James and Ann Woodward Turner of Nc, Indiana, and Iowa

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We are grateful to Diane Nuss and to Dayton Turner for information on this family and for photographs. We have also heard from descendant Montie Soderquist, descendant of Ira Miles and Mary Myers Turner (see his Web Site and linked GedComs at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~mopaso/index.htm).

James Dawson and Elizabeth Ann Woodward Turner Family

Elizabeth Ann Woodward was the oldest child of William and Nancy Smith Woodward, and granddaughter of William and Elizabeth Millikan Woodward.

James Dawson/Dosson Turner was known as "J. D." all his life. He was son of Abraham and Mary Albertson Turner. Diane believes he was of French, English, and Dutch descent.

  J. D. Turner
born 4/8/1825 Perquimans, N.C.
died 6/16/1892 Union Co, Iowa
burial Macksburg Cemetery
Madison Co, Ia
Ann Woodward
born 8/28/1833 Belleville, In
died 7/21/1907 Madison Co, Ia
burial Macksburg Cemetery
Madison Co, Ia

  Married: 12/4/1851 in North Salem, Hendricks County, Indiana

John Smith Turner, born 12/12/1852, North Salem, Indiana; married Nancy Evaline Bragg, 11/30/1874, Afton, Iowa
William A. Turner, born 6/15/1854, North Salem, Indiana; married Viola C. Spencer, 10/10/1880
Wesley Dayton Turner (Photo), born 6/4/1856, Monrovia, Morgan County, Indiana; married Rosa McLaughlin (Photo)2/15/1883, Mankota, Ks (Wesley Dayton Turner who furnished some of the photos is his namesake and descendant).
Jesse E. Turner, born 4/4/1858, North Salem, Indiana; married Francis E. Wolf, 12/25/1884 (Family photo)
Mary Jane "Jenny" Turner, (see photo links at bottom of page) born 11/28/1859, North Salem, Indiana; married Albert Mosbey Brock, 11/22/1887, Iowa
James M. Turner, born 4/11/1861, died 9/11/1863, Afton, Iowa
Ira M. Turner, born 4/1/1863, Afton, Iowa; married Mary Ann Myers, 10/1/1886, Mankato, Kansas (more below)
Edgar Strawn Turner, born 3/3/1865, Afton, Iowa; died 11/16/1887, Kanorade, Kansas
Lyman Clark Turner, born 4/4/1867, Afton, Iowa; married Mary Elizabeth Brock, 9/21/1891, Madison Co, Iowa (Family photo)
Albert Franklin Turner, born 4/4/1869, Afton, Iowa; married Clara Sylvia Shoemaker, 2/7/1892, Afton, Iowa
Ora Walter Turner, born 2/2/1871, Afton, Iowa; married Lizzie May Schisler 1901 (see May photo link at bottom of page)
Nancy Elam Turner, born 1/5/1873, Afton, Iowa; married Jessie Clarence Hughes, 10/4/1896, Afton, Iowa
Charles M. Turner, born 4/4/1875, Afton, Iowa; married Lucilla Daisy Schisler, 1900
Oscar Grant Turner, born 7/7/1877, died 7/16/1877, Afton, Iowa
Carl P. Turner, born 3/13/1879, Afton, Iowa; died 4/4/1899, Madison Co, Iowa

J. D. Turner History

J. D. Turner purchased land in Hendricks County, Indiana: February 3, 1831, W/2NE Sec 34 Township 16 North, Range 2 West. On September 30, 1834 he purchased the SENW in the same Section, giving him 120 acres total. We have a very large map of Indiana that would pinpoint this land exactly. We can scan in Hendricks County but need to find a way to add the Section and Township numbers in a comprehensible way.

A word about locations - note birthplace of Wesley Dayton Turner above in Monrovia, Morgan County, Indiana vs the rest of the births given in North Salem, Hendricks County, Indiana. Morgan and Hendricks County adjoined each other and Monrovia was about ten miles from North Salem. We suspect the birthplace of Wesley was given by someone who remembered them as living closer to Monrovia than to New Salem, but we know by the legal description of J. D.'s land that it was actually in Hendricks County. The same may very well apply in some of the Iowa information as Union County [Afton] adjoined Madison County and information may merely reflect use of a different court house for the marriage license and not generally a movement of members of the family.

Diane Nuss has very extensive files on this family. We do not plan to include information on our Web pages that is too close to living relatives, so will not show more here.

More Photos

Ira and Mary Ann Myers Turner and children

Photo of Ira Miles and Mary Ann Myers Turner and children, courtesy Dayton Turner. Descendant Montie Soderquist (Web Site linked at top of the page) tells us that the children are Myrtle, Lucy and James. Myrtle was born 1887, Lucy in 1889, and James in 1892 so from left to right they are Myrtle, Lucy, and James in the photo. He tells us that Ira Miles Turner is buried in Balch Cemetery, Formoso, Jewell County, Kansas and that Mary Ann Myers Turner is buried in Wheatland Cemetery, Wheatland, Platte Co, Wy. There is much more on the family on his web site as well as links to GedComs of the family. (to go direct to the Gedcoms Click)

Mary Jane Turner Brock and Lizzie May Schisler Turner

Photo of aunts Jennie and May taken March 13, 1890 [Mary Jane Turner Brock and Lizzie May Schisler (later Turner). Photos courtesy Dayton Turner.]

Photo of Albert and Jennie Turner Brock [courtesy Dianne Nuss.]