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Most of the pages on this site are the result of our own independent research (Nadine Holder, Jill Martin, Marion Monk). This will be an exception because we are very interested in following relatives of Abraham Woodward who took the direct Western migration route. We have done some brief research in census records here. Jill and Nadine have another Web Site for two townships in Mercer County, Illinois. Woodward families are found there that we cannot place with the North Carolina Woodwards, but we have traced them back to the Chester County, Pennsylvania Woodwards. (Curiously there were also Beans in Mercer County.) Of course there were other very early Woodward families with no connection other than perhaps long ago in England so it is a knotty problem. There are a number of sources we could have used for John and Barbara but we have chosen to use "The Woodward Family of Chester County, Pennsylvania" by J. Gary Woodward, as we have found it to be well researched and fairly accurate (now online at Woodwards of Chester County, Pa.) We are extremely grateful to Renate Woodward for information on the descendants of John Woodward, son of John and Barbara. We have lost track of Renate and would like to hear from her again.

John Woodward was son of Thomas and Polly Montieth Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania and Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. Mifflin County was formed out of Cumberland and Northumberland Counties in 1789 so some records of Thomas and Polly may be found in one or the other of those counties. (See Pennsylvania Maps for county formations.)

Barbara Bean's ancestry is not given in J. Gary Woodward's book, but he gives her as born in Mifflin County.

  Barbara Bean
born about 1793 Mifflin Co, Pa
died abt 1867, LaGrange Co, In
John Woodward
born about 1793 Mifflin Co, Pa
died 1840, Norwalk, Ohio

Married: About 1814/15 in Milford Township, Mifflin County, Pa

Christena Woodwardborn about 1815 Mifflin Co, Pa; married Gustavus Bacon
Elizabeth Woodward born about 1816 Mifflin Co, Pa; married Seth Parker
Thomas Woodward born 11/30/1818 Mifflin Co, Pa: married Jane Nowland
John Woodward born 4/14/1821 Mifflin Co, Pa; married (1) Sophrona Dewindell (2) Susan "Buda" Cochell (some uncertainty on the birthdate - see notes below)
William Woodward born 9/15/1823 Portage Co, Oh; married (1) Phebe Merriman (2) Sophronia Parish (3) Elizabeth Ritz
Unknown child died young
Catherine Woodward born about 1832 Portage Co, Oh; married Edmund M. Winnegar
Sarah Woodward born 4/17/1834-36 Portage Co, Oh; married Merritt Truesdell

Some of the marriages are not found in Indiana but they were on the border of Michigan so the marriages might be found there.

The Move West

John Woodward is found in Turbett Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania in 1820: 1 male under 10; 1 male to 45; 2 females under 10; 1 female to 45. This shows the three children, Elizabeth, Christena, and Thomas. Since John, Jr. is not shown in the census we have used Gary Woodward´┐Żs birthdate of 1821. Other records vary from 1819 to 1820.

Sometime between the birth of son John Woodward in 1821 and the birth of son William in 1823 the family moved west from Mifflin County, Pennsylvania to Portage County, Ohio. They are found there in the 1830 census in Palmyra, Portage County: John Woodard, 2 males 5-10 (John and William); 1 male 10-15 (Thomas); 1 male 20-30 (John, actually about 37); 2 females under 10 (Elizabeth and Christena); 1 female 30-40 (Barbara).

John supposedly died in 1840 in Norwalk, Ohio, which would have been in Huron County. Since daughter Christena married in Portage County and remained behind when the family moved further west we wonder about the place. But possibly John died on the move to Indiana. Barbary Woodward and family are found in 1840 in Clay Township, LaGrange County, Indiana: 2 males under 20 (William and John); 1 male under 30 (Thomas); 2 females under 10 (Catharine and Sarah) and one female under 40 (Barbara). Elizabeth and Christena were already married.

In 1850 the family was in Township 37 North Range 9 East in La Grange County, Indiana. William, Thomas and John Woodward are all living next to each other and Barbara and daughter Sarah and Catharine are living with John who is still single. Elizabeth and husband Seth Parker are in Township 36 North Range 9 East in LaGrange County. Christena and husband Gustavus Bacon are still in Portage County, Ohio.

In 1860 Barbara Bean Woodward is living with daughter Elizabeth and husband Seth Parker in Clear Spring, La Grange County. Gary Woodward carries her death as about 1867. More on the marriages and families of the children below.

More on the Children of John and Barbara Bean Woodward

Seth and Elizabeth Woodward Parker

Elizabeth Woodward married Seth William Parker 4/28/1844 in LaGrange County, Indiana. Elizabeth and Seth had issue: Julia, John, Winfield, Barbara, and Leonard. In 1850 they are in Clearspring Township, LaGrange County: #126 Seth Parker, 34, farmer, born NY; Elizabeth, 34, born Pa; Martha A., 14, NY (apparently step daughter of Elizabeth); Julia, 6, In; John, 4, In; Winfield Scott, 2, In. There is a Scott family next to them and Winfield Scott was probably named in their honor. Whether they were relatives or just neighbors is not known.

The list of children is verified in the 1860 census in Clear Spring, La Grange Co: #606 Seth W. Parker, 44, farmer, 2000, 550, Ct; Elizabeth, 44, Pa; Julia, 15, In; John W., 13, In; Winfield, 12, In; Barbra, 8, In; Leonard, 2, In; Barbra Woodard, 67, Pa.

Elizabeth Woodward Parker died before 1878 in LaGrange County. Seth is found in 1880 in Johnson Township with a new wife: #55 Seth Parker, 64, born Ct, parents born Ct; Mary J., 49, wife, Oh, Md, Pa. We did not find a marriage record for them. Winfield is nearby at #52: Winfield Parker, 32, In, father born NY, mother born Oh; Reference H, 31, wife, Oh, Gy, Pa; Friend(?), son, 1, In, In, Oh. Note it is unclear whether Seth was born New York or Connecticut from the various census records.

Gustavus and Christena Woodward Bacon

Christena Woodward married Gustavus P. Bacon 10/9/1836 in Deerfield, Portage County, Ohio. They had issue: John W., married Lizzie Burnett; Emeline, married William Byers; Hiram, married Lizzie Craig; Cozens, married Josephine Edsall; Mary, Martha, Lodisa, Frank, and two unknown daughters who died young. They are found in Palmyra, Portage County, Ohio in 1850: #1379 Gustavus P. Bacon, 37, farmer, 2000, Ohio; Christena, 36, Pa; John, 12, Oh; Emeline, 10; Hiram, 8; Betsy J., 5; Cozzens, 3; Mary, 1; Martha, 1; all born Ohio. Betsy is evidently one of the daughters who died young. Note also from this census that Christena may have been the eldest daughter.

There is a short sketch of Gustavus Bacon in the 1885 History of Portage County, Ohio. Gustavus was the son of William and Polly Thurber Bacon, natives of Vermont, born May 29, 1813, in Portage County. Gustavus, in 1885, was the oldest native-born resident of Palmyra Township in Portage County. His father William visited Portage County (then Trumbull County) in 1800, and after securing his land, returned as he had come, on foot. In 1802 he came back with his family, and was assisted by the Indians in raising a cabin.

The family is still in Palmyra, Portage County in 1880: #180 Gustaves P. Bacon, farmer, born Ohio; Christenia, 65, Pa; Mary, 31, at home, Oh; Martha, 31, at home, Oh; Lodisa, 26, at home, Oh; Franklin, 22, at home, Oh. This census also suggests that Christena was the eldest daughter. Christena died about 1884 in Palmyra Township, Portage County.

Thomas and Jane Nowland Woodward

Thomas F. Woodward married Jane Nowland 5 May 1841 in LaGrange County, Indiana, according to Indiana marriage records (some researchers carry her surname as Nolan which is likely how it was pronounced ). They had issue Malissa, Seth, John, Charles, Wesley, Merrit, Sophronia, Jane, Sarah, and Mary. They are found in the town of May in LaGrange, Indiana in 1850: #610 Thomas Woodward, 29, farmer, born Pa; Jane, 22, born Oh; Milissa, 7, In; Seth W, 4, In; John, 1, In. The family is complete in the 1870 census in Clay Township, La Grange County: Thomas Woodward, 52, Pa; Jane 44, Oh; Seth W., 23, In; John C., 21, In; Charles, 18, In; Wesley, 16, In; Merritt C., 12, In; Sophronia, 11, In; Jane, 9, In, Sarah, 6, In; Mary, 5, In. A female infant, 2/12 in 1860 evidently died.

Malissa is found in 1880 in Clay Township next to Thomas and Jane and with husband Louis Lisher. A marriage record is not found in Indiana for either Lisher or Lasher. Louis Lisher, 53, born Ohio, father NY, mother Pa; conducts farm; Malissa, 38, In, Pa, Oh; Edward, 17, In, Oh, In; John, 7, In, Oh, In; Lillie, at school, 10, In, In, In. Not sure why Lillie's parentage is different as she is listed as daughter of Louis. Perhaps just an error.

Thomas and Jane Woodward are next door to Louis and Malissa: Thomas Woodward, 62, Pa, parents born Pa, day laborer; Jane, 54, Oh, parents Pa; Seth, 36, In, Pa, Oh, day laborer; Mary, 15, In, Pa, Oh. Daughters Sophrona and Sarah were working out as servants. There is also a Jane Bean, age 20, given as a servant - we think this may possibly have been Jane Bean Woodward. Son Merrit is working out as a farm laborer. His census number is the same as his uncle William though he is on a different page so perhaps he was working for his uncle.

Son Wesley is found in 1880 in Clay Township, LaGrange County, Indiana: #41 Wesley Woodward, 24, farmer, born In, parents born In; Rose, 24, born Ohio, father born Pa, mother born Ohio; Olga B., 1, born In. Olga married William H. Gohn 21 Sept 1893 in LaGrange County, Indiana.

Daughter Sophronia is supposed to have married a McCarthy, and Jane a McPhee but we could find nothing further on them. Daughter Mary married Isaac Bingham and is found in Cedar County, Nebraska in 1900: Ike Bingham, born Sept 1862, age 37, born Il, father Ireland, mother Illinois; Mary E, Oct 1864, 35, married 14 years, 5 children born, 4 living, born In, parents born Pa; Merritt F, Oct 1886, 13, born Iowa; Vria M., daughter, July 1893, born Nebraska; Alice M., born Aug 1895, Nebraska; Otis J, son, Feb 1898, Nebraska.

Thomas Woodward died in 1898 at Manning, in Carroll County, Iowa.

William Woodward

William Woodward married Phebe Merriman 4/9/1848 in LaGrange County, Indiana. They had issue Harriet and Ellen. They are found in the Town of May in LaGrange County, in 1850: #609 William Woodward, 27, farmer, born Ohio; Phoebe, 18, Oh; Harriet L., 3/12, In; Jesse Horner, 11, Ohio. Phebe died 8/30/1853 in Lima Township, LaGrange County, Indiana.

William married (2)Sophronia Parish 10/25/1855 in Lima Township, LaGrange County (another record gives 10/25/1856 at Constantine, St. Joseph Co., Mich. This is likely correct as William's two other marriages are found in LaGrange but this one isn't). They had issue Eunice Emma, Walus (born 1861 died 1862), Fayette (born 1863 died 1864, Frazier (born 1865 died 1870), Jerusha, and Arthur J. Woodward. They are found in the 1880 census in Lima Township: #71 William Woodward, 56, farmer, born Ohio, parents born Pa; Semprona (sic), 47, NY, In, Ct; Mary Ellen, 26, In; Jerusha, 24, In; Arthur, 12, In.Note daughter Mary Ellen not mentioned in the issue above) Jerusha is probably the Rusha B. Woodward who married Festus E. Stewart 6 Dec 1883 in LaGrange County. Eunice married Levin Antonides, son of John and Sarah Millis Antonides (Eunice's marriage record not found) and they are found in 1880 in Clay Township, LaGrange Township: #57 Levin Antonides, 25, conducts farm, born In, father Oh, mother Md; Eunice, 21, In, Oh, In; Maude, 1, In; unnamed son born April, In. Arthur married Viola Irvine 7 Mar 1889 in LaGrange County. (See under Edmund and Catherine Woodward Winnegar for more on Mary Ellen.)

Sophronia died 12/5/1895 in LaGrange Co, Indiana. William then married Elizabeth Ritz, a widow. The marriage record is found as William Woodward and Elizabeth Ritz, 24 April 1898 in LaGrange County. Elizabeth then evidently married a Snow. There is a Bernard Snow living near them and he was a widower so may have later married Elizabeth. William died 12/13/1902 in Lima Township, LaGrange County, Indiana.

Edmund and Catherine Woodward Winnegar

Catherine Woodward married Edmund M. Winnegar 10/4/1852 in LaGrange County, Indiana (the marriage is not found in Indiana marriage records so perhaps took place in Michigan.) They had issue: Quincy, George, Jane (Jennie), and Carrie Winnegar.

Edmund M. Winnegar married first to Julia Ann Mell on 11 Oct 1849 in LaGrange Co, Indiana. They had a son James M. Winegar and Julia Ann may have died in childbirth. Edmund and Catharine are found in 1870 in York Township, Elkhart, Indiana (next to LaGrange Co):#125 Ed Winegar, 41, farmer, 15000, 1700, born NY; Catherine, 39, Ohio; James M., 19, In; Julia, 16, In; Quincy, 14, In; Carrie, 12, In; Jane, 10, In; Ira, 8, In; Nellie, 5, In; George E, 3; In. With them is Ed's father Ira Winegar, 77, born Canada. Gary Woodward tells us that Jane/Jennie Winnegar married a McCann and that Carrie married Charles Blood.

Jennie and Joseph McCann are found in 1900 York Township, Elkhart Co, In: #120 Joseph McCann Oct 1860, 39, In, Ireland, Ireland; Jennie, July 1860, 39, married 12 years, 2 children born, 2 living; Carrie, Oct 1889, In; Nellie, July 1891, 8, In. Carrie and Charles Blood are also found in York Township, Elkhart, In in 1900:#82 Charles Blood, March, 1860, married 18 years, In, NY, Oh; Carrie, June 1858, 41, born In, NY, Oh; Alta, Apr, 1883, 17, In; Ruth Oct 1893 (?), 8, In.

Catherine evidently was deceased by 1898 as Edmund M. Woodward married Mary E. Franks 3 Jan 1898 in Elkhart County. This appears to be Mary Ellen Woodward, daughter of William Woodward above although we could not find a Franks marriage to confirm it but the birthdate and place certainly match. They are found in 1900 in York Township, Elkhart County, Indiana: #80 Edward Winegar, Nov 1828, 71, NY Con NY, married 3 years; Ellen M, March 1854, married 3 yr, 6 children born, 6 living, In, Pa, Pa; Ira E, son May 1864, 36, In NY Oh; Grace Franks, stepdaughter, Oct 1888, 19, In, In, In; Robert R. Franks, step son, June 1887, Ks, Oh, In; Ed Winegar, son, Apr 1899, In, NY, In.

Merritt and Sarah Woodward Truesdell

Sarah Woodward married Merritt Truesdell 11/14/1852 in LaGrange County, Indiana. They had issue: Frank, Homer, Cassius; Melroy and George.

They are found in 1860 in Middlebury, Elkhart, In: #390 Meritt W. Truesdall, 35, farmer, 3200, NY; Sarah, 26, Oh; Francis (male), 5, In; Homer, 3, In; William 11/12, In. In 1870 they are in Van Buren, LaGrange Co, In: Merritt Truesdell, 44, NY; Sarah, 34, Oh; Frank, 15, In; Homer, 13, In; Cassius W [William?], 10, In; William M [Melroy?]. 9. In. In 1880 still in Van Buren Twp:#115 Merritt Truesdale, 51, farmer, NY, parents not given; Saray, 47, Oh, Pa, Pa; Cassius W, 20, farming, In; Milroy, 18, farming, In; Geo A, 8, In; Jennie Knapp, 16, living in the family.

Sarah died 3/27/1916 in LaGrange County, Indiana. Robert Burl Woodward (deceased), a descendant of Sarah's brother John Woodward (below) had information on this family from George Truesdell's diaries.

John Woodward

John Woodward was born in Milford Township, Mifflin County, Pennsylvania. The date is consistently seen as April but is 1819 in his obituary, 1820 in the 1900 census, and 1821 in J. Gary Woodward's book. He was still single in 1850 in the Town of May, LaGrange, Indiana: #611 John Wodward, 28, carpenter, Pa; Barbara Woodward, 60, born Pa; Sarah, 14, born Ohio; Catharine, 18, born Ohio.

J. Gary Woodward has only one wife Susanna Corchell for him, and attributes all the children to her. Renate Woodward, Robert Woodward's daughter) shows him married (1) to Sophrena Dewindell. John & Sophrena had children Merritt Woodward, born 1/8/1855 and Edmund Woodward, supposedly born and died in 1855, but age 8 in the 1860 census. Sophrena died in 1855, probably from childbirth.

John then married Susan Cochell 10/30/1856 in LaGrange County, Indiana. They had issue: Sarah Jane, Cora Ruth, James, George, and Alice. They are found in the 1860 census in Clay Township, LaGrange County: John Woodward, 38, sawyer, Pa; Susanna, 23, Pa; Edward, 8, In, deaf and dumb; Merritt, 6, In; Sarah, 2, In; James 6/12, In. They were in Franklin, Polk County, Iowa, by the 1870 census, with children Sarah J, 12, James, 10, George, 7, and Alice, 2. John had another son Charley out of wedlock who left home and went to Canada when he was old enough and had no further contact with the family.

Renate Woodward furnished us with a copy of the Polk County, Iowa, 1900 census showing John Woodward, head of household, born April 1820 (His death certificate also shows 1820). Susan Cochell Woodward showed her date of birth as 1830, born Pennsylvania, five children born and five living which agrees with the list of their children. John's occupation was given as peddler, he could read and write, and they lived in a rented home. Susan could not read or write which was not unusual for a woman in that time period, or perhaps she had a physical problem by that age. John and Susan are buried in Mitchelville, Polk County, Iowa. His cemetery record reads April 14, 1819 - May 7, 1908; hers reads September 10, 1830 - February 23, 1908.

Renate furnished a copy of John & Susan's obituaries:
"Woodward - The death of John Woodward which occurred at his home in Santiago, Iowa, May 7, 1908, while not unexpected, proved a shock to his friends. John Woodward was born April 14, 1819, in Pennsylvania. At the time of his death he was 89 years and 23 days old. He moved to Indiana with his parents when a small boy, and there grew to manhood. He learned the carpenter trade. He was married to Sophronia Dewinel in the year 1850. To this union was born two sons. Mrs. Woodward died in 1855. Edward died in 1865. Merritt survives his father.
In the year 1859 Mr. Woodward was married to Susan Cotchell, whose each occurred...ago last Sunday. To this union was born five children - Jane Carr, James Woodward, George Woodward, Alice Rose and Cora Anderson. They moved to Jasper County, Iowa, in 1868. He and his wife joined the Christian church at Galesburg, Iowa. In 1864 they moved to Mitchellville, where they joined the Christian church of which they remained faithful members.
He was one of the pioneer men of Polk county. His last sickness covered a period of three months. The last few weeks he realized that death was near; it was not unexpected by his relatives. This however does not remove the sting of sadness which comes to the bereaved sons and daughters.
He leaves to mourn his departure besides the six children, one sister - Mrs. Truesdell of Indiana, 16 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. The pallbearers were Marion McCleary, Wm. H(?), Wm. Milbourn, Ike Battles, Sam Henderson, W. S. Fairchild. The funeral occurred at the Mitchellville Crhistian church Sundary afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by Rev. W. E. Harmon, and the body was laid to rest in the Mitchellville cemetery by the side of his wife. M.A.B."

"Susan Cotchell died at her home near Mitchellville, Iowa, Feb. 23, 1908--78 years 5 months and 13 days. She was born at Curlsville, Pa., Sept 10, 1830.
She left Pa. when a small child and moved to Indiana with her parents. Her father died when she was but seven years. She joined the Baptist Church when a young girl.
She was married to John Woodward the year 1859. To this union was born five children, three daughters and two sons. All at her bed side when the end came.
She and her husband moved to Jasper County in the year 1864. She and her husband joined church of Christ at Galesburg, Iowa.
They moved to Mitchellville in the year 1868 where they joined the Church of Christ which they remained until their death.
She was a good woman, an earnest Christian, a devoted wife and a kind mother, loved and respected by all who knew her.
She had been ill but ten days and with the eye of faith one could see at the dawn of that Feb. Sabbath Day an invisable wave a signal, and a voice softest accent on the morning breeze announce the gates were open, that Gods Angels were waiting to escort her in.
After a long and useful life she died as she lived honored, trusted and loved. Her Christian life was beautiful from its beginning to its end and through all vicissitudes and sorrows, she met in the way of her faith in God never wavered: but she has left us today the leaves fall upon another grave that hides forever from our sight all that is mortal of a true and novel woman.
Her body was laid away to rest in the Mitchellville Cemetery.
She leaves to mourn her loss aged husband, five children, two brothers, twelve grandchildren and five great grandchildren and one step son, Merritt Woodward of Afton. The Funeral was conducted by Rev. W. A. Harmon assisted by Rev. A. Thornbrue. M.A.B. Maude Alice Carr Bailey"

Thanks to Renate Woodward we have the following information on children of John Woodward, Sophrena Dewindell and Susan Cochrell:
Merritt Woodward born 8 January 1855, LaGrange, Indiana, married Ellen Mackey.
Edmund Woodward born and died 1855
Sarah Jane Woodward, born 31 August 1860, LaGrange, Indiana, married William Carr 27 June 1878 in Altoona, Iowa
Cora Ruth Woodward born 1 April 1862, married Cash Anderson
James Woodward born 20 November 1863, LaGrange, Indiana, married Mamie Randlet 31 March 1889
George Woodward born 15 August 1865, married Sarah Russell
Alice Woodward, born 5 October 1868, married Jim Rose
Charley Woodward (illegitimate son of John), born December 1885 in Mitchelville, Polk County, Iowa, married Mabel Stackley in 1908 at St. Pauls Church in Regina, Canada.