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Richard Woodward, Jr., was the oldest son of Richard and Jane Woodward, of England, and of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Richard Woodward, Jr. married four times: (1) Esther Davis; (2) Deborah Stanfield; (3) widow Susanna Cureton; and (4) widow Martha Heald. All were proper Quaker marriages documented in Quaker meeting records. We have attached some Quaker meeting samples of notices of intent to marry at Concord Monthly Meeting for Richard Woodward. They are linked under marriage information below. You may need to print them to read them but it will give an idea of the difficulty of researching in the original records, which might account for a great deal of the erroneous information published on the internet.

A word of warning: Some secondary sources have attached Mary Coppock, widow of Peter Britton/Brittain, as a wife of this Richard Woodward. Mary did indeed marry a Richard Woodward of Springfield (this Richard was of West Bradford) with the record at Chester MM (this Richard was a member of Concord and then of Bradford MM.) Richard Woodward of Springfield died intestate in 1727 and his wife Mary was the administratrix of his estate (our Richard was alive and well long after that time.) The given name Richard and the surname Woodward were very common in England and several immigrated to America so be very careful of secondary sources in this family.

  Richard Woodard, Jr.
born About 1673 in England
died bet 11/7 & 10/10/1752
Chester Co, Pa
Esther Davis
born unknown
died bef 1701 Chester Co, Pa

  Married: After 13th of 3rd month, 1695, at Concord Monthly Meeting, Chester County, Pa. Their first intention of marriage was proposed at Concord Meeting on the 11th day of 1st month 1695. Their second notice of intent was at Concord on the 13th day of the 3rd month 1695 and "nothing found to obstruct with admonition this meeting left them to proceed in good order of truth." They were probably married shortly thereafter. Notices of Intent to Marry

Esther Woodward born about 1696 Chester County, Pa; married (1)Christopher Wilson, (2)Thomas Wilson

Death of Esther Davis Woodward

We do not know for sure when Esther Davis Woodward died but Richard Woodward would have been expected to wait at least a year before marrying again, so she probably died sometime in 1700, perhaps even as a result of childbirth. Sometimes there were exceptions to this requirement when care of small children was involved. We definitely know she was deceased when Richard and Deborah published their intent to marry in 1701 at Concord Meeting.

Deborah Stanfield Woodward

The family of Richard Woodward's second wife Deborah Stanfield is documented in Chester County land records in a deed dated 22 June 1713 to Robert Pierson. The land is mentioned as sold "4 February 1703 by Francis Chads & Grace his wife, William Huntley & Mary his wife, Edward Bennett & Sarah his wife, Thomas Hope & Eliza his wife, Isaac Few & Hannah his wife & Richard Woodworth & Deborah his wife to one Thomas Pierson. The land was formerly in the tenure of Francis Stanfield. Grace, Mary, Sarah, Eliza, Hannah & Deborah were sisters & heirs of James Stanfield, dec., who was son & heir of Francis Stanfield, dec." (See Chester 1683 Survey for location of land on Crum Creek.)

The ship Endeavor of London, master George Thorpe, arrived 7th month, 29th day, 1683, at Pennsylvania. Among passengers listed were Fran Stanfield and Graas his wife, late of Garton in Cheshire, husbandman, and children, Jam, Mary, Sarah, Eliz, Gras and Hannah (which tells us Deborah was born in Pennsylvania). They also had servants Dan Browne, Thos Marsey, Isa Brookersby, Rob & Thos SidBotham, John Smith, Robt Bryan, and William Redway. (Families who Arrived at Philadelphia, 1682-1687, Penns. Mag., V. 8) The servants listed might be indentured people whose passage was guaranteed by Stansfield, but it indicated the family had money. Some of the Pierson family came on the same vessel.

  Deborah Stanfield
Born abt 1680 Chester Co Pa
Died bef 1737 W. Bradford PA

Married: The actual marriage record of Richard & Deborah Stanfield Woodward is missing but at a monthly meeting at the home of Nathanial Parks (Concord meeting) on the 13th day of ye 11th month 1701 "Richard Woodward and Deborah Stanfield appeared at this meeting it being ye second time; and nothing appearing that might obstruct their aforementioned intention - Therefore this meeting have gave them their allowance to proceed according to the good order of truth - This meeting order George Pearce to attend the marriage to see if it be accomplished seemly according to truth and make return thereof to ye next monthly meeting." We can assume then that Richard and Deborah were married sometime between 13 day 11th month 1701 and the 12th month meeting date. Notices of Intent to Marry at Concord Meeting

Sarah Woodward born about 1706 Chester County, Pa; married Evan Jones
Jane Woodward born about 1708 Chester County, Pa; married (1)Joseph Hayes (2)William Wickersham
William Woodward born about 1710 Chester County, Pa; married Eliza Marshall
Elizabeth Woodward born about 1712 Chester County, Pa; married (1)Thomas Thornbrough (2)Joseph Young
Hannah Woodward born about 1714 Chester County, Pa; married (1)James Shortledge (2)Joseph Underwood
Mary Woodward born about 1716 Chester County, Pa; married George Entriken
James Woodward born about 1718 Chester County, Pa; married Ann Pyle
Grace Woodward born Chester County, Pa; married James Millison
John Woodward born Chester County, Pa; married Sarah Barnard
Richard Woodward III born Chester County, Pa; married Abigail Hayes
Deborah Woodward born Chester County, Pa; married (1)William Strode (2)Stephen Harlan

Deborah Stanfield Woodward died probably before 1737 and perhaps earlier. At the marriage of son James Woodward to Ann Pyle at Concord Monthly Meeting on 21 April 1737, Richard Woodward signed the marriage certificate as parent but Deborah was not in attendance and may have been deceased. The same could be said for the marriage of William and Eliza Marshall Woodward in 1733 where Deborah is also not in attendance. This is not necessarily definitive as people could also be too ill to attend or have small children to care for. She was definitely deceased at least a year before Richard's marriage to Susannah Cureton as the waiting period would have been enforced where Richard had no small children to care for.

Richard Woodward Land

When Richard Woodward's father, Richard Woodward, Sr. died in 1706 he did not leave his land to his eldest son as was the custom, instead leaving it jointly to his wife and his youngest son, probably so that his wife would be cared for for the longest possible time. Richard Woodward, Jr. acquired his own land, a tract of 1000 acres in 1724. He may have owned land before that as he is assessed for taxes in 1715 in Bradford Township. There were two Richard Woodwards, cousins, of about the same age so it is difficult to sort out the land. (See the "other" Richard's page.) By the 1753 taxable list one is taxed in East Bradford and one in West Bradford. Our Richard on this page was of Thornbury which was in West Bradford, and he is referred to that way in most records.

Richard Woodward Quaker Elder

When Bradford Monthly Meeting was set off from Concord Monthly Meeting in 1737, Richard Woodward was designated Elder of the Meeting. Quakers had no paid clergy for their meetings. Their "ministers" or "preachers" were called by God to testify about their faith and often traveled to far places to carry the word. The Elders were in charge of the meetings for worship and watched over the ministers that they did not abuse their calling. The Elders also represented their meeting at Quarterly and Yearly Meetings.

Susanna Cureton Woodward

On the 6th day 8th month 1739 Richard Woodward & Susanna Cureton appeared for the first time to request permission to marry before Newark Monthly Meeting. Richard Woodward was directed to bring a certificate from Bradford Monthly Meeting that he was clear to marry, and Jacob Chandler and Samuel Grave were appointed to "inspect the widow's affairs as regards her husband's will." On the 3rd day 9th month Richard and Susanna appeared before the meeting again. They were then married on the 29th day of 9th month 1739 and it was reported as orderly to Newark Monthly Meeting. Susanna then received a certificate to Bradford Monthly Meeting.

The wedding took place at Bradford Monthly Meeting. Family signing the certificate included Thomas & Rachel Martin Woodward, brother and sister-in-law; John Newlin, husband of sister Mary Woodward; Evan & Sarah Woodward Jones, daughter and son-in-law; daughter Elizabeth Woodward Thornbury, Joseph Underwood, husband of daughter Hannah, George Entrikin, husband of daughter Mary, and Thomas Cureton, possibly son of Susanna. Abraham & Mary Marshall, parents of daughter-in-law Eliza Marshall Woodward were among the guests. Daughter and son-in-law Esther & Christopher Wilson were among the guests but did not sign as family.

Martha Heald Woodward

Susanna Cureton Woodward died before 1743 and on the 30th day 7th month 1743 Richard Woodward & Martha Heald appeared before Newark Monthly Meeting to request permission to marry. Richard Woodward was directed to bring a certificate from Bradford Monthly Meeting and Thomas & Jacob Chandler were appointed to see "that the will of her former husband be complyed with." This was not a problem as the will of John Heald had been probated on 11/13/1740, enough time passing that its provisions had no doubt been carried out. On the 5th day 9th month Richard & Martha appeared for the second time and were given permission to marry. They were married on the 30th day 9th month 1743 and it was reported orderly to Newark.

Will of Richard Woodward

Martha is named as wife in Richard's will. As was customary he made detailed provisions for his "now" wife. This was usually necessary, since step-children could not be counted on to take care of a stepmother unless so directed in a will and watched over by the courts. This kind of provision made sure that no one wound up indigent and a ward of the court. Richard had evidently prospered as, in his will, his house is called a "mansion" and his acreage a "plantation." There are again some curious things about his bequests. Oldest son William is left only five shillings and no land. Sons John & Richard are left land. Richard had conveyed 253 acres of the southeast corner of his original one thousand acres to William on 6/16/1734, shortly after William married, so this is probably the reason none is left in the will. Son James had died 5th month 1748 so is not mentioned. It may have been James's death that made him aware of his own mortality as he started writing his will in 1748 though he did not sign it until 1752.

1/24/2008 Added Richard's inventory of goods and chattels to the will page. Adjusted his death date as before the inventory which was taken on 10th month 10th day 1752.
12/23/2007 We have made a long overdue correction to list only Esther as the daughter of Richard and Esther Davis Woodward and listed all the other children under Deborah Stanfield Woodward. This is based on the "History of the Woodward Family" by Dr. Lewis Woodward (1879). Dr. Lewis Woodward was a very meticulous researcher and also had access to records that are not now extant for the Woodward family.
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