John and Keziah Manlove Wheeler of Delaware and North Carolina

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John and Keziah Manlove Wheeler Family

John Wheeler was the son of John and Mary Wheeler of Sussex County, Delaware.

Keziah Manlove was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Browne Manlove of Kent County, Delaware.

Much of our information comes from a manuscript written by descendant Alonzo Wheeler. Where we have obtained records from other sources they are noted.

John Wheeler
born abt 1725 Sussex Co, De
died abt 1779 Guilford Co, NC
Keziah Manlove
born abt 1726 Kent Co, De
died 11/12/1760 Kent Co, De
  Married: 2/26/1745 in Delaware

Manlove Wheeler born abt 1748 Kent Co, De; married (1) Hannah Mills and (2)widow Mary Kendall Mendenhall
John Wheeler born about 1754 Sussex Co, De; married (1)Rachel Mills and (2) Mary Cook Stevens
Jonathan Wheeler born Delaware; married Jane Mendenhall

There may have been more children.

Wheeler Records in North Carolina

John Wheeler is listed as a "taylor" in the John Tate Store accounts in Guilford County, North Carolina, and is marked with a code indicating his credit was neither good nor bad, but "indifferent". We are not exactly sure of his exact arrival date in North Carolina but the store accounts begin in 1782.

John Wheeler bought two parcels of land in 1775. Since John, Jr. was probably 21 in that year, one of the purchases may have been his. Both parcels were in the section marked "D2" on the Guilford County Map on this site. Their land was very near that of the Mills family and Manlove Wheeler later operated a mill just west of this land. We find no separate land record for son Manlove Wheeler and since he operated a mill very near where his father's land is shown in Guilford County, he may have built it on his father's land. The mill is said to have operated during the Revolutionary War.

More on the Children of John and Keziah Manlove Wheeler

Manlove Wheeler Family

Son Manlove Wheeler married Hannah Mills, daughter of Henry and Hannah Thornbrough Mills, on 3/31/1774 at New Garden Monthly Meeting in Guilford County. Hannah died 3/27/1790 and is buried at Deep River Monthly Meeting in Guilford County. Manlove then married Mary Kendall Mendenhall, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Kendall, and widow of Elijah Mendenhall, grandson of Aaron and Rose Pearson Mendenhall, on 1/19/1792 at Deep River Monthly Meeting. We find them in the 1800 census in Salisbury, Guilford County, North Carolina: Manlove Wheeler, 2 males 16-25, 2 males 26-44, 1 male 45+; 1 female under 5, 2 females 16-25; 1 female 45+.

The children of Manlove and Hannah are listed at Deep River Monthly Meeting in Guilford County. They were: Keziah Wheeler (1/3/1775); Henry Wheeler (10/10/1776); Charity Wheeler (7/19/1778); Hannah Wheeler (6/15/1780); John Wheeler (5/29/1783); Manlove Wheeler (9/24/1785); Jonathan Wheeler (7/6/1787); Aaron Wheeler (b 6/30/1789, d 3/23/1790). Since Aaron and mother Hannah died within a few days of each other, they probably died of disease.

Daughter Keziah Wheeler married John Stalker on 2/19/1795 at Deep River Monthly Meeting. We have not traced them further.

Son Henry Wheeler was condemned 2/6/1797 at Deep River for misconduct. He was then dismissed on 7/4/1808 for marriage out of unity. His wife's name is given as Leah in Quaker records but we do not know her surname. They evidently made their peace with the Quakers as their children are listed in Quaker records: Lydia Wheeler (1/15/1809); Celia Wheeler (5/27/1811); Elizabeth Wheeler (10/15/1818); Emily Wheeler (b 1/24/1826 d 10/13/1826). Lydia Wheeler married Jonathan Horney 5/4/1826 at Deep River Monthly Meeting. Her sister Celia was dismissed 7/7/1831 for marriage out of unity to Horney, who was possibly a brother of Lydia's husband. We have nothing further on this family.

Daughter Charity Wheeler married a Gordon who may be the "Uncle Jonathan Gordon" mentioned in the Wheeler manuscript. We have been attempting to correlate some of the manuscript information with Guilford County census records but have a lot more research to do.

Daughter Hannah Wheeler married Joseph Thomas on 2/4/1802 at Deep River Monthly Meeting. They had children: Anna Thomas (11/20/1802); Manlove Thomas (10/22/1804); Stephen Thomas (6/9/1807); Lewis Thomas (3/7/1818); Agga Thomas (9/1/1819). There were probably more.

There is some confusion over son John Wheeler. According to Quaker records, son John Wheeler died the day he was born, so we suspect there may be a second son John born later or the Wheeler manuscript has assigned the wrong John Wheeler to Manlove. There was a John Wheeler dismissed for marriage out of unity on 3/4/1811 at Deep River. He married Keziah Welch, daughter of William and Mary King Welch, who was born about 1791 in Guilford County, North Carolina. The Wheeler manuscript simply says John Wheeler had a total of ten children; six sons, five of whom were millers.'s World Family Tree gives children as Alfred A.; Austin K.; Manlove M.; William W.; John J.; Henry H.; Keziah C.; Elijah DUC; Mary H.; Cynthia Delphina. This is ten children but seven sons and no proof is offerred. This source also gave us Keziah Welch, daughter of William Welch and Mary King, so this is not yet proven, though the Alonzo Wheeler manuscript mentions that his father had an uncle Bill Welch, which would match. We did find some evidence for some of the children in the 1850 Guilford County census. Keziah Wheeler, age 59, born Guilford County is listed two doors from William Wheeler and three doors from Alfred Wheeler. A Manlove Wheeler of the right age is also found in the 1850 census. We have therefore included here what we have verified in the census records, in Quaker records, and what is included in the Alonzo Wheeler manuscript as Alonzo was son of Alfred A. Wheeler.

Another possibility for John Wheeler is that he was Jonathan Wheeler, born 7/6/1787, son of Manlove and Hannah Mills Wheeler. Johnathan is consistently given in census records as John. He was married to Phebe and was dismissed 3/4/1811 for marriage out of unity. They apparently made their peace with the Quakers as John and Phebe Wheeler were given a certificate on 4/8/1863 to Deep River Monthly Meeting. They had known children: Jonathan Wheeler (4/1/1812); David Wheeler (12/12/1813); Solomon (4/2/1816); Nathan (9/2/1818); Mary (4/29/1821); Jesse (9/16/1831). Other possible children are Cyrus and Benjamin. And he may be father of Alfred Wheeler! John Wheeler, age 63, farmer, born Guilford County is found in the 1850 census in Guilford County.

John and Keziah Welch Wheeler: John Wheeler died before the 1850 census. Keziah Wheeler, age 59, in the 1850 Guilford Census would have been born about 1791. John and Keziah were married sometime before 3/4/1811. Alfred A. Wheeler, born about 1812, occupation miller, is found in the 1850 census with wife Lydia and children Mary E, born about 1842.; Melissa J., born about 1843; Luzena S., about 1845; Emily S., about 1849. Manlove Wheeler, born about 1815, wife Phebe, born about 1821, is living next to Charles Starbuck in 1850 (according to the Wheeler manuscript, Alfred Wheeler bought the Starbuck farm in 1857). They have children Martha J, born about 1841; Polly E., born about 1846; and Phebe S., born about 1849. William Wheeler, occupation miller, born about 1817; wife Ruth born about 1814, are living near Keziah. The children listed are: Newton J., b about 1841; Cornelia C., about 1843; John, b. abt 1845; William b. abt 1849. On 8/12/1886 at Deep River Monthly Meeting there is a note that Julia Antoinette and Eli Junius Horney, minor children of Eli P. and Cornelia Horney, both dec, were granted a certificate to New Garden Monthly Meeting at the request of their aunt Mary Wheeler. Elijah D.W.C. Wheeler, age 22, farmer, is living with his mother Keziah in 1850 with his wife Merinda, age 24, and son Wm. H., 3/12. Daughter Cynthia, age 15, is also living with mother Keziah. We have nothing further on other children.

Alfred and Lydia Macy Wheeler - We are continuing this family here as he was father of Alonzo Wheeler, writer of the Wheeler manuscript, and much is given about him. More confusion arises however as Alonzo seems to give Alfred as son of John and Phebe Wheeler (see under Jonathan above). (Note:Alonzo Wheeler married Matilda Smith, a descendant of William Brazelton II of Jefferson Co Tn)

John Wheeler, Jr. Family

Son John Wheeler, Jr., married Rachel Mills, daughter of John and Sarah Bowater Beals Mills, on 11/11/1779 at Deep River Monthly Meeting in North Carolina. Rachel died sometime before 1804 and John married next to widow Mary Cook Stevens sometime before 7/2/1804 when he was dismissed from Deep River for marrying too soon after his wife's death (this latter information is from a book on the Quaker Beals Families and we have not verified the information). The same source gives a will dated 11/10/1832 for John Wheeler in Guilford County which we have not followed up on. Some of the children of John and Rachel Mills Wheeler are given in Deep River Monthly Meeting records: Mary Wheeler (8/12/1780); William Wheeler (8/27/1783); Sarah Wheeler (10/5/1785); Lydia Wheeler; Jonathan Wheeler (5/3/1795).

Jonathan Wheeler Family

Son Jonathan Wheeler married Jane Mendenhall, daughter of Richard and Jane Thornbrough Mendenhall, on 3/21/1781 at Deep River Monthly Meeting in Guilford County, North Carolina. Jonathan Wheeler died 3/21/1795.

Jonathan and Jane had children: Richard Wheeler (b 10/20/1781 d 10/22/1781); Kezia Wheeler (11/15/1782); Charity Wheeler (3/12/1785); John Wheeler (2/19/1787); Margaret Wheeler (b 9/1/1789 d 9/28/1894); Jane Wheeler (8/1/1791). We have not yet traced this family further.

4/26/2007 Added information to Mary Kendall, second wife of Manlove Wheeler, indicating her as widow of Elijah Mendenhall, grandson of Aaron and Rose Pearson Mendenhall.