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Link to 1663-1729 Carolinas and Virginia Map
( free image - type in this title to see map)

Link to Guilford County Land Ownership Map
(with partial list of landowners)

Link to 1808 Guilford County Map - this map
includes many of the same features as the land ownership
map and is a good one to compare with landowners
locations on that map.

Guilford Genealogical Society Publications -
Maps, histories, census records, cemetery records, and
more for purchase. Also back issues of the Guilford
which include maps, the landowner list and
much family information..

Link to US Geological Survey Web Site
(very picky about spelling - see below)

Link to USGS Topographical Maps
(Thanks to Becky Merrick for telling us about this one
- also very picky about spelling - see below)

Link to's free images map page
(includes a modern map of North Carolina)
Two old maps of North Carolina below give us an approximation of the location of Abraham Woodward's land in North Carolina. We know from his North Carolina Land Grant #501 that his land was located in Randolph County on Mountain Fork Carraway Waters. We also know that he attended Center Monthly Meeting in Guilford County (see map link above to Guilford County) so he did not live far south of the Guilford/Randolph County Line. The reference to Carraway Waters in his grant tells us that he lived in the drainage area from the Carraway Mountains - see Carraway Mountain Range on both maps below. The 1770 map shows the Carraway Mountains (circled as it is not very readable) and shows the Carraway Fork on the south side of the mountains. It also shows Muddy Creek on the north side of the mountains. We know Abraham's son Eli lived on Muddy Creek but are not exactly sure whether Abraham's land would have been near Eli or on the Carraway waters on the south side of the mountains. An up-to-date map of the area can be seen by using the U. S. Geological Survey's Web Site link above and type in Caraway, scroll to North Carolina and leave feature blank (doing anything else won't work!). The Topographic Maps are fun to play with too, remembering that it is the modern day topography which in many areas bears little resemblance to the late 1700's and early 1800's, particularly in waterways. One must be very specific when using the topographic maps - Caraway Mountain and NC as state works but it must be exact. When the map comes up you can use the arrow points on the side of the map to move to adjoining areas. For some great photos of the Randolph County, North Carolina area, visit Tom Thornsbury's Web Site and look for the link on the left to Randolph County, North Carolina pictures.

For 1770 North Carolina map - 3 versions of slightly different areas - they show the Carraway Mountain drainage area where Abraham Woodward lived

For 1796 North Carolina map

Derick Hartshorn's Catawba County page on NCGenWeb has a very nice modern map of North Carolina and links to 11 North Carolina maps from 1700 to 1912.
Nadine's grandfather spent a lot of time with his grandmother, Rachel Woodward Welch, while his parents were moving about. She told him that her mother, Rachel Williams Woodward, heard the guns of the Revolution when she was young, and he so informed Jill's grandmother in a letter in 1935. We speculate that Rachel Williams must have lived near Guilford Court House in Guilford County and heard the guns of that battle. We have put up an old map of the Guilford Court House Battle and speculate that her father Amos may have been related to the Richard Williams shown on the map and that she might have been visiting there at the time of the battle. Richard Williams died of smallpox contracted from British soldiers quartered in his house. The map shows other Quaker families living in the area. You can find the area on the Topo maps above by typing in Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and NC as state.

Map of Battle of Guilford Court House

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