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Amos Williams of Pennsylvania, Va, NC, Tn and Indiana

Allen & Jane Woodward Williams Family

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Many thanks to Doris Johnston {Web Page}, descendant of Aaron Williams, and Glenda Prieba, descendant of Allen Williams, for invaluable help in trying to sort out this family. We have also had help on the William and Elizabeth Ralston Williams family and the Elizabeth Williams Barlow Tinkle Bowman family from Valarie Dixon. Bryan Tinkle sent additional information on the Elizabeth Bowman family. Dianne Harley Wintch (descendant of James and Judea Wheeler Williams) contacted us 5/2003 and helped us sort out their family (Web Page.) Jill Martin made a trip to the Ft. Wayne Library in Wayne County that uncovered much information that was added on and after 8/14/00. In 7/08 we heard from Virginia Sholin Smallwood who shared information that led us to do further research on the Robert and Phebe Williams Worl family which we have added. In 10/2009 we heard from Carolyn Gloeckner, great great great granddaughter of Amos (son of Allen and Jane) and Nancy Harris Williams and have included some research we did on her family below under Amos Williams and wife Nancy.

Caveat: Some of the information on this web site is unproven, but we are posting what we have in the hopes of connecting with other descendants. Please pay attention to question marks on items that are unproven.

Help needed: Jerry Meyers is descended from Allen and Lucinda McNew Williams of Iowa and Illinois. This Allen was born in Shelby County, Indiana, in 1827 and we are convinced he somehow belongs to this Williams family. Anyone with information please email Webmaster Nadine on the About Us page.

Jane Woodward was the seventh child and third daughter of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Randolph County, North Carolina, and Jefferson County, Tennessee.

Allen Williams was son of Amos Williams of Chester County, Pennsylvania (?), Rowan County, North Carolina (?), Greene County, Tennessee, and Wayne County, Indiana. Allen was brother of Rachel Williams who married Jane's brother John. We do not yet know the mother of this family, but Phebe Allen of Chester County, Pennsylvania, is a likely candidate. We have prepared a tentative page for Amos Williams. Also Doris Johnson has much on the ancestry of the Williams Family on her Web Page (link above and scroll to bottom and go to "Williams Family.") Allen Williams married (1)Jane Woodward and (2)Sarah McDaniel. Some researchers and county histories carry Charity Nation as a second wife but we do not find this credible and believe they have confused Allen's brother Aaron's marriage to Charity Nation.

  Jane Woodward
born 12/3/1775 Guilford Co, NC
died abt 1820, In(?)
Allen Williams
born 1771 North Carolina
died 10/1842 Johnson Co, In
burial Williams Cemetery
Clark Twp

  Married: 2/13/1794 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Jane's brother, John Woodward, posted bond for the marriage (bond courtesy of Doris Johnston). Allen Williams was complained of at NewHope Monthly Meeting in Greene County, Tennessee, on 2/28/1795 for his marriage contrary to discipline (two Quakers marrying in a civil ceremony). This is the last Quaker record for this family, so we find no Quaker records for the children. Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, 1909 says Allen Williams married Charity Nation in Overton County, Tennessee, but gives no date. A Nation researcher has also pointed out that the marriage bond for Aaron Williams and Charity Nation in Jefferson County, Tennessee, looks as though it has been corrected to "Allen Williams" and is signed by Allen Williams as groom [note: he signed as bondsman, not groom!].

Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, 1909 lists Elsie, Phebe, Hannah, and William as Jane's children, but there are many inaccuracies in this history
Elsie Williams born about 1796, Tennessee; married Reuben Lawless
Phebe Williams born about 1798(?), Tennessee; married Robert Worl (Worrell)
Hannah Williams born about 1800, Tennessee; married Hampton Queen
William Williams born about 1800, Tennessee; married Elizabeth Ralston
Amos Williams born about 1800, Tennessee; married Nancy Harris
Allen Williams born about 1802(?), Tennessee; married Sarah DePew
Claiborn Williams born about 1804, Tennessee; married Nancy Scott
Joel Williams born about 1806(?), Tennessee; married Jane Dawson
John Williams born about 1808, Tennessee; married (1)Sarah DePew (aka Lucinda DePau) (2)Margaret White
James Williams born December 23, 1810, Tennessee; married Judea Wheeler
Jane Williams born about 1812(?), Tennessee; married John Cutsinger
Jackson Williams born February 12, 1814, Tennessee; married Sarah Parr
Elizabeth Williams born about 1815, Tennessee; married (1)Thomas Barlow (2)John Tinkle (3)Christopher Bowman
Margaret Williams born about 1817(?), probably Indiana; married Alexander McAlpin
Wesley Williams born unknown date, probably Indiana; died young (?)

There were no children of the second marriage, as Sarah McDaniel Williams was at least 72 years old when they married.

Tennessee Records

Allen Williams purchased land as early as June 1793 in Hawkins County, future Tennessee. Jefferson County was already formed at that time but had no court house, so quite a few early Jefferson County deeds (actually North Carolina Land Grants) are found in Hawkins County. Tennessee did not become a state until 1796, so before that time land records are North Carolina land grants. According to various sources Allen Williams purchased considerable land in Jefferson County. He followed the pattern of often acquiring land when he moved to Indiana.

Allen Williams was of the Quaker faith, as a single entry at NewHope Monthly Meeting in Greene County, Tennessee, states he was complained of for his marriage contrary to discipline and for hiring a military substitute. The entry is dated 2/28/1795, the date of formation of NewHope monthly meeting. Possibly Allen's family were members of the old Nolichucky Meeting that preceded New Hope, as the Williams family was supposed to have settled on the Nolichucky River. There are no Nolichucky meeting records now available.

Indiana Records

There is a lengthy article about the family in Chadwick's History of Shelby County [Indiana], 1909, but much of the ancestral information in the article can be proven false (more about this on the Amos Williams page). The list of children given in the history is fairly accurate, and is confirmed in Allen's probate. The History says that Allen (Sr.) married Charity Nation in Overton County, Tennessee, but as discussed above we feel that is an error. One of the County Histories lists James Williams' birthplace as Overton County, Tennessee, and an 1860 census record lists Elizabeth Williams' birthplace as Overton County, Ten. Allen Williams has no wife with him in the 1820 census in Indiana, and has 12 children. Four of his children were already married, so his family was complete. The History says that Allen's wife "Charity" died in 1826 in Bartholomew County, Indiana; however at that time Allen was already an Associate Judge in Shelby County, Indiana (History of Shelby County, Indiana, 1887), and the 1820 census indicates Allen's wife was deceased before 1820. There is a curious bit of information in Historical Sketch of Johnson County, 1881: "When John Williams came to Bartholomew County in September, 1820, with his father, he visited Campbell (a Tennessee immigrant)... .When his wife died, Allen Williams knocked the back out of his kitchen cupboard, and with the lumber thus obtained, made her a coffin." It is unclear whether the sketch actually means the wife of Allen Williams or is referring to the wife of another settler mentioned in a preceding sentence!

Chadwick's History of Shelby County Indiana, 1909, states that Allen Williams, his family, and father Amos, went to Indiana in 1816. The history paints a romantic picture, "In the early summer of 1816 he started with his large family and twenty head of horses and several wagons loaded with household goods and provisions, for Indiana, then a wilderness. Allen's father accompanied them. He was then ninety-six years old, but active and a good horseman. Their long journey through the mountains of Tennessee and Kentucky was attended by many adventures and mishaps. Their principal meat was that of bear and deer, obtained by side hunting trips. The entire company of seventeen persons, after a perilous journey, finally landed in Wayne County, Indiana, in the early autumn of 1816, the year the state was admitted to the Union." It also gives a physical description of Allen: "He had the piercing gray eye, the wiry, tall figure, and the calculating disposition of the pioneer of those early times that tried men's souls."

We know from land records in Indiana that John Woodward, husband of Allen's sister Rachel, purchased land in 1814 in Wayne County, and that Amos, Allen and family did follow soon after. In the 1820 census Amos Williams and wife, both over age 45, are found in the Wayne County census, two households from John and Rachel. Allen Williams is found in a transcription of 1820 Indiana census records in Delaware County. Delaware County was not formed until 1827 from Randolph County, which in turn was formed from Wayne County in 1818. Whoever did the transcription apparently made some division of Wayne County as it was later constituted, as there are other Delaware County records. At any rate, it appears to be the correct Allen Williams as he is shown with 12 children and his family is complete (Elsie, Phebe, William, and Hannah, were already married by the census date). There is no wife in the household. We think it probable that the female shown as 16-25 is Hannah, not yet gone to housekeeping, as she was married in May, 1820, and that she was still taking care of her father and the other children. The 1820 census record can be analyzed as follows: 1 male over 45 (Allen), 1 male 16-25 (Amos), 1 male 16-18 (Allen, Jr.), 3 males 10-15 (John, Joel, Claiborn), 3 males under 5 (Wesley, Jackson, James?), 1 female 16-25 (probably Hannah), 1 female 10-15 (Jane?), 2 females under 5 (Elizabeth, Margaret).

Allen Williams purchased land in Bartholomew County, Indiana, January 1, 1823, and is identified on the land record as Allen Williams of Wayne County, Indiana. The land was the East half of the North East quarter of Section Three, in Township Ten of Range Five in the District of Brookville, State of Indiana, containing seventy seven and forty seven hundredths of an acre. His certificate was No. 7 at the land office so he was a very early settler. The History of Bartholomew County, Indiana, 1888 says, "Two young men named Williams and their brother-in-law came into this settlement [Wayne Township] and built cabins but became dissatisfied and pushed on to other fields. Their deserted cabins were seized by William Thompson and Jacob Lane, Thompson from Kentucky and Lane, New York. These cabins were raised by one man and his wife. The size and appearance may be imagined." Since the History says "young" it probably refers to two of Allen's sons and a son-in-law, since Allen was already over 50.

The Williams family moved on to Shelby County, Indiana, where there are several Williams' land purchases recorded. Again they were among the earliest settlers as lands opened in 1822, as part of a new purchase of Indian lands. On 10/20/1824 Allen Williams (Jr. or Sr.?) purchased the W/2SW Sec 36 Township 11N, Range5E in Shelby County. Joel Williams purchased land on 9/29/1826: W/2SW Sec 21 T11N R7E. Allen, Jr., purchased land near Joel on 4/6/1829: E/2NW Sec 31 T11N R7E. This land is found in the estate of Allen, Jr., in Shelby County in 1856. There is also a purchase for Amos Williams on 7/10/1826: W/2SW Sec 31 T11N R6E.

Once again, Allen Williams and family became restless and moved on to Johnson County. We have put up an Indiana map page where it can be noted that Bartholomew, Shelby and Johnson Counties join together, so moves were not far, and there was further interaction back and forth between the counties for the various children. Allen was there as early as 1832, for he married Sarah McDaniel In Johnson County on 8/30/1832. Allen purchased land on 8/5/1834: W/2 SE 19, T13N R5E; and on 4/3/1835: SENW 17, T13N R5E. Sons Jackson, Claiborn, James and William all purchased land very near their father (Williams lands in Johnson County).

Allen Williams died intestate October 1842 in Johnson County, and is buried in the Williams family cemetery in Clark Township next to his son James and some of his family. Widow Sarah Williams, age 90, is found in Johnson County in the 1850 census records, living with a David Parr family. Two of Allen's sons married daughters of David Parr, so Sarah McDaniel Williams may also be a Parr relative. Sarah McDaniel Williams died June 29, 1855, age about 95 years (noted in the cemetery records), and is buried next to Jackson and Sarah Parr Williams in Hurricane Cemetery, Needham Township, Johnson County. We find a record of the final settlement made by the administrator (unnamed) of Allen Williams deceased. He filed in court on February 9, 1848, in Johnson County "receipts for heirs: John Cutsinger, John and James Williams, Elizabeth Tinkle, Jackson and William Williams, Robert Worrell, Claiborn and Allen Williams and Hampton Queen. Amos Williams, an heir, was mentioned and the wife of Alexander McAlpin was also listed as an heir. Alsie Lawliss late Alsie Williams also received a sum as an heir. The adm. turned into court a sum for two unknown heirs of Allen. The receipt of Alsie above may have been one of them and a receipt of George Conner guardian for the share of Joel Williams may have been the other heir." (Court Records of Johnson County, Indiana 1823-1853, Maurice Holmes (January 1982)).

More on the Children of Allen Williams

(Note: children Hannah, Amos, and William all come up in census records as born about 1800, so we suspect they may be triplets, or at least one set of twins (realizing that census records may be off by a year or two on ages).)

Elsie Williams Lawless

Chadwick's History of Shelby County, Indiana, 1909, tells us that Elsie Williams married Reuben Lawless, and that she died in Sumner County, Kansas in 1878. We have located this family on's World Family Tree. The World Family Tree record gives Elsie's birthdate as 1796 and her death date as 28 August 1878, in Belle Plaine, Kansas. The marriage date is given as about 1814, and would no doubt have been in Tennessee, though we don't find it, as there were Lawless families in both Jefferson and Knox Counties, Tennessee.

We have heard from Lynn Huber a descendant of Elsie and Reuben Lawless. He gave us many hints that enabled us to trace the family in various census records. Much of it bears out what is posted on World Family Tree. Lynn sent the 1820 census for Russell County, Kentucky: Reuben Lawless, 26-45, wife 16-20, 2 sons under 10, 1 daughtr under 10. Also the 1830 census in Russell County: Reuben Lawless 40-50, wife 30-50, 1 son under 5, 2 sons 10-15, 2 daughters under 5, 1 daughter 5-10, 1 daughter 10-15.

We again find Reuben Lawless in Russell County, Kentucky in 1840: 1 male 40-50, 1 male 15-20, 1 male 10-15; 1 female 40-50, 2 females 15-20, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 5-10, 1 female under 5. Daughter Jane (10-15 in the 1830 census) married John F. Antle in Russell County, Kentucky (1831 according to WFT). The relationship of Jane as daughter is proven in the 1850 census (see below) so she is not in the household in 1840. Also son Allen Lawless married before 1840 and is found next to Reuben in the 1840 census: 1 male 20-30, 1 female 20-30, and 1 female under 5. There are two females that we cannot identify in the 1830 and 1840 census but they seem to bear out World Family Tree information that Reuben and Elsie had two daughters named Sarah and Pansy born before 1830. If anyone can confirm these names we would appreciate hearing from them.

Lynn sent us the 1850 census record for Reuben in Russell County, Kentucky: Reuben, 61, born Virginia; Ailcy, 54, born Tn; James, 23, Ky; Adaline, 20, Ky; Polly Ann, 18, Ky; Eliza, 16, Ky; Charlotte, 11, Ky. Jane, Allen and Augustine were married and are found as follows: District 2, Russell County, Kentucky, #17 (next to Reuben and Elsie) Allen Lawless, 32, farmer, born Ky; Eve, 26, Ky; Elizabeth, 11, Ky; James E., 9, Ky; Reuben, 7, Ky; Eliza Ann, 5, Ky; Sarah H., 1, Ky. #12 Augustin (sic) Lawless, 29, farmer, Ky; Mary, 25, Ky; Mary E., 7, Ky; John A., 5, Ky; Wm. J., 4, Ky; Adeline, 2, Ky; Eliza Jane 8/12, Ky. At #21 John Antle, 44, farmer, Ky; Jane [Lawless], 33, Ky; Jordan, 16, Ky; Sarah, 15, Ky; Alcy, 12, Ky; Samantha, 10, Ky; Wm. A., 7, Ky; Jacob, 6, Ky; Reuben, 1, Ky. That this is indeed Jane Lawless is proven by the naming of two children after her parents: Reuben and Alcey (each census seems to have a different spelling of Elsie!).

The 1870 census in Russell County, Kentucky fills out more children in the families. In Precinct 3 we find: #86 Reuben Lawless, 83, no occupation, born Va; Alsey, 75, born Tn. Next to them #85 son James W. Lawless, 44, farmer, Ky; Nancy [Cook], 41, Ky; Angeline, 15, Ky; Sylvester, 12, Ky; Sarah A., 10, Ky; Mary J., 8, Ky. and at #83 Augustine Lawless, 48, farmer, Ky; Mary, 45, Ky; William J., 24, Ky; Granville, 18, Ky; George W., 15, Ky; Benjamin, 11, Ky; Rufus, 9, Ky; Malissa, 6, Ky; Milly, 3, Ky; Mirah, 1, Ky. In Precinct 1 we find #30 Allen Lawless, 53, farmer, Ky; Eavey, 48, Ky; Ebenezer, 19, Ky; Jonathan, 17, Ky; Amos, 15, Ky; Charlotte, 14, Ky; Nancy, 12, Ky; Alesy, 11, Ky; Jacob, 9, Ky; Allen J., 7, Ky; George, 5, Ky; Caroline, 5/12, Ky. Next to him is Augustine's son: #29 John Lawless, 26, farmer, Ky; Sarah E., 22, Ky; Belinda J., 2, Ky.

Lynn tells us that Reuben, Allen and James W. moved to Sumner County, Kansas where they are found in Sumner County, Kansas in 1875 with Alcy, 85, born Tn. This makes the World Family Tree death of Reuben in Sumner County Kansas in 1872 seem credible. In 1880 in Belle Plain, Sumner County, Kansas, we find Allen Lawless and children (no more added after the 1870 census). We also find James W. and children (no more after 1870). Allen's son Reuben remained behind where he is found in Creelsborough, Russell County, Kentucky in 1880: Reuben Lawless, 35, farmer, born Ky; Nancy, 36, Ky; Ephraim, 11, Ky; Sarah J., 8, Ky; Ellen, 6, Ky; Elbert, 4, Ky; Frank, 3, Ky; Christine, 1, Ky.

Vicki Blankenship has posted cemetery information on the Lawless family on Findagrave. Of particular interest is her note about their arrival in Belle Plaine, Kansas.

Phebe Williams Worl/Worrell

Phebe Williams married Robert Worl on 2/19/1817 in Wayne County, Indiana. The marriage record is as Robert Worl and Phebe Williams. The Shelby History tells us she died in Missouri.

There are several variations of the name Worl. Bear in mind that early record keepers wrote down what their ears heard and spelled words according to their nationality so there can be quite a bit of variation in a family name. Other variations found in this family are Warrell and World.

Doris Johnston carries a small amount of information on the Worl/Worrell family on her Williams web site. She gives Robert Worl as son of Samuel Worl, born about 1790 in Kentucky. In 1820 we find the following in Wayne County, Indiana (near Amos Williams, grandfather of Phebe): Samuel Worrel 1 male over 45, 1 female over 45 and 2 females 16-26. Two doors away we find Joseph Worrell 1 male under 45, 1 male to 16; 1 female under 45, and 3 females to age 10.

The only likely family for Phebe and Robert is found in NE Orange Co, In in 1820: Robert Warrell 2 males under 10, 1 male to 26, 1 male under 45, 1 female to 26. Orange County was on a migration path from Wayne County but we have no way of knowing if this is the correct family. Perhaps Robert and Phebe were just missed in this census - not unusual in very early censuses. An argument that it might be them is that it is spelled Worl in the 1830 census in Orange County, In: Robert Worl 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 30-40 and the profile of children is a somewhat reasonable fit for them.

In 1840 we find a Robert Warrell in Cambridge, Wayne County, Indiana 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 1 male 30-40, 1 female 50-60. Not a very good fit for this family but the only Robert found in the West.

We find Robert Worl in Atchison County, Missouri in 1850 in District 3: #144 Robert Worl, 60, farmer, born Ky; Fibia [Phebe], 54, Tn; James, 27, In; Amos, 19, In; Ellen J., 16, In; Napoleon B., 10, In. Because of the spelling of Phebe as Fibia, we believe there is a daughter next door at #145: Fibia Goutz, 32, born In; John, 11, In; Hiram, 4, Mo. There is a possible additional son at #134: Joseph Worl, 26, farmer, In; Mary, 23, Oh; Edward, 1, Mo. There may have been other children who did not survive.

We did not find any of the family in the 1860 census that we could identify for sure. There was a possibility in Rawles Mills, Iowa #646 Amos Worl, 36, farmer, born Indiana; Lucy, 26, Ohio; Emeline, 5, Missouri, Isabel, 2, Iowa. We mention this possibility since they did come from Missouri. James was evidently in California in the 1860�s as in military records we find that a James World, Private, 4 California Infantry, 4th Regiment, Company C.

In 1870 we found Joseph Worl, possible son of Robert, in Clay, Atchison County, Missouri: #269 Joseph Worl, 49, farmer, In; Euphemia, 30, Va; Edwin, 21, Mo; Phebe M, 20 Mo; Susan, 14, Mo; Sarah J, 11, Mo; Isaac, 6, Mo; Martha M, 4, Mo; and Roibert Lee, 1, Mo. Note different wife. The naming of the children supports that Joseph is son of Robert. We did not find Robert in 1870. Napoleon Worl is also found in Clay, Atchison County: Napoleon Worl, 30, farmer, born In; Harriet C, 26, Mo; Roselle C, 10, Mo; James, 7, Mo; Sarah J, 4, Mo.

In 1880 we find James Worl in East Grafton, Yolo, Ca, Dist 164: #48, James World, 57, farmer, In, Ky, Tn; Martha, 20, Mo, Va, Mo; Samuel, 4, Ca, In, Mo; Susan, 3, Ca, In, Mo; Amos, 1, Ca, In, Mo. We find Napoleon Worl in Dist 165 Marysville, Yuba, California at #81 H Street: N. B. Worl, 40, teamster, In, parents birthplaces unknown; Clotilda, 37, Mo, N Car S Car, Rose E, 20 Mo In Mo; James R, 18, butcher, Mo In Mo; Thomas J., 9 Ca In Mo; Louisa 1, Ca In Mo; Isaac Winters, 24, boarder, farmer, Mo Tn Ky; Dora Campbell 8/12, Nov Niece, Ca Mo Mo. (probably same wife as Harriet�s middle initial was C in the 1870 census?)

Hannah Williams Queen

Hannah Williams, born about 1800 in Tennessee, married Hampton Queen on 5/11/1820 in Wayne County, Indiana. We have found several cases of young women who married and then are still censused at home in the next census. We have learned that young people would marry and the bride remain with her parents until the young man had built a house for her. We thus suspect Hannah may be the young woman, age 16-25 found with the Allen Williams family in 1820.

William Williams

William Williams, born about 1800 in Tennessee, married Elizabeth Ralston on 5/22/1820 in Wayne County, Indiana. In one of the many serendipitous twists in genealogical research, we had heard from Valerie Dixon, a descendant of John Woodward's sister, Susannah Woodward Frazier, and in visiting our Web pages she found this one. She is a Ralston descendant and is researching William and Elizabeth Ralston. The Shelby County History told us that William died in Clinton County, Indiana.

We found William in the 1850 census in Johnson Township, Clinton County, Indiana: William Williams, age 50, farmer, born Tennessee; Elizabeth, 49, born Kentucky; Maria, 19; Lydia, 18; John, 16; Elizabeth, 14, Martin V., 12; Sarah, 9, all born Indiana. Next door to William in the 1850 census in Clinton County, Indiana: Son, Amos Williams, age 27, born Indiana, farmer; Caroline, age 25, Indiana; John J., age 3; James, age 1, both born Indiana. Amos Williams married Caroline Parr, 11/17/1845, in Johnson County, Indiana.

Valerie Dixon shared with us some of her research on the family: In 1860 William is found in the census with daughter Sarah, age 20, and in the 1870 census with daughter Sarah, age 27. William's age is given as 60 in the 1860 census but as 72 in the 1870 census, so he might have been born 1798. Elizabeth Ralston Williams was daughter of James and Lydia Crooks Ralston. Elizabeth died September 4, 1854, and daughter Lydia died September 5, 1854. Both are buried in the Orr Cemetery in Johnson Township, Clinton County. Son Amos is found in the 1860 Census in Johnson Township, Clinton County: Amos Williams, age 31, farmer, born Indiana; Caroline, age 29, born Indiana; John, age 12; James, age 10; Frank, age 8; Wiley, age 6; David age 3; Mary Bell Z., age 1/12, all born Indiana. Amos and Caroline had one more child, Martha J., born about 1864. Since Amos soon remarried Caroline may have died in childbirth. Amos Williams married second to Julia Ann Goodnight on December 29, 1864, in Clinton County, Indiana. They are found in the 1870 Census in Johnson Township: Amos Williams, 45, farmer, In; Julia A., 22, born Ohio; Frank, 18; Wiley,15; David, 12; May B., 10; Martha, 6; William A.; Henry B., 2; Eliza C.,1; Nancy M., 2/12, all born Indiana.

Amos Williams

Allen's son, Amos Williams married Nancy Harris, 2/8/1826, in Bartholomew County, Indiana; he apparently found love in Bartholomew County and either did not follow his father or came back for a bride. Amos and Nancy are found in the 1850 census in Jackson Township in Shelby County, Indiana: Amos Williams, age 50, farmer, born Tennessee; Nancy, age 44, born Tennessee; Sarah, age 17; Nancy, age 15; William, age 10; Frances P., age 7; Catherine, age 4, all born Indiana. There are probably more children, older than Sarah since the marriage took place in 1826. This is born out in the 1840 census in Shelby County: Amos Williams, 1 male under 5, 1 male 30-40, 1 female under 5, 2 females 5-10, and 2 females 10-15, 1 female 30-40.

The two daughters 10-15 in 1840 were married by the 1850 census. Elizabeth Jane Williams married James Townsend 7/2/1843 in Shelby County and Ann Eliza Williams married Robert Collins 9/13/1847 in Shelby County. Despite the fact that there were many, many Williams families in Shelby County, we believe these to be the two daughters in question as both were living next door to Amos and Nancy in 1850.
1850 Shelby County, Indiana, Jackson Township: Household 523 Amos Williams, 50, farmer, born Tennessee; Nancy, 44, born Virginia; Sarah, 17, Indiana and Nancy, 15, Indiana( two females 5-10 in 1840); William, 10, Indiana (probably the under 5 male in 1840. The female under 5 in 1840 may have died?); Frances, 7 (female), In; Catharine, 4, In
Household 524 Robert Collins, 25, farmer, Ky; Ann E., 24, In; George, 2, Il (trip to Illinois and back evidently); Elizabeth, 4/12, In
Household 525 James Townson, 33, farmer, born Va; Elizabeth, 24, Indiana; Nancy, 5, In; Amos, 4, Mo (evidently made a trip to Missouri and came back); Mary 9/12, In
Note: both Ann Eliza and Elizabeth Jane and husbands had gone to other states and returned and moved back exactly next to Amos and Nancy; strong proof that they are daughters. Elizabeth Jane is especially proven. She was no doubt named for her grandmother Jane Woodward Williams and it would be interesting to see if Elizabeth was the name of her Harris grandmother. She also named her first two children Nancy and Amos particularly sealing the fact that she was their daughter.

In October 2009 a descendant, Carolyn Gloeckner, advised us that Amos and Nancy Harris Williams had another daughter Phoebe who married John Mutz on May 19, 1847 in Edinburg, Indiana, and thus she does not show up on the 1850 census above with Amos and Nancy. Unfortunately we could not find John and Phoebe Williams Mutz in the 1850 census either (probably a spelling problem?). Carolyn told us that they had moved to Nebraska not long after their marriage and that they had a total of eight children consisting of six sons and two daughters. We were able to track them beginning in 1860 where they are found in Cass County, Nebraska Territory: John Mutz, 37, born Pa; Phebe, 29, born In; George W., 12, In; Ostin (Austin), 10, In; Walter, 8, In; Wm A., 6, In; Otto, 4, Ia; and Albert, 2, Ne. In 1870 they had added the two daughters, Annie J., age 10, and Hattie M., age 5. John was listed as a farmer. By 1880 John and Phebe had moved to Peru, Nemaha, Nebraska, where John Mutz, 57 born Pa, gives his parents born Germany and he is listed as a furniture dealer. Phebe is 45, born In, father born Tn, and mother born Ky. Son Albert, 22, born Nebraska is at home although he is also listed at a hotel in Beatrice in nearby Gage County, Nebraska as a fruit tree agent, along with brother Austin, also listed as a fruit tree agent. The two daughters at home in 1880 are listed as A. J., 18, and H. M. age 14 both born Nebraska. Eldest son George w. Mutz was listed as a carpenter in Plattsmouth, Cass Co, Ne in 1880 with a wife, Martha, and children Lelia, 11, Edward R, 9, John R, 7, Della M 5, and Charles 6/12 (Jan). Son Walter is listed at Mt. Pleasant in Cass Co, Ne, with a wife Martha, a daughter Jessie, 3, and a son Guy Ramon 9/12(Sep). Son Otto is listed at Rock Bluffs, Cass County, with a wife Ella, born Wi, and daughters Marnia, 3, and Mina, 1. We did not follow the families further.

Allen Williams, Jr.

Allen Williams, Jr., married Sarah DePew on 12/30/1824 in Shelby County, Indiana. In the 1830 census they have three children age 4 and under, 1 male, 2 females.

Allen, Jr. died intestate in Shelby County, Indiana, before June 9, 1856, when Washington Winterraud and Joseph Fatly were appointed to appraise the personal property of Allen Williams, deceased. An inventory of the personal property was filed on June 5, 1860 by administrator Christopher Girton. Allen's estate came to $236.40 and widow Sarah Williams received $152.50. The estate papers of Allen Williams included a promissory note signed 12/25/1855 by Allen and Wesley Williams (both making their marks). We therefore think the Shelby County History possibly erred in saying that Wesley Williams died in infancy, or Wesley could have been a son of Allen, Jr. There is also a tax receipt in the estate papers listing E/2NW Sec 31 T11N R7E which matches the description of land purchased by Allen Williams, Jr., in 1829. The estate papers include a bill owed to Jacob Girten for 7 yds shrouding; 1 jaconet; 1 pair gloves; 1 pair hose. These items are labeled "burying clothes" and the entry is dated January 24, 1856, so we might assume that Allen died that date or the day before. A bill was also entered by Jesse Moorman for $8.50 for a coffin on January 24, 1856. There is a doctor bill of an account with F. M. Ferree which is quite interesting. It includes entries for January 13, 21, and 23, 1856, for visits and medication for Allen Williams. Unfortunately, the doctor bill does not list the disease, and it seems likely Allen did not expect to die, or he would have left at least an oral will. The doctor's bill is interesting as it shows several visits in 1855 for Allen, his wife, and a "girl" for medication for the ague. "Ague" was a term of that time for malaria, and it was quite prevalent in the marshy lands of Indiana. It usually did not kill, but left the sufferer in a weakened condition and susceptible to diseases that did kill. Unfortunately, no names of children are mentioned in the estate papers, and the "girl" mentioned might have been a servant.

We do not find Allen Williams in the 1850 census in either Shelby or Johnson County. There are records in California that might have been him, if he followed the '49'rs to California, as many Indiana pioneers did. Most returned within a couple of years, much wiser.

Claiborn Williams

Claiborn Williams married Nancy Scott 6/4/1837 in Shelby County, Indiana (marriage record as Clayborn). He went to Johnson County with his father and bought two parcels of land near him in 1835 and 1837. In 1848 he moved to Bartholomew County, purchasing the E/2SE Sec 1 T10NR6E on 6/10/1848.

Claiborn and Nancy are found in the 1850 census in German Township, Bartholomew County: Claiborn Williams, age 46, born Indiana (birthplace evidently an error); Nancy, age 33, born Indiana; Joel, 10; John, 8; Robert, 5; Noah (2/12), all born Indiana. There were four carpenters and two farmers living with the family, so they were no doubt building a house as well as getting their farm started in a big way.

Nancy Scott Williams (of Bartholomew County), wrote her will 11/5/1890; it was recorded February 6,1891, in Johnson County. Daughter Charity Cutsinger was executor, indicating Claborn was already deceased. The will names sons Harry Robert, John Williams and Mrs. Phebe Williams (wife of John?), daughter Charity Cutsinger, and grandchildren Minne Belle, Homer Irwin, and Clarence Cutsinger. (Note: Claborn's brother Jackson also had a daughter who married a Cutsinger and their sister Jane married a Cutsinger.)

The History of Johnson County, Indiana, by David Banta, 1888, contains a brief biography of Martin Cutsinger, third son of Samuel and Elizabeth Harris Cutsinger, born in Shelby County 7 Feb 1856. On May 4, 1876 he married Charity N. Williams, daughter of Claiborne Williams. The sketch characterizes Claiborne as "one of the prominent farmers and stock-raisers in this part of the state." Martin and Charity Williams Cutsinger had four children of whom three lived as named in Nancy Scott Williams' estate.

James Williams

James Williams married Judea Wheeler 4/16/1835 in Shelby County, Indiana. The Peoples' Guide to Johnson County, Indiana gives James's birthdate as 1811 in Tennessee, and relates he came to Johnson County in 1834. His birthdate was actually December 23, 1810, per his tombstone.

We find a land purchase in Johnson County in 1834 for three parcels and again in 1835 for two more parcels.

At the time of the writing of the Peoples' Guide in 1874, James was a township trustee for Clark Township. It states he was a farmer and lived 3 1/2 miles northeast of Whiteland; that he was a Republican and a Christian. In 1874, son James T.[Thomas] Williams was living 1 mile east of Whiteland in Pleasant Township, and was a Republican and farmer. Son H.[Henry] J. (sic) lived 3 miles northeast of Whiteland, was a farmer, Republican and Christian.

James and Judea are found in the 1850 census in Clark Township, Johnson County: James Williams, age 38, farmer, born Tennessee; Judea, age 34, born Kentucky; Benjamin A., 11; James T., 9; Pheby, 7; Eliza J., 5; Henry G., 4; all born Indiana. John Barlow, 17, and Milton Pitcher, 13, are with the family, relationship of Pilcher unknown. John Barlow was James Williams's nephew (see Elizabeth Williams below). James and Judea had other children: Mary (born 1848 - dec by 1850?); Andrew Jackson (born 10/4/1850); Millie (born 4/15/1852); Franklin P. (born about 1856); John J. (born about 1857); Robert T. (born 5/2/1862).

James Williams wrote his will 1/27/1894 in Johnson County. He died August 17, 1897, and is buried in the Williams family cemetery in Clark Township, next to father Allen Williams, wife Judea (1/19/1816-7/4/1896), and sons Ben (Co H 7th Ind Inf, n.d.), and Robert (5/2/1862-11/3/1930). James's will was recorded on 8/26/1897. The will names wife Judea; sons Henry G., A. J. (Andrew Jackson), J. J.(John J.), Franklin, all the children of deceased son Thomas [James T.]; Benjamin, deceased, and his children Benjamin S. & Cuba; Almira, wife of son Robert, grandson Victor Hugo Fitzpatrick. Executor was Henry C. Barnett, relationship unknown. (The transcript of the will in Will Records of Johnson County, Indiana, 1827-1907, is very unsatisfactory and it would be well for any interested parties to obtain the original). Branigan's 1913 History of Johnson County, Indiana tells us that Thomas Williams and his father were citizens of Franklin Township.

The same history gives us a sketch of son H.[Henry] G. Williams, "a well known and influential farmer and stock raiser of Clark township...not only interested in the work of advancing his individual affairs, upbuilding the community." Henry was born in Clark Township, January 11, 1847. "He (father James) resided at Edinburg from the time of his arrival here in 1820 until 1832, when he moved to Clark Township...his death occurred in 1897, at the age of eighty-seven years, his wife having passed away the year before, at the age of eighty years." "In politics, James Williams was a Democrat until the outbreak of the Civil war, from which time on he gave his support to the Republican party. He was a stanch supporter of the Union during the troublesome days of the early sixties and three of his sons enlisted for service in the defense of their country." "Mr. Williams (James) was an active and public spirited citizen and for the long period of twenty-nine years he rendered efficient and appreciated service as trustee of his township. During that period he erected three sets of school houses, one of which was the first log school house in Clark township." "H.[Henry] G. Williams ...secured his early education in the common schools, supplemented by a course at Hopewell Academy and two terms' attendance at old Northwestern University... . He then taught school for three years, but at the end of that time turned his attention to farming. He was also a machinist, for which he had a natural talent...In the early eighties Mr. Williams went to Brookings, South Dakota, where he spent two years and while there he operated a steam threshing outfit... . In 1864 Mr. Williams enlisted as a private in Company G, One Hundred and Thirty-second Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and saw about five months of service in the field. On December 24, 1868, Mr. Williams married Martha E. Tracy, the daughter of John and Rhoda Brown Tracy... . He died in 1898 and his wife in 1893. To Mr. and Mrs. William have been born four children...: Flora A., Lulu, who became the wife of Webb Walden...May, wife of G. A. Lambert...; John , who is a well known educator, being at the present time principal of the Franklin high school. ...Besides their own children...reared a boy, Lee... ."

The History of Johnson County, Indiana, 1888 contains a brief sketch of Andrew J. Williams, son of James and Judea Wheeler Williams. It tells us that father James was a native of Overton County, Tennessee, and Judea of Adair County, Kentucky (we do not know whether to put any credence in Overton, Tn, as the writer may have had access to the same genealogy that is written in the Shelby County History where it says Allen married second in Overton County, Tennessee). Andrew J. Williams was born October 4, 1850, and received a common school education. He started teaching school at age 17, first in Indiana, then Iowa, then Kansas. He was then educated for the law, being a student with Judge Williamson of Des Moines, Iowa. He practiced in St. Joseph, Missouri, for two years, then in Des Moines, Iowa, for three years and then returned to Johnson County, Indiana. On September 21, 1880, he married Serena E. Beard, daughter of John and Nancy Farmbrough Beard and had the following children: John F. (9/19/1881);? W. (12/4/1881); James C. (2/5/1884 died); Fleetwood P (4/15/1885); Nellie L. (8/3/1886), Lulu M (1/23/1888). Serena Beard Williams was born 4/2/1855. She was descended from Jesse Beard.

The grandson Victor Hugo Fitzpatrick mentioned in James' will was only child of Robert S. Fitzpatrick and his second wife Millie Williams. Millie was born April 15, 1852, and died October 26, 1877. Victor Hugo was her only child, born September 2, 1876. Robert Fitzpatrick, born August 26, 1838, in Shelby County, Indiana, was son of Hezekiah and Ruth Webb Fitzpatrick. Hezekiah was born in Ireland, and Ruth in Oldham County, Kentucky. Robert Fitzpatrick was married first to a cousin of Serena Beard, wife of Andrew J. Williams. She was Malinda Jane Beard, daughter of William and Mary J. (Tucker) Beard (see Jesse Beard page). There were no surviving children of this marriage.

Joel Williams

There is a probate for a Joel Williams who died October 1842 in Shelby County and we know this is Allen Williams' son as he was deceased when Allen's estate was finalized in 1848. (Curious that Joel and Allen died the same month and year.) Allen's probate mentions "George Conner guardian for the share of Joel Williams." Court Records of Shelby County, 1822-1862, (Maurice Holmes, 1974), contain an entry "George Conger(sic) resigns as guardian of Joseph & Jeremiah Williams, February 1849. A further record: "Joel Williams, dec., William Sweeney, guardian of Jeremiah & Joseph Williams, minor heirs, sells his wife's dower entire in Joel's estate to his wards and Jane and he will leave Indiana. Feb. 1850." Joel Williams married Jane Dawson 10/4/1832 in Shelby County, Indiana. Then the guardian, William Sweeney married widow Jane S. Williams on 11/29/1843. We do not know the fate of Joseph and Jeremiah: On 2/12/1850 Martin Warner became guardian and on 8/5/1852 James Hendrickson became guardian, both in Shelby County. William Dawson and John Williams (brother, see below) were administrators of Joel's estate.

Jackson Williams

Jackson Williams married Sarah Parr 2/1/1835 in Johnson County, Indiana. Sarah was probably a sister of Caroline Parr who married Jackson's nephew Amos, son of William. Sarah and Caroline appear to be daughters of David and Barshaby Parr, found in the 1850 census in Johnson County, with Allen's widow Sarah, age 90, born Virginia, living with them.

According to the Peoples' Guide to Johnson County, 1874, Jackson Williams, was born in Tennessee in 1815 and settled in Johnson County in 1834. Jackson was born February 12, 1814, per his tombstone. He lived five miles northeast of Franklin in Clark Township and was a Democrat and Methodist (must have been lively discussions with Republican brother James and family!). Son Rufus Williams, farmer, lived 3 miles northeast of Whiteland, born Johnson County 1837 and was a Democrat and Methodist. Son Joel lived 4 miles northeast of Whiteland, was born Johnson County in 1846, and was a Republican and Methodist.

Jackson and Sarah are found in Clark Township in Johnson County in the 1850 census: Jackson Williams, 28 (error he was really 36), farmer, born Tennessee; Sarah, 26 (probably also an error), born Tennessee; Samuel, 14; Rufus, 12; Myery(Myra), 10; Delila, 8; Joel, 7; Luther, 5; David A., 4; Clayborn, 2; James 6/12; all born Indiana. A Sarah Sourgin, 53, born Virginia, is living with them, relationship unknown.

In 1870 the family is in Clark, Johnson Co, Indiana:#741 Jack Williams, 57, farmer, born Tn; Sarah, 54, Tn; David, 22, In; Carolina, 15, In; Elihu, 13, In; Eva, 9, In; Mollie Cutsinger, 3, In.

Jackson Williams wrote his will 2/7/1877 in Johnson County, died 2/10/1877, and the will was recorded 2/21/1877. It names wife Sarah; Francis & Mollie Cutsinger, only children of deceased daughter Myra Cutsinger; children Samuel, Rufus, Delila Trout, Joel, Claiborne, David A., Caroline Trout, Elihew, and Eva. Executors were son Rufus and Elihew.

In 1880 in Clark, Johnson County, we find:#218 David A. Williams, 29, farmer, In; parents born Tn; Sarah, 63, mother, born Tn, parents born North Carolina; Eva, 18, sister, born In, parents born Tn; Della, 7, daughter, born In, parents born In. David had married Laura B. Thompson 15 February 1872 and she is apparently deceased by 1880. Next to David we find #219 Elihu Williams, 23, farmer, born In, parents born Tn; Alice, 18, wife, born In, parents born Indiana. Elihu married Carrie A. Devore on 6 March 1879.

Sarah Parr Williams was born 2/1/1817 and died 12/18/1890. She and Jackson are buried in Hurricane Cemetery in Needham Township in Johnson County, next to Allen's wife Sarah. Sarah Parr Williams wrote her will 3/9/1889 in Johnson County, and it was recorded 1/3/1891. It mentions children Samuel, Rufus, Delilah Trout, Joel, Caroline Trout, Elihu, and Eva Kerlin.

The History of Johnson County, Indiana, 1888 contains a brief biography of daughter Delilah: "Mrs. Delilah Trout, of Pleasant Township, was born in Clark Township, January 3, 1844, and was the daughter of Jackson and Sarah Parr Williams, both of whom were natives of Tennessee. She grew to womanhood in her native township, and was married there January 26, 1859, to John G. Calvin. He was born in this county, January 9, 1833. They began housekeeping in Clark Township. Mr. Calvin served in the Union Army one year. About 1863, he and wife removed to Morgan County, but Mr. Calvin's health was very poor and while visiting relatives in Clark Township in 1864, he died on the 26th day of April. He left one child: San Francisco, born December 14, 1860. In 1866 on the 6th day of September, Mrs. Calvin was married to Benjamin G. Trout. He was born in this county, January 6, 1842, and was the son of Abram and Rebecca (Garrett) Trout who were natives of Virginia. After this marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Trout settled on a farm in Franklin Township. In 1872, they removed to Pleasant Township, where Mr. Trout pursued farming until March 8, 1881, when he died. Her last marriage resulted in the birth of three children: Warren W., born October 20, 1867; Harry, January 31, 1869, and Jackson, August 5, 1872...Mr. Trout served in the Union Army three years."

Daughter Eva married Ward B. Kerlin March 29, 1882. We find Ward's family in Franklin, Johnson County, Indiana in the 1880 census: #158 Joseph Kerlin, 51, farmer, Ky; Sarah E., In, 45; Ward, 21,In, laborer; George, 17, In, laborer; Charley, 14,In, laborer; Viola, 12, In; Mabel, 6, In. In the 1900 census we find Eva Kerlin, born Sept 1861, age 38, married 17 years, three children born, two living, born In, parents born Tn, in Clark, Johnson County, Tennessee, alone with her two children, Clarence, born Aug 1884, and Gertrude, born Jan 1888. Ward Kirlin is boarding in Indianapolis, born Jan 1861, In, parents born In, married 1882, farmer. Ward and Eva are together again in 1910 in Whiteland Ward 2 in Johnson County at 88 Phipps St: Ward B. Kerlin, 49, married 28 years, In, father born Ky, mother born In; Eva, 48, married 28 years, 2 children born, 2 living, born In, parents born In (should be Tn); Gertrude L., 22, In, parents born In.

John J. Williams

There is a Bartholomew County marriage record for John Williams and Sarah Depew, probably a cousin of the Sarah Depew who was Allen William, Jr's, wife. John and Sarah married 12/16/1831, and there is a (?) beside her surname on the transcribed record.

There is a sketch of a John A. Williams in Chadwick's History of Shelby Co., Ind, Vol 2, born November 18, 1833, who was one of the oldest native citizens of Washington Township, Shelby County. His father was John Williams, a native of Tennessee, and his mother, who bore the maiden name of Lucinda DePau, was born in Indiana. Her father, William DePau, was a native of Indiana. We feel the John Williams who married Sarah DePew is the same person whose wife is given as Lucinda DePau. The sketch continues, "the father, John Williams, came to Indiana in an early day and settled originally near Indianapolis on White River (this would have been in Wayne County), but, after a short residence there, moved to Shelby county, where he married, purchased land and became a substantial farmer and respected citizen. He reared a family of three children, of whom the subject of this sketch was the first born (his birth date matches well with John's marriage date), the others being Elizabeth, now Mrs. Henry Wheeler, of Columbus, Indiana, and William, a veteran of the Civil War, who also lives in that city. Mrs. Williams, who was born in 1814, died in 1847, and later Mr. Williams married a widow by the name of Mrs. White, this union being without issue. John Williams (Sr.) was born in the year 1808, and came to Indiana when young and here spent the greater part of his life, dying at the town of Edinburg, Indiana, on November 21, 1890."

We find the second marriage for John Williams to Margaret White on 3/7/1848 in Shelby County. Son John A. Williams married Martha J. Chambers 9/6/1854, and they had children: Henry M., Alice; Ulysses Edward; Elmer, Ella; Dora; Frank; and Daisy.

Jane Williams Cutsinger

Jane Williams married John Cutsinger on 11/15/1830 in Bartholomew County, Indiana. She was apparently deceased by 1848 when Allen Williams estate was settled, as he names only John Cutsinger. Curiously, on the same date in the same court there is a report by the administrator of the estate of John Cutsinger, deceased, mentioning small sums received by George and Jacob Cutsinger and by Elizabeth Sanders. Since a likely John Cutsinger is not found in the 1850 census in Indiana it is quite possible that Jane's husband also died before 1850. Possibly the three mentioned in the John Cutsinger administration might be children of John and Jane. This needs further research.

Elizabeth Williams Barlow

Elizabeth Williams married (1)Thomas Barlow 10/5/1829 in Bartholomew County, Indiana; then Elizabeth Williams Barlow married (2)John Tinkle 11/16/1843 in Johnson County, Indiana; then Elizabeth Williams Barlow Tinkle married Christopher Bowman on 9/12/1848 in Johnson County. John Tinkle was born August 14, 1799 and died on August 28, 1847 (per Johnson County cemetery records), so wife Elizabeth Tinkle is the one named in Allen William's probate.

Valerie Dixon found the Bowmans in the 1850 Census in Moral Township in Shelby County, Indiana: Christopher Bowman, age 38, farmer, born Virginia; Elizabeth, age 35, born Tennessee; John Bowman, 15, In; Mary Bowman, 13, In; William Barlow, 17, In; John Barlow, 16, In; James Barlow, 14, In; Martha J. Barlow, 12, In; Marion Barlow, 10, In; Tilman Tinkle, 6, In; Mary E. Tinkle, 4, In; Phebe C. Tinkle, 1, In (actually Phebe Bowman). The Barlow children belong to Elizabeth. Elizabeth's son John Barlow is also censused with her brother James in 1850. (Note: Christopher Bowman was previously married to Catherine Scott on 3/26/1835 in Shelby County and the first two Bowman children are theirs.)

Bryan Tinkle sent us the 1860 and 1870 census records for the Bowmans, along with the information that Elizabeth died in 1861. He also sent us a newspaper account of the death of Elizabeth's son, Tilman Tinkle. Christopher and Elizabeth Bowman are in the 1860 Shelby County, Indiana census with children listed as Frederick Bowman, age 8; George W. Bowman, age 5; and Mary Tinkle, age 13 (the names of the children are all listed as Tinkle, but that is impossible, as the two boys would be Bowman children). Christopher Bowman is listed in the 1870 Shelby Co, Moral Township, census with sons Fredrick and George Bowman. Phebe Bowman was apparently deceased before 1860. Following is an account of what happened to Tilman Tinkle from The Independent Banner (Shelbyville, IN.)Feburary 2, 1855
"Child lost on Sunday morning about 10 A.M., F.H. Tinkle[T.H.], a boy, 11 years of age & stepson of Christopher Bone [Bowman] who resides two miles S.W. of London on Buck Creek in this county, started out with three days rabbit hunting. As he did not soon return his parents went in search of him. They followed his tracks to Boggstown, when it became so dark as to prevent further pursuit. Next morning his track was folloewd into the woods near Wray's Meeting House, where it was lost by drifting snow. Mrs. Nail (of the neighborhood) says she heard a boy hollow (sp) and then cry,in the woods near her residence about 8:00 o'clock Sunday night. It is supposed that of the lost boy. Four days were spent this week by more than 100 men in searching the county for the lost boy. Yesterday he was found in a filed near Fessenbecks, frozen to death and almost entirely destroyed,as it was supposed by the hogs that were in the field. What a horrible scene this must have been. A poor little boy wandering from his parents in good health & after 4 days of anxious suspense, to find a mangled corpse. It is said that one of the dogs was still with him when found."

Margaret Williams McAlpin

Margaret(Peggy) Williams married Alexander McAlpin 11/15/1838 in Johnson County, Indiana. We do not find them in Johnson County in 1850, but Alexander McAlpin's grandmother, Jane Farmbrough McAlpin is found with a David McAlpin family. David was probably Alexander's brother. The Ancestral File (sources unknown) gives Alexander's father as Henry McAlpin, and his grandfather as Alexander McAlpin of Scotland. It also gives young Alexander's birthplace as Greene County, Tennessee. It lists the marriage to Peggy Williams and gives her birthdate tentatively as 1817 and birthplace as Johnson County, which has to be incorrect (more likely Wayne County). The birthdate looks about right. No children are listed for them. The Ancestral File gives Alexander's date and place of death as before 1856 in Glenwood, Iowa. In 1850 Glenwood, Iowa, was in Pottawatamie County. We did not find Alexander and Margaret in that census, but some of the records are too faint to read.

Wesley Williams

Wesley Williams was possibly the youngest son of Allen Williams. The Shelby County History says he died in infancy, but a Wesley Williams signed a promissory note jointly with Allen's son, Allen, Jr., in 1855 in Shelby County. Both men made their mark as a signature on the note. Of course, Wesley Williams, who signed the note, could have been a son of Allen, Jr. Wesley Williams may be the one who married Henrietta Wochler 8/25/1847 in Shelby County. This too needs further research.

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