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Holston, Watauga and the Tennessee Country 1748-1775 - showing the mountain ranges that had to be crossed from North Carolina to future Tennessee

We have been given permission by the Jefferson County Genealogical Society to use the old map of Jefferson County from their book Jefferson County, Tennessee Families and history 1792-1996. The map is linked - beware the date as Jefferson County was formed 6/11/1792. Note the location of New Market on Lost Creek, very near the Friend's Church (Lost Creek Monthly Meeting). This map copyrighted and you are welcome to link here but you may not use this map without permission of the Genealogical Society

Overlay showing original counties of Hawkins and Greene Counties before Jefferson was set off in 1792

Jefferson County 1853 - Generally speaking, Woodward relatives were long gone from Tennessee by 1853 but we are posting this map for those researching related families.

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