister Elizabeth Woodward Woodward (more below). George is listed as a miller and likely took over the mill from Albina's son Robert.

Moses and Catherine Woodward

Moses Woodward is found not far from brother Isaac in West Bradford Township, Chester County, in 1850: #181 Moses Woodward, 67, farmer, born Pa; Catherine, 65, born Pa; Moses Woodward, 31, farmer, Pa; Margaret Feel, 33, Pa; William Feel, 9, Pa; Moses Feel, 4, Pa. Margaret is no doubt a widowed daughter of Moses since she named a son Moses.

Elizabeth Woodward Woodward

Daughter Elizabeth Woodward married her second cousin John Woodward, Jr., son of John and Lydia Martin Woodward and brother of Rachel Woodward who married Elizabeth's brother James, above. Their marriage is documented in Moses Marshall's marriage docket as occurring on 7/16/1807 in Chester County. John was born about 1783 and died 6/10/1873 in Chester County. Elizabeth was born 2/8/1787 and died 12/22/1854 in Chester County. Both are buried at Bradford Friend's Meeting House indicating they may have followed the Quaker religion (not necessarily, as their burial may have been allowed there because of their Quaker ancestors.) We do not find records for them in Bradford Meeting records.; Our information on their children comes from History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family by Alpheus H. Harlan (Baltimore Md: The Lord Baltimore Press, nd) (a secondary source not verified by us).

John and Elizabeth Woodward Woodward had children: Eliza Woodward (b. 10/24/1807, married Lewis Windle); Albina Woodward (b. 9/14/1809, married Abner Few 1845); Miller Woodward (b. 6/7/1811, married Ann Guinn 1830); Mary Woodward (b. 3/29/1814); Jonathan Woodward (b. 9/18/1816); Jane Woodward (b. 3/14/1819); John Woodward (b. 4/4/1821, married Hannah Cox 1845); Lewis Woodward (b. 6/30/1823, married first Emma Gregg and second Sarah Jane Moore) ; Lydia Ann Woodward (b. 6/28/1826, married John Moore 1851); Elizabeth Woodward and Sarah Woodward (b. 3/10/1829).

Some of the children are verified in the 1850 census: East Caln, Chester County, Pa: #153 John Woodward, Sr., 66, farmer, Pa; Elizabeth, 66, Pa; Lewis, 26, Pa; Lydia An, 23, Pa; Elizabeth, 21, Pa; #152 John Woodward, 29, farmer, Pa; Hannah, 26, Pa; George, 2, Pa; Sarah 6/12, Pa; Wm. Tinsley, 18, Pa.

The George Woodward, age 2, listed as son of John and Hannah Cox Woodward, is found in 1880 taking care of Elizabeth's sister Albina Woodward Hoopes, age 91 (above): West Whiteland Township, Chester County #182 George Woodward, 31, miller; Adeline, 31, Pa; Laura E., 6, Pa; Elizabeth A., 4, Pa; Park Lewis, 2, Pa; Wm. R. Vauskites, 20, boarder, miller; Albina Hoops, 91, Pa; Esther R. Hoops, 56, Pa. It is interesting that George evidently named a son Park for his great uncle Jonathan Parke, husband of Elizabeth's sister Margery Woodward. If one thing is clear about the family of James and Jane Bullock Woodward it is that the family was very close.


At present we do not have additional information on the other children of James and Jane Bullock Woodward. There are World Family Tree Projects online with more information, but again, be sure to verify information from these projects. The best is Gail Steckel's transcription of Dr. Lewis Woodwards Genealogy of the Woodward Family in Chester County, Pennsylvania."

Will of James Woodward

James Woodward will, dated August 4th, 1830, reads as follows:
Be it remembered that I, James Woodward, of the township of West Bradford, in the County of Chester in the State of Pennsylvania, do think proper at this time, to make my last Will and Testament in manner and following to wit:
First, I commend my soul to God who gave it, and my body to the earth to be buried in a decent and Christian-like manner. And as to my Worldly Estate, with which it hath pleased God to bless me in this live, I order and direct it to be disposed of as follows:
First, All my Just debts and Funeral expenses I order and direct my executors to pay as soon as it can be conveniently done after my decease.
Item, I Give and bequeath to my beloved wife Jane Woodward all my household and kitchen Furniture, and all the Gold in the house at the time of my decease. I also give and devise to her during her natural life my plantation, she not [to] use any more of the timber than will be necessary during said time.
Item, the rest of my personal Estate, the bonds and other evidences of debt, including all money that I may die possessed of, except the Gold above mentioned I order my Executors to collect, and pay over, in one year after my decease, to my six daughters, namely, Margery, Ann, Jane, Elizabeth, Albina and Mary to be equally divided among them, share and share alike.
Item, Give and bequeath to my son James Woodward all the south part of my plantation, beginning at a stone standing in a small dam the corner of Eli Woodward's land, from thence straight westerly line three perches from and south of an English cherry tree being the largest standing near the upper end of the young orchard, thence on a straight line running in the same direction to the road leading to the valley all which I Give to him his heirs and assigns forever, he paying thereout to his brother Isaac Woodward, his heirs & assigns, the sum of eight hundred dollars, in one year after my decease and the decease of my wife, my meaning is that it is not to be paid till one year after the decease of the longest liver, whether myself or my wife.
Item, I Give and bequeath to my son Moses Woodward, all the remainder and reversions of my land, to him his heirs and assigns forever, provided he pay to my executors out of the same, in one year after the decease of my wife and myself as aforesaid, the sum of twenty dollars a year for ten years thereafter, for the use of my son Aaron Woodward, my executors to pay the same over to my son Aaron, as he may stand in need of the same, provided the said Aaron becomes a sober man. Otherwise the said Moses is to have nothing to pay to my executors for the said Aaron, as my will is that he is not to have any of my estate unless he becomes a sober man. I gave a bond some years ago to James Woodward, son of Joseph Woodward deceased for the use of the said Aaron which bond I now empower my executors to get out of his hands, and forbid them to pay any part of it, as it was given without any consideration, and the above bequest is all that I intend to give to the said Aaron.
Item I Give and bequeath to my grandson James Woodward son of my son James Woodward all my wearing apparel.
Item I Give and bequeath to my grandson James Woodward son of my son Isaac�(rest missing)