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    Welcome to the Shirer Family Genealogy Project. Here you can find information on many related families including, but not limited to, the surnames ADAMS, CUMMINS/CUMMINGS, DECKER, FIRESTONE/FEUERSTEIN, HARVEY, HOFF/HUFF, HUMPHREY, SCHEGGERT, SCHEURER and WERTS. I based this site on my own Paternal and Maternal lineage but I believe in researching the descendants of all my ancestors. In some cases others have done a wonderful job on their particular branch of the family and I don't look to duplicate their efforts. In other cases, some research that has been done by other researchers years ago has been included and updated with newer sources resulting in many new family connections.

    A word of warning. All data on this site is a compilation of many researchers efforts. Not all the data is documented or referenced so it would benefit your research to verify this data before accepting its authenticity. Some dates are approximations due to lack of a precise source.


    Due to no longer supporting this and other websites on Rootsweb, I will no longer be able to make changes to anything found on this site. I am still maintaining the data on my computer and can make changes and add new additions but it will not be updated on this site. The search is under way for a new host and if necessary, I may take donations to create a website on a pay for play platform like GoDaddy. If so the URL will most likely be That name is not likely to be used by anyone else so if you can't find it, it hasn't been created yet. I'm getting up in years and I am hoping a family member can be found to take this project on and continue my work so stay tuned. I can still be reached at my email address which can be found on every page on this site, if you have any questions.

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Compiled by: Denny Shirer, Canton, Ohio

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