The Cherished Letters


Thomas Wayman Hendricks (original compiled by Josie Armstrong McLaughlin)/Cherished Letters of Thomas Wayman Hendricks. (Birmingham, AL; 1947)

On April 3, 1996, Virginia HARRISON Nash a native of Oneonta, AL mailed to Josephine Lindsay Bass copies of Thomas Wayman Hendricks Civil War letters, pages 6 through 103. Her husband's mother was a Hendricks. We both felt that these letters would further the understanding of the people and their culture during the Civil War. She entrusted me to find a way to appropriately present the letters. In April, 1997, as a member of the Civil War Mailing List, I was presented this opportunity to post these letters to that list. Michael Ruddy and Ken Jones (who had just begun research on Company "B" 12th AL Calvary Regt) contacted me with much interest.  I also posted the letters to my list [email protected] in 1998.

I condensed and paraphased the background, and genealogy information from the pages of Josie Armstrong McLaughlin's , "Cherished Letters of Thomas Wayman Hendricks (Brimingham, AL; 1947), but did not change one line of the letters. After posting to the mailing list, I received this email and others:

" Josephine, These letters are great. I feel like I'm learning more and understanding more about the Civil War and those who fought in it from these letters than from all the reading I've done on the subject. Thank you so much for sharing them."


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The Cherished Letters 1861

The Cherished Letters 1862

The Cherished Letters 1863

The Cherished Letters 1864

The Cherished Letters 1865

The Cherished Letters 1866

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Civil War Clip Art

Civil War Clip Art
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