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John Woodward was son of Richard and Mary Nayle Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania. He married (1) Ann Pyle (2) Hannah Vernon Brinton (3) Hannah Dilworth Martin. Our information on the division of children comes from The Woodward Family of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Concord Meeting Quaker records. We believe the list of children of John and Ann Pyle Woodward is correct as they are all named in the will of Deborah Nayle on 10/5/1750 and their births are recorded at Concord Monthly Meeting.

Ann Pyle was daughter of William and Olive Bennett Pyle of Chester County, Pennsylvania. The marriage of Ann and John is properly recorded at Concord Monthly Meeting. A list of the witnesses at their marriage can be seen on a [Concord] Quaker Marriages Web Site.

Hannah Vernon was daughter of Jacob and Ann Yearsley Vernon and widow of John Brinton. John and Hannah were married 3/28/1750 in Old Swede's Church on the Delaware. They apparently made their peace with the Quakers as their children are documented at Concord Monthly Meeting. Hannah is named in the will of her mother Anne Vernon of Thornbury written 4/10/1754, proven Oct 2, 1758 "to daughter Hannah, wife of John Woodward, 10 pounds."

Hannah Dilworth was daughter of William Dilworth and widow of John Martin. That John Woodward was back in the good graces of the Quakers is known as the marriage of John and Hannah Dilworth Martin is recorded at Concord Monthly meeting.

  John Woodward
born 6/3/1708 Chester Co, Pa
died bet 8/5/1784 & 8/4/1787
East Bradford, Chester Co, Pa
Anne Pyle
born abt 1710 Chester Co, Pa
died before 1750 Chester Co, Pa

  Married: 3/18/1729 Concord Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pennsylvania

Nayle Woodward born 5/10/1731 Chester County, Pa; married Lydia Brinton
Hannah Woodward born 2/18/1733 Chester County, Pa; married John Dilworth
John Woodward, Jr. born 11/26/1735, Chester County, Pa; married Mary Sharpe 11/23/1757 at Old Swede's Church on the Delaware
Richard Woodward born 10/8/1737, Chester County, Pa; married Hannah Taylor
Amos Woodward born 11/27/1739, died before 11/28/1768 Chester Co, Pa
Henry Woodward born 11/3/1744, Chester County, Pa
Ann Woodward born 12/7/1746, Chester County, Pa; married Joseph Taylor 2/26/1765 at Old Swede's Church on the Delaware

  Hannah Vernon Brinton
born 3/10/1704 Chester Co, Pa
died before 1763 Chester Co, Pa

  Married: 3/28/1750 at Old Swede's Church on the Delaware. This would have been a non-Quaker marriage and John and Hannah made their amends for their marriage out of unity, as their children are properly recorded in Quaker records. Quaker practice meant waiting for a year for a new marriage and having the estate of the deceased partner settled before a new marriage. Sometimes this was quite impractical when small children were involved and it resulted in quite a few marriages out of unity. Hannah's daughter Lydia Brinton married John's son Nayle just four years later.

Mary Woodward born 10/20/1750 Chester Co, Pa; married Frederick Steen
Sarah Woodward born 9/15/1751 Chester Co, Pa; married John Nield
Phebe Woodward born 4/21/1753 Chester Co, Pa; married Thomas Ewart 1/22/1776 at Old Swede's Church on the Delaware
Betty Woodward born 5/5/1755 Chester Co, Pa

  Hannah Dilworth Martin
born 1726 Chester County, Pa
died 7/17/1814 Chester County, Pa

  Married: 3/16/1763 at Concord Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pa

Thomas Woodward born 1763 in Chester County, Pennsylvania
Abigail Woodward born 1766 in Chester County, Pennsylvania

John Woodward wrote his will on August 5, 1784 at Thornbury. He wrote a codicil on 1/19/1785 indicating he had leased his land to son Thomas and grandson Caleb Dilworth for seven years. The will was proven on August 4, 1787 and is abstracted below.

John Woodward's will provides for wife Hannah. To children of sons Nayle and John, deceased, 20 shillings to be divided. To son Richard 30 pounds in addition to what he owes me. To son Henry 40 pounds. To daughter Sarah, wife of John Neild, 30 pounds in six annual payments. To daughter Mary, wife of Frederick Steen, 30 pounds in six annual payments. To daughter Abigail 30 pounds. To grandson John Dilworth 5 shillings. To son Thomas piece of land northward of my plantation, to be divided from rest by brother Thomas and friends Peter Osborne and Charles Dilworth, by a described line. Remainder of land to be sold and proceeds equally divided between sons Richard, Henry and Thomas and daughters Sarah, Mary and Abigail, and grandson Caleb Dilworth. Executors: Wife Hannah, son Thomas, grandson Caleb Dilworth. Letters of administration to wife Hannah, the other renouncing. Witnesses: Hannah Martin, Joseph Dilworth, Charles Dilworth.

More on the Children of John Woodward

Nayle and Lydia Brinton Woodward

Son Nayle Woodward married Lydia Brinton 5/9/1754 at Concord Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was daughter of John and Hannah Vernon Brinton. This was the same Hannah Vernon Brinton who married Nayles' father John Woodward (above).

Nayle and Lydia had children: Phebe Woodward married William Hoopes 11/16/1780 at New Garden MM; Sarah Woodward married Thomas Baker 4/7/1785 at New Garden; Eli Woodward; Caleb Woodward married Elizabeth Baldwin; Hannah Woodward; Lydia Woodward, Ann Woodward. For a contact with a descendant of Caleb and Elizabeth Baldwin Woodward GenForum Woodward Message 1003.

Nayle Woodward wrote his will on 3/9/1769 and it was proven 3/25/1769. He left his wife Lydia 100 pounds, 2 horses, 2 cows, etc. He left sons Eli and Caleb his plantation in East Marlborough to be divided by the great road that passes through it and also 8 pounds each. Executors were directed to sell his land in Birmingham and the remainder of his estate was to his five daughters: Hannah, Phebe, Sarah, Lydia, and Ann share and share alike. His Uncle Richard Woodward was to have the house and three acres of land where he now dwells until son Eli is 21. Executors: wife Lydia and friend John Webstor. Witnesses Mordecai Hayes and Joseph Williams.

Hannah Woodward Dilworth

Daughter Hannah Woodward married John Dilworth 12/8/1749 at Concord Monthly Meeting in Chester County. He was son of William and Sarah Webb Dilworth, born 1718 in Bucks County, Pa and died 1752 in Chester County, Pa. He was first married to Hannah Nayle (we are not quite sure where she fits in the Nayle family). Our information on the family is from the Biography of Dilworth by Eliza Wollerton on file at the Chester County Historical Society. John Dilworth's will was administered on 1/22/1753 in Chester County. John and Hannah Woodward Dilworth had children: Caleb Dilworth born about 1750, died 4/22/1790 and married Elizabeth Ryant; John Dilworth, born about 1752, died 4/13/1824 in Chester County and married Phebe Taylor in 1774. Both of these grandsons are named in John Woodward's will.

We have nothing further on the other children of John Woodward except for son Richard. We would love to hear from anyone with information on the other children. Email on About Us Page.