Non-German Families: Woodward; Mercer County, Il residents; Other

My Non-German Families

Duguid Dunavan Honeyman Landis
Long Welch Woodward Steele
Lorrance Taylor Anderson Santee

This is a continuation of the families and ancestors of Nadine Duguid Holder. This page is just getting started but we are linked above to a huge file we already have on our Woodward family. Also we have a good start on our German Families. Some cousins and I also have a history site about Mercer County, Illinois where many of our families linked up in the 1800's.

Nadine is currently in the process of applying for membership in the Daughters of the American Revolution under a number of her ancestors. Her application as a descendant of Andrew Long has been approved (National Number 847399) and his Revolutionary War Papers are included in our Long page linked above. His wife Jemima Santee is also a Revolutionary War participant descendant and will likely be the next application submitted. We would also like to prove Revolutionary War descendancy for ancestor Joshua Welch but are missing one or two critical pieces of information. If anyone can help we would much appreciate it.

Questions in the meantime to my email on the About Us Page