John and Lydia Martin Woodward of Chester County, Pa

John and Lydia Martin Woodward Family

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John Woodward was fifth child and fourth son of William and Eliza Marshall Woodward. He was younger brother of Abraham Woodward, the subject of this Web Site.

Lydia Martin was daughter of Joseph and Hannah Harlan Martin of Chester County, Pennsylvania. She was sister of Rebecca Martin who married John's cousin, Joseph Woodward.

John Woodward and Lydia Martin were dismissed for fornication before marriage at Bradford Monthly Meeting on 1st month 15th day 1773. Therefore, we do not have the benefit of Quaker records for their marriage and family. (Quaker records are wonderful but sometimes they tell you more than you really wanted to know about your family!) Unfortunately, John Woodward died intestate so we do not have the benefit of a will. His sons George and Joel Woodward were appointed administrators of his estate, with Lydia Woodward, the widow, renouncing, so we do have proof of the names of these three. John Woodward served in the Revolutionary War, so pension papers may be available.

We have been able to add a great deal of information to this page from: History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family, by Alpheus H. Harlan. This Harlan book has been researched in Quaker Records but also uses other family histories (i.e. secondary sources). It is online at for those who have membership.

  John Woodward
born 4/30/1749 Chester Co, Pa
died bef 7/23/1808 Chester Co, Pa
Lydia Martin
born unknown date, Chester Co,Pa
died aft 7/23/1808 Chester Co, Pa
  Married: 1772 or 1773 in Chester County, Pennsylvania. (The fact that Lydia's name was given as Martin in the Quaker dismissal record does not necessarily mean they were not yet married, just that the Quakers did not recognize their marriage.)

George Woodward born 9/1774 Chester Co, Pa; married Alice Buffington
Joel Woodward born 3/17/1775, Chester Co, Pa; married Elizabeth Nutt
William Woodward born 2/28/1779, Chester Co, Pa; married Lydia Seeds
John Woodward, Jr. born 1783, Chester Co, Pa; married Elizabeth Woodward 7/16/1807
Lydia Woodward born 3/10/1782, Chester Co, Pa; married Jacob Woodward
Rachel Woodward born 3/25/1784, Chester Co, Pa; married James Woodward, brother of Elizabeth Woodward

John Named in William Woodward's Will

John's father William Woodward, wrote his will in 1769, before John's trouble with the Quakers over his marriage. He left his plantation and his improvements to son John and his heirs. John was charged with looking after his stepmother, Hannah Lewis Woodward, paying her five pounds a year and keeping a horse and cow for her. He was also to provide firewood for her use and allow her twelve bushels of wheat yearly. He was to allow her to live in William's room in the house, have the use of the cellar room, the kitchen, the well, and to pass in and out as she wished, and have the use of a garden at the northeast corner of the house.  Leaving the youngest son in charge specifically of a second wife was quite usual and was usually spelled out in this detail. Since the children had no filial duty to the second wife this assured that she would not become a ward of the county. Finding such details in a will is usually an excellent clue to a second marriage.

Children of John and Lydia Martin Woodward

George and Alice Buffington Woodward

Son George Woodward was born 9/1774 in West Bradford in Chester County, and died 10/8/1842 in Champaign County, Ohio, where he is buried in Treacles Burying Ground at Urbana.  He and his family moved to Ohio about 1833 and farmed near Urbana.  George married Alice Buffington, daughter of Ephraim and Ann Clayton Buffington, on 6/30/1796 at the home of Alice's uncle, John Buffington.  They were married by Moses Marshall.  Alice was born 9/11/1777 in Chester County; died 8/11/1851, and is buried beside her husband in Treacles Burying Ground.  They had children: Gideon Woodward, 8/4/1797; Lydia Woodward, 4/18/1799, married John Harlan 9/9/1818; Jonathan, 6/16/1801, married Sarah Yarnall; John, 3/17/1803, married Elizabeth Hollingsworth on 3/25/1828; Ann, 12/25/1805, married Joshua Harlan 2/22/1837; Eliza 4/29/1808; Washington 6/1/1813, married Jeannette Thompson; Ephraim 10/17/1715. Washington and Jeannette had a son James Woodward who married Pamelia Marshall, a descendant of Joel and Elizabeth Nutt Woodward (see below)

Joel and Elizabeth Nutt Woodward

Son Joel Woodward was born 3/17/1775 in West Bradford, Chester County. He lived on part of the land owned by his father, including the house. He died in 12/11/1815 at Ogden's Hill, Chester County, Pennsylvania, when a team of horses ran away. He was buried at Bradford Meeting House Burial ground. Joel married Elizabeth Nutt, daughter of John Nutt, about 1797 in Chester County. Elizabeth was born 9/21/1781 in Chester County and died 8/11/1837 in Marshallton, Chester County. Joel and Elizabeth had children: Evan Woodward, 11/25/1798-9/9/1800; Jehu Woodward, 4/6/1802, married Keziah Henry; Sarah, 9/5/1803, married Charles Moore 4/14/1827; Imlah, 11/6/1805; Nelson, 8/27/1807, married Adeline Sparks; Pamelia, 9/6/1810, married David C. Woodward 3/16/1848; Mary Woodward, 7/25/1812, married Cloud Marshall 1/27/1841; Joel, 7/23/1814, married Phebe Trimble.

Descendant Sharon Woodward has helped us out with the family of Jehu and Keziah Henry Woodward. She tells us they were married in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and then moved to Armstrong County, Pennsylvania. After their parents death in the 1850's some of their children moved to Mercer County, Illinois. Here they lived near Woodward cousins who had done the migration route from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Tennessee to Indiana and on to Illinois. Specifically, the ancestor of Nadine Holder, owner of this Web Site, Rachel Woodward Welch, and descendants of Patrick and Hannah Woodward Beard. Jill and Nadine have a web site on the History of New Boston and Eliza Townships in Mercer County and we have a Woodward page there that includes some of the descendants of Jehu and Keziah Henry Woodward.

We have heard from Chris Marshall Case who helped us a great deal with information on Cloud and Mary Woodward Marshall. Mary Woodward was born 25 July 1812 in Chester Co, Pa and died 4 February 1904 in Urbana, Champaign County, Ohio. She married Cloud Marshall 27 January 1841 in Chester County. He was a descendant of Abraham and Mary Hunt Marshall, specifically of Abraham Marshall, son of Joshua, grandson of Isaac, son of Abraham and Mary. This Abraham Marshall was married to Sarah Broomhall, daughter of John and Hannah Cloud Broomhall. Cloud Marshall was born 17 March 1814 in Chester County, Pa, and died 4 Sept 1868 in West Bradford, Chester County and is buried in Marshalton Cemetery. He and Mary were third cousins as Mary was also descended from Abraham Marshall. We have Cloud�s birthdate and parentage from a sampler worked by his sister Lydia in 1824 and pictured in a book "Needlework of Pennsylvania" by Margaret B. Shiffer, 1968. More on the Isaac Marshall page.

Cloud and Mary Marshall are found in West Bradford, Chester County in 1850: #87 Cloud Marshall, 37, drover, born Pa; Mary, 38, Pa; John W., 9, Pa; Pamilla, 7, Pa; Nelson, 4, Pa. There is a small amount of information about them in the History of the Woodward Family by Dr. Lewis Woodward. It says that Cloud was a farmer and dealer in cattle; they moved westward, where he died. She [Mary] then resided with her daughter. Christine had information that Cloud Marshall went west to Ohio in 1844. We now know that the family remained in Chester County where Cloud died in 1868. From the 1850 census we can deduce from Cloud�s occupation as drover and the gap in children between 1843 and 1846 that he likely did go west to Ohio in 1844 but it probably was just a cattle drive and not a move. We find the family in 1860: Marshalton, West Bradford, Chester County #47 Cloud Marshall, 46, Pa, farmer; Mary M., 47, Pa; John, 19, Pa; Pamelia, 16, Pa; Nelson, 14, Pa, Abraham, 8, Pa; Sally Woodward, 3, Pa; Joseph T. Woodward, 21, Pa. Mary�s daughter Pamelia married her second cousin James Woodward 27 Feb 1869, probably in Ohio. He was also descended from John and Lydia Martin Woodward (see George and Alice Buffington Woodward above.) Mary Woodward Marshall lived most of the rest of her life with her daughter. They are found in the 1870 census in Union Township, Champaign County, Ohio #218 James Woodward, 25, farmer, Oh; Parmelia, 26. In 1880 Woodstock, Champaign County #3 James Woodward, 3, Oh, father Pa, mother Oh, railroad agent; Pamela, 36, Pa, parents Pa; Mary Marshall, 68, Pa, parents Pa, mother-in-law. In 1900 they were in Urbana, no children born, and Mary Marshall, 4 children born, 2 living.

We have sufficient information on the Cloud Marshall family for a page of their own but wanted to get this brief summary up as soon as possible.

William and Lydia Seeds Woodward

Son William Woodward was born 2/28/1779 in West Bradford, Chester County and died there 4/28/1827.  He married Lydia Seeds, daughter of George and Margaret Hoopes Seeds.  Lydia was born 10/31/1781 in East Bradford and died 12/30/1852 in West Bradford.  Both are buried at Bradford Meeting House Burial Ground.  William was a wheelwright and a farmer.  William and Lydia had children: Job Woodward, born and died 1806; George Woodward, 1/8/1807-9/14/1813; Emmor, born and died 1808; Cheyney, 1809-4/23/1811; Sidney M., 6/29/1814, married Joel Hagerty 2/21/1839; Hanna S., 7/31/1817, married William Loller 11/1/1838; Margaret H., 7/16/1825, married Wilson Cheyney 2/2/1843. After William's death, Lydia married William's cousin James Woodward, son of James and Jane Bullock Woodward.

John and Elizabeth Woodward Woodward

Son John Woodward, Jr. was born about 1783 in West Bradford, Chester County.  He died 6/10/1873 in Caln Township, Chester County, and is buried in the Marshallton (formerly Bradford) Burying Ground.  John married Elizabeth Woodward, daughter of James and Jane Bullock Woodward 7/16/1807 in Chester County; hence they were cousins.  They were married by Moses Marshall.  Elizabeth was born 2/8/1787 in Chester County, died 12/22/1854, and is buried in Bradford Burying Ground.  John and Elizabeth had children:  Eliza Woodward, 10/24/1807, married Lewis Windle; Albina, 9/14/1809, married Abner Few 8/21/1834; Miller, 6/7/1811, married Ann Guinn, 12/27/1830; Mary, 3/29/1814; Jonathan, 9/18/1816; Jane, 3/14/1819; John, 4/4/1821, married Hannah Cox 8/21/1845; Lewis, 6/30/1823, married (1)Emma Gregg, and (2) Sarah Jane Moore on 4/9/1863; Lydia Ann, 6/28/1826, married John Moore, 12/25/1851; Elizabeth and Sarah (twins), 3/20/1829.

Jacob and Lydia Woodward Woodward

There is a Docket of Marriages performed by  Moses Marshall, and the marriage of daughter Lydia Woodward to Jacob Woodward on 7/24/1799 is documented there. Lydia was born 3/10/1782 and died 3/22/1843 in West Bradford Township, Chester County.  Jacob was born 8/30/1781 and died 1/22/1846 in West Bradford.  He is buried at the Bradford Meeting Burying Ground and we assume Lydia was as well.  Jacob Woodward was son of Joseph Woodward, son of James & Ann Pyle Woodward. Joseph Woodward and this John Woodward were first cousins, so Lydia and Jacob were second Woodward cousins.  In addition Joseph Woodward's wife, Jacob's mother, was Rebecca Martin, sister of this Lydia Martin Woodward, so they were also second Martin cousins. Jacob and Lydia had children: Hannah 8/26/1807, married Aaron Davis 3/8/1832; Elisha 3/18/1809, married Amy Few 11/9/1837; Eliza 1811, died unmarried 1845; Emmor 12/24/1816, married Sarah Sylvester 12/12/1844; Ann 1818, married Elisha Baily 9/1/1842; George, 1820-1822; Abner 1823, died unmarried 1892; Rebecca, 7/9/1825, married James Peoples, 1/2/1851.

James and Rachel Woodward Woodward

Daughter Rachel Woodward was born 3/25/1784 at West Bradford and died 5/11/1829 at Marshalton in Chester County and is buried at Bradford Meeting Burial Ground.  Rachel married James Woodward, son of James and Jane Bullock Woodward, about 1803.  They too were cousins.  They had children: Moses S., 8/4/1804, married (1) Elizabeth Moore 2/21/1839, and (2)Phebe Kane 3/16/1862; Titus, 12/8/1806; John B., 3/29/1809, died 2/5/1837, a physician; Lydia, 5/11/1811, died 9/29/1864, married Robert Sypherd; Mary, 10/19/1813, married Milton Keech, 2/15/1838; James B., 12/1/1815, died 3/1/1853, married Mary Carter 2/1845; Jane, 10/27/1817-2/28/1818; Joel 1/26/1819, died 10/9/1848 in Philadelphia, married Elizabeth Redd; Martin 9/22/1822-1823; Alice, 10/24/1824, married T. Wilson Cheyney. 

Cousin Marriages

It should be noted that cousin marriages were not that uncommon in early times. Even the Quakers only prohibited first cousin marriages. The genetic implications were unknown and it was often a means of keeping land and property in the family. Also since social circles were limited by time and travel young people fell in love with people they came often in contact with and sometimes that was cousins. Things got further complicated as families migrated in different directions and then descendants met up again further west, not even knowing they were cousins. There is at least one instance of albino children born into a Woodward family in Nebraska in the 1800's as a result of a later cousin marriage.

23 January 2006 Added information on the Cloud Marshal and the Pamela and James Woodward Marshall family.