Samuel Millikan of Pennsylvania and North Carolina

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Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan Family

Samuel Millikan was the second child and first son of William and Jane White Millikan, of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Samuel probably came with his father to Rowan County, North Carolina about 1755, although family records in North Carolina indicate he stayed behind in Pennsylvania until the Millikan home was built.

Ann Baldwin was the second child and first daughter of William and Elizabeth Baldwin of Rowan County, North Carolina. Two of Ann's siblings, Jesse and Mary, married children of Henry Thornbrough, brother of Hannah Thornbrough Woodward.

Samuel Millikan
born 12/11/1742 Chester Co, Pa
died 11/3/1817 Guilford Co, NC
Ann Baldwin
born 5/18/1750 Frederick Co Va
died Mooresville, Indiana
  Married: 6/10/1767 New Garden MM, Guilford County, NC

Elizabeth Millikan born 4/8/1769 Rowan County, NC; married William Woodward
Jane Millikan, born 3/23/1771 Guilford County, NC;; married Jesse Hoggatt
William Millikan, born 4/1/1773 Guilford County, NC; married Hannah Brazelton (more below)
John Millikan, born 8/15/1775 Guilford County, NC; married Mary Wyatt
Sarah Millikan, born 12/8/1777 Guilford County, NC; married Mahlon Hoggatt
Samuel Millikan, born 6/26/1780, Randolph County, NC; married Martha Coltrain
Benjamin Millikan, born 2/21/1783, Randolph County, NC; married Margaret Bales (Beals) (more below)
Jesse Millikan, born 10/12/1785, Randolph County, NC; married Lydia Barrett (more below)
Ann Millikan, born 2/20/1788, Randolph County, NC; married Eleazar Beals (more below)
Mary Millikan, born 1/2/1791, Randolph County, NC; married Thomas Tomlinson >

Pennsylvania Records

Bradford Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania records a visit by Samuel Millikan by certificate received 9/29/1764. There is a corresponding note 11/27/1764 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Rowan County, North Carolina under Millikan stating "Samuel, a young man, granted certificate to Bradford Monthly Meeting" (The date would have actually been 9/27/1764, see About Dates). One of the purposes of Samuel's trip was to carry a note from his father, William Millikan, concerning Abraham Woodward and to bring back a certificate for Abraham Woodward from Bradford to New Garden Monthly Meeting:
"Dear friends. Under a consideration of the necesity of a regular conduct I could not be satisfy until I could inform you of my sincere acknowledgment of my fault which I do with all my heart declare to have been a great deal of trouble to me since I left you but if you will favour me by receiving me into unity again as there is nothing I desire more I hope my conduct for the futer shall be more satisfactory hoping you will favour me with a certificate and send by Samuel Millikan
I recommend this acknowledgement to friends belonging to Bradford Monthly Meeting. /s/ Abraham Woodward

The note from Samuel's father was dated September 24, 1764 and if received at Bradford on 9/29/1764 means that Samuel made the trip in five days? Because of the differences in Quaker dates it is difficult to tell, but it could have been possible. A young man traveling alone on horseback with little stop for rest could have made it in that time frame.

Samuel Milliken had other business in Chester County, Pennsylvania, as his return certificate at Bradford is dated 4th month 12th day 1765 so he spent more than six months in Pennsylvania. Hilty in New Garden Friends Meeting lists Samuel Millikan as one of several young men sent at various times back to Pennsylvania to learn a trade or to obtain an education. (See William Millikan's page for a possibility of Samuel's education with Humphry Marshall.

North Carolina Records

Baldwin Records

There is some question about Ann Baldwin Millikan�s birthplace. The date is clearly given as 5/18/1850 in William Baldwin�s family listed at New Garden MM but no place is specified. We find under Cane Creek MM records: 5, 2,1752 William Baldwin rocf Hopewell, Va dated 8,2,1749. Since William obtained the certificate in 1749 but did not use it until 1752 it appears that Ann was born in Frederick County, Virginia and we have changed our records to reflect that.

Millikan Records

When Randolph County was formed in 1779 the citizens assembled and nominated Samuel's father William Millikan for one of the Justices of the Court. When the first court was organized William was Register of Deeds.

The first court house was built of planks sawed by hand and nails made in a nearby smithy. The first court was held there in March 1786. In 1788 the Legislature at Fayetteville established a town embracing the court house. It was named Johnsonville after Governor Samuel Johnson. Samuel Millikan was among the first appointed commissioners of Johnsonville. County fairs were held there for many years with horse racing, foot racing, and shooting matches. One of the first actions of the court at Johnsonville was to fine William Moore (Abraham Woodward's neighbor)for contempt of court for riding his horse into the court house during a sitting of the court. He was jailed until he could pay his 50 pound fine.

Samuel Millikan was the administrator of his father's estate in 1793 in Randolph County.

More on the Children of Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan

Benjamin and Margaret Beals Millikan and Eleazer and Ann Millikan Beals

The spouses of Benjamin and Ann Millikan were brother and sister and were children of John and Susannah Johnson Beals and grandchildren of John and Margaret Esther Hunt Beals. Margaret and Benjamin were married before 9/26/1807 (marriage out of unity recorded) and probably in 1806 in Randolph County, NC. Ann and Eleazar were married 10/12/1814 at Springfield Monthly Meeting in North Carolina.

M D Monk has researched the family of Benjamin and Margaret Beals Millikan. They had children: John Milliken (b. 28 Jan 1807 Randolph Co); Hannah Milliken (born 26 Feb 1808 Randolph Co, died 30 Mar 1880 Keokuk Co, Ia; married George Stalker 14 Mar 1827 Springfield MM, NC); Elizabeth Milliken (b 15 Feb 1809); Sarah Milliken (born 26 May 1810; Susannah Milliken (b 27 Aug 1811); Ann Milliken (b 10 Apr 1813); Samuel Milliken (25 Aug 1815 m. Mary Carter); Jesse Milliken (b 1 Jun 1817 d 12 Jun 1817 burial Springfield MM); Margaret Milliken (b 7 May 1818, NC, m. Nathan Wheeler 16 Jun 1841 Springfield MM); Benjamin Milliken (b 7 May 1818 d 25 Jul 1818 bur Springfield MM); Jane Milliken (b 29 Sep 1820 d 30 May 1864 bur Centre MM, m. Jonathan Hodgson 14 Apr 1820 Centre MM, NC); William Milliken (b 25 Mar 1823 m. C. unknown); Eleazar Milliken (b 14 Oct 1824 NC, m. Grace Dix Harvey 8 Mar 1846 Springfield MM, m. 2nd Ruth C. Carter 18 Dec 1850 Springfield MM); Mary Milliken (b 24 Nov 1827, m. Samuel C. Blair).

Eleazar and Ann Millikan Beals and four daughters received a certificate to Blue River Monthly Meeting in Washington County, Indiana from Springfield MM, NC, recd at Blue River 2 Aug 1823. From census records and the transfer certificate we have children: Mary Beals (b abt 1816 NC; Louisa Beals (b NC, d bef 1850); Asenath Beals (b abt 1820 NC); Susannah Beals (b abt 1822 NC); Margaret Beals (b abt 1824 In); Jane Beals (b abt 1826 In); (Melinda and Lucinda Beals (b abt 1830 In).

Ann Millikan Beals died sometime before 1841 when Eleazer Bales and Asenath Carter were declared at liberty to marry on 14 Apr 1841 at White Lick MM. Then on 15 July 1846 Eleazer, son of John Decd and Susannah of NC was granted a certificate to Salem MM to marry Elizabeth Wright, daughter of Jacob Taylor and Hannah decd of Warren Co Ohio. Then on 21 Dec 1853 Eleazar Bales of Hendricks Co, son of John decd and Susannah of NC married Edith Owen, daughter of Matrelian and Sarah Gibson of Hendricks County.

Jesse and Lydia Barrett Millikan

Jesse Millikan married Lydia Barrett, daughter of Richard and Sarah George Barrett) on 4/7/1810 in Highland County, Ohio. In Hopewell Meeting Minutes (Virginia): 3/8/1807 Richard and wife Sarah and children Lydia, Sarah, Sidney, Amy and Richard were granted a certificate to Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio. Lydia was dismissed for marriage contrary to discipline on 7/13/1811 at Fall Creek MM in Highland County, Ohio. Jesse was a Quaker in good standing however as he was granted a certificate on 8/4/1810 (after the marriage) to Fairfield MM in Ohio from Springfield MM. There is an interesting World Family Tree Site with stories of Jesse and Lydia Barrett Millikan. This site references the Ancestral File; and the Posterity of William Millikan by G. T. Ridlon. Both of these sources are rife with errors, but the story is interesting; whether true or not, we cannot say.

Jesse and Lydia had children: Curran and Samuel Millikan (twins) born 6/3/1811 in Ohio; Jesse, born 10/10/1815, Oh; Richard born 1/10/1817, Oh; Sarah Ann, born 9/18/1821, Oh; Eleanor, born 5/5/1824, Oh; William, born 1/26/1827, Oh; John, born 12/15/1828; Baldwin, born 2/24/1831, Fayette Co, Ohio; and Lydia b 6/13/1834. Several of the children are found in Fayette County, Ohio in the 1850 census.

Baldwin Millikan married Amanda Pennell on 1/23/1853 in Fayette County, Ohio. Baldwin and Amanda's history is continued on our Mercer County, Illinois Millikan Web Page. We still find it curious that so many of the Woodward descendants, relatives, and neighbors followed the migration paths to Ohio and Indiana and then on to Mercer County, Illinois, where our own ancestors went.

William and Hannah Brazelton Millikan

The records of William and Hannah Brazelton Millikan's family are somewhat disconnected in the Quaker records. William Millikan is recorded on 12/3/1796 as making amends at Springfield Monthly Meeting in North Carolina for their marriage out of unity. He had however already gone to Tennessee on a certificate dated 1/2/1796. The improper marriage continued to cause them considerable difficulty. on 7/7/1798 William again made an apology at Springfield for offence committed at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting and on the same date Hannah was received on certificate from Lost Creek Monthly Meeting dated 4/12/1798. Their children are not recorded in a North Carolina or Tennessee Monthly Meeting however they are named in various transfer certificates.

On 2/14/1805 William Millican (sic), wife Hannah, and children Samuel, Jacob, John and Ann were received at Miami Monthly Meeting in Ohio on a certificate dated 12/3/1804 from Springfield MM in North Carolina. On 4/11/1805 William Millican was dismissed at Miami MM. On 12/27/1815 son Samuel was dismissed for training in the militia. Indian troubles were so severe on the frontier that many Quaker young men did join the militia. No reason is given for William's dismissal but it might have been for training for the militia as well. On 9/24/1817 Hannah Millican and children Jacob, John, Ann, Baptist, Besty, Polly, Sally and Brazilton were granted a certificate to Lick Creek Monthly Meeting in Indiana. When time permits we will check the Lick Creek minutes.