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An explanation about PLACES AND DATES - we have a fairly lengthy note on the Pennsylvania map page but not everyone will find it there. Throughout the site in posting birth, death, and marriage dates and places we have tried to follow the practice of putting down the name of the place as it existed on the date cited. We feel this will help researchers in knowing where to obtain original records. Many researchers instead use the modern name of the location so it can easily be located on a modern map, hence you may see discrepancies between our place names and those of other researchers. There is more about this on our About Dates & Places Page.

WARNING: Geocities closed down their web site in October 2009. Some of the update links below may have a Geocities address that will no longer be functional. All of our pages have been moved to this web site and our files will be found here. Marion Monk has also moved his web site to Rootsweb at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~monk/ so any of the broken links below for his families can now be found there. Click on the surname on his home page for those you are looking for.

10/13/2011 Updated the Eavenson page to show that Mary and Sarah were separate daughters of Hannah Eavenson and husband Thomas Arnold.
3/16/2011 Updated the John and Rebecca Mills page.
8/25/2010 Hannah Woodward's death date has been corrected on the home page to 10-30-1812 as given in "Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy" by William Wade Hinshaw, Volume 1. The Encyclopedia also contains the information that she died about 11:00 p.m. We have also added a possible child to the Abraham, Jr. page: Hannah Woodward married to Ezekiel Inman.
August 2010 Have just received a number of Jefferson County, Tennessee documents from Vance Woodward and as soon as I can digest them will be adding information to various files and posting update information here.
3/17/2010 Added some corrections to the William Millikan page passed on to us by a descendant and from various sources. We appreciate the help!
2/28/2010 Added Daughters of the American Revolution membership information for Millikan, Mills, and Mendenhall families. Though, as Quakers, none served in the Revolutionary War, they have qualified through patriotic service during the war.
12/30/2009 Added a photo of the Beehive (Richard Woodward, Sr. House) to the page. It is a large file and somewhat slow to load.
10/1/2009 Added information to the Jane Woodward Williams Page on an additional daughter of the Amos and Nancy Harris Williams family.
6/4/2009 M. D. Monk has moved his site pages from Geocities to Rootsweb (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~monk/). All the index files on this site have been updated. That was a lot of updating and we may have missed something so if you have any problem reaching a site please email Nadine Holder at the link above.
11/27/2008 Added information about some available articles on Riley and Ira Woodward, on the Benjamin Woodward Page.
11/14/2008 Added more information on the family of William and Jane Woodward Sharp on the Aaron Woodward page.
10/30/2008 Added more information about William and Sarah Thornbrough Stafford on the Thomas Thornbrough V page.
9/28/2008 Addded more information about Benjamin Franklin Morgan, son of Mary Jane Woodward Morgan on the Benjamin Woodward page. Frank Morgan was John Dillinger's first victim in his crime spree.
9/13/2008 Added more information on the Alexander Dean family on the
William and Alice Woodward Dean page.
7/22/2008 Added more information on the Phebe Williams/Robert Worl section of the Allen and Jane Woodward Williams page.
5/9/2008 M. D. Monk has updated his website as follows: two letters added to Charles Woodward; two photos added to William Woodward; and two letters added to Cynthia Ann Woodward Munhall. Use the back button on your browser if you wish to return here.
1/24/2008 Added the inventory of goods and chattels of Richard Woodward, Jr. to the Woodward Will page.
12/23/2007 Made some changes to the family of Richard Woodward, Jr., choosing to follow the information from "History of the Woodward Family" by Dr. Lewis Woodward (1879). His research is meticulous and seems to make more sense.
10/29/2007 Made some changes in language on the Millikan page to more clearly delineate what has been researched and what is still theory. We heard from another Millikan researcher and thank her much for her discussions of the page.
8/14/2007 A new page was added for Isaac Marshall, son of Abraham and Mary Hunt Marshall.
6/17/2007 Some additions to the John and Sarah Barnard Woodward Page. We will be closing down the Woodward page on Yahoo soon.
4/14/2007 Made a major correction to the Joseph and Jane Woodward Hayes page on the parentage of Joseph Hayes.
4/12/2007 Added information on the family of Joseph and Elizabeth Mendenhall Woodward family to the Joseph and Rebecca Martin Woodward Page
3/21/2007 Added information to James and Ann Pyle Woodward Page.
3/16/2007 Added a 1997 Poster Honoring War Veterans to the Quakers and War page. The poster features the White House Military Honor Guard and includes Quaker descendant and granddaughter of Web Master Nadine as one of the participants (representing the Coast Guard.)
2/27/2006 We have moved several pages of the Robert Woodward (probable brother of Richard, Sr.)Family over. Background on these descendants is colored gray to differentiate them from descendants of Richard, Sr., the main subject of this site.
2/23/2006 Have moved the Hinshaw and Hadley Pages over and updated the H Index.
2/20/2006 We have not worked on this site for awhile as we have been busy moving our entire Mercer County, Illinois, history site to Rootsweb. You can view it at Life on the Mississippi. An unusually large number of descendants of people on this Woodward site also passed through Mercer County, Illinois at some time is why we also did that site. Today we moved the Chandler pages from Yahoo to this Woodward site and we will be back to updating, probably almost on a daily basis.
12/5/2006 The Edward and Ann Mills Bond page has been updated and moved over.
12/4/2006 The William Brazelton and John and Nancy Needham Larrance Pages have been moved over.
11/26/2006 The John and Martha Beard Thomas and Elizabeth Dicks Beard; and Jesse and Hannah White Beard pages have been moved over.
11/23/2006 The Robert and Phebe Beals Canaday Sumner Page has been moved over. The John and Sarah Bowater Beals and Thomas and Sarah Ankram Beals pages have been updated and moved over.
11/13/2006 A number of Mills pages have been combined into the John Mills III and John Mills IV pages and moved here. Hopefully combining pages will allow this task to get accomplished quicker. Moved Thomas and Mary Ann Beals Hunt Page over.
11/10/2006 The William and Nathan Hunt pages were moved here and combined into one William Hunt page.
11/9/2006 The Aaron and Charity Mendenhall Mills and son Henry and Hannah Woodward Mills pages were updated and moved to this site.
11/8/2006 The James Hunt Page has been moved to this site.
11/5/2006 The John Bartram Page has been moved to this site. Many of the links on the Revolutionary War page have been updated to pages that have moved here.
11/2/2006 The Amos Williams Family Page has been updated and moved to this site.
11/1/2006 The James Dawson and Elizabeth Ann Woodward Turner Page has been moved to this site.
10/30/2006 The William and Nancy Smith Woodward Page has been moved to this site. The John Smith Woodward Page was updated and moved to this site.
10/29/2006 The Jesse and Rhoda Morgan Woodward Page has been updated and moved to this site.
10/27/2006 The William Baldwin Page and Jesse and Hannah Thornbrough Baldwin Page were moved to this site.
10/25/2006 The Ezra and Amanda Maris Woodward page has been moved to this site.
10/24/2006 The Abraham and Margaret Coppoci Frazier Family page has been removed from Yahoo and combined with the Susanna Woodward Frazier page on this site. The Eli and Jane McFarland Frazier Family page has been moved to this site and linked to Susanna.
10/22/2006 The John and Lydia Hussey Cook page and the Jesse and Hannah Marshall Cook page have been updated and moved to this site.
10/17/2006 The Abraham and Phebe Mills Cook Page has been updated and moved to this site.
10/15/2006 The Thomas and Mary Underwood Cook Page has been updated and moved to this site. Several errors were noted and corrected on the previous page.
10/14/2006 Combined pages for William and Rebecca Dixon Marshall/Marshill and William Jr and Elizabeth Bills Marshall and moved them over as one page.
10/2/2006 Moved over the page for John and Rebecca Mills, combining it with pages for son John, Jr., and son Henry Mills. We are combining some of the shorter pages with the hope we can finish this more quickly.
10/1/2006 Moved over the page for John and Keziah Manlove Wheeler. This will start us into the many, many Mills pages (sigh!)
9/30/2006 Moved over the page for Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall Jane's parentage is not known for sure and links were added to both Thomas Thornbrough and Walter Thornbrough of Pennsylvania. Richard Mendenhall was son of Mordecai and Charity below.
9/29/2006 Moved over the page for Mordecai and Charity Beeson Mendenhall
9/26/2006 Moved over the page for Richard and Charity Grubb Beeson. Also moved over the Hopewell Meeting House page. We are having computer problems so may be off line for awhile.
9/18/2006 Moved over the page for Samuel and Ann Baldwin Millikan
9/17/2006 Moved over the page for Stephanus and Rachel Beeson Haworth.
9/16/2006 Moved over the page for Thomas Thornbrough IV, son of Thomas III. Also moving over Aaron Hill, son-in-law of Thomas IV.
9/15/2006 Moved over the page for Thomas Thornbrough III, son of Thomas and Abigail brown Thornbrough
9/14/2006 Moved over the pages for Joseph Thornbrough, and James Thornbrough, sons of Thomas and Abigail Brown Thornbrough
9/13/2006 Moved over the page for Thomas and Abigail Brown Thornbrough
9/12/2006 Moved over the page for William and Martha Thornbrough, son of Edward and Jean Thornbrough.
9/11/2006 Moved over the page for Joseph and Rachel Brown Thornbrough, son of Joseph and Ann Armfield Thornbrough.
9/4/2006 Small corrections on the Joshua Welch page and have attached a page to it which includes the wills of Bryant Lester Sr and Jr. Bryant Lester Jr was Joshua's father-in-law.
8/31/2006 Added and corrected information on the Brown family on the James Welch page.
8/18/2006 Moved over the John and unknown Davis Thornbrough [son of Edward] page.
8/14/2006 Moved over the Benjamin Thornbrough page. He was son of Thomas and Sarah Hamman Thornbrough.
8/8/2006 Moved over the Edward Thornbrough (II) page, probable son of Edward Thornbrough of Pennsylvania. Moved over the Edward and Elizabeth Mendenhall Thornbrough page (son of Walter)
8/2/2006 Updated and moved over the John and Margaret Thornbrough Canaday family page and the John Canaday jr page.
7/30/2006 Updated and moved over the Robert and Mary Thornbrough Turner page.
7/24/2006 We have updated and moved over the Robert and Susanna Davis Thornbrough page. There are some comments on this page about Robert as possible parent of Hannah Thornbrough Woodward but it is pretty well disproven.
7/23/2006 We have updated and moved over the Joseph and Elizabeth White Thornbrough page.
7/22/2006 We have updated and moved over the Joseph and Ann Armfield Thornbrough Family page.
7/11/2006 We have done another major update on the eternally difficult Joshua Welch family page. Still have some tuneup to do to it so don't get totally attached to the information! Probably more indexing to do as well.
7/1/2006 Moved the Joseph and Rebecca Martin Woodward page to this site.
6/27/2006 Moved the James and Jane Bullock Woodward page to this site. Indexing will be complete in a day or two.
6/24/2006 Moved the Hannah Jones Starr page to this site. It will be indexed over the next few days.
6/19/2006 Added some census and land records to the Aaron Woodward Page. Moved the Edward Woodward, Jr. page to this site.
6/17/2006 The John and Barbara Bean Woodward page has been moved here and has major updates.
6/11/2006 The England/Irish Map page has been moved here.
6/10/2006 The Guilford County Ownership Map has been moved over to the N. Carolina Map page (linked below). The Western Maps page has been moved to this site.
6/9/2006 Moved the North Carolina Maps and Tennessee Maps pages to this site. We will move the Guilford County Ownerhsip Map (on N. Car Page) over in the next day or two.
6/8/2006 Moved the Aaron Baker Page to this site. He was son of Joseph and Mary Woodward Baker.
6/7/2006 Moved four pages of Bibliography to this site.
6/6/2006 Moved the Quaker Marriage Page to this site and linked it on the home page.
6/1/2006 Moved the Benjamin Woodward Page and the Thomas Pearson Page to this site.
5/30/2006 Moved the Ira and Riley Woodward Manuscript Page to this site. Moved the Migration Stories page page to this site and linked it to the Quaker Migrations Page.
5/30/2006 Moved the Journey to Indiana in 1815 Page to this site.
5/28/2006 Moved the Quakers and Slavery page to this site.
5/26/2006 Moved the Chester County Maps page to this site.
5/23/2006 Moved the Pennsylvania Maps page to this site.
5/21/2006 Moved the Welch Family Papers page to this site. Currently it includes mostly the papers of John Welch's Civil War service and pension problems but these are prime examples of the genealogical information that can be discovered in pension papers.
5/13/2006 Added information on more children of Amos and Nancy Harris Williams to the Jane Woodward Williams page.
5/4/2006 Moved the James and Sarah Alice Thornbrough Woodward page to this site. James was son of William and Eliza Marshall Woodward.
4/20/2006 Moved the Woodward Site Land Records to this site.
4/18/2006 Moved the Deborah Woodward Strode Harlan page to this site. Deborah was daughter of Richard, Jr.
4/7/2006 Moved the Joseph and Jane Woodward Hayes page to this site.
3/20/2006 Moved the James and Ann Pyle Woodward page to this site.
3/14/2006 Moved the George and Mary Woodward Entriken page to this site.
3/7/2006 Added a link to Chad Nichols' Web Site containing more information on the children of Aaron and Mary Woodward Mendenhall. Also added the link to Aaron's parent's page and to the M index page under Mendenhall.
3/6/2006 Moved the Evan and Sarah Woodward Jones page to this site. Sarah was daughter of Richard, Jr.
2/16/2006 Moved the John and Sarah Barnard Woodward page to this site. John was son of Richard, Jr.
2/15/2006 Moved the Esther Woodward Wilson (daughter of Richard, Jr.) page to this site.
1/29/2006 Moving some of our pages that were done with Yahoo Pagebuilder are rather beyond our abilities in html programming so we practiced with the Indiana Map page and are fairly satisfied with the results.
1/27/2006 The Quaker Migrations page was brought over from Yahoo and reformatted. It is linked on the Woodward home page on this site.
1/24/2006 The Quaker Meeting page was brought over from Yahoo and reformatted. It is linked on the Woodward Home page on this site.
1/23/2006 Added the Cloud and Mary Woodward Marshall family to the John and Lydia Martin Woodward page.
1/17/2006 Added a Shortledge Page for Hannah Woodward Shortledge Underwood, daughter of Richard Woodward, Jr. Will index it tomorrow (barring any household catastrophes.)
12/11/2005 Added an Edward Thornbrough and Walter Thornbrough page. They will be indexed in the next few days(barring work interfering!)
11/20/2005 Corrected list of children for John and Mary Pyle Newlin on their page. Also reinstalled the Robert Chamberlain, Jr. family page that was installed on 10/28/2005 in the middle of the Rootsweb meltdown and didn't "take." Moved William Millikan page to this site.
11/14/2005 Rootsweb is back and running and all our files were safe. Today we moved the Thomas and Elizabeth Woodward Thornbrough page here and updated the index accordingly.
11/7/2005 As people have probably noticed Rootsweb has had hardware problems with their freepages server and we have not been able to access the pages - our home page still seems to be down. Today we updated Eliza Woodward Frazier's Page. We still have quite a bit of additional data to organize and add to this page.
10/18/2005 Several updates to the Aaron and Mary Woodward Mendenhall page. We find there is an enormous amount of information on Marion Monk's Web Site (children of Samuel and Abigail Shelley Woodward) that we have not indexed. We are continuously working on updating the index pages, trying to do at least one per day.
10/13/2005 Moved the Thomas and Rachel Martin Woodward page to this site.
10/10/2005 Moved the Joseph and Martha Woodward Baker file to this site.
9/25/2005 Have added a photo of Eliza Dean Andrews and the will and inventory of William Dean to the Alice Woodward Dean page. Have transferred the Francis and Elizabeth Dean page here.
9/15/2005 Updates to the Alice Woodward Dean page, including a photo of John Dean's grave in Hickman Co, Tn.
9/11/2005 Have finished moving the indexes to this site and linking them on the home page.
9/8/2005 Have updated and done some reorganization on the Joshua Welch page on this site.
9/7/2005 The L, P, and T name indexes have been moved to this site and linked to the home page.
9/4/2005 The H, J, and K name indexes have been moved to this site and linked to the home page.
9/2/2005 M. D. Monk has added information on Cynthia Ann Woodward to his Munhall page. The Henry and Rachel Thornbrough page has been indexed on this site.
8/15/2005 We have moved the Henry and Rachel Moon Thornbrough page to this site.
8/12/2005 M. D. Monk has updated several of his pages: a fairly large update with California information on the Nathan Shelley Woodward family page; a photo of John Woodward's grave in Roseburg, Oregon on his page; considerable additional information on the Cynthia Woodward Munhall page; and information on Samuel Shelley, brother of Abigail, on the Abigail's Siblings page.
Yours truly is getting little done on the pages. Am concentrating on keeping the homestead from falling down in the Arizona floods. I do spend some time each day in catching up on eight months of unanswered correspondence about web pages. Sorry folks - so far have not figured out on how to work on more than one thing at a time!
8/6/2005 The move goes on, though painfully slow, as we continue to answer questions and do volunteer lookups. We are also rewriting some of the pages before moving them. We have moved the Revolutionary War and Civil War Pages here and have made a cover page Quakers and War that is linked on the home page now on this site.
6/12/2005 We continue to move pages and index pages. B, C, D, pages have been moved and E, F, and G soon will be. The links on the home page to index pages are updated as we move the pages.
4/26/2005 More pages have been moved. New index pages here are O, and Thornbrough. Links on those pages have been moved here. We have moved the Thomas Thornbrough V Family page to this site.
4/1/2005 Many more pages have been moved. We have started putting index pages on this site and linking them on the home page. On each page is an explanation on how to tell which pages are here and which are still on the previous site. So far we have moved the Woodward Names, the A, N, M, and W Name indexes.
3/13/2005 Moved Patrick Welch to this site.
2/17/2005 We are working on moving more of the children of Harvey and Rachel Woodward Welch to this site. William and James Welch have been moved.
2/10/2005 Moved page for Harvey and Rachel Woodward Welch to this site. Previously moved the page for Stephen and Sarah Welch Carr.
2/4/2005 Pages moved in the last few days include: William and Lydia Ellen Welch Carr; John and Lydia Martin Woodward and the Revolutionary War page.
1/17/2005 Moved the About Dates and Places and About Names pages to this site. Both are linked on the Woodward home page.
1/16/2005 Moved the Pyle family page to this site.
1/15/2005 Finished moving Newlin pages and have moved the index for the N Surnames that is linked on the home Woodward page.
1/14/2005 The pages for most of the Newlin families have been moved.
1/12/2005 The page for Richard Woodward's parents, Richard and Jane Woodward has been moved here. The Marshall family, ancestors of Eliza Marshall Woodward, pages have also been moved.
1/9/2004 The page for William Woodward's parents, Richard and Deborah Stanfield Woodward, has been moved to this site.
1/5/2005 The page for Abraham Woodward's parents, William and Eliza Marshall Woodward has been moved to this site. On the Home page it is linked under "Abraham's Ancestors" in the Links box. In moving this page we discovered that the Yahoo site had lost our Woodward Wills page so we retyped it and loaded it on this site instead. It is linked on William's page.
12/31/2004 Have finished moving the pages for Abraham and Hannah's children. Have also moved the Woodward Index page to this site and it is linked on the home page here.
12/10/2004 We are beginning a process to move these pages to Rootsweb as the level of service from Yahoo has fallen dramatically. The home page at Rootsweb is http://freepages.family.rootsweb.com/~mygermanfamilies/Woodward.html. Don't be put off by "My German Families" - I didn't have this in mind when I started the rootsweb page and there is currently no way to change the title! Besides the Woodward home page we have moved Abraham Woodward's Biography, Hannah Woodward's info, and are starting to move the children. The pages will be in both places for awhile and we hope not to confuse people too much.