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There are many land records found for our Quaker families. "By the end of the 1680s, the Quaker colonists had developed a thriving grain economy. Their prosperity brought material comforts, but these were secondary to the spiritual comforts it ensured. Their goal was to amass, and thus be able to distribute, enough land among their children to hold the family together physically and spiritually. Well into the eighteenth century, Quaker patterns of land acquisition and distribution to their heirs differed noticeably from their neighbors'. And in those patterns, the strategy was clear: to prevent the need or desire of Quaker children to enter the non-Quaker world." (First Generations by Carol Berkin)

Beech by Robert Frost
Where my imaginary line
Beds square in woods, an iron spine
And pile of real rocks have been founded.
And off this corner in the wild,
Where these are driven in and piled,
One tree, by being deeply wounded,
Has been impressed as Witness Tree
And made commit to memory
My proof of being not unbounded.
This truth's established and borne out,
Though circumstanced with dark and doubt --
Though by a world of doubt surrounded.

Public land records are currently held by the Bureau of Land Management. They are putting them up on a Web Site. You can search their web site by name and if you find what you want can print out a copy of the original grant. Some of the very oldest records are not found there. For instance John Woodward's grant August 16, 1814, in Wayne County, Indiana, is not found there as the records on the web start in 1820. Older grants can be ordered by mail from the BLM if you know the legal description. If your ancestor was not the first purchaser of public land you will not find a public land record. Then you must go to the county (and remember it may not be the county you think it is as the boundary may have changed!)

Most of our Woodward ancestors left the Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Tennessee areas too early to be involved in public land transactions there, but many did obtain public land between 1790 and 1930. Always they needed to make an application for a particular segment of land. This generated a "Land Entry Case File," and even though they might not have obtained land, if they ever applied they should have a file.

Auctions were usually held when an area first opened for public sale. The land would be sold to the highest bidder, though at a minimum price of two dollars per acres (later $1.25 per acre). Later land offices opened for business to a waiting crowd of anxious settlers who applied on a "first come, first served" basis for each segment of land. Sometimes relationships can be determined by finding that two people with the same surname applied on the same day. Once the application was completed, cash was paid, or arrangements made for credit, and a receipt was issued. Sometimes this receipt is the only thing found in the earliest "Land Entry Case Files." Next a warrant for survey was issued and carried out by an approved surveyor. When completed the survey was recorded in township plat books. Surveys illustrated neighborhood ownership. An example of a survey (long before public land records) is the Chester County survey on this site {click to see}.

Once the survey was recorded all paperwork was transferred to the General Land Office. Paperwork might include testimonies, declarations of intent, affidavits, receipt copies, bounty-land warrants, proof of citizenship. Sometimes birthplaces and dates, marriage records, children's names, military ranks and enlistment can also be found depending on the date and type of lands acquired. In genealogical searches one should not overlook the "Land Entry Case Files" as a source. They can be obtained from the National Archives and Records Administration. We obtained the file of John Woodward, Abraham's son, who went to Indiana in 1814. His file was one of the early ones and only had the receipts for his payments and the final land entry.
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Land Research Directory (of people researching land records)

Summary of How Pennsylvania Land Records were kept

(Thanks to Alice Beard via the Chester Co mailing list)
These definitions are often included in tax records and can tell you whether or not to look further for land records.
Freeholder - over 21 years - single or married - possesses a tract of land through title, lease, or occupation (squatter) - may or may not possess personal property.
Freeman - over 21 years old - single - resides with a Freeholder and does not possess any real property - possesses a total value of property less than limit prescribed by statute. (property may be livestock or produce, for example)
Inmate - over 21 years - single or married - resides with a Freeholder and does not otherwise hold real property - possesses a total value of property greater than limit prescribed by statute.
Yeoman - many definitions but in early times in America referred to a small landowner.
Husbandman - worked a small plot of land but did not own it. Our ancestor Abraham Marshall progressed from husbandman to yeoman very quickly in the records.

Units of Land Measure:
Chain=length 792 inches, or 66 feet, or 22 yards
Link (surveyor's)= length 7.92 inches
Perch=length 16.5 ft, or area 30.25 square yards

Pennsylvania Land Records

For Pennsylvania maps {CLICK HERE}

During William Penn's administration a land warrant application was an oral request to locate, rent, or buy a particular piece of land. Originally, such requests were not recorded, but after 1687 requests were recorded in the minute books of the Commissioners of Property. Sometimes these old applications are mentioned in later land records when the land changed hands but often they cannot readily be located. We have therefore included lists of some of the very early residents of Chester County as a resource of possible land owners or lessees. The Woodward land records are among those not found although they are mentioned in later court records.

Original landowners in Concord Township

The following are the original 24 landholders in Concord (with links if they, or their children, have pages on this Web Site): Adams, Robert 1683; Beal, John 1683; Bezar, Wm. 1681; Brown, James 1683; Collett, Jeremiah 1683; Collett, Wm. 1683; Harding, John 1682; Hazelgrove, John 1683; Hawkes, Wm 1683; Herriot, Thomas (nd); Hitchcock, Wm 1681; Hulbert, John 1683; King, Thomas 1684; Lee, John 1701; Mendenhall, John 1682; Newlin, Nicholas 1683; Park, Nathaniel 1683; Phipps, Joseph 1683; Rochford, Dennis 1682; Roman, Philip 1681; Strode, George 1682 Thompson,George 1683

Concord 1st purchasers who acquired title to the land while in England (including residence in England and occupation, if known): Adams, Rbt., Barton, Oxfordshire; Bezar, WM., Bishop Canning, Wiltshire co, farmer; Harding, John, Marlborough, Wiltshire, Brewer; Hazelgrove, John; Hitchcock, Wm., Marlborough, Wiltshire,Brewer; Rochford, Dennis Hurst, Pierepoint, Sussex Co, Merchant; Roman, Philip, Lineham, Wiltshire co., Shoemaker; Strode, Geo. Southampton, Hampshire Merchant

New Garden Township:

List of first settlers from Thompson Richards draft 1715 (courtesy Eleen Robinson Evans) John Miller, Robert Johnson, Evan Evans, Joseph Sharp, James Lindley, Thomas Garnett, Joseph Sharp, Michael Lightfoot, John Wily, Thomas Jackson, William Halliday, Abram Marshall, Thomas Edmunds, Thomas John, Reece Meredith, Anthony Houston, William Rutledge, Simon Hadly, Benjamin Fred, John Lowden, Thomas Milhous, James Starr, Francis Hobson, Gayen Miller, Joseph Hutton, William Huse,, John Thomas, John Evans. Many of these were Irish Quakers.

Newlin Township:

The whole of what became Newlin Township was owned by an Irish Friend, Nathaniel Newlin, of Concord, and named in his honor. {Newlin map} This tract, consisting of seven thousand seven hundred acres, through the center of which flows Brandywine Creek, was purchased by Newlin, evidently as a land speculation, from the trustees of the Free Society of Traders, by deed of June 10, 1724, for a consideration of 800 pounds, and at once negotiations were entered into for the sale of portions of it. Difficulties with the Indians over the land are detailed on the Newlin page. The early purchasers included George Harlan, 169 acres for 50 pounds; Stephen Harlan, 20 1/2 acres for twenty pounds; Joseph England, 200 acres for 30 pounds; Mordecai Cloud, 326 acres for 97 pounds; Abraham Marshall, 120 acres for 36 pounds; Joel Baily, 228 acres for 68 pounds; William Dean, 124 acres for 37 pounds; George Lashly, 75 acres for 22 pounds; Ralph Thompson, 75 acres for 19 pounds, a total of 1337 acres for 383 pounds.

Stanfield/Woodward: Deed. On 22 June 1713 Thomas Pierson of county of Chester, yeoman, and Margery his wife, to Robert Pierson of Marple, yeoman, one of the sons of Thomas & Margery. Whereas by deed dated 4 Feb 1703 Francis Chads & Grace his wife, William Huntley & Mary his wife, Edward Bennett & Sarah his wife, Thomas Hope & Eliza his wife, Isaac Few & Hannah his wife & Richard Woodworth [Woodward] and Deborah his wife, grant a tract to Thomas Pierson formerly in the tenure of Francis Stanfield, acknowledged in open court 29 Feb 1703/4. Grace, Mary, Sarah, Eliza, Hannah & Deborah were sisters & heirs of James Stanfield, dec., who was son & heir of Francis Stanfield, dec. Now Thomas Pierson & Margery his wife for 37 pounds & love they have for their son Robert Pierson, grant a tract lying in Marple, bounded by land of Peter Worrall, John Worrall, Crum Creek & Joseph Worrall, containing 300 acres. Signed Thomas Pierson & Margery Pierson. Delivered in the presence of Samuel Sellers, John Worrall & John Blunston, Jr. Recorded 25 Aug 1717 (D4:106)

For the 1683 Survey of Chester {CLICK HERE} Francis Stanfield's tract can be seen at the top of the page on Crum Creek. Next to it is Thomas Pearson's tract. Near the bottom of the page on Crum Creek is John Simcock's tract. Richard Woodward bought land out of this tract in 1687. The location of the Woodward land can be seen on the 1687 Map on the Pennsylvania Map Page. For viewer's convenience we have enlarged the section of the map where the Woodward land was located and attached it here. The Woodward land is in the northeast corner of the attached section.

In Ashmead's "History of Delaware County" (1884) is a short article about Schools: "The first school established in the township was doubtless at the location now known as the Western District school-house, which is situated near the Chester County line on the road leading from Concord to Dilworthtown. The deed for the lot is in the possession of Charles Cheyney, one of the school directors. The indenture, dated March 25, 1715, is made by William Pyle to George Pierce, John Willis, Henry Nayle, Edward Bennett, Thomas Eavenson, Richard Woodward, Philip Taylor, Jacob Vernon, Joseph Brinton, John Yearsley, Richard Eavenson, and John Pyle of Thornbury, and William Brinton, of Birmingham, conveying a lot of ground in trust for the purpose of maintaining a school there. The deed also conveys the right to a foot-path, three feet in width, leading to a spring not far distant on the land of William Pyle. This deed has never been recorded, but has remained in the possession of the trustees, and subsequently of the school directors, the latter acting as trustees since the acceptance of the school law by the township, for one hundred and sixty-nine years. The date when a school-house was erected on this lot cannot be definitely asce3rtained, but the probabilities are that such a structure was built soon after the deed was executed..." There is much more on the schools in the 1800's with many familiar names. The History is linked on the Pennsylvania Map page and the school articles can be found starting on page 705. A list of taxables in Thornbury Township in 1715 and again in 1799 can be found in Ashmead on page 704.

Eavenson, Woodward. Deed. On 29 Sept 1711 Thomas Eavenson of Thornbury, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, to Richard Evanson of Thornbury, carpenter, son of Thomas. Robert Sumer of Roud of county of Wilts in England granted tract containing 492 acres by patent dated 1 June 1685. Robert Sumner by will bequeathed a certain legacy to Cicely, wife of Thomas Bradford of Philadelphia. Gave all land to William Deverell of Roud of Wilts, brazier. William Deverell by deed dated 19 May 1685 recorded in Philadelphia, Book C, vol 3, page 141 to Thomas Bradford for full satisfaction of legacy given to Thomas Bradford's wife by Robert Sumnner, all 500 acres land. Thomas Bradford granted by deed dated 16 Nov 1702 to Thomas Evanson 317 acres, delivered in open court 24 Nov 1702. Now for 4 pounds grant to Richard Evanson a tract bounded by lands of Richard Woodward, Thomas Evanson, Chester Creek, Thomas Mercers, Reece Thomas & John Yearsley, containing 133 acres. Signed Thomas Evanson and Elizabeth Evanson. Delivered in the presence of Caleb Pussey, Robert Carter & John Simcock. Recorded 10/5/1711 (C3:189) p. 137-138 Abstracts of Chester County Deeds

John Woodward Land: In the estate of John Woodward, son of Richard and Deborah Stanfield Woodward, we find "John Woodward at the time of his decease [1769] was amongst other things owner of two certain tracts or parcels of land situate in West Bradford Township in the County of Chester one of them Begining at a White Oak thence North North West forty three perches to a Hickery thence West by South one hundred and eight perches to a post thence South South East forty three perches to a post thence East by North one hundred and eight perches to the place of Begining contg twenty eight Acres and seventy perches and the other of them Begining at a post thence by other Land of the said John Woodward South eighty eight degrees East twenty eight perches to a post thence South six degrees East thirty six perches to a post thence South fity one degrees West twenty nine perches to a post thence by the land of William Woodward [John's brother] North North West twelve perches to a post thence North six degrees West forty four perches to the place of Begining containing seven acres three roods and thirty five perches. (sketch of land)

Virginia Land Records

Charles Thornburg III's Thornbrough genealogy quotes land grant records from Virginia as follows. "There are several records: one shows on November 16, 1750 of a grant of 862 acres to Thomas Thornbrough the elder of Frederick County, Virginia, on Middle Creek. On October 3, 1756, Thomas Thornborough and Sarah deed land, 251 acres of the 862 acre tract to Samuel Parks. Also of interest is a deed dated May 4, 1756 to David Miller of Frederick County of 360 acres, part of the 862 acre tract. Possibly this David Miller was a nephew of Thomas..."

Shenandoah Valley of Virginia: A Quaker Hopewell Web Site lists the fathers of the first Quaker Colony in the Shenandoah Valley and their land purchases. Several of our Quaker names are found there including Beeson, Beals, and Mills.

Tennessee Land Records

For Jefferson County maps {CLICK}. Prior to 1796 these were actually North Carolina Land Grants as explained below, but you will find Lost Creek and other references on the Jefferson County maps.

Joseph Green Deed to Barachiah Macy: 24 March 1812 25 Dec 1809 100 acres $100. On the north side of the ridge that divides the waters of Holston & French Broad Rivers adj. a survey made by Joseph Hamilton to Adam Meek and Robert McFarland, "____"Thornburgh. Wit: Wren Thornburgh; Rich. Thornburgh./s/Joseph Green.

Robert McFarland and Adam Meek Deed to Abraham Frazier: 26 March 1812 28 April 1807 100 acres 25 Pounds Jefferson County adj. Wm Frazor, Lennox, Joseph Green. Test: Isaac Newman; Nehemiah Ellis /s/R. McFarland; Adam Meek.

James Haworth: From heirs of Joseph Bullard (both of Hawkins County) April 27, 1791, unknown number of acres for 50 pounds. Martha Bullard, Administrator of Joseph Bullard, late of Hawkins County, deceased, and John, Isaac, and Christopher Bullard, sons of Joseph Bullard. Hawkins County on the water of Lost Creek adj. Edward Right, Benjamin Thornburgh; being part of a tract to Joseph Bullard by patent from the State of North Carolina. Wit: Luke Bowyer; Edward Wright; Benjamin Thornburgh. Proven 24 September 1793 (see conveyance below)

Abraham Woodward:
Conveyance from James Haworth 9 October 1792 unknown number of acres on the waters of Lost Creek adj. Edward Wright, Benjamin Thornbrough. Wit: William Brazelton, Edward Wright, Samuel Mills. Proven 24 September 1793.

Abraham Woodward, Senior Deed to Williston Talbott: 12 Jan 1813 11 Dec 1812 3/4 Acre $30. Jefferson County; being part of the tract the said Woodward now lives on. Wit: Samuel Woodward; Veriry Mills. /s/ Abraham Woodward

Abraham Woodward: State of North Carolina, Hawkins County, November 17th 1792: Pursuant to a supernumerary to me directed of No. 783 dated May the 27 1781 [date of original survey, not date to Abraham-also note this was future state of Tennessee] I have surveyed and laid off for Abraham Woodward assignee of Nathaniel Clark a tract of land lieing on the North side of Holston River near Lost Creek joining sd Woodwards land the North of William Brazeltons on the West beginning at a hickory to Woodwards corner and running thence along sd Brazeltons line South seventy degrees west four poles to a black oak thence south eighty poles to a pine thence North seventy east one hundred poles to a stake between a pine and post oak thence due north eighty poles to a stake on said Woodwards line thence along to the beginning fifty acres platted by a scale of one hundred poles per inch./s/ Jos McCullah, /w/ Patrick Beard, William Woodward. [Note: since this land adjoined Brazelton, the parcel below purchased from Brazelton probably became part of this parcel of Abraham's land.]

Abraham Woodward: Grant #360, April 14, 1794, described as "lying and being in our County of Hawkins on the south side of holston river near lost Creek." Although Jefferson County was formed in 1792 it was several years before deeds were consistently registered in Jefferson, probably after they had their own court house. Also, this is a North Carolina land grant since Tennessee did not become a state until 1796. All points to remember when researching early ancestors. We can today only approximate the location of Abraham's land as the boundaries were marked by trees. We know its location as Abraham left his land to Abraham Woodward, Jr.. The town of New Market, Teneesee, was later established on land owned by Abraham, Jr., by his cousin Abraham Fraizer, and by William Brazelton.

Abraham Woodward: Deed from William Braselton, Sr., 16 December 1794, 100 acres, Jefferson County, #65533; Proven 29 October 1795.

Abraham Woodward: Deed to William Woodward, 28 June 1798, 131 acres adjacent Edward Wright, Benjamin Thornbrough, part of a tract said Woodwards now live on. Test: Robert Dean; Abner Frazier. Proven 16 April 1800

John & Aaron Woodward: Deed from Francis Maybury of Pitsylvania County, Va and John Smith, 7 July 1795, 640 acres, Jefferson County, known by the name of the Three Springs. Wit: Abraham Woodward, Edward Right, William Woodward. Proven 29 October 1795. (This land was probably on Painter, or Panther Creek, on the south side of the Holston River as deeds of other persons refer to being adjacent to Woodward at that location).

David Sutherland: Deed from Edward Riggs, January 10, 1798, 120 acres for 30 pounds on the south side of Holston's River, also on the south side of the Waggon Road that leads to Knoxville adj. James Ellis; being a tract granted by the State of North Carolina to Edward Riggs. Test: John Woodward; Andrew Sutherland. Proven Feb 7, 1798 (John Woodward stood bond when his brother Eli's daughter married John Sutherland; later John's daughter Lydia married Isaac Sutherland - there may be a connection to David Sutherland)

Jeremiah Shelly: Deed from Edward Wright August 20, 1798 33 3/4 acres 27 poles for 80 pounds on both sides of Lost Creek adjacent to Abraham Woodward, Widow Mills, Spring Branch, Edward Wright, the Great Road. Test: William Brazelton, Sr; John Campbell. Proven Jul 20, 1801 (this establishes that Abraham Woodward lived near the Great Road from Knoxville to Virginia)

William Helton: deed from George Gordon March 17, 1802, 300 acres for $84 on the waters of Panther Creek adj David Sunderland[Sutherland], Ward Woodward, Ward Bizby. Test: David Sunderland; James Brown. Proven September 3, 1805 (This establishes that John (Ward) Woodward's land was on Panther Creek.)

William Frazier: Deed from Isaac Williams 9 April 1805, 111 Acres, Jefferson County. Proven 18 February 1807.

John Kennedy: Grant No. 429 January 23, 1809, 230 acres in the district of Hamilton on the waters of Cedar Pond adj. John Cannedy, Charles, Cannedy, Solomon Cox, Samuel Jackson. Know ye that in consideration of an Entry made by Kennedy in the Office of the Surveyor of the Fifth District of No. 165 dated 13 Sep 1808 founded on a Warrant issued by Will White to John Coper of No. 121 dated 28 Nov 1805 for 1,000 acres, 230 acres of which are assigned by John Brown and James Wilbourne, the persons entitled to said Warrant, to John Kennedy, the Enterer. Surveyed 16 Jun 1808 State of Tennessee at Knoxville. R. Houston, Secretary. By the Governor /s/John Sevier. The within named John Kennedy hath title to the within tract. I certify this grant is recorded in my office. Given under my hand this 23 Jan 1809. /s/ Ewr. Scott, Register of the Land Office for East Tennessee. (This is one of many documents in Tennessee where the name Canaday is seen spelled also as Kennedy in the same document.)

Patrick Beard:: Deed to William Woodward, 3 January 1812, 165 acres near the waters of Lost Creek. Wit: Isaac Mills, Samuel Woodward, Henry Mills, Patrick Beard. Proven 23 March 1812.

Patrick Beard:
Deed to Henry Mills, 3 January 1812, 73 acres on the waters of Lost Creek adj. Joseph Bullard, Nathan Shelly. Wit: Isaac Mills, Samuel Woodward, William Woodward. Proven 28 March 1812.

Patrick Beard Deed to Thomas Elmore 6 December 1813 30 Nov 1801 35 acres $200. On Lost Creek adj. the south side of Bullard's 250 acre survey, John Gwin; being part of the said tract that Ebenezer John now lives on, and by the said Ebenezer John sold to the said Patrick Beard. Wit: Joel Elmore; Eli Pendry; Abraham Woodward; Abraham Woodward, Sr. /s/ Patrick Beard (note Abraham Woodward Jr., married Elizabeth Elmore.}

Joseph Thornbury: State of North Carolina, Hawkins County, November 15th, 1792. Surveyed and laid off for Joseph Thornbury by virtue of a supernumerary warrant of No. 1441 dated [no date] a tract of land lieing on the waters of Beaver Creek on the South side of Holstons River joing Heremiah Horns land on the east and Adam Meeks land on the West beginning at two poplars and running thence due north along sd Horns line one hundred and sixty poles to the corner post oak thence a course forty poles to a stake near a postoak thence due west one hundred and ten poles to a post oak hence due south two hundred twenty poles to a postoak thence due east one hundred and ten poles to a stake thence to the beginning containing one hundred and fifty acres and as platted by a scale of one hundred poles to the inch./s/Jos McCullah /w/ John Bullard, Richard Mills

Henry Thornbury: Greene County, State of North Carolina now Jefferson County, State of Tennessee by virtue of a warrant to me directed No. [blank] dated [blank] issued from John Armstrongs office I have surveyed for Henry Thornbury a tract of land lying in the county aforesaid joining the land whereon the said Thornbury now lives beginning...North five degrees east along his old line two hundred and thirty poles to a stake thence east two hundred poles to a post and thence south sixty poles to a stake thence south twenty...west one hundred and forty two poles to a white oak thence a direct line to the beginning containing one hundred and seventy acres /s/Saml Talkin, October 18, 1796/w/two Thornburys whos first names are cut off in the copying [...above also cut off].

North Carolina Land Records

For North Carolina maps CLICK HERE

North Carolina land was originally granted to the Earl of Granville by the King of England. People arriving in North Carolina before the Revolutionary War either had to rent or buy land from Granville. After the Revolutionary War the remaining unsold land reverted to the state and was sold thereafter as public land.

Guilford County Landowners (formerly Rowan County)

An article in Volume 12, The Guilford Genealogist, Fall 1984 contained a map prepared by Fred Hughes of a portion of Guilford County and located several dozen Guilford County families on the map. We are linking the map here and as time permits will put up the landowners that are connected with our families {map}.

Rowan County 1759 Tax List: This tax list is posted on the Guilford County map page above. Since Guilford did not become a County until 1770 land owners were recorded in Rowan County before that time.

John Bailles (Beals) & Wife Sarah: 15 May 1770, John Bailles & wife Sarah of Rowan to Abraham Powel of same, tenty one pounds, 40 acres, in Rowan County, on waters of Powlcat (Polecat), begin at a hicory, N44E 119 p. to a stake, w 132p. to a post oak, S4E 119p. to beginning, part of tract Bailes lives on, laying to NW of Bailes; signed: John Beals, Sarah Beles; witness: John Powell, Wm. Millikan; proved August 1771 Term by Millikan.

William Baldwin: Guilford County 1:348. 3 May 1775, William Baldwin of Guilford to Peres Chapman of same, four hundred fifty pounds, 343 acres, part of a survey on waters of Deep River. From Granville to Baldwin 6 November 1756, begin at a white oak in the S line of the survey & cor of land of the heirs of William Beuis decd, # 62 ch to a black oak saplin marked for a cor. standing on the side of a run that comes through the plantation & enters Obidiah Harris' Mill Pond, N20E 21 ch to a black oak saplin, N16E 9 ch to a small black walnut N32E 7 ch 1 rod to a small ash saplin on the W side of the run N 45 ch 50 lk to a post oak saplin marked for a cor in the N line of the survey, W 34 ch to a white oak S 30 ch S40W 62 ch to first station, bounded on E by William Baldwin's other land; signed: William Baldwin; witness: William Gray, James Morphus. (A similar deed for 297 acres is found on page 1:349.)

Thomas Beals: Rowan Co 2:225. 22 Dec. 1753. Granville to Thomas Beals for 10 shillings sterling, 285 A on branch of Horsepen Crk. Carter, W. Churton.

Richard Williams/Henry Ballinger/Thomas Hunt Rowan Co 2:219. 19 Oct 1757, Richard Williams to Henry Ballinger & Thomas Hunt for five pounds sterling, 53 A, part of tract granted by Granville 6 Nov. 1755, to be used by the Quakers for the New Garden Meeting House and for a cemetery. John Beals, Bowater Beals. Prvd Oct 1757.

Bowater BealsRowan Co 2:215 Richard Williams to Bowater Beals for 60 pounds sterling, 300 A, part of 640 A tract granted by Granville May 1756. John Beals, Mordecai Mendenhall. Pvd. Oct 1757

Bowater Beals/Abraham Cook: Rowan County 2:214. 17 Oct. 1757. Bowater Beals/Bales to Abraham Cook for 15 pounds Virginia money, 360 A adj John Cunningham. John Beal, Mordecai Mendenhall. Prvd Oct. 1757

Jonathan Lowrance: Rowan County 2:199. 16 Sept 1757. Henry White & wf Joanna of Anson to John Lowrance for 40 pounds North Carolina money, 632 A on both sides Blyth's Crk, fork of 2nd Crk, waters of S Yadkin R adj Alpheus Payne & James N. Erwin. Jas Robinson, John Lorance, Jr. Provd Oct. Court 1757

William Millikan and Jane his wife of Guilford to Robert Gray, of same, 9 February 1772, 252 acres, one hundred pounds, seventy five pounds in hand paid, on the ridge between waters of Deep R. & Carrawy, begin at a post oak, N 61 ch to a post oak # 50 ch to a post Sanuel Millikan's corner, his line S14 67 ch to a post W82 58 ch along his line to a post S45 86 ch along Samuel Millikan's line, @ 41 ch to beginning; signed: William Millikan, Jane Millikan; witness: Samuel Millikan, Edward Sharp; proved May 1772 Term by Sharp.

William Millikan & Jane his wife of Guilford to Robert Grey of same, 29 February 1772, one hundred pounds, twenty five pounds in hand paid, 168 acres, lying on a ridge between the waters of Deep R. & Carrawy, joins William Thornborough, begin at a black oak, N 29 ch to a post oak on Thornborough's line, along his line W 58 ch to a white oak Thornborough's cor, S along Samuel Millikan's line 29 ch, 58 ch to the beginning; signed: William Millikan, Jane Millikan; witness: Saml Millikan, Edward Sharp: proved May 1772 Term by Sharp.

Aaron Frazier & Sarah his wife of Guilford to Robert Green, one hundred twenty pounds, 301 acres, on SW side of Deep R. on Fraziers Fork, part of a larger tract from Granville to Fraizer 30 July 1760, begin at a white oak, E 46 ch 20 lk to a post cor between Nathaniel Kiser, N 65 ch along a dividing line to a post, W 46 ch 25 lk to beginning; signed: Aaron Frazier, Sarah (S) Frazier; witness: William Draper, Edward Thornbrough, Absalom Tatum; proved August 1771 Term by Tatum.

John Mills & wife Sarah of Rowan to Abraham Powell of same, fifty pounds, 100 acres, on waters of Powlcat, begin at a black oak, E 96 p to a post, S 75 p to a post S 75 p to a post, W187 p to a post oak, N 150 p to beginning, part of tract Mills lives on and lying to the W end; signed: John Mills, Sarah Mills; witness: John Powell, Wm Millikan; proved august 1771 Term by Millikan

John Beard: (From his will-1809)...the tract of land whereon I now live, beginning at a black oak supposed to be Woodards corner, and turning with the river to the old road, and I am agreeable to the deeds. Also the balance of the other tracts lying westward of Thomas Beard's former plantation, beginning at his corner in the ninety acre tract keeping with his line its various courses, supposed to contain in the whole three hundred acres, and also one half of thre hundred acres bounded by a tract formerly David Hoovers and also one half a tract of ninetyfive acres adjoining Allens called the Mill Plain... (Randolph County)

Abraham Woodward: State of North Carolina No. 501: To all to whom these presents shall come Greetings----Know ye that wefor (wherefore) and in Consideration of the Sum of fifty shillings for every hundred acres herby Granted paid into our Treatury by Abraham Woodward have given and granted and by these presents do give and grant unto the said Abraham Woodward a part of Land containing one hundred and fifty acres lying and being in our County of Randolph on Mountain fork Carraway waters Beginning at a black oak in William Moores line then turning Est on said line Twenty Chs (chains) crossing several Branches to black oak in said line then South thirty five chs and thirty four Links to a Stake then West Thirty chs to a Stake in Tulpes(?) Line then north on said line twenty four chs and twenty four links to his corner post Oak then west on sd line forty chs to a stake then north eleven chs to the beginning---
As by the plat hereunto anexed doth appear together with all trees woods waters mines minerals hindaments (?) and appurtenances to the said Land belonging or appertaining to hold to the Said Abraham Woodward his heirs and assigns forever - Yielding and paying to us Such Sums of Mony Yearly or otherwise as our General Assembly from time to time may direct----
Resolved alwlays that the said Abraham Woodward shall cause this Grant to be registered in the Registers office of our said County of Randolph within twelve months from the Date hereof
Otherwise the same shall be void and of no effect.
Intestimony whereof we have caused these our Letters to be made patent and ___seal to be hereunto affixed. Witness Samuel Johnston Esquire the appointed Captain General and Commander in Chief at fairfield the eleventh day of May in the thirteenth year of our Independence and in the year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Eight----Reg. The 4th of May 1789

Abraham Woodward: This indenture made this Sixteenth of January in the Year 1788 between Ben Rush & Ben Millikan adminstr on the Estate of Crafford Rush decd of the One part & Abraham Woodward of the other part all of Randolph county & State of North Carolina Witnesseth that whereas the sd Crafford Rush deceased for himself & his heirs did enter into obligation to make a right for the under mentioned Tract of land to Enoch Harlan or his assigns & he having assigned the right thereof to Abraham Woodward afforesd & the sd Ben Rush & Ben Millikan ads. afforsd in Consideration of sd obligation in Consideration of the sum of thirteen pounds in hand paid by the sd Abraham Woodward the receipt whereof is hereby acknowedged have bargained & sold aleined and Confirmed & by these presents doth grant Bargain & Sell alien & confirm unto the said Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns all that Messerage or Tenement of land lying the the county & State affore sd on Mountain for Carraway Waters being part of the part said Rush Lived on beining at a post oak Runing South Thirty one & half Chs to a black oak then West forty five chs to a post oak then No. 30 W thirty six chs to a Stake in the Old line Then past to the beining containing one hundred & Twenty acres more or less Together with all Mines Minerals woods water ways Commodites advantages & appurtenances Whatsoever to the sd Messuage belonging or appertaining & also the River fron & riverfrons remainder & remainder Rents & Services of the sd premises & every part thereof and all the Estate Right Titl Interest Claim & demand of them the sd Ben Rush & Ben Millikan admsr of mix to the sd Messuage land and premises & every part Thereof to have & to hold the sd Messuage land and premises & every part thereof with the appartenances unto the sd Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns to the only proper use and behoof of him the sd Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns for ever & the sd Ben Rush and Ben Millikan adr for them & their heirs the sd messuage & premises & every part therof against them & their heirs & against all & every other persons Whatsoever unto the sd. Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns shall & will warrant & for ever defind by these presents of witness whereof the sd Ben Rush & Ben Millikan dmr have hereunto set their hands & Seals the day & year above written.
Signed Sealed & delivered in presence of
Bapter Clark (Buster)
Robt. Brattan
Reg the 10th April 1788
Ben Rush
Ben Millikan

Abraham Woodward: This indenture made this Ninth day of April in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy between Joseph Robins & Alice his wife of North Carolina in Rowan County planter of the one part and Abraham Woodward of the County & province aforesd, Cordwainer, of the other part Witnesseth that the sd Joseph Robins & Alice his wife for & in consideration of the sum of Sixty pounds proclamation money of the province afsd. to them in hand paid by the sd Abraham Woodward, the receipt whereof the sd Joseph Robins & Elis his wife doth hereby acknowledge. The afrsd Joseph Robins & Elis his wife hath granted bargained and sold aliened & confirmed and by these presents doth grant bargain & sell alein and confirm unto the said Abraham Woodward & his heirs and assigns for ever, all that messuage or tenement piece or parcel of land situate lying in Rowan County afsd on both sides of Caraway Creek beginning at a Black Oak near Victor Thompson's corner and running E 160 poles to a white oak, thence south 108 poles to a black oak some dist West & 40 poles to a black oak stake North 108 poles to a post oak thence east 80 poles to Victor Thompsons line thence south along the line to beginning containing in the whole by the plan 202 acres more or less and also all lands trees woods underwoods commons, commons of pasture profits commonalities (?) advantages hereditments ways waters and appurtenances whatsoever in the sd messuage anywise beloning and appertaining unto the sd premises above mentioned, and also the reversion and confirm remainder & remainders, rents & services of the sd premises & of every part thereof, and all the estate right and title interest claim & ..(?) whatsoever of him the sd Joseph Robins & Alice his wife of in and to the sd messuage tenement & premises & every part thereof to have and to hold the sd messuage or tenement & all and singular the said premises above mentioned & every part & parcel thereof with the appurtenances unto the sd Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns to the only proper use and behoof of him the sd Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns for ever and the sd. Joseph Robins & Alice his wife for them & their heirs, aforsd messuage or tenement & premises and every part thereof, against them & their heirs, & against all & every other person & persons whatsoever, to the sd. Abraham Woodward his heirs & assigns shall & will warrant & for ever defend by these presents.
In witness whereof the sd Joseph Robins & Alice his wife to this indenture have set their hands and affixed their seals the Day & Year above written.
Signed & sealed in the presence of /s/William Millikan, Samuel Millikan
/s/ Joseph Robins his mark, Alice Robins "AR" her mark (seal) Nov. Court 1770
North Carolina, Rowan County: This is to certify that the within deed was entered in open court & recorded in the Clerk's office according to law...Let it be Registered /s/ John Hohock, C.C.
(Note Randolph County was not set off from Rowan County until 1779, hence the Rowan County designation)

Walter & Margaret Thornbrough to Henry Thornbrough: (courtesy Wm. Scroggins) In 1761, Henry Thornborough obtained (by lease) 220 acres of land on Richland Creek in St. Luke Parish of Rowan County from his parents Walter and Margaret Thornborough, who charged him only five shillings and an annual rent of one pepper corn payable on Lady Day. The land was part of 437 acres that Walter Thornborough leased from Mordecai Mendenhall and Charity Beeson in 1757: (Rowan County Deed Book 4, transcription from Charles C. Thornburg.)(for the approximate location of the land see the Guilford County Map linked above under the North Carolina heading.
This Indenture made the Fifteenth Day of October, in the Year of our Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty One, Between Walter Thornborough & Margaret his Wife of Rowan County in the Province of North Carolina, Planter of the One part, and Henry Thornborough of the County and Province Afsd Planter of the other part, Witnesseth, That the sd Walter and Margret for & in Consideration of the sum of five Shillings Proc. Money to them in hand paid by the Said Henry Thornborough the Receipt whereof is hereby Acknowledged, Hath Granted Bargained and Sold And by these presents Doth Grant Bargain and Sell unto the Said Henry Thornborough One piece or parcel of Land Containing Two Hundred and Twenty acres be the Same more or less Situate Lying and being in the Parish of St Luke in the County of Rowan on Rich-Land Creek, Beginning at a Spanish Oak, running thence So 35 Chs thence West 7 Chs to a black Oak, thence So 35 chs to a black Oak, thence East 35 Chs to a Black Jack, thence No 70 chs to a White Oak thence West 28 Chs to the place of beginning, Said Land being Granted by the Earl Granvils Agents to Mordecai Mendenhall by a Deed bearing Date Decr the 5th 1753. And by said Mendenhall granted to Walter Thornborough by Lease and Release bearing Date 1757. And All Houses Buildings Orchards Gardens Inclosures Ways Waters Water-Courses, Profits Commodities Hereditaments & Appurtenances whatsoever to Same belonging or in any wise Appurtaining, and the Reversion & Reversions Remainder and Remainders, Rents Issues and Profits thereof, To have and To hold the Said Described Two Hundred and Twenty Acres, be the Same more or less, And all and Singular Others the premises hereby Granted with the Appurtenances ujhto the Said Henry Thornborough his Heirs & Assigns, from the Day before the Date hereof, for and During the full Term of one Whole Year from thence next Ensuing & fully to be Compleated and Ended Yielding and Paying Therefore the Rent of One Pepper Corn on Lady Day Next if the Same Shall then be Lawfully Demanded to the Intent that by Virtue of these presents and of the Statute for Transferring Uses into posession the Said Henry Thornborough may be in Actual possession of the premises thereof to him and his Heirs and Assigns for Ever, In witness thereof the said Walter Thornborough and Margaret his Wife have hereunto Set their hands and Affixed their Seals the Day Month and Year first above written
/s/ Walter W. Thornborough His Mark (Seal)
/s/Margaret M. Thornborough Her Mark (Seal)
Signed Sealed and Delivered in the presence of James Carter / Mordecai Mendenhall.

Indiana Land Records

For Indiana Maps CLICK HERE.

From Bureau of Land Management Web Site and Indiana Land Entries, Vol 1, Cincinnati District 1801-1840, by Margaret R. Waters.

If you need a brief tutorial on legal descriptions go to the bottom of the page to "Reading Legal Descriptions - Western States".

Canaday Family (children of John & Margaret Thornbrough Canaday):

John Canaday
11/15/1816 NW1/4 Sec 33 T18N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
Robert Canaday
10/18/1815 NE1/4 Sec 29 T18N R13E Wayne County, Indiana
Mordecai Mendenhall (husband of Phebe Canaday)
8/11/1817 N 1/2 Sec 17 T18N R14E Randolph County, Indiana

Frazier Family (children of William & Susannah Woodward Frazier)
William Frazier, Jr.
12/16/1815 SE1/4 Sec 2 T16N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
Eli Frazier
9/20/1816 SE 1/4 Sec 36 T17N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
10/10/1816 SW 1/4 Sec 36 T17N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana

Ezra Hinshaw (husband of Jane Woodward, daughter of Samuel)
3/30/1837 W1/2 NE1/4 Sec 26 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana
SENW Sec 26 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana &
NESW Sec 26 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana
9/10/1838 NW Section 7 & SW Sec 2 T13N R2W, Hendricks Co, Indiana
Benjamin Millikan4/10/1824 E2NE Sec 10 T14NR1E Hendricks County, Indiana

Mills Family (children of Aaron & Charity Mendenhall Mills
William Locke (husband of DeMaris Mills)
12/3/1818 NW 1/4 Sec 27, T18N R13E Wayne County, Indiana
Henry (husband of Hannah Woodward) & Moses Mills (husband of Elizabeth Thornbrough)
11/11/1814 SW 1/4 Sec 28 T18N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
Henry Mills (husband of Hannah Woodward)
11/5/1823 E 1/2NE 1/4 Sec 26 T18N R12E, Wayne County, Indiana
12/20/1823 W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec 26 T18N R12E, Wayne County, Indiana
11/1/1830 W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec 33 T15N R1E, Hendricks County, Indiana
2/1/1831 E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec 33 T15N R1E, Hendricks County, Indiana
Isaac Mills
11/11/1814 NE 1/4 Sec 28 T18N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
9/13/1816 NE 1/4 Sec 23 T18N R13 E, Randolph County, Indiana (just north of Wayne County line)
John Mills
9/4/1816 SE 1/4 Sec 23 T18N R13 E, Randolph County, Indiana
Seth Mills (husband of Charity Thornbrough) & John Gwinn (husband of Charity Mills)
11/23/1814 W1/2 Sec 30 T18N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
Walter Thornbrough (father-in-law of Moses Mills)
11/23/1814 NE 1/4 Sec 30 T18N R13E, Wayne County, Indiana
1/10/1824 E1/2NW Sec 26 T18N R12E Wayne County, Indiana
5/20/1825 E1/2SW Sec 26 T18N R12E Wayne County, Indiana

Abraham Woodward (son of Samuel)
3/30/1837 NESE Sec 4 T14N R1E Hendricks County, Indiana
4/5/1837 NENE Sec 9 T14N R1E Hendricks County, Indiana

Benjamin Woodward (son of William)
3/3/1831 NW1/4 Sec 17 T14N R1E Hendricks County, Indiana

Jesse Woodward (son of William)
9/3/1835 SWSE Sec 10 T14N R1E Hendricks County, Indiana

John Woodward (son of Abraham)
9/16/1819 SE1/4 Sec 28 T16N R13E Wayne County, Indiana. John Woodward purchased this land on 8/16/1814 by paying $80.00 toward the $320.00 purchase price. On 3/7/1817 he made an installment and interest payment of $92.09 and completed payment on 2/6/1819 with the patent issued on 9/16/1819. Rachel Woodward, widow of John, sold this land 4/5/1850 to William Crownover.

Samuel Woodward (son of William)
4/20/1824 SE Sec 21 T14N R1E, Hendricks County, Indiana
4/2/1829 W 1/2 SW Sec 22 T14N R1E, Hendricks County, Indiana
3/20/1837 S1/2 NW Sec 24 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana & SE 23 Sec 23 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana
3/30/1837 N1/2 SW Sec 24 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana

William A. Woodward (son of William)
3/20/1837 SWNE Sec 19 T14N R1W, Hendricks County, Indiana & N1/2 NW Sec 26 T14N R2W, Hendricks County, Indiana
9/10/1838 NESE Sec 3 T13N R2W, Morgan County, Indiana

William Woodward
[date?] W/2 SW Sec 21 T14SR1W Hendricks County, Indiana

Ohio Land Records

Thomas Woodward (son of Captain Thomas Woodward)
4/15/1812 Section 4 Range 2 Township 7 Preble County, Ohio

Asabel Woodward (son of Thomas)
11/7/1815 Section 5 Range 1 Township 7 Preble County, Ohio

Iowa Land Records

Western Maps
M. D. Monk has posted Woodward land records in Richland Township, Keokuk County, Iowa on his Web Site. Use the back button on your browser to return to this site. These records are for Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward and children. Stephen Cook is also included.

Colorado Land Records

M. D. Monk provided assistance in the creation of a Yuma County Colorado Web Page where some of his Woodward ancestors settled. The land page on this site is wonderful with a downloadable blank township map for your own research and much information about the various Land Acts that affected the Western States. https://sites.rootsweb.com/~coyuma/data/landpat/index.htm

Reading Legal Descriptions - Western States

Land Division in the early days of settlement was haphazard with legal descriptions running to natural landmarks, often trees which were nonpermanent. Virginia had one of the most unique methods of locating land markers: when land was to be processioned, or marked off, a small boy was taken along and he was soundly whipped at every corner of the property. The theory was that he would remember the location of the property corner all his life.

In 1785 the first Congress enacted a law calling for a grid system to be used in the western lands, beginning with seven ranges, or rows of townships, in eastern Ohio. Later, meridian (north-south) and base (east-west) lines were staked out as the nation expanded westward. In 1796 the township grid was standardized as a six by six mile square, each section of 640 acres being one square mile. CLICK for a sketch of how the sections were laid out in each township.

Now a specific section of land could be exactly located, for example Section 36 of Township 18 North Range 1 East. That is Section 36 located in the 18th township north of the east west base line and the 1st township east of the north south meridian. Usually the meridian and base line were not specified but they are important. The first principal meridian was laid out in 1798 paralleling the Indiana/Ohio state line so any ranges east would lie in Ohio and ranges west would lie in Indiana. The second principal meridian was laid out in 1805 about two thirds of the way across Indiana and the third principal meridian was also laid out in 1805 approximately bisecting the state of Illinois. A base line was laid out roughly even with the southern tip of Ohio in 1805 and a northern one in 1815 somewhat north of the Indiana northern boundary. Thus if one knew approximately which county in which state the land lay one did not need to specify the meridian and base line.

Land was not often sold in entire sections so a subgrid system was established that relied on direction. In other words the NW 1/4 referred to the northwest quarter of the section. Since a section comprised 640 acres the NW 1/4 comprised 160 acres. Further subdivisions could be made: for example NENW of Section 1 referred to the northeast 1/4 of the northwest 1/4 of the section comprising 40 acres. S1/2 SW referred to the south half of the southwest quarter or 80 acres. Many times a settler took land in two different sections but it could be contiguous. For example the SW1/4 Section 25 and the NW1/4 of Section 36 would actually be adjoining land and in the same manner land might be linked across a township or range line. It is often necessary to "map out" a settlers purchase to see where it actually was. A legal description usually looked like this NWSE 1 T15N R2W, being the northwest quarter of the southeast quarter of Section 1 in Township 15 North, Range 2 West. Without the meridian designation it would also be necessary to know the state and county.

The Colorado section above this one includes a link to a Yuma Colorado land site with some more excellent explanation about land in the west including information on the various Land Acts that affected the area. There is a downloadable township map sectioned off into 40 acre plots linked under Colorado that you can use for your own research.

4/27/2006 Added a great link to more Western State information on a Colorado site. Don't miss it!

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