John and Sarah Barnard Woodward of Chester County, Pa

John and Sarah Barnard Woodward Family

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John Woodward was son of Richard & Deborah Stanfield Woodward of England and Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was uncle of Abraham Woodward, the subject of this site.

Sarah Barnard was daughter of Richard & Ann Taylor Barnard of Newlin Township, Chester County, Pennsylvania. According to Fuhey and Cope's History of Chester County, Richard Barnard was born 1684 and died 1767. Richard Barnard married Ann, daughter of Abiah Taylor, about 1715 and settled near Doe Run, then known as "Hilltown" where he had bought land, part of the Simcock Tract. In 1726 he bought 200 acres in Newlin, part of the Nicholas Newlin Tract. The wedding record of John Woodward and Sarah Barnard gives her as daughter of Richard and Ann Barnard of Newlin Township. We mention this as Fuhey and Cope give Sarah as married to Joseph Coburn. Generally speaking, Fuhey and Cope's information is found to be quite accurate, so perhaps Sarah Barnard Woodward married Joseph Coburn after John Woodward's death. We are trying to follow up on this. At the bottom of the page we have included information proving that Ann Taylor Barnard was daughter of Abiah Taylor.

  Sarah Barnard
born Chester Co, Pa
died 1813 Chester Co Pa
John Woodward
born Chester Co. Pa
died bef 7/7/1769 Chester Co, Pa
  Married: 9/29/1750 Bradford MM, Chester Co, Pennsylvania. (More below)

Deborah Woodward born 10/26/1751 Chester County, Pa; may have died before 1769 (more below)
Richard Woodward born 4/3/1754 Chester County, Pa; married (1) Martha Clayton and (2) Elizabeth Pyle Carrington
James Woodward born 1/27/1756 Chester County, Pa; married Lettice Chamberlain
Sarah Woodward born after 1756, Chester Co, Pa; married David Scott
Jesse Woodward born after 1756, Chester Co, Pa; married a German lady (name unknown)
John Woodward born 10/17/1767 Chester County, Pa; died young

(The four children given with exact dates are from Quaker records, the additional two children are from Orphan's Court Records - more below)

Records of John and Sarah Barnard Woodward in Chester Co, Pa.

On his wedding certificate, John Woodward was styled as yeoman of West Bradford. Richard & Martha Heald Woodward attended the wedding of John & Sarah, as did Richard & Ann Barnard and numerous relatives of both John & Sarah. Those signing as immediate family were: Richard and Martha Woodward, Richard and Ann Barnard, Sarah [Woodward] Jones, William Woodward, Jerh. Barnard, Ricd. Barnard Junr, Deborah [Taylor] Parke, Martha [Woodward] Baker, Mary Baker, Alice [Taylor] Hoopes, William Strode, Deborah [Woodward] Strode, James Milleson, Grace [Woodward] Milleson, George Entrekin [husband of Mary Woodward], Richard Woodward, Junr. Also attending were John Coope, Abraham Marshall, William Wickersham, Jane Wickersham, James Trimble, Sarah Marshall, Elizabeth Coope, Mary Marshall, Daniel Hoopes, Deborah Hoopes, Mary Fisher, Samuel Coope, Joseph Parke, William Cloud, Nathan Coope, Isaac Hew, James Wickersham, Joshua Clayton, Samuel Marshall, Isaac Hayes.

When Richard Woodward , Jr. died in 1752, son John Woodward inherited his plantation and the duty to care for his stepmother Martha Heald Woodward (See will of Richard Woodward, Jr.).

There is a Parke Genealogy by Ernestine Parke Moss (April 1982) that includes John and Sarah Barnard Woodward and lists two additional children: Jesse Woodward and Sarah Woodward. In addition, Gail Steckel has transcribed the "Geneology of the Woodward Family" by Dr. Lewis Woodward (1879) and it is online as the History of the Woodward Family of Chester County and it too lists the additional children. Larry Woodward, a descendant of Jesse Woodward, was also attempting to make the proof that Jesse was a son. We had not previously included these two children as proof was lacking, but it pushed us into obtaining Orphan's Court Records from Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Sarah Woodward, wife of John, and her father, Richard Barnard, were appointed administrators for the estate of John Woodward on 7/7/1769, so we know that John died before that date. Unfortunately, the fact that it was an administration means there was no will written, so we did not have that benefit. We received a very small amount of information on the administration which did not contain any information on children. There was an inventory of the estate and a list of debts paid (dated 10th Sept 1770), which we will post as time permits, but nothing mentioned about support of children or payment to a guardian. Our next attempt was to find a record in Orphans Court (Results below).

There is also an administration listed for Sarah Woodward: Woodward, Sarah. West Bradford. May 27, 1813. David Scott, Administrator. Citation May 18, 1813, to Richard & Jesse Woodward, sons of Sarah Woodward, deceased. Again as there was no will there is little information but we do then know her year of death. It is not clear if Richard and Jesse are the only remaining heirs. We assume daughter Sarah was still alive since David Scott would have been protecting her inheritance by serving as administrator.

More on children of John and Sarah Barnard Woodward

We learned the following from Orphans Court held at Chester the eighteenth day of September, one thousand seven hundred and seventy, when Sarah Woodward and Richard Barnard petitioned the court to sell John's land for the support of his widow and children: "...[John] left a Widow and issue, to wit five children to survive him.� We further learn from a document dated 29th Dec 1769, that guardians appointed for "...James, Jesse, Sarah, & John Woodward, children of John Woodward...who are minors and under the age of 14 years..." had refused to serve, and Richard Barnard was petitioning for new guardians to be appointed. Another document dated 19 September 1769 was a petition of "...Richard Woodward a minor under the age of twentyone years, eldest son of John Woodward...on behalf of himself and James, Jesse, Sarah, and John Woodward, four other of the said decd's children. ..." There is no mention in these documents of eldest daughter Deborah Woodward, but she would have been over 18 and/or possibly married and not involved in the guardianship, or she might have been deceased since one document states "five children," however she was technically an adult may have been the reason. Samuel Coope and Abiah Taylor were originally chosen as guardians by eldest son Richard. Apparently Humphry Marshall and Emmon Jefferis were appointed for the other children as there is a notice to the court in the file dated 15th of 12th month 1769 where Humphry Marshall and Emmon Jefferis declined to serve as guardians for "divers reasons." Based on the fact that the four youngest children are referred to in 1770 as minors under the age of 14 we have assigned birthdates of "after 1756" to Jesse and Sarah Woodward (after the birth of James and before the death of John}.

As to why the births of Sarah and Jesse are not listed in the Quaker records, we really don't know but there may be a clue in surviving Bradford Meeting records. John Woodward was dismissed from Bradford Monthly Meeting on 5th month 15th day of 1767 for being in the practice of drinking too much strong liquor. He was dismissed again on the 12th day of 2nd month of 1768 for drinking to excess. He must therefore have made his amends with the Quakers after the first incident resulting in his son John, Jr., born 10/17/1767 being entered in the records. We might then guess that he was out of favor with the Quakers when Jesse and Sarah were born with the result that their births were not recorded. However, the records might just be missing.

Accompanying the petition to sell land to benefit the minor children mentioned above, were two small sketches of the parcels of land owned by John Woodward, one containing 28 acres and 70 perches, and the other containing 7 acres plus... There is nothing significant about the sketches to place the location of the land, but apparently the two parcels were connected and there is a note along one boundary of the seven acre parcel showing it adjoining the land of William Woodward. John's brother, William Woodward died about the same time as John, so we wonder if both succumbed to a disease, living on adjoining parcels as they did. We have examined various lists of epedemics but find none listed at the time of the death of the two men. We have added the legal description of the land adjoining William to land records. On the 10th day of the 11th month, Sarah Woodward and Richard Barnard gave certification to the court that they had exposed the two parcels of land to public sale and had sold the least parcel to Samuel Cope and the greatest parcel to John Hannum, Jr. The total sale of the land brought 8 pounds, 6 shillings, one penny.

James and Lettice Chamberlain Woodward

We have some information on the marriage of James, son of John and Sarah: From "A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of John and Mary Palmer" (online at, page 51, we find listed among the children of William and Martha Palmer Chamberlin: "Lettice, m. James Woodward 9 mo. 16 dy. 1789, son of John Woodward and Sarah Barnard of West Bradford. They removed westward, and probably raised a family, but no information of them obtained." The marriage is documented at Londongrove Meeting and took place at New Garden Meeting House. Lettice was a descendant of John and Lettice Key Chamberlain. James Woodward would have been 33 years old, so perhaps it was a second marriage. The name James Woodward is too common to try to trace them to the West.

Richard and Elizabeth Pyle Carrington Woodward

There is also additional information on son Richard Woodward who married Elizabeth Pyle Carrington. The Lewis Woodward genealogy linked above carries a list of children for them. In addition there is an active Message Board about John and Sarah Barnard Woodward where L. Burnett has posted additional information on the children and grandchildren of Richard and Elizabeth.

Dr. Lewis Woodward carried an additional wife for Richard "Unknown Clayton." From correspondence on the Old Chester Mailing List we have deduced this to be Martha Clayton. Since Richard and Elizabeth had a long list of children (see link to Lewis Woodward data above) and a long life together it appears that Martha Clayton was his first wife and probably died in the first year of marriage, most likely in childbirth. There is a notation at Bradford Monthly Meeting "12 of 2nd month 1779 Richard Woodward committed fornication before mar with his now wife and mar by a Baptist teacher." The term "now wife" would refer to the second marriage. Since young men did not marry until they were financially stable, i.e. about their mid-20s it is probable that he married Martha Clayton sometime in 1778 and that she was deceased by sometime in 1779.

Richard and Ann Taylor Barnard (parents of Sarah Barnard Woodward)

The following deed is of interest in providing proof of the parentage of Ann Taylor Barnard and identifying the Abiah Taylor that was requested as guardian by Richard Woodward. "On 3 April 1749 Richard Barnard of Newlin, yeoman and Ann his wife, Jonathan Parkes of East Bradford, yeoman and Deborah his wife and Daniel Hoopes of Goshen and Alice his wife, to Samuel Taylor of East Bradford, yeoman, being son and daughters of Abiah Taylor late of East Bradford, deceased. Whereas Abiah Taylor made his will dated 29 July 1747 did order and devise the said mill land and tenements containing 44 1/2 acres, part of which being a tract of land confirmed by William Penn containing 430 acres, the other part purchased of Joseph Townsend of East Bradford containing 13 1/2 acres, containing in whole 44 1/2 acres to his grandson Abiah Taylor the son and heir at law of Samuel Taylor, son of Abiah Taylor, to inherit the said mill land at the time of his arrival at the age of 21 years and until that time Samuel Taylor to enjoy said benefits of the said mill land. Whereas some contest has arison concerning the said mills and lands. The said Richard Barnard, Ann his wife, Jonathan Parkes, Deborah his wife, Daniel Hoops and Alice his wife, desire to remove all scruples and doubts arising concerning the said mill and lands. Richard Barnard, Ann his wife, Jonathan Parkes, Deborah his wife, Daniel Hoops and Alice his wife for 500 pounds grant and release to Samuel Taylor in trust of Abiah Taylor, his son and the grandson of Abiah Taylor a tract in East Bradford bounded by land of Samuel Taylor, the mill dam and the mill race containing 44 1/2 acres. Signed Richard Barnard, Ann Barnard, Jonathan Parke, Deborah Parke, Daniel Hoops and Alice Hoops. Delivered in the presence of Thomas Chandler, Robert Miller and Samuel Pyle. Recorded 13 June 1749 (Will book G7, page 452).

6/17/2007 Updated Sarah Barnard's death date based on administration of her estate. Added Martha Clayton as a wife of son Richard.