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William & Susanna Woodward Frazier

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Susanna Woodward was the second child and first daughter of Abraham and Hannah Thornbrough Woodward of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Randolph County, North Carolina.

William Frazier was the third child and first son of John and Abigail Millikan Frazier of Chester County, Pennsylvania, and Randolph County, North Carolina. William was first cousin of Abner Frazier who married Susanna's sister Eliza Woodward. William's father John Frazier was son of Alexander and Sarah Coppock Frazier. Sarah Coppock Frazier was daughter of Aaron & Mary Orrell Coppock. An extensive Coppock genealogy can be seen at Aquila's Web Site.

  William Frazier
born 12-22-1764 Rowan Co, NC
died 12-1849 Jefferson Co, Tn
Susanna Woodward
born 9-2-1764 Rowan Co, NC
died 1-28-1832 Jefferson Co, Tn
Married: 1/29/1784 Center Monthly Meeting, Guilford County, North Carolina

Abraham Frazier born 12-2-1784 Randolph County, NC; married Margaret Coppock, died Clinton Co, Ohio (more below)
Eli Frazier born 5-19-1786 Randolph County, NC; married Jane McFarland, died Henry County, Indiana
Jane Frazier born 6-20-1788 Randolph County, NC; married Caleb Pierce (more below)
John Frazier born 2-9-1790 Randolph County, NC
Eliza Frazier born 6-13-1791 Randolph County, NC; married Joseph Moon, died Clinton County, Ohio (more below)
William Frazier born 2-25-1793 Randolph County, NC**; married Polly McClelland (more below)
Samuel Frazier born 3-28-1795, died 7-24-1795 Jefferson County, Tn
Hannah Frazier born 6-15-1797 Jefferson County, Tn; married William Williams (more below)
Solomon Frazier born 4-28-1801 Jefferson County, Tn; married Anna Russell (more below)
Abigail Frazier born 4-2-1804 Jefferson County, Tn married Thomas McKnight (more below)

The birthplace of William Frazier, Jr. is uncertain. William Frazier, Sr. obtained a certificate to transfer membership for himself and his sons Abraham, Eli, John & Elisha to Westfield MM in Surry County. (Westfield received certificates for those who had moved to the waters of the Holston River in future Tennessee.) The certificate was dated 1-30-1790 at Center MM in Guilford County, before William, Jr's birth. The certificate however was presented at Westfield on 6-22-1793, after William Jr's birth, so he was likely born in Randolph County. The identity of Elisha Frazier is not known. He is not listed among the other children in Lost Creek Monthly Meeting Records in Jefferson County, Tennessee. This may actually be Eliza Frazier and the men's meeting clerk at Center made a mistake in assuming Eliza was male and entered the name as Elisha. There is no corresponding women's meeting entry for the females in the family as the records were lost, so we do not know if Eliza was included on the women's certificate.

The Move from North Carolina to Future Tennessee

Both William & Susannah Woodward Frazier came from Quaker families of long standing and remained good Quakers all their lives. William & Susannah were received on certificate at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting, in future Jefferson County, Tennessee, from Center Monthly Meeting in North Carolina on 6/22/1793. This was the same date as Abraham & Hannah Thornbrough Woodward's certificate and they no doubt moved together.

Family Quaker Records in Tennessee

On 6/18/1803 William Frazier was chosen overseer of Lost Creek Monthly Meeting and again on 9/30/1820. On the same date in 1820 his son Abraham Frazier was dismissed for dancing, mustering and voting for a military officer.

In 1804 son William Frazier, Jr. was dismissed because of "misconduct." He was received back in 1811, condemned again in 1812 and finally granted a certificate to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana in 1816.

In 1804 son Eli Frazier was condemned for quarrelling & fighting, and in 1808 for attending a marriage contrary to discipline (wedding of his sister Jane outside the Quaker faith). In 1810 he was dismissed for fighting.

In 1809 daughter Eliza Frazier was dismissed for dancing and again in 1811 for her marriage out of unity.

In 1814 son John Frazier was dismissed for fighting.

In 1815 daughter Hannah Frazier was dismissed for attending her brother Abraham's marriage contrary to discipline (outside the Quaker faith).

In 1818 daughter Abigail Frazier was dismissed for her marriage contrary to discipline (outside the Quaker faith).

In 1822 son Solomon was dismissed for his marriage outside the faith.

The younger generation was falling away from the Quaker faith and a proud tradition was ending.

Another interesting record is found in Tennessee: On the 15th of September 1818, William Frazier took as servant a Margaret Ward, age 11. The terms were 1 year of schooling and at time of freedom that she receive 1 bed and furniture, 1 good milk cow, and a decent set of clothes. Being female, her age of freedom was probably 18. Susanna's brother Abraham Woodward, Jr. entered into a similar arrangement on 17 September 1818 for a young man servant, age 6. Likely Abraham and William had decided together to take care of some orphan children since the dates are so near. This kind of arrangement was common in Jefferson County, Tennessee. It was a method of providing for orphan children without their becoming wards of the county. This would have been in keeping with William Frazier's future duties as Overseer at Lost Creek which would include caring for the needs of the poor.

Quaker Tradition in Pennsylvania

William Frazier, Sr's great grandfather Aaron Coppock had been a Quaker minister and was given a testimonial at Nottingham Monthly Meeting after his death - testimonials were reserved for those of exceptional merit in their faith. "A Testimony from Nottingham Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania, concerning Aaron Coppock. It appears he was born in Cheshire in Old England, the 25th of the tenth month 1662, was convinced of the truth when a young man, came to America soon after and lived near Chester; about the year 1714 he, with his family, settled at Nottingham in said county; being a man of an exemplary conduct and much esteemed by friends, he was chosen an elder for the particular meeting of East-Nottingham, until he appeared in a public testimony, and therein was often concerned to exhort friends to a life of self denial, watchfulness and prayer, the which he did in great sincerity, zeal and innocency. In the forepart of his last illness he complained of much poverty, but before he died had a prospect of happiness, and a sure hope of obtaining the same. He departed this life on the 10th day of the tenth month 1725, and was buried in friends burying ground in East Nottingham, the 12th of the same month, aged sixty-three, and a minister 7 years."

We have not been successful in tracing William Frazier's family otherwise in Pennsylvania. Though the Coppocks were members of the Nottingham Monthly Meeting in Chester County, Pennsylvania, there is no mention of the Frazier family.

Quaker Records in North Carolina

There is a note at Cane Creek Monthly Meeting in Orange County, North Carolina, on 11/2/1754 that John Frazier, apprentice to Joseph Maddock, was received on certificate from Newark Monthly Meeting in Pennsylvania dated 8/3/1754. This apprenticeship places John Frazier of the right age to be William Frazier's father. On 10/4/1760 John Frazier was granted a certificate to New Garden Monthly Meeting in Rowan County where he was received on 12/19/1760. His marriage to Abigail Millikan had been reported at New Garden on 11/24/1759. We do not find Quaker records for their children but can piece the family together from other sources. The proof that William Frazier was son of John Frazier comes from a land record in North Carolina: Randolph Co deed book 8 page 280 25 Nov 1799 Wm Frazier part of John Frazier estate to William Bell. Oldest son's share to William Bell for 80 silver dollars.

Abraham and Margaret Coppock Frazier Family

Son Abraham Frazier married Margaret Coppock, daughter of Thomas and Mary Coppock and grandaughter of John and Margaret Coulson Coppock of Chester Co, Pa (see Aquila�s Web Site). Margaret died 6/29/1845 in Clinton County, Ohio and Abraham died 3/15/1862 in Clinton Co.

Abraham and Margaret Frazier had children: William (b 11/20/1817; m (1)Minerva Jane Hill and (2)Rebecca Elizabeth Hill); Abraham Frazier (b abt 1818; married Jane Coppock); Madison (b 9/12/1819, m. Rebecca Oren); John Frazier (b abt 1822 d 12/24/1851); Eliza Frazier (b 4/24/1824 m Jacob Quigley); Lewis Frazier (b 4/24/1826, m Margaret Quigley); Margery (b abt 1832, m Abraham Skeen); Aaron (b 10/24/1834, m. Elizabeth J. Williams).

We thank Valerie Dixon for information on this family and she has much more information she is willing to share.

Hannah Frazier Williams Family

There were two Hannah Frazier marriages in Jefferson County, one to William Hammonds on May 3, 1817, and one to William Williams on 11/28/1816. John Baker, son-in-law of Abner & Eliza Frazier Woodward, stood bond for the Hammonds marriage so we feel that this Hannah was probably their daughter and that Hannah Frazier Williams was probably William & Susanna's daughter. William Williams apparently died before 1850 as Hannah Williams age 54 is found in the census living in Jefferson County three doors from nephew John McKnight and three doors the other way from Solomon Frazier's widow Anna Russell Frazier. There is a probable son Thomas Williams living next to her with a wife Orlena and a daughter Margaret.

Eliza Frazier Moon Family

A Thornburg genealogy contains some information on daughter Eliza and husband Joseph Moon. We have not verified any of this information. According to the genealogy, Eliza died about 1817 in Clinton County, Ohio. She married Joseph Moon, son of Daniel and Ruth Hudson Moon, on 4/27/1811 at Lost Creek. (This was actually the date Eliza was dismissed for her marriage contrary to discipline and not her marriage date.) Joseph was born 8/18/1791 in Chatham County and died 10/6/1845 in Clinton County, Ohio. He married second to Rachel Hockett. The children of Joseph and Eliza were Susana, born 2/20/1813; Ruth born 6/4/1815; and Eliza born 9/12/1817. It is believed that Eliza died at the birth of Eliza, Jr.

We have heard from Mike Carey, a descendant of Eliza and Joseph's daughter, Susanna Moon. He gave us some clues about the family and we were able to follow up through Quaker records and prove the relationships. Mike is a descendant of both William and Susannah Woodward Frazier and of John and Mary Woodward Newlin (greataunt of Susannah Woodward Frazier). John and Mary Woodward Newlin's daughter, Jane Newlin, married Samuel Sharples on 3/26/1736 in Chester County, Pa. They had a daughter Susanna Sharples, born 11/21/1749, who married Jacob Talbot in 1770. Jacob and Susanna Sharples Talbot had a daughter, Lydia Talbot, who married John Bundy on 3/31/1805 at Mt. Pleasant Monthly Meeting in Virginia. They had a son Edom Talbot Bundy who married Mary Hockett and had a daughter, Nancy Jane Bundy, born 4/15/1842 in Clinton County, Ohio. She married in Grant County, Indiana, to Samuel Carey, grandson of Joseph and Eliza Frazier Moon, on 8/20/1859 in Grant County, Indiana. Samuel Carey was born 7/28/1839 in Martinsville, Ohio, son of Robert Carey and Susanna Moon (see photo link below).

Robert and Susannah Moon Carey are found in 1880 in Big Spring, Shelby County, Illinois with son Isaac, daughter-in-law Sarah, grandson Sylvester, and granddaughter Esther Carey. Samuel and Nancy Bundy Carey are found in 1880 in Spring Valley, McPherson, Kansas with children Emerson, Susanna, Rosa, Lizzie, Emma, Bertha, Eva, and Edith. One realizes the tremendous value of the Quaker records to genealogists when these farflung families can be connected back to Woodward ancestors in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Photo of Susanna Moon Carey (1813-1891) Courtesy of Mike Carey

Jane Frazier Pierce Family

Jane Frazier married Caleb Pierce on 12/4/1807 in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Jane was dismissed for her marriage contrary to discipline on 11/28/1808 at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting but on 1/27/1816 Caleb was received by request at Lost Creek Monthly Meeting so the breach with the Quakers was healed. Caleb and Jane had children Eli; Patrick; Hannah, and Matilda Pierce.

Son Patrick Pierce is found in Jefferson County, Tennessee in 1850: #1509 Patrick Pearce, 37, born Tn; Jane, 24, NC; Eli, 10, Tn; Wm, 8, Tn; Poston, 7, Tn; Thos, 4, Tn; and Patrick, 1, Tn.

Daughter Matilda Pierce, born about 1815 married Jesse Parceley. Caleb Pierce was living with them in the 1850 census in Jefferson County. At that time Matilda and Jesse had children, James, born about 1833; Sarah Elizabeth, born 1836; Mary Jane, born about 1838; William, born about 1840; John Henry, born about 1845. Sarah Elizabeth Parceley, married Abner Fraiser Pierce, son of Robert and Martha Pierce 1/1860 as second wife.

William and Polly McClelland Frazier Family

William Frazier married Patsy McClelland 12/20/1816 in Wayne County, Indiana. He followed up with a certificate from Lost Creek Monthly Meeting to Whitewater Monthly Meeting in Indiana, endorsed to West Grove Monthly Meeting on 10/31/1818. The young family is found in Wayne County in the 1820 census: one male 0-9, one male 26-44, 1 female 0-9, 2 female 26-44. We do not know the identity of the two children. William and Polly had children Solomon, born about 1821, In, married Mary Harvey 1843 Henry County, Indiana; Alonson Frazier, born about 1835; Hannah Frazier, born about 1837; Abraham Frazier, married Jane Harvey. Solomon is found in Henry County in 1850: Solomon Frazier, 29, farmer, born In; Mary Ann, 22, In; Evaline, 5, In; Nathan, 4, In.

Solomon and Anna Russell Frazier Family

The widow of son Solomon Frazier is found in the 1850 Jefferson County, Tennessee census. She is Anna (Russell) Frazier, age 50, born South Carolina. With her are children Elizabeth, age 25, Hannah, age 22, John, age 20, and Lucinda, age 16, all born Tennessee. Son William Frazier is found nearby, living next to his aunt Abigail Frazier McKnight. He is age 24, and has a wife, Margaret, age 21. We do not find a will for Solomon in the Jefferson County will index.

Abigail Frazier McKnight Family

Steve King is a descendant of Thomas and Abigail Frazier McKnight and would be happy to share information on this family. He gives the children of Thomas and Abigail as: Grace, Lucinda, Martha, Mary, John, William, Malinda, Matilda, Elizabeth, Andrew Jackson, James, and Thomas Jefferson Frazier.

We were able to find information on them in the 1850 census in Jefferson County, Tennessee. Grace was probably the eldest daughter and Steve tells us she married James C. Hodges. They are not found in Jefferson County in 1850 but are likely the family found in Campbell County, just northwest of Jefferson County. Mary McKnight was born about 1822 and is found with husband Richard Cates in Jefferson County in 1850. They had children Calaway, Amanda, Richard, Robert, and Mahala at that time. John McKnight was born about 1828 and is found in the 1850 census with wife Rachel Bales and son Pleasant McKnight. Rachel Bales was daughter of John and Elizabeth Bales. Matilda McKnight was born about 1831 and was unmarried in the 1870 census. Lucinda McKnight was born about 1833 and is found with husband William A. Hatcher in Jefferson County in 1850. They are next door to William and Elizabeth Hatcher, his parents. William McKnight was born about 1834 and was still at home in 1850. Steve tells us that William married Emily Vance who lived nearby with parents John and Rebecca in 1850. Malinda McKnight was born in 1836 and married Lafayette Coil from a nearby family in 1855. Steve has much information on this family as they are his ancestors. Unfortunately as of 2011 we are unable to contact him. Additional children at home in 1850 were James McKnight born about 1838, Elizabeth, about 1840, Martha, about 1842, Andrew, about 1844, and Thomas, about 1847.

For More on the Frazier Family see THE ANCESTRY OF CLEMENT V. FRAZIER at Mary Janet Frazier Reed's Web Site.

To search for more Fraziers try the *Tennessee Frazier database, but remember there were many Frazier families there besides ours.