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GO GIRL!!!!! To the guy who thinks this sucks. I know who I am, what are you? Anyway, this site is great, got more cousins than I can shake a stick at and I can thank all of the people like you out there in cyber land who takes the time to record it here, and elsewhere. So, if anyone has anything of thay nature to share, please e-mail me. Be cool.
Kendrick Wayne Shackleford <[email protected]>
Woodstock, GA USA - Thu Dec 31 23:54:10 1998

GO GIRL!!!!! To the guy who thinks this sucks. I know who I am, what are you? Anyway, this site is great, got more cousins than I can shake a stick at and I can thank all of the people like you out there in cyber land who takes the time to record it here, and elsewhere. So, if anyone has anything of thay nature to share, please e-mail me. Be cool.
Kendrick Wayne Shackleford <[email protected]>
Woodstock, GA USA - Thu Dec 31 23:54:07 1998
Great web site! My ancestors were William Bonner and Nancy Chappell Bonner. I have info on the Bonners back to Joseph Bonner and his wife Sarah Heath Bonner. This info I received from the late Mrs Troy (Catherine) Zieman an I will be glad to share info as I can. Good luck and thanks again for a great site!
Peter L. Bonner <[email protected]>
Jonesboro, Ga USA - Wed Dec 30 20:28:02 1998
You have a great page, keep up the good work. Happy New Year to you and yours. Millie Johnson
Millie Johnson <[email protected]>
Ukiah, CA USA - Wed Dec 30 9:54:05 1998
You have a great page. Good Luck, Happy New Year to you and yours, Millie Johnson
Millie Johnson <[email protected],net>
ukiah, ca USA - Wed Dec 30 9:52:03 1998
McAlpine/Patton/Dudley/Price/Richardson desc of Sarah Harrison, dau of Godfrey son of Edmund Harrison by wife a (?) Godfrey. Others have Edmund directly as father of Sarah.
Kenneth McAlpine <[email protected]>
Fl USA - Mon Dec 28 23:04:35 1998
Seeking parents of Henry Harrison 1760 d 1818 Barnwell County, Seeking parents of Henry Harrison b 1760 d 1818 Barnwell County, South Carolina,
Kenneth E. Harrison <[email protected]>
Miami, FL USA - Mon Dec 28 7:42:51 1998
I am just starting to piece together the volums of information my Grand father Hugh Howard Harrison has sent my way.
Timothy James Harrison <[email protected]>
Long Lake, MN USA - Sun Dec 27 14:29:43 1998
Hi! Looking for BELFAST HARRISONS/McCALPIN[E]S Enjoyed the site a lot. Unfortunately, our HARRISONS have only been in the srtates for about 100 years and we haven't found the link that gets us past the "wall" in Belfast. Any thoughts?
Larry A. Whinery <[email protected]>
Huntington, IN USA - Fri Dec 25 15:54:14 1998
Great site, thanks for he Higginbotham info. My wife connects with Mary Ann Higginboham and Henry Franklin.
Richard Crocker <[email protected]>
Cheyenne, WY USA - Wed Dec 23 11:50:31 1998
Great Site! I would love to have one half this good someday. I was looking for DUNNAM and found your site. My G. grandfather was Sidney E. Dunnam. I hope to find his Parents, etc. I will check in with you again. Thanks, Earl
Earl V. Johnson <[email protected]>
Dallas, TX USA - Tue Dec 22 12:14:06 1998
I'm so interested in my background, so I punched in my last name and came upon this web site. Due to uncontrollable circumstances I have no way of knowing whom I'm related to. If anyone thinks they can help, e-mail. I'll be glad to hear from you even if we're not related.
Miranda J. Harrison <[email protected]>
Piqua, Oh USA - Mon Dec 21 22:35:23 1998
correction Mary Emma Nunnelley check spelling found photos of graves in Cave Hill, Ky
mary Eliz, Kerchal <Hstbuff @>
Portland, Oregon USA - Sun Dec 20 3:58:34 1998
I really like your pages. I wish to come back again. Thank you
Ruth Skaggs
Chillicothe, Oh USA - Sat Dec 19 1:36:14 1998
The farthest back I am able to go is Albert Jerymire (Jeremiah?) Harrison, b. circa 1812 in Georgia. He had 2 brothers: Wm. Buck Harrison & Green Harrison. Two sisters: Miria and Almeda. Albert J. Harrison later moved from Jackson, MS in 1854, to Chester, TX. Any info is GREATLY appreciated!
Melinda Harrison <[email protected]>
Houston, TX USA - Thu Dec 17 15:57:32 1998
I am looking for information on the Collinsworth family. I would like to start with the family based in Arkansas and move forward. Any help is greatly appreciated. I love this site. It is great for first time starters like me!
Kelly Collinsworth <[email protected]>
Griffithville, AR USA - Thu Dec 17 12:56:28 1998
Great site! My Name is Greg Sandige. Iam the youngest son of Jay Calvin Sandidge who died in 1968 in Portland, Oregon. I have an Uncle Dwight Sandidge of Santa Anna Cal. I have three older brothers: Douglas Brent, George Robert and Earl Eugene. Of my history I know my roots go back to the mid 17th century when my ancesters arrived "on the boat". I have direct descendents that fought in the revolutionary and cival wars. I have been told that durring the cival war my family fueded over the emancipation issue. The feud was so fierce that the family split and the one side was so mad they changed the spelling of their name! Details are scetchy at best. I also had an ancester that owned a large plantation prior to the cival war. I would be interseted in conversing with anyone who could share what they know of my (our) family. My Mother has more specific information that is documented. Very intriguing stuff!
Greg Sandidge <[email protected]>
Eagle Creek, OR USA - Thu Dec 17 11:53:05 1998
YAKIMA , WA USA - Thu Dec 10 17:24:34 1998
LOVED YOUR SIGHT! It has a lot of important information. I just wished that is had info on the Harrisons in Illinois. Looking for James Harrison b. 1827 KY - and had children b. in Illinois. My g-grandfather Ulysses S. Grant Harrison b. 1872 Wayne Co., IL. Will be checking back for Harrisons in Illinois. Thanks for the visit.
Connie Henslee <[email protected]>
New Boston, Tx USA - Mon Dec 7 22:39:27 1998
I really enjoyed this page, but I am trouble finding any one from my branch of the Harrison family. Which settled in Kalamazoo Co, Michigan and parts of Iowa. They are decended from Joseph Harrison I and Bersheba Jane Oglesby
Heather Jo Hammond <[email protected]>
East Lansing, Mi USA - Fri Dec 4 13:53:53 1998
This is good!! Have you looked at MS Cemetery & Bible Records, Volume X? Adolphus Brown Bible (pages 27-31) has lots of Collinsworths.
Joan Manchester Hamby <[email protected]>
West Monroe, LA USA - Thu Dec 3 13:04:13 1998
This is good!! Have you looked at MS Cemetery & Bible Records, Volume X? Adolphus Brown Bible (pages 27-31) has lots of Collinsworths.
Joan Manchester Hamby <[email protected]>
West Monroe, LA USA - Thu Dec 3 13:03:59 1998
This site is wonderful! I am 10th generation from Richard Harrison was was born in England 1600, settled in New Haven CT in 1643 and m Sarah Yorke. Would like to know if there is true to Richard's brother Benjamin being grandfather to President William Henry Harrison. Also would like to know if there is anyone in the lineage of John Rogers Harrison b. Sept. 23, 1807 in Cornwall CT, father of George Chandler Harrison b. May 19, 1840 in Cornwall CT. John married Eleanor Bradford, direct descendent to Gov. William Bradford. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Susan
Susan Raimo <[email protected]>
USA - Sun Nov 29 17:53:57 1998
I'm just getting started in looking for Bonner's
Robert Dean Bonner <[email protected]>
Everett, Wa USA - Sun Nov 29 13:19:11 1998
i have just begun to use a computer but everyone whats to know wher ther family started on the earth. i think you site is great and hope to help in any aay i can
robert harrison <shoemanbob>
rochester, ny USA - Wed Nov 25 20:21:28 1998
What I have seen I like. Thanks
Wanda Schwarz <[email protected]>
McAlester, OK USA - Sun Nov 22 22:49:38 1998
Excellent Web Page
Charles Crowson <[email protected]>
Balch Springs, TX USA - Sun Nov 22 17:15:47 1998
Researching Morgan, WV Panhandle, and Lytle-Smith, West. PA.
Dorothy E. Morgan <[email protected]>
St. Clairsville,, OH USA - Thu Nov 19 18:03:53 1998
Beck and all the Bonners, especially those that came through the Carrol County, GA region. Thankyou for some of my roots. G grandmother was Jerusha Carrie Bonner, b 1858, d 1943. Married John H Shackelford, who died in 1891. Carrie remarried two more times. Who did she marry, were there children? And exactly who were Carrie's parents, was it William F and Susan Bonner? If I don't get an answer to these questions, and soon, I will be as bald as they come, I pull out more hair everyday.
Donnie Shackelford <[email protected]>
Montgomery, AL USA - Mon Nov 16 7:44:40 1998
Beck and all the Bonners, especially those that came through the Carrol County, GA region. Thankyou for some of my roots. G grandmother was Jerusha Carrie Bonner, b 1858, d 1943. Married John H Shackelford, who died in 1891. Carrie remarried two more times. Who did she marry, were there children? And exactly who were Carrie's parents, was it William F and Susan Bonner? If I don't get an answer to these questions, and soon, I will be as bald as they come, I pull out more hair everyday.
Donnie Shackelford <[email protected]>
Montgomery, AL USA - Mon Nov 16 7:44:26 1998
Great website,If anyone can verify where Irish Bonners originated please mail me.
Hugh Aidan Bonner <[email protected]>
Donegal, Reo.of Ireland - Mon Nov 16 6:59:10 1998
Great website, Becky! Took a lot of work to set up and maintain! Keep up the good work. Best, Walt
Walter Jenny Jr. <[email protected]>
Edmond, OK USA - Sun Nov 15 8:06:35 1998
My book, "Twelve Centuries of Clendenin and Related Families" available at LDS Family History Centers (microfilm) has William & Thomas Arnold, immigrants to Rhode Island in 1635; William Anderson (1720-1794) Va., Isaac Harman & wife Christina Henkle, Va. 17xx-1830. I enjoyed your fine web site.
Donald E. Clendenin <[email protected]>
Pittsburg, Mo USA - Sat Nov 14 23:31:23 1998
Very interesting and cool web page, there is only a very small Bonner population in NZ and I emigrated from UK with parents (Albert Thomas & Emily Nee Watts) in 1970.
Sue & Bruce Bonner <[email protected]>
Auckland, New Zealand - Fri Nov 13 22:44:14 1998
Greetings Cousin! We have a common ancestor at Mary Plantagenet and Henry Percy (circa 1340 or so) Could we swap data .. I need History and your page showed little or no present data (from that point forward) Rich
Richard Leonard <[email protected]>
upland, ca USA - Thu Nov 12 9:49:21 1998
just a beginner
melissa bonner white
murfreesboro, tn USA - Mon Nov 9 21:44:04 1998
A great,exciting and interesting site. My Soden ancestors are Irish,British and German with many connections in US ,Canada,Australasia. Any connection? Drop a line sometime. Best Wishes, Felix
Felix P. Soden <[email protected]>
Dublin, Ireland - Wed Nov 4 16:09:06 1998
Just started browsing through, to see if any relatives are listed. I believe most of my ancestors came from the UK not too long ago. My middle name is from governor Bradford, who was one of the people who started thansgiving. I will enjoy looking through this site Thanks
James Bradford Harrison <[email protected]>
Syracuse, NN.Y. USA - Thu Oct 29 15:16:49 1998
Everybody loves this site and if everybody leaves a bit of information it can be the greatest For McCants and McCance records A letter From R.M. McCance 5111 Silica Dr. Sylvania Ohio 22 April 1967 to Godfrey Dale McCance: Dear Sir First of all, I am very happy to find someone interested in the MCCANCE genealogy. I have often thought of it. I'll start with the beginning of what I know at this time. I have others looking. JAMES MCCANCE died at 84 years in 1907 or 1908 in Fulton County Ohio. He was the husband of FANNY MONTGOMERY MCCANCE from PA. He had a Brother WILLIAM. As far as we know they came from Lorraine County Ohio. During the Early years of the marriage of JAMES, who was a carpenter by trade. JAMES and FANNY had eleven children. There is no record so far as to the order in which they were born;(1) OHIO MCCANCE was the first born and had one son ALVIN. There were five girls HARRIET, ELLEN, LIBBY, VIRGINIA, CAROLINA. The last two girls died at an early age. (2)LOUIS had one son CLENZO who lives in Wauseon. (3) William left home in Wauseon during his late teens in 1897 and the family heard from him once from Denver Colo. and never heard another word. (4) IOWA as far as my fathers recollection never had any family. Now for my grand father GILMORE DICKSON MCCANCE. he was born Oct 1, 1867 in Clinton Township, Fulton Co. Ohio. Died Dec. 21, 1959 at the age of 92 he had two sons. MORRIS MCCANCE AGED 65 YEARS, a retired farmer living a half mile south of lyons Ohio and MERRILL MCCANCE R#1 Delta Ohio an electrician aged 62 years, MORRIS (my father) had six boys and one girl. ROBERT born in 1922, MERRILL LEROY born in 1924, RUTH born in 1926, MARION born in 1928, LEON born in 1930 (deceased), FRED born in 1943 and JAMES EDWARD BORN IN 1947 and now in the Army in the Mekong Delta, Viet Nam. ROBERT has two sons ROBERT Jr. born in 1947 a Sophmore at Ohio State and BRUCE born 1950 a Junior in high school. MERRIL LEROY has three boys and two girls. MIKE born in 1945, PATRICK born in 1947 both in the Navy, JUDY born in 1951, DANIEL born in 1955 and JAMES born in 1957, RUTH has three girls, MARION has two boys and one girl April born in 1949, DENNY born in 1950, LEE born in 1956. Fred has two girls and James is unmarried. and now for the family of MERRIL MCCANCE, he had four girls and two boys. DORTHY and LOIS, RICHARD born in 1930, RONALD born in 1941, MARY and SUSIE all married. Mr McCance, as far as I know now this is complete as far as the present generation. If you can use any of it I'll be very pleased. I'm certanly interested in this work you are doing and if I can be of any futher service please let me know. At the first opportunity I am going to the Fulton County Court House and see What I Can Find out to futher my Knowledge of the Family, I'd be very much interested in reading the history that you have collected, Sincerely Robert McCance SR
Daniel McCance <[email protected]>
Canton, OH USA - Wed Oct 28 7:38:31 1998
I like your site, and I hope it will help me to find out about my family history.
Mark Douglas Harrison <[email protected]>
Orange, TX USA - Sun Oct 25 20:25:48 1998
Looking for info on Venning/Taylor or Taylor/Venning. In 1929 gave birth and gave child up. All persons directly involved are probably all deseased. Just curious of circumstances surrounding adoption. Know it was through Salvation Army and mother signed birth certificate. All this info may be fabricated but wiorth looking into.
snoop <[email protected]>
St.Pete , Fl USA - Wed Oct 21 11:05:24 1998
My sister gave me this address. We are from the Harrison line. It is exciting to see ancestors listed here. She said that my name is in here somewhere. I haven't found it yet. am having fun looking..Thanks for all your hard work. Sue
Ida Sue Harris <[email protected]>
ClintonT , ARMy USA - Mon Oct 19 20:58:34 1998
Looking for Relatives.
Mario Vitulano <[email protected]>
Montreal, Quebec Canada - Mon Oct 19 20:31:31 1998
Have a long list of Names. Included are:Houdek,Lames, Hastings, Croushorn, King, Clark,Gast, Gustine, Taggart, Kirk,Kerr-------the list goes on and on. Thanks Bill
Bill Houdek <[email protected]>
Ballwin, Mo USA - Mon Oct 19 11:15:25 1998
This is a fabulous site. My interests are Little, Beard, Orchard, Penn, Waters, Cush just to name a few. I am trying to locate any ancestory information on William Penn is that he might have died in April 1883. He married Sarah Waters in England. I believe that they came from Bunbury, Oxford England area. One of their children was Richard Benjamin Penn born 6th July, 1937. Richard left Adderbury on the 11th May, 1857 aged 19 years, leaving on the ship "Herald" on the 15th May, 1857 arriving in Sydney on the 21st August, 1857. If you can help or know of anyone who maybe able to help me I would be truly grateful.
Debbie Little <[email protected]>
Inverell, NSW, AUS - Sat Oct 17 4:40:55 1998
Beautiful site
Billie Lipscomb <[email protected]>
Baton Rouge, LA USA - Fri Oct 16 21:17:16 1998
Great site you did a fine job. I've talked with JBASS a bit and we are related back about the mid 1800 or so. Also, would like to talk to any other CONEYs out there. Keep up the good work...
John D. Coney <[email protected]>
Independence, Mo USA - Fri Oct 16 14:11:22 1998
A Super site well done. I also have a site at the above address if anyone is interested in the Corbett Family or Hereford Area in England From 1530 onwards Regards Peter
Peter Corbett <[email protected]>
USA - Fri Oct 16 10:06:05 1998
between your repository and I about solved half of family tree
Darrell Kentner
High Level, Alberta canada - Thu Oct 15 23:32:29 1998
Really like this site!! Am just beginning our family history search and know that we are descended from the Presidential Harrison's. I hope to find out more and your site will be visited often.
Kathie Harrison <[email protected]>
Lincoln, NE USA - Thu Oct 15 15:30:57 1998
For McCants and McCance records: Sanson Institute of Heraldry Coat of Arms Presentation. Microfilm documentary copy of the original coat-of-arms drawing which has now been permanently filed in the Sanson Institute of Heraldry. Mc Cance Reference Source: Burke, Sir Bernard, General Armory of Great Britain. (AN0170) Arms: "Or, three bars gules, a canton ermine." Contracted form of Cancefield The heraldic description of this coat-of-arms is written in the ancient language which was created by Herald in the 12th century. OR = Gold, Represents the most excellent metal and exceeds all others in value, purity and fineness; the bearer surpassing all others in valor. GUILES = Red: Represents Fire. In military application it signifies fortitude. ERMINE = White: A white field with black spots representing the ermine fur. this is a regal fur, and indicates valor, justice, and leadership. Gold in background (means above Knights and Barons) with three red stripes going sideways and a square of ermine fur in its left corner if you are facing it
Daniel P. McCance <[email protected]>
Canton, OH USA - Mon Oct 12 8:42:49 1998
Found your email and went to your wonderful site! Found lots of information on my family of Alvis and Vaughan. Thanks so much! In the meantime, I am still searching for my relatives on my mothers side of the family: Craig, Ellis, Pastre'. I am at a dead end there. Need help desaparatly.
Doris Alvis Moran <[email protected]>
Zephyrhills, FL USA - Sun Oct 11 12:07:43 1998
Pulled up your page while looking for Capt. John McPherson, a privateer during the American Revolution, who lived at Mt. Pleasant in Philidelphia. An ansestor, I'm told, and I would like more info or know where to find more information on this, as my son and I are more than curious, and all who know have passed away.
Jane Maul <[email protected]>
Fort Collins, CO USA - Fri Oct 9 21:58:44 1998
I'm trying to find my family history
Scott Allen Harrison <[email protected]>
Yelm, WA USA - Sun Oct 4 21:55:35 1998
cousin of yours on the ham side.
eric j. blue <[email protected]>
deptford, n.j. USA - Fri Oct 2 9:20:17 1998
cousin of yours on the ham side.
eric j. blue <[email protected]>
deptford, n.j. USA - Fri Oct 2 9:19:28 1998
I'm looking for info on my Great Grandparents: John (1874-1938) and Maude(1884-1961) Harrison. They had 5 girls and 2 boys of which one is my grandfather Caylus Alfred Harrison.. Born in Clinton Co. Indiana 1-11-04 to 02-12-45. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Nina (Harrison) King <[email protected]>
Pearl City, Hi USA - Tue Sep 29 20:32:44 1998
I came to this page because I was researching my family name, Fortenberry. I had already found as far back (some Fortenberry's, but not necessarily mine et) as Burrel and Eliza Fortenberry who were married in 1850. Then I saw the same couple on the web search with your url as the hit.
Michael R. Fortenberry <[email protected]>
Newburgh, NY USA - Mon Sep 28 20:38:49 1998
My name was Jennifer L. Smith at birth, my father's name is Michael W. Smith. I have had no contact with him since I was 2. I was born in Vicenza, Italy in December of 1972, where he was stationed at the time. Last I knew he was residing somewhere in Georgia. I would like to contact him. Thank you. I have two sisters, Robyn & Tracy.
Jennifer L. Scharn <[email protected]>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Sat Sep 26 19:25:21 1998
I am looking for my mother, her name was Melody L. Ferguson as last I knew it.I was born on December 3, 1971 in albuquerque,NM, and given up for adoption at that time. I am currently still residing in albuquerque, and would like information as to how she could be contacted.
Darrin Robert Graham <[email protected]>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Sat Sep 26 19:19:39 1998
I am looking for my mother, her name was Melody L. Ferguson as last I knew it.I was born on December 3, 1971 in albuquerque,NM, and given up for adotion at that time. I am currently still residing in albuquerque, and would like information as to how she could be contacted.
Darrin Robert Graham <[email protected]>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Sat Sep 26 19:18:36 1998
Like to see a search area, but otherwise site is great after it took me 4 days to find you again all the the searchs on the web wouldn't let me get there
ann (Hormell) Tynan <[email protected]>
heyworth, Il USA - Fri Sep 25 21:17:52 1998
I was thrilled to find my family traced so far back, and I didn't have to do a thing! You have certainly provided me with a wealth of information. I am the great great great great great granddaughter of Job Carter and Adeline Flood of Amherst County, Va. And that is, literally, all I knew about them! Imagine my thrill to discover all of your invaluable information only 3 weeks after starting to "discover" geneaology! I am more indebted to you than you know. I have a comprehensive book of the descendants of his grandson, James Henry Mays, a Colonel in the CSA. (Mays mother was Martha Ann Carter, of Amherst County) I am sure someone out there is interested. Again, thank you so much for all of your hard, hard work!
Earlene Evans <[email protected]>
Greer, SC USA - Wed Sep 23 22:55:31 1998
Nice place to visit while looking for information on Harrisons. My grandmother was a Harrison.
Pierre LaJoie <[email protected]>
West Seneca, NY USA - Wed Sep 23 21:44:33 1998
I have visited your Harrison site. I am looking for a Washington Meredith Harrison married to Caty (Cathy) Harrison. They had a daughter named Mary A. born abt 1814 died June 16, 1876. Any information would be apprecitated.
Kathy Sturkie
Gaston, SC USA - Wed Sep 23 12:56:41 1998
I have visited your Harrison site. I am looking for a Washington Meredith Harrison married to Caty (Cathy) Harrison. They had a daughter named Mary A. born abt 1814 died June 16, 1876. Any information would be apprecitated.
Kathy Sturkie
Gaston, SC USA - Wed Sep 23 12:56:16 1998
I am so happy I found your site. My mother was born Hester Ann Harrison in Danville. Ill. Vermilion County. I have been unable to find a record of her birth or the record of her parents marriage. She was born Feb. 14, 1881 to Benjamin Harrison and Mary Catherine Stanley Harrison. Maybe someday I will find the information , thanks for your site. There is a record of a William H. Harrison born in Ohio and his wife Hester Ann born in Va. They were listed in the 1880 Census, with two grandchildren and a son-in-law, James Hodges. No daughter listed in the census
VANRHEA SWEENEY <[email protected]>
Albany, OR USA - Fri Sep 18 19:23:48 1998
Very informative site,feally enjoyed my visit.I have a Annie Sykes married to John Harrison,son of Amos & Mary Harrison of Russell Co.Va.Marriage date 8/19/1875,if this helps someone,please let me know. Billy Sykes
Billy Sykes <[email protected]>
Chillicothe, Oh USA - Thu Sep 17 9:23:54 1998
Like your site. I have information on about 16 generations of Harrisons going back to John Harrison (of Cambridge) died about 1538. contact me if you're interested. I am trying to verify ancestors of a Judge John Pollard HARRISON (1829-1908) Claimed descendency from Benjamin HARRISON, "the Signer"
Sam Brown <[email protected]>
Benbrook, TX USA - Wed Sep 16 15:05:37 1998
Very nice site! I'm of the Burr Harrison line and am looking for info to trace lineage both prior to and after Burr Harrison. Other names in the lineage after Burr include, Humphrey Williamson, a Methodist circuit minister in Mississippi in the 1800s, and Hartwell Harrison Williamson (poss. of NY and my grandfather) who died ~1938-9. This is all the info I have. I would appreciate any help I can get.
Jeff Williamson <[email protected]>
Jacksboro, TX USA - Sun Sep 13 18:33:01 1998
Researching BRYANT in Floyd County, VA, Hancock County, IL, Lee County, IA, and northeast corner of Missouri.
Ron Bryant <[email protected]>
Colona, IL USA - Sun Sep 13 11:35:46 1998
Researching BRYANT in Floyd County, VA, Hancock County, IL, Lee County, IA, and northeast corner of Missouri.
Ron Bryant <[email protected]>
Colona, IL USA - Sun Sep 13 11:35:31 1998
It's a fact-filled, most interesting site! You are to be congratulated. However, I know it would be easier to read your bulletin board queries if you got rid of the gray background which keeps the black letters from being easily read. They would show up much better against a white background (like this). Don't know why people need music with their information. We all have systems for music so we can choose the kind we like and we're really searching the net for information!
Rae Venable Calvert <[email protected]>
Pearland, TX USA - Thu Sep 3 9:45:57 1998
Researching HARRISON in Cheshire England Joseph born abt 1800 his son Edward who married Ann SHALCROFS in 1844 and their son John Born 1850 who married Mary KEELING in 1876.
Mike Harrison <[email protected]>
Bedfordshire, England - Wed Sep 2 14:16:52 1998
Just surfing, thanks!
Don Walling Bonner <[email protected]>
Fort Worth, Tx USA - Sat Aug 29 11:34:09 1998
I'm researching EVATT Family History. I am a New Zealand EVATT (directly descended from the English EVATTs). I am aware that a large number of EVATTs live int he South-Eastern States of the USA. I would be grateful for any information relating to the arrival of EVATTs in America. I would like to find a link! Please contact me if you can help. For some reason, my Net Search came up with this predominantly HARRISON site.
Alice Jane Bretton Evatt <[email protected]>
Dunedin, New Zealand - Mon Aug 24 15:11:14 1998
Our website has moved! Please make note of the NEW URL and my new email address. Please bear with us as we work on editing the thousands of pages hosted by this site. Many thanks to the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center for providing these resources. becky
Becky Bonner <[email protected]>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Tue Aug 18 18:15:34 1998
I am looking for recent generation of Marmadukes.
Tracy Marmaduke <[email protected]>
sonoma, ca USA - Fri Aug 7 4:51:39 1998
looking for marmadukes
Tracy Marmaduke <[email protected]>
sonoma, ca USA - Fri Aug 7 4:50:58 1998
Enjoyed very much. Just starting to search for harrison descendents from tennessee. If anyone has any info, would certainly appreciate it.
sheila harrison alexander <[email protected]>
Stuart , fl USA - Wed Aug 5 17:28:06 1998
Just thought I would say hi. Wish you had more recent info though to follow back with.
Joseph Bonner
San Juan Capistrano, CA USA - Tue Aug 4 4:28:59 1998
I really enjoyed your web page. I have just started mine and putting in the info. for Cowlitz Co. Wash. and also my surnames. Robin
Robin Hurst <[email protected]>
Kelso, Wa USA - Mon Aug 3 8:58:29 1998
I really enjoyed your web page. I have just started mine and putting in the info. for Cowlitz Co. Wash. and also my surnames. Robin
Robin Hurst <[email protected]>
Kelso, Wa USA - Mon Aug 3 8:58:17 1998
Rhonda Blair <[email protected]>
Mesa, az USA - Sat Aug 1 20:08:34 1998
I am the great-great-great-grandson of William B. Harrison of South Carolina. William was born 1789 in Spartanburg District, and moved with his family to Alabama and then Mississippi in the 1840's. I am descended through his son, Lewis (1823-1850), his son John D. (1846-1929), his son Thomas Spencer (1880-1946), and his son Bobby Hugh (1930-). Lewis and wife, Louisa, settled in DeSoto County, MS, about 1845, and the family remained there. Any information on this branch of the family greatly appreciated. Will share information. Related families: Taylor, Stallions, Martin, Massey, Phillips, etc.
Tim Harrison <[email protected]>
Memphis, TN USA - Sat Aug 1 9:54:44 1998
Am great-great-grandson of Harrison Patillo Griffith. Ihave seen two varying geneologies for George Patillo I & II. One has Robert the father of George II and one has George I as the father. Interestinly, they both list Jane Johnstone as the mother. Harrison Patillo's grandmother was Mary Patillo Harrison, daughter to the Ann Patillo (daughter of Rev. Henry Patillo) and Richard Harrison.
Lawrence D. Griffith <[email protected]>
King & Queen, VA USA - Sat Aug 1 8:13:05 1998
I am the daughter of a David Harrison from Glasgow Scotland. Looking for family in Scotland & England who are related. My Grandparents are George & Janet (Martin) Harrison of Glasgow. I lost contact w/ My dAd's family after his death. Any relatives out there?
Elizabeth (Harrison) Hedger <[email protected]>
Fl USA - Fri Jul 31 22:27:20 1998
Great music and keep up the good work ,Just started working on my Family Tree.
Coowesta Timmerman <[email protected] or [email protected]>
Claremore, Ok USA - Thu Jul 30 16:32:11 1998
My father grew up in Brunswick, MD and would like to find out if anyone can help me begin my search for his family history.
Jennifer Harrison <[email protected]>
Hampstead, MD USA - Wed Jul 29 19:16:17 1998
Enjoyed it. Just now getting into my family tree. Looking for help. Thanks.
Ronald G. Ingram <[email protected]>
Belton , Tx USA - Wed Jul 29 10:18:35 1998
I liked looking through the info you had. It was very interesting.
Paul Clifford Harrison Jr. <[email protected]>
Nampa , Id USA - Tue Jul 28 23:10:07 1998
Thank you. I am looking for Harrison from Detroit,Mich. A female child adopted by a Davis family.
Linda Goller <[email protected]>
Powell, wy USA - Sun Jul 26 21:46:58 1998
Just discovered a couple of weeks ago that I, too, am related to the illustrious Harrison Family through Nathaniel Harrison, born August 8, 1677, who is my 9 X great grandfather. Loved your website. Lots of good info and sources to check. Thanks so much!
Cindy <[email protected]>
Hanford, CA USA - Sun Jul 26 20:26:59 1998
Married to Fred L. Harrison, Henry County Indiana
Dorothy Harrison <[email protected]>
USA - Sun Jul 26 13:27:07 1998
Enjoyed finding your site tonight. Am descended from Cuthbert and Burr Harrison to James Graham Harrison of Surry County, NC.
Katherine Evatt <[email protected]>
Volcano, CA USA - Fri Jul 24 23:43:28 1998
Richard Jordan <[email protected]>
Ft. Myersfl, fl USA - Wed Jul 22 15:32:55 1998
Very fine web site - thanks for putting so much work into it. That guitar player - "Jambalaya" - is terrific.
John McClaughry <[email protected]>
Kirby, VT USA - Thu Jul 16 21:58:42 1998
Very fine web site - thanks for putting so much work into it. That guitar player - "Jambalaya" - is terrific.
John McClaughry <[email protected]>
Kirby, VT USA - Thu Jul 16 21:58:25 1998
Great of you to share your information and provide a site those researching the same name.
Richard Rainey <[email protected]>
Sonora, CA USA - Tue Jul 14 2:29:16 1998
Looking For Info. For My Family Tree My Great Grand Father Was Samuel A. harrison And Was Married To Nancy Jane Sykes In 11/11/1875 And They Had About 7 children. Thomas Walter, Mary Ann, Henry Rolden, Bernard Bee, James Adophus, Taulker, Luther. I Think They Maybe From The Virginia Area Any Help Well Be Greatly Appreciated. Thank You.
Bonnie Jean (Harrison) colegrove <[email protected]>
Wellston, mi USA - Mon Jul 13 23:36:20 1998
Like you site but would suggest including location in the list of individuals. The date is often missing and if the country was listed then faster seaching could be accomplished. Thanks for all the work, I hope to find a match soon.
Daniel Harrison <[email protected]>
Newmaket, Ont Canada - Mon Jul 13 15:23:57 1998
I found an old letter in Richmond Va dated 1811 (for McCance and McCants Files) I do hereby certify that William McCance then of York County, Streban Township, Pennsylvania, now of Hamilton County, Crosby? township State of Ohio. Did Inlist in the servis of the United States for the term of one year in the First Company of Col. John Armstrongs Regiment under Capton Hiram Hamilton Comaident at Fort Littleton and that after serving eleven months he was leagally discharged. Which discharge I myself have frequantly Rid. The said William McCance did Enlist in the month of Febuary in the year of our Lord 1758 Given under my hand this Fifteenth Day October 1811 David McCance before me one of the Justice of the peace in and for Morgan Township Buttler County State of Ohio persanally apeared the above Sub------- David McCance and Being Duly Sworn Doth Despose and say that the above certificat is true and corect and forther thin Defendnt Saith not this Fifteenth of oct 1811 King Diermand
Daniel McCance <[email protected]>
uniontown, oh USA - Mon Jul 13 2:03:27 1998
I too am a Harrison, descendant line from Jesse Harrison who faught in Civil War, who was my great-granfather. My Grandfather was William Jesse Harrison of Logan, Utah. My Father was David Byrd Harrison of California. I am interested if you know of any Harrison Genealogy online that might include Dodd, Harrison, Rainey. I am also a descendant by marriage of President Harrison, as well. This is the most wonderful Family website. Well Done....
Don J. Harrison <[email protected]>
Fair Oaks, Ca USA - Fri Jul 10 2:23:21 1998
My greatgrandfather Walton was to have married a Harrison girl said to be a direct descendent of the Presidents (W.H. and Ben). Would have happened in mid to late 1800's, in southern Indiana. Ring a bell with anyone?
Melody L Antons <[email protected]>
USA - Thu Jul 9 16:37:51 1998
Tracing the George Gauld Katherine Bonner family ties. They wre married December 13, 1868, in Lachute, Argentuil, Quebec and later immigrated to Fife Lake, Michigan. Katherine's parents were Daniel Bonner and Margaret McKenzie. Could we be related?
Anita Gauld <[email protected]>
Fife Lake, MI USA - Wed Jul 8 11:19:22 1998
intrested in seeing if our families match up as my were from tenn and parks ark into okla.
betty hickerson drees <[email protected]>
seminole, okla USA - Tue Jul 7 19:11:34 1998
Enjoyed looking thru this website. I was checking for info on my ancestor Thomas Harrison born abt 1787 in VA, married Elizabeth Aldred in Clark County, IN on July 16, 1812. Would like to find his parents or siblings.
Janice Mailen <[email protected]>
USA - Mon Jul 6 21:34:34 1998
Your setup is very nice. I have more information and will share with anyone intrestred, I use Family Tree Maker
Daniel P. McCance <[email protected]>
Uniontown, OH USA - Wed Jul 1 10:20:55 1998
What a fabulous site!! I am very new at this,looking for info on Yorkshire Harrisons(West Riding) I will definately be back!
Angela Colja <[email protected]>
Failford, NSW Australia - Wed Jul 1 4:16:24 1998
dropped in looking for my husband's Texas Harrison's
NANCY WOFFORD <[email protected]>
Casa Grande, Az USA - Tue Jun 30 16:32:53 1998
DIANE P. KERR <[email protected]>
plattsburgh, ny USA - Mon Jun 29 8:33:17 1998
Thankyou so much for this wonderful web site. Through all of your research I found my family's Harrison line. The family bible that my grandmother (Lois Mae Harrison, daughter of Hiram Hubert Harrison) has stopped at Samuel Harrison & Millie Ventis and I had run into a roadblock until I found your web page. I still have a long way to go for a complete tree, but thanks to you wonderful people I am a lot closer to completing it.
Lisa Roberts <[email protected]>
Escondido, CA USA - Tue Jun 23 9:43:02 1998
Would welcome any information anyone might have regarding Riley HARRISON and wife Martha Elizabeth CARR marr. abt 1845 (his 1st). Information I have indicates that she might be the daughter of William and Martha (RICE) Carr. Riley is said to have been b. 11 Jan, 1820. Martha Elizabeth b. 17 May, 1828. Previous family research suggests that Martha was born in Jackson County, TN while Riley was born in Overton Co. TN. Because this work reflects many errors I have gone down some wrong roads. Any help I can get will be much appreciated. Both are buried at Ten Mile Cemetery, Hamilton Co., IL. They are my g-g-grandparents. Would also like information on g-grandparents, s/o above, William R. Harrison and wife Mallissie Lovan, marr. Jan 4, 1874. They too, are buried at Ten Mile Cemetery.
K Grewell <[email protected]>
IL USA - Mon Jun 22 19:27:43 1998
just looking for info. on amos lee harrison from va,tenn,wva. dob 1912, dod 1980.happy to have a place to start my search.thank you.
bonnie (harrison) colegrove <[email protected]>
wellston, mi USA - Mon Jun 22 15:13:49 1998
I am very interested in finding out where we Harrison relatives came from. My maternal grandmother was a Harrison and so far I have very few leads. I was very excited to find so much about the name and I am hoping that I can find my family. Very informative site.......
Tammy Harold <[email protected]>
mobile, al USA - Sat Jun 20 15:34:22 1998
hello i think this site is the greatest thing. I have'nt had much time to use it yet, but I can see how much labor and lovehave been put into it. much thanks!
kevin m harrison <[email protected]>
okeechobee, fl USA - Wed Jun 17 16:15:26 1998
still waiting for a response. This is getting to be almost a year since I first posted and I have yet to get a reply. Don't you answer your e-mail
mary Elizabeth Kerchal <[email protected]>
Portland, OR USA - Wed Jun 17 3:01:53 1998
starting back on track after raising kids etc. family name is Hormell and has the Dearth name along that path from bloominton illinois
ann tynan <[email protected]>
heyworth, , Il USA - Tue Jun 16 22:51:56 1998
I happen to have a copy of a book written by my great great great grandfather, called the feltus family book, interested in a copy?
Lynn Feltus <[email protected]>
Astoria, NY USA - Tue Jun 16 12:34:56 1998
A really greate site. My Father Ernest Everard Harrison, son of Ernest Harrison, brother to Leslie, and half sister June. Ernest Everard, born 1922, married Dorthy Matilda (Watts). Ernest Harrison (Ernest Everard father) married Rhoda (Green) lived in lancaster. Thanks Again... The best site....
Peter Harrison <[email protected]>
Embrun, on Canada - Mon Jun 15 15:59:36 1998
PENN research
John Malcolm Penn <[email protected]>
La Quinta , CA USA - Sun Jun 14 22:15:21 1998
I was just doing a little research on my family.
Carl L. Bonner <[email protected]>
Wichita, KS USA - Sun Jun 14 16:20:36 1998
I am descended from Harrisons who came from Bath England to Melbourne Australia. Loved your repository, shall visit again sometime. Loved the emigrant list with waves and music!!!!
Nancy Bomford <[email protected]>
Harcourt, Vict Australia - Sun Jun 14 2:26:48 1998
Found this site from doing a geneology search for my husband's family... REILY. We are just getting started. No one has ever kept records of the family... too bad. Thanks for your great work...
Suzanne Reily <[email protected]>
San Antonio, TX USA - Sat Jun 13 19:26:16 1998
looking for mildred collins lewis.married 1879 jefferson co.
nancy jimison <[email protected]>
russellville, oh USA - Sat Jun 13 15:54:56 1998
Very surprise to see the Higginbotham cemetery listed. I am descendant of several family from Amherst Cty, Va. My grandparents lived very near this area (Mt Pleasant) Am planning a trip in a few weeks to visit some of the family cemetery in that area.
Sharon Mays Williamson <[email protected]>
Lynchburg, VA USA - Sat Jun 13 0:52:31 1998
I really enjoyed your website! I noticed that you have Meltons in your family tree. Please come visit my website. I have lots of MILTON/MELTON research gleanings there. When you're finished email me and let me know what you think!
Nancy Pratt Melton <[email protected]>
Orangevale, CA USA - Thu Jun 11 16:16:59 1998
Love your site. Wish I had time and the knowledge to do my own. I have approx. 3,500 names in a genealogy database (PAF, but slowly being converted to Reunion v.5 on an old Macintosh Performa 475. Mostly Woodlee/Woodley names. Some of the data overlaps with your Woodley data. Your John Woodley who died in Warren Co. actually changed the spelling of the last name to Woodlee--the first believed to have done that. He is buried at Armstrong Cemetery/Church of Christ in Irving College, Warren Co., TN. I am descended from him. I have additional extensive info on the Virginia Woodley family. Would like to share with you some day. Can transfer via an AOL file attachment in GEDCOM format. Let me know if you are interested. I can be reached during the day at: (615) 726-7952--TN Bureau of Investigation, or at night at (615) 833-2491.
Douglas D. Woodlee <[email protected] (or [email protected]>
Antioch, TN USA - Thu Jun 11 8:01:21 1998
Great website! Keep up the great work.
John H. Harrison, V <[email protected]>
Mountain View, CA USA - Wed Jun 10 22:29:56 1998
hello, I'm interested in: 1. Jordan Sandidge/Marthe Merrills 2. Anderson Sandidge/ Harriet Hansborough 3. Benjamen Sandidge/ Elizabeth Childress Etc.
Judy Schroeder <[email protected]>
waterloo, illinois USA - Wed Jun 10 16:47:35 1998
I was surprised to see my name and that of my relatives on your site. We are stuck in Roxie, MS census of 1870. We know the wife's name of my great great grandfather but only can guess at his name. We think it may be Ben Nelson. They had one son, that started my Dad's family. Great great either died or divorced. She remarried and we can trace she and her offspring.
W. Earl Nelson <[email protected]>
Houston, TX USA - Sun Jun 7 23:37:44 1998
Thanks for the site to look at family contections. I am looking for a conection with Harrison's of Amelia Island, General Samuel Harrison, and James English Harrison. If you coulkd help it would be greatly appreciated.
Charles H. Harrison III <CHarr11511>
Lake Butler, FL USA - Sun Jun 7 19:34:08 1998
You have a document up (under Harrison Biographies) that is not exactly correct. I have the original genealogy written in 1727 and have transcribe it to my website (along with the coat of arm). I would prefer that you link to my site instead of having a version up that is not quite correct. The genealogy may be found at Thank you, Ruth K. Andrews
Ruth Andrews <[email protected]>
Seattle, WA USA - Sun Jun 7 12:52:51 1998
My Great Grandfather, Peter Stephen Bonner and my Grandfather homesteaded from New Jersey to Guymon, Oklahoma in the late 1800's or early 1900's. Both are buried in Guymon. My Dad still lives in Guymon. He is researching the family and will be interested in hearing about your site. I think it is great and will return often.
Chris A. Bonner <[email protected]>
Monticello, Indiana USA - Sat Jun 6 15:24:42 1998
I think we are related. I recognized the Pendleton connection to Mary Gaines. My father was Gaines Bradford Norton Senior of Marvel, Arkansas. His father and mother came there from Alabama to set up a medical practice. His mother was Mary Gaines Norton and his father was Earl Fernando Norton. Mary's mtoher was Eliza Clarke Drummond, but I'm not sure of her father's name, but I believe that it was James Gaines. It is my understanding that the family name can be traced to Sir John Gams of Wales and that family history can then be traced to Charlemagne, but then a lot of people can do that, I suppose. My sister-in-law, Mrs. Gaines Norton, Jr. is a good geneologist. In fact, you have probably already come in contact with her. My Uncle Billy (William) Norton has also done a great deal of research. Thanks for the info, Rebecca Norton Helm 6959 Lequieu Alexander, Arkansas 72002
Rebecca Norton Helm <[email protected]>
Alexander, AR USA - Fri Jun 5 14:17:17 1998
Great site! A Genforum response recommended your site and I found my Cherry lineage in it. I'm so grateful! I'm searching families CAHOON/CALHOUN, COLEMAN, COLSON, FULLER, FUTRELL, HARGROVE, HARRELL, JONES, MATHIS, MCCAULEY, MCCLAIN, MCCOY, MEREDITH, ROSS, SHAW, SOUTHERLAND, STANCIL, TUCKER AND WILLIAMS IN KY, TN, VA, NC, ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND.
Bonnie Danielson <[email protected]>
St Mawgan, Newquay, Cnwll UK - Thu Jun 4 14:24:57 1998
Great site! Looking for info on NETTLES, which is my mother-in-law's maiden name. God bless.
Jim <[email protected]>
Pine Valley, CA USA - Thu Jun 4 14:21:58 1998
I'm just starting out looking Higginbotham family history and came across your page. It was a big help!
chruch point, la USA - Wed Jun 3 20:32:35 1998
This is my first visit. Just looking for information about my mother-in-law's family (maiden name: NETTLES). Also in that family is KIRKWOOD, from Ireland(?). Looks great..too bad I can't hear the music.
Jim <[email protected]>
Pine Valley, CA USA - Wed Jun 3 14:50:30 1998
GGGgrandson of Mahala Gaines and Charles Thompson. Thanks for sharing all your long years of hard work. You have no idea how much you've helped me tracing my roots.
George F. Thompson <[email protected]>
Houston, TX USA - Mon Jun 1 22:01:03 1998
Hi: Am looking for descentens of William S Daikens married to Elsa Mariah
Barb. Daiken <[email protected]>
Simcoe, Ont., Canada - Mon Jun 1 20:03:34 1998
I was looking for my Dad's best friend's son, but somehow found you instead. Hmmmm. Interesting, I'd say. You have a great sight. Thanks for letting me brouse. God bless and take care.
Linzi <[email protected]>
Grants Pass, OR USA - Mon Jun 1 16:36:39 1998
I was browsing for information about my uncle Lt. Col Ernest Edward Lane relating to his time in the military and found your site it was quite a surprise I am a granddaughter og Ernest and Clorene Lane. My mother was Margaret and thanks to you I have now found my cousin Bill's e-mail Address. Thanks.
Anne Starnes Ely <[email protected]>
Mohegan Lake, NY USA - Mon Jun 1 12:58:01 1998
Hi Rebecca! I happened in to your site while looking for Wootens. My maternal grandmother was Lela I. Wooten of Hanover Indiana then Columbus Indiana. My maternal grandfather was Fred M Wooten. Through her side of the family we also have Averitts from west virginia. Sorry, my maternal grandmothers' maiden name was Averitt. Let me know if they tie in with your family in any way. I am researching the Eddelman/Eddleman familys of Indiana. I myself am originally from Columbus, born in Madison Indiana. happy searching! Mike Eddelman
Michael Dale Eddelman <[email protected]>
Denton, Tx USA - Fri May 29 17:32:57 1998
This is a great page. I'm just getting started and this helped alot
Estelle Harrison-Mays <[email protected]>
Anderson, IN USA - Fri May 29 9:59:13 1998
Fabulous site!!William Henry Harrison, Sr. born about 1800, William Henry Harrison, Jr., born 1822 in NC? died Webster Co., MS, married Emily Elizabeth Davis; William Jasper Harrison, born 1858 - died of typhoid fever in 1905-married Frances Charity Rounsaville. Where did this branch of Harrisons come from? Any information is appreciated. Would love to just correspond with kinfolk as well. Thanks.
Deborah Morgan <air [email protected] (be sure to put space between air and man)>
Morgan City, MS USA - Thu May 28 22:01:25 1998
my grandfather is maj. gen. a.c. harrison my father is the late george harrison. we are from opelika al. anyone know us? [email protected]
kimball underwood harrison <[email protected]>
columbia, sc USA - Wed May 27 20:45:21 1998
Very nice page. I'm fairly new to genealogy. I am trying to find more about my husband's grandmother Mary Bonner, African-American, born in Aliceville, Alabama (we think) in 1882, rumored to be part Chickasaw Indian. My thinking is that the name "Bonner" could have come from some slave-owning Bonners. Reported on Mary's death certificate are parents names as Amy and Baxter Menion or Menyon. Since Mary's daughter was illiterate we can only guess what the last name might be. A cousin thought the parents' names might have been Manning. Anyhow, since Edward Ball's recent book Slaves in the Family, I'm hoping some information will come out of the woodwork. Thanks.
Lorraine S. Caplan <[email protected]>
Pittsburgh, PA USA - Mon May 25 22:25:03 1998
enjoyed finding location with mother looking forward to response ps... any additional information on james mason harrison would be welcomed
melisa johnson <[email protected]>
brem , wa USA - Sun May 24 1:01:09 1998
Hi, Becky, I was off the web for awhile but came back on because Norberto Morales III sent me a copy of info. re the alleged parentage of Daniel McKinnon, b. 1767 Pa., d. 1837 Clark Co., Oh., mar. 1789 Nancy HARRISON, b. 1772 Pa., d. 1856 Logan Co. Oh. I can't find a copy of the info. he said you furnished him. I am looking for a good reference re his father who was a Bishop? I would appreciate hearing how to find him on your page with references. Thank you very much. Incidentally I am also a LINDSAY desc. from Wm. LINDSAY, M.D. son of Samuel and Eleanore, Jr., Wilson, she dau. James and Eleanore Sr. Wilson. Helen Silvey
Helen Silvey <[email protected]>
Sacramento, Ca. USA - Sat May 23 5:51:38 1998
Chris Harrison <[email protected]>
orangevale, CA USA - Fri May 22 22:35:58 1998
Bonners descendants from Quebec Three Rivers Area. Dit name Bonin. Frank and Genieve (Beauparlant)Bonner (Bonin) Came to US thru Upper state NY and then to St. Albans VT. Lived in Lydonville VT and Wateford Vermont area
Beverly & Clifford Bonner <[email protected]>
Meredith, NH USA - Fri May 22 20:11:52 1998
I'm looking for a John Hodges that I think was born in Virginia at about1725. I think his wife was Elizabeth? They had 10 children. Richard Hodges James L. Hodges John Hodges Sarah Hodges Charles Hodges William Brookes Hodges Samuel Hodges Dorothy Hodges captured by the Indians Plus two other daughters
Richard Dean Hodges <[email protected]>
Kansas City, Mo USA - Wed May 20 7:23:47 1998
Your site is great, the music makes the search even more fun. Thank you for all this hard work to help those of us descended from the Harrisons. Am researching James Harrison born ca. 1680 Rappahanock, Va. need parents. Thanks.
Anne Lewellen <[email protected]>
Tulsa, Ok USA - Tue May 19 18:58:12 1998
loved your music. I am searching for the parents of Martha thomas she was part Indian, she was born in1823, married to Thomas E Tackett buried in Burkes Garden Va
shirley <[email protected]>
coolidge, ga USA - Mon May 18 16:54:37 1998
I am researching my gggrandfather, John McConnell, b in Weymouth, NS in 1837. His father was Matthew Haines McConnell, His grandfather was Benjamin McConnell. b 1742 in Belfast. I need their wives' names, except for John, whose wife is Sophronia Beal.
Judy St. Eve Schor <[email protected]>
Kirkland, WA USA - Mon May 18 16:46:06 1998
I am doing research on CREPS family. Is the MINA CREPS in your tree the same as the MINA CREPS ERWIN b. 1869 d, 1954? If so I have interesting biography of her family,
Dorothy Fitzpatrick <[email protected]>
Concord, MI USA - Sun May 17 10:22:03 1998
I this web page. You have alot of good information.
Wayles R. Harrison, III <[email protected]>
Lenoir, NC USA - Sun May 17 9:06:46 1998
I like this very much, hope I can find some missing links. I am trying to find who was the father of Jeremiah Brewster, born 1808 in eastern Tenn, He married Barsheba Stilwell and moved to Arkansas about 1845. I cannot find who Barsheba's parents were either, she was born in North Carolina in 1812. Both are buried in the Brewster/Simpson cemetery in Cove Creek, Arkansas. These are my husbands GG-Grandparents. Thanks for any help.
Elizabeth Brewster <[email protected]>
Shell Knob, Mo. USA - Thu May 14 21:37:28 1998
Looking from links to James Madison Moss, son of C. Howell Moss from Clay Co, Hayesville, NC, and was enlisted in the CS Army in a NC Reg. from that area, along with at least two of his brothers. Also links to great-grandmother, Ora Savahanna Russell from Georgia who was married to James Madison Moss.
James M. Moss <[email protected]>
Annapolis, MMMd USA - Wed May 13 20:31:18 1998
I was born in New Castle, Ind in 1950 the daughter of Dorothy DeArmond Harrison and Fred L. Harrison. Fred is the son of Laurence Elliott Harison, Hagerston. Laurence is the son of John S. D. Harison, who was the son of Louis Harrison who was the son of John Harrison. We are decendants of William Henry Harrison.
Rebecca Ann Harrison Zepf <[email protected]>
Danbury, CT USA - Tue May 12 20:31:44 1998
Kenneth James McGinnis (1906-1996) left us mss. by Sen. James Crain McGinnis (b. Pulaski Co., Ky 1830- d. St. Louis,1892)written 1872-1892 when he was in Missouri Senate. Mention of his mother's ancestry to David Rousseau and Mary Harrison, whom McGinnis calls a sister of Benjamin Harrison, signer of Declaration of Independence. My mother, Margaret Frances Costello Dunn Harrison is married to Morris E. Harrison whose father. d. 1948, was a Bakersfield, California men's retail clothing store owner from the 1930's. Information on either Harrison appreciated.
Greg Dunn <[email protected]>
Pasadena, CA USA - Mon May 11 15:46:47 1998
love your site. Am doing family on PENN and WILBUR,WILBERT in the Ocean Co. area of New Jersey. Anyone, with info. please email me. I got lots of info already. Let's correspond. Chris
Chris Fenelli <[email protected]>
Trenton, NJ USA - Sat May 9 13:13:43 1998
I have already traded a lot of information with Don Bonner and Butch Cooper. My wife is directly related to these men, and I believe she is related to you as well. My wife and I are from the general area of Ponca City, Ok. Please drop us a line so we can share some information. Thanks Ted
Ted R. Mckinney <[email protected]>
Centerville, Ut USA - Fri May 8 22:20:38 1998
Looking for info on the family of Sir John Sutton. Found lots of info on your site. Thanks!
Lori Gauvin <[email protected]>
Stockton Springs, ME USA - Fri May 8 20:56:01 1998
My mother and I are both doing research of the family of John Craven and his wife ? Simpson. John was born in England in 1485. My grandmother on my father's side was a Craven.
Jeffrey Spayde <[email protected]>
Monroeville, Oh USA - Thu May 7 18:38:25 1998
Visit My site too
Chris Francis <Coming soon>
East Mersea, UK - Thu May 7 16:05:16 1998
I was browsing for Reily's and came across this page. Any relatives out there?
Joseph Wesley Reily Jr. <[email protected]>
Dickinson, Tx USA - Wed May 6 11:16:54 1998
I am a descendent of James Benjamin Singletary. I believe the information for his date of birth is incorrect. He was born in 1819 not 1829 as shown. Thanks for all of the information shown. This seems to be a great site.
Al Singletary <[email protected]>
Euless, TX USA - Tue May 5 16:56:56 1998
I am a descendent of James Benjamin Singletary. I believe the information for his date of birth is incorrect. He was born in 1819 not 1829 as shown. Thanks for all of the information shown. This seems to be a great site.
Al Singletary <[email protected]>
Euless, TX USA - Tue May 5 16:56:37 1998
GREAT !!! Every time I come to your site,I find information. There is always someone in Todd or Christian Co.Ky area that I am looking for.Searching POWELL,JONES,LINDSEY,KIRKMAN. Thank you
Katherine Jones <[email protected]>
Ky USA - Sun May 3 21:30:31 1998
Outstanding website. I also have family in Milam County, Texas, including Walker, Aycock, Morgan, Jones, Rice, Rogers, Harrell, and Massengale.
James David Walker <[email protected]>
Giddings, Texas USA - Sun May 3 9:01:03 1998
Great site. Looking for info on the LAVERGNE family. I do not have much info. My father is WILLIAM CHARLES LAVERGNE. Any info would greatly be appreciated.
Denise Lavergne Baughman <[email protected]>
Fort Worth, Tx USA - Sat May 2 21:25:43 1998
I have always wondered if I was kin to one of the most famous, and talented rock 'n rollers of all time. But, I will never know, as I cut down my family tree, when I was young.
Randal J. Harrison <[email protected]>
Pensacola, Fl USA - Wed Apr 29 17:42:29 1998
I was looking for Sartain Families from Grundy Co. TN when I stumbled across your site. The earliest date I have is James Sartain d. Apr 1830. Don't know if there is a connection. Will let you know. Thanks for the site.
Rob Daniels <[email protected]>
Rio Rancho, NM USA - Wed Apr 29 14:41:31 1998
I would welcome any information on double "r" double "s" Harrisson. my great-grandfather was an owner of a large flour mill in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, England. We have a family crest of a secretary bird with a snake in its mouth and the motto "Deo non fortuna" (God not fortune).
Geoff Harrisson <[email protected]>
Milton Keynes, Bucks United Kingdom - Mon Apr 27 10:47:48 1998
HOW DO YOU MANAGE THIS SITE???? I am related to Turner Harrison (1785-1860), North Carolina (Davidson CO?) If anyone has info on the earlier part of this clan it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Phil Reeves
Philip G. Reeves <[email protected]>
Grand Forks, ND USA - Sun Apr 26 20:00:26 1998
Thanks for the help. Got good help from your page. I love the music.
Rex Ennis <[email protected]>
Watertown, NY USA - Sat Apr 25 16:11:12 1998
Impressive site - thank you. I am searching Henry Arnall.
Bill Wagner <[email protected]>
Chicago, USA - Sat Apr 25 11:31:02 1998
KATHIE INGRAM <[email protected]>
wales, united kingdom - Fri Apr 24 14:37:04 1998
Hi Becky, I've been talking to your Mom and we are related, it goes back a century and a half but we are related. Any one out there that is connected to the Coney name please get in touch. By the way, great site it's helped a lot. Give me a holler some time.
John David Coney <[email protected]>
Independence, Mo USA - Fri Apr 24 8:34:54 1998
I am looking for any info. on the Mowdy family, like where the name originated and/or if it was spelled differently at one time. I am from the Mowdy's of East Tenn. and I have some info. from some of the family, like the Mowdy name originated from Germany. Maybe this is correct, but I would like to find out for sure. If there is any info about the Mowdy name, I would greatly appreciate it.
Tony Mowdy <[email protected]>
Corryton, TN USA - Thu Apr 23 20:50:57 1998
Pierre Chastain descendent. Loking for connections to Mannings and Morrows
George W. Manning <[email protected]>
Grand Junction, CO USA - Wed Apr 22 15:01:51 1998
I sent a gedcom a long time ago but it doesn't look like you obtained much information from it. Would it be all right if I sent a new one on my Harrison line?--Kathleen
Kathleen Liening <[email protected]>
Fairfield, CA USA - Wed Apr 22 0:10:30 1998
Great site, will inform a Harrison family we know in WY. I'm knocking myself out trying to find out where, in England, Joseph CHERRY, born about 1818, was from. At dead end in WI although he married an Amelia KILLION in IL. She was born in IN so he must have entered USA on the east coast somewhere (wish I knew where) and worked his way up to WI. Died in Mifflin, Iowa Co. WI. Thanks for any help. Ann Cherry
Ann Cherry <[email protected]>
AZ USA - Tue Apr 21 22:09:53 1998
I am a descendant of Stephen Ambler. If interested, see my web site.
Allan Gilbertson <[email protected]>
Sterling, VA USA - Mon Apr 20 8:28:00 1998
I am currently working on my Harrison line and have discoveded an error I reported to you. Elizabeth Leeds, wife of Benjamin Oscar Harrison was born 11-2-1890 and died June 25,1928 in Louisville,Ky She was my Maternal Grandmother who is still survived by three daughters.
Mary Elizabeth Kerchal <[email protected]>
Portland, Or. USA - Sun Apr 19 17:15:59 1998
I am currently working on my Harrison line and have discoveded an error I reported to you. Elizabeth Leeds, wife of Benjamin Oscar Harrison was born 11-2-1890 and died June 25,1928 in Louisville,Ky She was my Maternal Grandmother who is still survived by three daughters.
Mary Elizabeth Kerchal <[email protected]>
Portland, Or. USA - Sun Apr 19 17:14:43 1998
EPPERSON, JERRY LEE <[email protected]>
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Sat Apr 18 4:17:10 1998
EPPERSON, JERRY LEE <[email protected]>
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA - Sat Apr 18 4:12:16 1998
WE are looking for thomas arrold harrsion born in either yorkshire england or somewere in england parents is james harrison and judith edgeerton
Thomas Carter <[email protected]>
Weston, ID USA - Sat Apr 18 1:03:48 1998
I enjoyed my time here at The Harrison Genealogy Repository. It has helped me develop a sense of closeness to my great-great grandfather George Harrison of Frankford (Philadelphia), PA. Hello to all of you in the "Harrison" group.
Wilma Leas Pengelly <[email protected]>
Coopersburg, PA USA - Thu Apr 16 23:50:27 1998
help!!!! i am trying to locate my family, rohn or britzman they come from new york and pa. first name sameul and louisa,her family came from germany. can anyone help???
linda collins
stanton, mi USA - Wed Apr 15 11:17:06 1998
Just checking to see if you had any relations to William Briant/Bryant of VA/Spartanburg, SC (circa 1741-1834). He's my 7GGrandfather. No luck! Thanks anyway, Sandi
Sandi Bryant Jones <[email protected]>
Searcy, AR USA - Sun Apr 12 23:23:42 1998
I am just starting my searcces, and I am looking for information on William Benjamin Harrison - supposidly born in 1841 m.Eliaz (or Elizabeth Lee) b.1846 a souix indian. They possibly lived in South Dakota and then moved to Wright county Missouri. Their children were Walter, William, and Mary. Walter m. Nettie Armelda Summers, d. of W O Summers and Mary Hickman Summers. I have bookmarked this and will return for more browsing. Most of my known family history is very short and incomplete, however if anyone has any questions I would be pleased to help with any information I have. Thanks for all the information you have shared!
Frances Armelda Harrison (truehart) <[email protected]>
Fresno, ca USA - Sun Apr 12 1:38:19 1998
I think I've left comments before, but as a fellow Bonner - keep up the good work! Regards
Steve Bonner <[email protected]>
Edinburgh, Scotland - Sat Apr 11 18:37:25 1998
I am trying to trace all Corbetts from Wigmore Hereford would love to hear from anyone with info
Peter Corbett <[email protected]>
USA - Sat Apr 11 14:30:34 1998
I am trying to trace all Corbetts from Wigmore Hereford would love to hear from anyone with info
Peter Corbett <[email protected]>
USA - Sat Apr 11 14:30:09 1998
I am researching the AULIFF family who arrived in Iowa in the mid to late 1800's. Samuel Auliff married Mary Ann Elliott 19th April 1882 at Clarence Iowa. Please Email me if you can help with any information. Regards. Frank.
Frank Rae <[email protected]>
Brisbane., QLD Australia - Thu Apr 9 16:25:29 1998
Check out my Vital Records Information web site to get information on how and where to get vital records (birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates) for every State and Territory in the United States.
Elizabeth <[email protected]>
Greenwood, IN USA - Thu Apr 9 14:33:48 1998
Thanks for your hard work...this is soooo cool!
Kimberlee Foreman <[email protected]>
Rohnert Park, CA USA - Tue Apr 7 1:29:31 1998
Like your site looking for alot of info on family background. Nice to see another Lindsey family history.
Herbert C Linndsey <[email protected]>
Norristown, PA USA - Mon Apr 6 16:19:45 1998
I found you searching for William H. Skinner, my g-g-grandfather through his second marriage to Martha Amanda Mingea of Athens, AL. Their daughter was Elizabeth Jane Skinner, raised in Jefferson Co, AL. She married Bert Wayne Halfacre, originally of Macon, MS, who came to Birmingham area in search of work with widowed mother, other siblings around 1900. Their oldest daughter was my grandmother, Esther Hazel Halfacre. Would you like more information on his second family? E-mail me at [email protected] Great to connect with you! Karen Rae Kidd Zarcone
Karen Rae Kidd Zarcone <[email protected]>
Southbury, CT USA - Mon Apr 6 13:35:07 1998
I think your web sight is the best. I am one of many in the family line of Both Harrison Presidents. I will continue to look for more information and learn more through your web sight.
Jennifer Gann <[email protected]>
Oklahoma City, OK USA - Sat Apr 4 23:15:22 1998
This is one of the most attractive and well organized Home Pages that I have come across. I did not find a link in the surname index, but I am highly optimistic that I will eventually meet up with a link. Anyone researching the Harrison name would be remiss to not investigate this page. Keep up the good work!!!
Roger Walker <[email protected]>
Fort Thomas, KY USA - Sat Apr 4 21:08:06 1998
DARRYL EDWARD CONEY <[email protected]>
FRANKLIN, CT USA - Thu Apr 2 21:25:23 1998
A job well done
Connie Earp Barrier <[email protected]>
Taylorsville, NC USA - Wed Apr 1 20:09:08 1998
WAYNE MARCUM <[email protected]>
GEORGETOWN, KY. USA - Tue Mar 31 20:02:19 1998
I was really excited to find this and learn all about The Harrison name. I've been on it for hours and will return again. Excellent job!! I'm looking for my father's father and trying to trace his tree. Paul Orlando Harrison my father and his father Paul Stanley Harrison.
Kimberly Sue HARRISON Marr <[email protected]>
Secane, Pa. USA - Tue Mar 31 3:10:25 1998
Nice to see I've got "relatives" in the States. Also keep this site going it's pretty cool.
Chris Dieffenbach <None yet!>
Purmerend, N-H The Netherlands - Tue Mar 31 2:07:38 1998
Great Site!!!!!!
Sandie Sanford-Gage <[email protected]>
KY USA - Tue Mar 31 0:06:32 1998
DAVID HARRISON <[email protected]>
DRYDEN, ONT. CANADA - Mon Mar 30 23:44:41 1998
Found your page interesting. As you can see I am a Harrison. Born Dec 7th 1950 Belfast Northern Ireland. Immigrated to Canada in 1976. I am the youngest of three sons. Eldest Robeert John, middle son John Warnock father John Harrison, mother Rose Elizabeth Harrison nee Hollyoak. Regards George Harrison
George Harrison <georgeh>
Guelph, Ont Canada - Sun Mar 29 17:06:51 1998
searching for relatives of Marcus and Ollie H. Cunningham and Charles H. Cunningham. Iam one of two daughters of Charles Cunningham looking for any and all family memebers.Would appreciate any help....Thank you so much
Terrell Cunningham <[email protected]>
Santee, ca USA - Sun Mar 29 16:59:32 1998
I like your site. Thank you!
Tom Adams <[email protected]>
Louisville, KY USA - Sun Mar 29 16:05:06 1998
Wonderful site, this is my 4th trip and I'm finding interesting and useful info every time.
April Harrison <[email protected]>
USA - Sun Mar 29 14:57:38 1998
Great Site!!!
Derrick Averette <[email protected]>
Massillon, OH USA - Thu Mar 26 23:32:43 1998
My Rush family is related to the Penn family (of Wm Penn who started PA). Would be glad to share info. [email protected]
Vicki Rush <[email protected]>
Spartanburg, SC USA - Thu Mar 26 9:29:28 1998
Grx4grandmother Betsey Bonner b. 13 June 1767 m. Gabriel Hubert. Connection?
Judith Adolphson <[email protected]>
Orem, UT USA - Wed Mar 25 23:24:34 1998
This is so cool. I've been looking for something like this for a really long time. Thank you for having it!!
Julie Day <[email protected]>
Street, MM USA - Wed Mar 25 10:09:52 1998
Just doing a family name search and hit on a Vardiman as a middle name with one of your relatives. Always interested in finding out the old family history you know.
David Miles Vardiman <[email protected]>
Woodland Park, CO USA - Tue Mar 24 23:33:02 1998
Love it!! We are descendents of a Lucinda Anna Harrison, born vic Chattanooga, TN on 30 Oct 1825. Can't place her father between Ignatius/Gilicy, Isham/Ann, Josiah/Joanah, or ??? Will be spending more time here.
Jim Crawford <[email protected]>
Fairfax, VA USA - Mon Mar 23 22:12:46 1998
i was just doing a search of my last name and came across your site. i haven't any idea whether there is a relation, but as far as i know it isn't a common name. being that i'm in the navy i thought it interesting that there is a henard with the title of commodore. where can i find more info into commodore henard?
tracy l. henard <[email protected]>
millington, tn USA - Mon Mar 23 14:06:26 1998
My Great Great Grandfather, Thomas Boner (3-2-1811..12-21/1875)) was born in Kentucky and moved to Logan County (Rushcreek), Ohio where my Great Grandfather, Jeremiah Stillwell Boner was born. They then moved to Urbana,ILL where my Grandfather Guy Boner was born. Guy Boner married Anna Truman whose family was from Kentucky. Your site has a lot of Bonner geneology but very little on Boner, otherwise its really nice. Jerry B
Gerald W. Boner <[email protected]>
Traverse City, MI USA - Mon Mar 23 3:52:49 1998
Great site! Wish I had found it a year ago. We are looking for a Lucinda Harrison born in 1825 to a Josiah or Ignatius Harrison in or around Chattanooga, TN. Their records have burned and we don't have any other specifics yet, but can take her forward.
Jim Crawford <[email protected]>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sun Mar 22 22:45:42 1998
Great site! Wish I had found it a year ago. We are looking for a Lucinda Harrison born in 1825 to a Josiah or Ignatius Harrison in or around Chattanooga, TN. Their records have burned and we don't have any other specifics yet, but can take her forward.
Jim Crawford <[email protected]>
Fairfax, VA USA - Sun Mar 22 22:45:18 1998
Great web site! You have really done a lot of work. I am researching the Pursley, Carter line which came from Tennessee to Colorado in the mid to late 1800's. I will visit your site again soon. I am new to family research using the net, but it's marvelous.
Sherryl P. Martin <[email protected]>
Mammoth,, AZ. USA - Sun Mar 22 21:38:35 1998
You use the autobiography of J.L Dagg as a source (S275)Where might I get a copy of this? He is my husband's ggggrandfather. I have looked for his grave site to no avail and would love to know more about him. This is a great site and wish I knew how my few Daggs tie into all this. Also Peyton has been used as a first name in this family. Your site confirms my suspicions that it comes from this line
Sarah Frierson <[email protected]>
Mobile, AL USA - Sun Mar 22 20:21:16 1998
Always get EXCITED when I "discover" new sites on the system. Yours is fantastic. I am not related to Harrison (as far as I know). However, my Dunkin/Duncan, Hilburn, and Parsons lines from VA, SC and NC do seem to have interacted, if not intermarried. If I come up with anything that may be of interest to you and your Harrison co-researchers I certainly will pass it on. Will check on from time to time to see what might connect to my folk. Also, just to enhoy what you have done here, there, and everywhere. Thanks Otta Sue
Otta Sue Hilburn Hill <[email protected]>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Sun Mar 22 15:26:37 1998
I am truly facinated by your site! I came across it by looking up information on the city of Matane, Quebec, Canada. My grandmother was a Harrison. I found it so interesting when I found out that Samuel Harrisson was hired to build and operate the flour mill of the "seigneurie de Matane" in 1808. My grandmother's maden name was Lauretta Harrisson. Her married name was Gagne. I would love to hear from anybody who may be related! Congratulations on a great site! Paul E. Boulet
Paul E. Boulet <[email protected]>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sun Mar 22 13:22:53 1998
INMAN , SC SPARTANBURGUSA - Sat Mar 21 23:51:35 1998
Both sets of my grandparients were Harrisons. One set to Ark via Texas. The other I" not sure about. Teachers gage me a hard time as a child.
John William Harrison <[email protected] >
USA - Sat Mar 21 21:05:09 1998
You have the neatest site. I have spent hours in it already and told a couple others about it. Thanks so much for all your hard work. Will help you out with my info later as you don,t have it. Stith is one.
coralyn rathbun <[email protected]>
clarkston, Wa USA - Fri Mar 20 23:59:52 1998
Most interesting !!!!!! Just came across this while " surfing " around. Would be interested in information on the Harrison's role in the civil war era. ?
Gregory E. Harrison <[email protected]>
mims, fl USA - Fri Mar 20 22:13:40 1998
CHRIS LANE\TUMLIN <[email protected]>
K.C., MO USA - Thu Mar 19 12:25:19 1998
Looked through as many pages as I could before going to work this morning. A search for "Barnett" brought me here but I could not find the name in my limited amount of time. I am interested in any Barnett from Meta, MO probably originated from Arkansas, then to MO and on to IL. I have very little information on the family. Thanks for any help anyone can give me.
Sue <[email protected]>
Carrollton, Illinois USA - Wed Mar 18 7:08:46 1998
Hi there Becky This is my 2nd, 3rd or 4th visit. I sent you a couple e-mails before. We are related via the Bonners. This is a great site. Thank you. Pat
Patricia Kolek Heaps <[email protected]>
Ottawa, ON Canada - Sat Mar 14 3:31:35 1998
I bookmarked your site immediately. For so long I just had e-mail--no internet service--and I used to read about your repository and then when I got internet service I forgot to look there. I was suprised to see a biography I had posted to the list. I have five more in text files if you want them.
Charlotte Broze <[email protected]>
Whitney, TX USA - Fri Mar 13 13:20:19 1998
A great page. I am at 2118-B Voorhees Avenue.
John F. (Jack) Denman <[email protected]>
Redondo Beach, CA USA - Fri Mar 13 10:57:27 1998
First time on the net, thought I would see how many Jean Cobbs there are in the cyber world. Enjoy your sits.
Jean Cobb <[email protected]>
Pleasant Hillt, CA USA - Thu Mar 12 0:49:08 1998
Great site. I can add information about Nathaniel Harrison and Peggy Crowson if you want it.
Gerald Buchanan <[email protected]>
Clinton, MS USA - Wed Mar 11 10:45:31 1998
Sorry, I gave the wrong E-mail address in my last message.
John Anthony Coneys <[email protected]>
Has.Hgts., NJ USA - Wed Mar 11 8:23:23 1998
I am looking for Harrison from West KY , my father is Earl his was Egar, My mother was Martha Via, her mother was Stella Cunningham. I have info. on the Via & Cunningham back to the 1830,but not the Harrison Thanks Kirk
Kirk Harrison <[email protected]>
Amarillo, TX USA - Tue Mar 10 16:34:05 1998
I stumbled on your website, by accident. I would like to trace my family name. I thought we came from Ireland. According to you, we may be from England. Interesting.
John Anthony Coneys <>
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ USA - Tue Mar 10 15:05:17 1998
I am researching the Weaver family and have traced it back to 1850 in Philidelphia where my ancestor was a ship captain of a barc between Manchester England and Philly. I am interested in exchanging information with other Philly Weavers of the same period. The ship captain's sister was a PA Quaker farmer. First name of the captain is unknown, but his son was Charles Augusta Weaver. Any leads for me?? thanks caw
Carl Weaver <[email protected]>
Fredericksburg, VA USA - Tue Mar 10 10:35:48 1998
Searching for the family of Martin Luther Hammond b. Feb. 24th 1908 to 1911 in Ga. was believed to have been in an orphanage in Atlanta till around 1915. "WONDERFUL JOB ON YOUR WEB SITE" i'm going to explore the rest. Thanks to Tina1157 who emailed me about your home page.
Pat Hammond <[email protected]>
Al USA - Tue Mar 10 1:34:41 1998
one of the easiest sites i've found to search in. I'm looking for any information on the mollineaux's or tinsley's from missouri/arkansa/tennessee. thanks.
charles r. mollineaux jr. <[email protected]>
bakersfield, ca USA - Mon Mar 9 18:46:30 1998
I am looking for any HUXFORDs out there! We have traced our family back to 1860 (I think; my brother David has done most of the work.). Anyone who has HUXFORD in their background is welcome to contact me. I especially would like to find someone in England by the name of HUXFORD. My mailing address is 2465 FM 2862 Anna, TX 75409.
Holly Huxford <[email protected]>
Anna, TX USA - Mon Mar 9 15:46:25 1998
A WONDERFUL SITE! I have been searching for info on my ggrandmother for years, and just came across this site. She had the BONNER surname and is buried in Crawford, Georgia as well as a ggaunt. My family is from that part of Georgia (Athens, Lexington, Crawford, Dublin). Other family surnames I am researching: MARTIN, BAKER. I'll be back to visit your site for sure!!! Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this.
Tina Thompson <[email protected]>
USA - Mon Mar 9 14:52:16 1998
This web page is an A+ in my book.
Ruth <[email protected]>
Oklahoma, ok USA - Sun Mar 8 22:34:16 1998
I just joined the Internet via WebTV today and am delighted to finally have access to my ancestry (my maternal grandmother was Sarah Harrison). Thank you for all the work you have done. It is obvious how much time you have spent on this. Inasmuch as most of my family has passed on, it is a wonderful feeling to know how many relatives I really do have. Thank you.
Nan Karl <[email protected]>
Audubon, NJ USA - Sun Mar 8 15:13:25 1998
Love your site.....just getting started researching black GATEWOODS.
Vicki Gatewood <[email protected]>
Tacoma, WA USA - Fri Mar 6 18:16:14 1998
Love your site....just getting started researching black GATEWOODS.
Vicki Gatewood <[email protected]>
Tacoma, WA USA - Fri Mar 6 18:14:51 1998
I enjoyed the site
Terry Hill <[email protected]>
Cypress, CA USA - Thu Mar 5 23:24:43 1998
I was so pleased to find this site. It has been of GREAT help in my research. It has ansewered so many questions that I had been searching for ansewers to. Love the music, lets have more of it!!! Would like to trade info. with any Lyon/Harrison/Terrell/Greer/Gear researchers. Keep up the wonderful work. HDBM
Hallie Martinson <[email protected]>
Ventura, CA USA - Thu Mar 5 13:10:16 1998
I was so pleased to find this site. It has been of GREAT help in my research. It has ansewered so many questions that I had been searching for ansewers to. Love the music, lets have more of it!!! Would like to trade info. with any Lyon/Harrison/Terrell/Greer/Gear researchers. Keep up the wonderful work. HDBM
Hallie Martinson <[email protected]>
Ventura, CA USA - Thu Mar 5 13:09:54 1998
I note with interest a John Packer from South Carolina listed in the B.Bonner family tree. My grandfather's name is John Packer Harrison and he grew up in Pennsylvania. I have little information on his ancestors, unfortunately, but the similarity of names is worth investigating.
Thomas A. Harrison <[email protected]>
Greenville, PA USA - Thu Mar 5 10:40:36 1998
I am searching for the lineage of William and Annie Black McConnell. Do you know of that line? Liz
Elizabeth Frazier <[email protected]>
Hattiesburg, MS USA - Thu Mar 5 10:29:37 1998
Have left message further down in name of Glenn.Devons email has now changed. Apart from Harrison relatives I am keen to trace my great grandfather ANTON HARTMAN.Before the first world war he was a cheif steward on the red star liners on trips between Antwerp and New York. Although he was born in Germany he once said he had dual nationality. On the outbreak of WW1 his ship was in New York and he disappeared of the face of the earth. All efforts to trace him failed, I would love to hear from anyone who could tell me how I could go about finding him, or getting a death certificate for him, he must have died in the United States possibly during the flu epidemic in the 1920s.
Lindsey Devons <[email protected]>
Grantham town, lcs England - Wed Mar 4 15:19:32 1998
My Harrison connection begins with my father's mother who was Lora Inez Harrison. Her father was William Jasper Harrison, born June 17, 1858 and married to Frances Charity Rounsaville. His father was William H. Harrison Jr., born January 17, 1822 and married to Emily Elizabeth Davis born 1833. His Father was William Henry Harrison, born about 1800 in North Carolina we think. He is buried there. He was married to Margaret Bottom, born in North Carolina near Roanoke River. They were married in 1818. He died in 1828.
Geraldine Wilson Ward <[email protected]>
New Albany, MS USA - Mon Mar 2 17:48:15 1998
Great site! So glad to find it. I'm researching Luke Ray HARRISON, my three great-grandfather, from Lauderdale County, AL. His daughter, Nancy HARRISON, my great-great grandmother, married John H. TRUSDEL, 1847-Lauderdale Co., AL. She died 1916 and is buried here in Round Rock, TX. Looking forward to hearing from HARRISON kin.
Karen Foltz <[email protected]>
Round Rock, TX USA - Sun Mar 1 23:17:37 1998
Check out my website, I have some Harrison/Harps/Reddins that all tie in. Nice page. Jana Peterson-Pawlowski
Jana Pawlowski <[email protected]>
Salt Lake, UT USA - Sat Feb 28 19:09:57 1998
My grandmother Nillie Harrison Drummond as I am told was a direct decsendent of William Henery Harrison. I believe they lived in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father had the first automobile in Cleveland. Would love to hear more!!!!!
James R Drummond <[email protected]>
LaVergne, TN. USA - Fri Feb 27 10:50:22 1998
I am researching the CONEY name. I've got it covered pretty good back to early 1700s. My 4th great grandfather was born in 1766 in Georgia. His name was William Coney, his wife was Rachel they married about 1803. He died 1848 and is buried in Johnston Station, Miss. Pike County, in the CONEY Cem. Rachel died after 1825 in Pike County, Miss. buried also in CONEY Cem. I have bits and pieces of information all the way back to about 1100 in England, France, and Ireland, still looking. The house still sits on the land that was bought by William and is still in the CONEY name, the CONEY Cementery is on that land. I would like to chat with you if possible to try and see just where this all goes. There are several of us working from all over the USA and one person in England. OH, by the way, this is a nice site only problem is when the music starts to play my computer locks up, go figure. thanks again John
John David Coney <[email protected]>
Independence, Mo USA - Fri Feb 27 0:36:24 1998
Great site!!! Found all kinds of info on Graves, Howards, and Cary's. Really appreciate the help. Thanks much. Richard
Richard Krause <[email protected]>
Mounds, OK USA - Thu Feb 26 23:02:23 1998
WOW, GREAT RESPONSE - left my first message couple of days ago and had 3 e-mail responses within 36 hours offering info. this is an excelent site and is obviously visited by wonderful people !! To those who have already or will be offering me assistance as I begin to learn how to search out my family, THANK YOU! Bill
William A. Harrison <[email protected]>
Hampton, VA USA - Thu Feb 26 16:46:22 1998
I may have already signed in once before. But the name Reidinger is in my family tree. I believe I am kin to Albert and Lucretia Reidinger but I haven't found the link yet. I have just begun my search. Going today (2-26-98) to see what I find. I do know that James and Ella are the parents of Albert. Living relatives are here in Alabama and my second cousin knows them personally.
Keitha Kirk <[email protected]>
Weaver, AL USA - Thu Feb 26 6:53:42 1998
I may have already signed in once before. But the name Reidinger is in my family tree. I believe I am kin to Albert and Lucretia Reidinger but I haven't found the link yet. I have just begun my search. Going today (2-26-98) to see what I find. I do know that James and Ella are the parents of Albert. Living relatives are here in Alabama and my second cousin knows them personally.
Keitha Kirk <[email protected]>
Weaver, AL USA - Thu Feb 26 6:52:58 1998
W O W what a great site!!!! Can't say enough about it. Have just started to do research on my Harrison side of the family (my mother's). I have relations that started out in Lindsay Ontario then moved to Huron County Michigan and went on from there. I don't know where, but I sure would like to find out. I understand from one of my cousins that there was a High Court Judge in the family in Toronto, Canada at one time. Don't know his name yet but will be "digging them roots" to find him. Would like to hear from anybody to whom this line might sound interesting. It goes me (Roger, my Mother Marian Margaret Harrison, her father Ralph Palmer Harrison, to his father Richard and that at the moment is as far as I can get.
Roger HARRISON Boyce <[email protected]>
Woodbridge, VA USA - Wed Feb 25 19:43:44 1998
I noticed the Reidinger in your site. My great-great grandmother was Sarah C. Reidinger. Lived in Calhoun Co., Al in 1880. Was born about 1846. Haven't been able to locate any others. Would love to contact the living Reidinger's to see if related.
Keitha Kirk <[email protected]>
Weaver, AL USA - Tue Feb 24 21:20:17 1998
Great compilation of information! I'm looking for the Harrisons of Talbot County, MD (my grandfather's family) and found a few references to information with just a quick search of your site. I just started my research and am new at this. I'll check back here often.
Bobbi Thomas-Tagai <[email protected]>
Houston, TX USA - Tue Feb 24 16:00:34 1998
Very welcoming web site. I'll check by often.
Jeannie Wearn <[email protected]>
Kennesaw, GA USA - Mon Feb 23 17:32:53 1998
I am w. A. Harrison the Third - My grand father came to the US via Canada, and settled in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, there running a mill. My father is the oldest boy of 4 sons, William, Hugo, Paul and Charles; with one sister Nannetta. I am the youngest of his 5 children and have all sisters. None of my uncles had sons, although they all had children. So I am his only grandson to carry on the family name. My son, William A., IV, (his mother is Marian Elise Lindsey, of Tenn.) Currently lives in Tyler Texas, and is asst manager of a music store. I am an engineer. Anyone having information regarding a Harrison lineage coming from Canada, please forward to the attached e-mail or to my office e-mail: [email protected] Thanks
William A. Harrison <[email protected]>
hampton, VA USA - Sun Feb 22 23:08:34 1998
Really interesting, nice to see all those HARRISONS!! I am interested in Harrisons from Minting Lincolnshire UK 19th Century also any from Rampton in Nottinghamshire. Also loooking for parents of my 4xgreat grandfather John Harrison Sturton Lincs b1731 d 1802 married to Ann, also looking for any OTTERS Rampton and lots of other names I will add later. bye for now
Lindsey Devons nee Harrison <[email protected]>
Grantham town lincs, england - Sun Feb 22 14:08:32 1998
Have spent hours looking at your site and will return again. looking for any relatives of Harrisons in Minting Lincolnshire 19th century and parents of John Harrison of Sturton lincs born 1731 died 1803 married to Ann also Harrisons from Rampton Notts and otters aswell...look forward to many return visits.
Lindsey Devons Nee Harrison <[email protected]>
Grantham Town , England - Sun Feb 22 12:35:46 1998
I will be back with info.
Bettie Jimenez
Ks USA - Sat Feb 21 18:04:34 1998
Great site! Music too, as I type! Noticed there is an Aburto in your family tree. Great. I have some information on the Aburto surname if anyone is interested. Thanks! Al Aburto Jr. [email protected] 21 Feb 1998
Alfred A. Aburto Jr. <[email protected]>
San Diego , CA USA - Sat Feb 21 7:45:31 1998
Love your Guestbook and Jambalaya. The music is great. Iwould love to hear from any Bonner family members from the Thomas Sr.>Thomas Jr.>Jordan>Ahab> Madison> line. Madison came to Tx. at age 12 w/ his uncle Jourdan (yes w/ a "u" in the spelling)before the Civil War.I would love to compare notes. Thanks. Will visit again.
Edna <[email protected]>
Hempstead, Tx USA - Fri Feb 20 23:59:59 1998
Enjoyed the Bonner family "stuff". I am descended from Thomas Bonner,Sr>Thomas,Jr.>Jordan>Ahab>James Madison>James Frank Alexander.Fannie Pearl. F. Pearl was my mother. Do I seem to have my line straight? Would love to hear from other Bonner descendants...especially those who do geneology. My branch came to Tx. before the Civil War; settled in Austin County. Wonderful job you're doing.
Edna <[email protected]>
Hempstead, Tx USA - Fri Feb 20 23:49:41 1998
Hey Boner, nice web page, don't really like the Forrest Gump music though.
Chi Chi <?>
Oregon, USA - Wed Feb 18 21:16:57 1998
While the Canadian Higginbotham family is small and fragmented, given the name there is likely a connection with USA Higginbothams. Divergence was probably in England, and sources of this divergence would be appreciated.
Glenn Higginbotham <[email protected]>
Oakville, OOn Canada - Wed Feb 18 20:49:45 1998
You're doing a marvelous job! Seems like each time I visit you've added something new.
Angelia Craig Johnson <[email protected]>
Madison, AL USA - Wed Feb 18 14:11:32 1998
great site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chris lane tumlin <[email protected],com>
kansas city, mo USA - Tue Feb 17 17:45:31 1998
Gerat site. I'm going to recommend it to my friends.
George L. Pendleton <[email protected]>
Plymouth, MN USA - Mon Feb 16 21:30:11 1998
LEE HASTINGS GABRIEL <[email protected]>
HILLIARD, OH USA - Mon Feb 16 19:56:39 1998
Looking for McGinnis, Laidley, Eskew, Jones in or around Richie Co. WV Confederate soilder, Gen. Grumpy Beuhring Jones Killed in Civil War. Great Site, Thanks
Beuhring, Larry
Chesapeake, Oh USA - Mon Feb 16 19:08:05 1998
Your website added over 20 generations to my tree, now back to about year 520. Thanks. Any way to get data compatible with GED or WFT files?
Ron Brown <[email protected]>
Redondo Beach, CA USA - Mon Feb 16 13:58:20 1998
Great site
Dwayne Kelley <[email protected]>
Cedar Rapids, IA USA - Mon Feb 16 13:18:04 1998
Great site! I'm looking for info on James Marshall Harrison s. of Richard J. (James?)and Eliza Ellington Harrison, b. c 1877, m. Janie Cook(e) d. of Thomas and Ella (Lara?) (Ellington) Cook(e), b. c 1880 in Pittsylvania Co, VA. Both lived & died in High Point, Guilford Co., NC. E-mail at "[email protected]". Thanks! Keep up the great work, Bonnie!
Frank Spitzer <[email protected]>
Colo. Springs, CO USA - Sun Feb 15 17:29:00 1998
Interested in complete data on Ann Harrison d of Lovell Harrison and Hannah Footman. Ann m (2nd) Sam Dogan and their d Jane m John Willis. My compliments on all your data and obvious hard work.
Harold Flick <[email protected]>
Ft. Myers , FL USA - Sat Feb 14 15:00:16 1998
My Harrisons were in Sangamon Co., Illinois about 1820-maybe earlier. Shown in the census as coming from VA. My direct descendant is George M. Harrison married to Mary McGready
Lisa Hensley <[email protected]>
Albuquerque, NM USA - Sat Feb 14 13:19:29 1998
I really like your web page. I am only about an hour new to walking thru the internet. Please keep the good work. Thanks for letting other help me in my search for my family.
ANITA NICHOLS <[email protected]>
WEDGEFIELD, SC USA - Fri Feb 13 11:57:50 1998
My Father's mother was Mary Pearl Harrison who died in White House, Tenn. April 6, 1951. I have just begun to trace theirs and the Kelly's line. You mentioned Lindsay, we live on Lindsay ave in Cocoa. People always tell us the street is spelled wrong.
Bryan C Kelly <[email protected]>
Cocoa, Fl USA - Thu Feb 12 22:20:17 1998
Excellent Site. I'm a decendant of Adam Bryant who married Callie Harrison. My grandfather was Carter Reeves Bryant. I'm researching the Bryant line in NC and SC. Your Harrison line contained lots of good information. Thanks.
Verlyn L. Bryant, Jr <[email protected]>
Springfield, Va USA - Thu Feb 12 20:21:23 1998
I used to be a Harrison ...
Kate MacDonough
USA - Thu Feb 12 17:53:04 1998
I have your site bookmarked i use it often i am a desendant of the lines HIGGINBOTHAM , GRAVES , PENN , PENDLETON , GATEWOOD , DUDLEY , PETTUS , and TAYLOR i am a bit confused about that taylor line . it seems every one has different info!
Christina <[email protected]>
Costa Mesa, Ca USA - Wed Feb 11 23:48:27 1998
I just came across this while searching my last name on a whim. Can't give you much information on Gilloglys in your part of the country. Our James Morgan Gillogly came to Chicago from Ontario; his father was from Fermanagh in the north of the Republic of Ireland; supposedly the family name was originally that of Scots mercenaries brought to Ireland to fight the Irish; they were given land and many settled, married, can became Irish Catholic. I'm still having trouble following the structure of the site. I am but an anthropologist -- I'm used to seeing my huge genealogies spread out! If I ever find anything out, I'll add to your list.
Kate Gillogly <[email protected]>
Chicago, IL USA - Wed Feb 11 8:48:33 1998
Very nice.
Mira Grguric
Croatia - Tue Feb 10 2:01:24 1998
I am from the Bass line of Humphrey Bass through Capt Nathaniel Bass (1859) through John Bass to Richard Bass Sr. to Richard Bass Jr. to Burrell Bass to Andrew Bass To Jonathan Washington Bass, to Truman Herbert Aldrich Bass to Truman Aldrich Bass Jr. to me. I have a ton of information on several of the lines. Love to share information from twenty years of research.
Truman A. Bass, III <[email protected]>
Punta Gorda, FL USA - Mon Feb 9 9:04:05 1998
Great Site!! I'll be back, maybe to add my Harrison's.
Sheila Crabb <[email protected]>
Castle Rock, WA USA - Sun Feb 8 2:58:34 1998
I didn't have time to read all the site but I'd love to get mail from anyone. My family history dates back to Oliver Cromwell times when English Harrisons moved to county Wexford in Eire (Ireland), they lived in a region called gorey and farmed at 'hollyfort'. From there they sailed to New Zealand (home of the americas cup), and continued to farm. Anyone who wishes to know more or who finds this story simular, should write to me at [email protected] Love to hear from you.
Harrison, Paul Michael <[email protected]>
Palmerston north, New Zealand - Sat Feb 7 20:58:45 1998
I have just started research on my ancestors and they go back to the Church of St. James in Bristol England where Benjamin Harrison wed Phillis Hilton in the 1800's.They then came to America with one child John W. and settled in Malvern Iowa. If you have any information about this I would love tohear back. I think what you have done is really great. Thanks,Barry
Barry N. Harrison <Son of [email protected]>
Southampton, Pa. USA - Sat Feb 7 4:27:32 1998
Thanks, this is one of the best sites on the net. Mary
Mary Harrison Gibson <[email protected]>
Warren, MI USA - Fri Feb 6 20:12:17 1998
First Visit, so far very interesting and well put together. I am sure I will return, just begining search of STARNES side of family. Thanks, Don Starnes
Donald Wayne Starnes <[email protected]>
Pontiac, M MO USA - Fri Feb 6 10:05:44 1998
Searching; Holloway, Stanley, Clark, Thorp, Linville, Mooney, Wood. Nice page.
James Holloway <[email protected]>
Santa Clara, Ca. USA - Thu Feb 5 14:22:49 1998
Thank you for this site. I am getting interested in my history and believe this will give me a great start. Thanks, Bruce
Bruce F. Harrison <[email protected]>
Fredericksburg, VA USA - Thu Feb 5 7:37:49 1998
Recently received a letter from the Dearborn County Historical Society with lots of information.
Daniel Stevenson <[email protected]>
Philadelphia, USA - Wed Feb 4 21:02:33 1998
Looking for information on the Nolen/Simpkins Families. Thats how I got here. Looking forward to browsing around.
Becky McKee <[email protected]>
Mena, AR USA - Tue Feb 3 15:10:05 1998
Looking for information on the Nolen/Simpkins Families. Thats how I got here. Looking forward to browsing around.
Becky McKee <[email protected]>
Mena, AR USA - Tue Feb 3 15:09:59 1998
I was really impressed with your website! I've bookmarked it and I will definitely be back. I'm not (to my knowledge) a Harrison descendant but I am involved in a project for the Fallen Timbers Battlefield Preservation Commission and we are looking for living descendants of Pres. William Henry Harrison, General Anthony Wayne, and any other combatants (U.S., British/French, Native American)in the Battle of Fallen Timbers (1794). I've posted a query on the BBS but if anyone sees this note and wants to respond, that's great too! Thanks!
Barb Padgett <[email protected]>
Toledo, OH USA - Tue Feb 3 13:10:33 1998
searching for connections,William Lightfoot-Harrison b 1863 Pontesbury,Shrops, His father Rev William Harrison, Pontesbury, born c 1821 Liverpool, marr Frances Ann Barber, his father William Harrison BD chaplain Southwark b c1764 and his brother Rev Hamlet Harrison vicar Pontesbury then Bow. I know their father was an armiger in Walton Le Dale marr Mary ? 1736. Wonderful page, wish there were more.
joyce arden <[email protected]>
wellington, new zealand - Tue Feb 3 0:58:03 1998
FRED BONNER <[email protected]>
TRAVERSE CITY, MI USA - Sun Feb 1 17:51:46 1998
I have had this site bookmarked for several months and keep coming back to it. I have been assisting a friend who is a Harrison with his family history but will discuss this elsewhere as a query.
Thomas S. H. MacPhail <[email protected]>
Bassano, Ab Canada - Sat Jan 31 18:59:11 1998
born 8-6-53 huntsville, ar. grandparents hugh and kate walden
john w craig <[email protected]>
wichita, ks. USA - Fri Jan 30 23:53:29 1998
I found my grandpa and grandma on the klepper family tree,and I just wanted to say that it made me feel very special and imprtant if you have any questions about them then send me an e-mail there names are Thomas and Ninnie L. Klepper.
christy Gatewood <[email protected]>
Milwaukee, WI USA - Fri Jan 30 14:26:27 1998
I have thoroughly enjoyed the few minutes that I browsed your files and hope to one day make a connection from my Alabama ancestor John Harrison b. 1797 to others. Thank you.
Barbara Ann Harrison Lawson <[email protected]>
Birmingham, AL USA - Thu Jan 29 17:35:11 1998
I ernjoy your site a lot, and really admire the thought and work that have obviously gone into it. now, if I could just find MY Harrison (Frances) I'd be a happy woman!
sandra ferguson <[email protected]>
charleston, wv USA - Thu Jan 29 15:08:25 1998
nice page
Peter Clifford <[email protected]>
Hapert, Netherlands - Thu Jan 29 10:44:52 1998
enjoy your page, will enter details of my harrisons
j arden <[email protected]>
wellington, new zealand - Thu Jan 29 2:46:42 1998
Keziah GATEWOOD Sandidge, wife of John: and my link (6th gm) to DOROTHY DUDLEY, her mother - The Dudley line goes backto Charlemagne, your post on my [email protected] List. I am also a desc thru this line. I am looking forward to seeing your data. TIA, [email protected]
Helen Nichols Battleson <[email protected]>
Urbanna, Va USA - Wed Jan 28 20:49:40 1998
GREAT SITE! Found you while doing a search for Catherine Marmaduke? The music is wonderful and finding the notes is terrific. Thank you for taking the time to put this together. We can't begin to tell you how helpful this site is. We'll be back several times. THANKS.
Bob & Beth Vrbka <[email protected]>
Seward, NE USA - Wed Jan 28 20:48:23 1998
Isaac Steven Sponaugle was the son of Charles Walter and Bess Anna (Arbogast) Sponaugle. Nice Homepage.
Ron Sponaugle <[email protected]>
Millersville, md USA - Wed Jan 28 16:59:51 1998
So many Harrison names! Stop by and see President Benjamin Harrison's Home WWW site! We have some information in our archives (not on-line).
Jennifer E. Capps <[email protected]>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Mon Jan 26 20:47:54 1998
So many Harrison names! Stop by and see President Benjamin Harrison's Home WWW site! We have some information in our archives (not on-line).
Jennifer E. Capps <[email protected]>
Indianapolis, IN USA - Mon Jan 26 20:44:43 1998
Just found your site. Found several surnames that fit our family. I was so surprised to find Cherrys, Trabues, Moseleys and Guerrants all at the same place! My husbands mother is related to Moseley, Trabue and Guerrant, while his dad is related to Cherry. Am anxious to look at your other information. Thanks, Beverly
Beverly Webster <[email protected]>
Concord, CA USA - Mon Jan 26 19:37:07 1998
My husband has been told that he is a direct descendant of President William Henry Harrison. Do you have any information on a George Washington Harrison from South Carolina (possibly 1800's)? This was my husband's Great Grandfather. His daughter (my husband's Grandmother) is named Lois. She was born approximately 1907. Thanks for any help. I enjoyed your site very much! Kaye
Kaye and Kent Harrison Jones <[email protected]>
Orlando, FLA USA - Sun Jan 25 21:04:12 1998
RICHLAND, MI USA - Sun Jan 25 16:23:06 1998
THOMAS J SOBERS JR <[email protected]>
LIVINGSTON, NJ USA - Sun Jan 25 16:04:53 1998
THURMOND C BONNER <[email protected]>
ROCK HILL, SC USA - Sat Jan 24 21:04:47 1998
A big effort to get this together I bet found it very interesting I am looking for info about the following family names: Pike, Lamb,Bridger and Stevens.
AUSTRALIA - Sat Jan 24 0:01:45 1998
Love the site! Just beginning my search of relatives.
rhonda gail brymer ponder <[email protected]>
Jonesboro, LLA USA - Fri Jan 23 23:50:01 1998
I am searching my family history and I am looking for any information on the following names: Amelia Chandler Born May 1, 1889 In LA. beleive Orleans Parish, her mother and Father was John and Jane Chandler ( no further Info) I am also searching for the Daily family from...Alabama, Maryland and Mississippi only states tracked, and the Storey family Only know of the ones from Delisle MS. Any help on these family names would be appreciated Thank you, L Woods
L.Woods <[email protected]>
MS USA - Fri Jan 23 12:50:00 1998
I am searching My Grandmothers line, The Dailey family. Ethel L. Daily Born July 16, 1911. She married John Edward Story of Passchristain Ms. They had 15 children. her Father was Emanuel Daily, Born Oct 22, 1878, in Alabama. And her Mother was Amelia Chandler, Born May 1, 1889, In LA. They had 4 children That I have located. They were Including Ethel, Alma, Hazel, and Manuel Jr. Emanuels father was also Emanual Daily he was from Mariland, (beleived to be in the Baltimore area) He was born in 1844. His wife was Mary Jane Krebs. They had 7 Children including Emanuel, They were : Walter beleived to be born March 30 1874, Frank born sept. 15, 1884. John? which I havn't located in any reports anywhere other than family word. Virginia which lived in Passchristain MS she was married to a Ford And her sister Corrine Was also married to a ford from Pass christain And last Margaret She was married to a Barry and lived in Baltimore MD, In 1958 When her Brother Emaunel died. Any Info that you have would be appreciated, Please e-mail me Thank you. L. Woods
L. Woods <[email protected]>
MS USA - Fri Jan 23 0:55:06 1998
Here's an entry from Kingsbridge, Devon, UK. I have only just found your site and haven't time to explore - must re-visit!! Best wishes -- Bob H.
Robert A. Harrison <[email protected]>
U.K. - Thu Jan 22 11:10:20 1998
This site sucks.Please email me back
The Trouble Maker <[email protected]>
Poquoson, VA USA - Thu Jan 22 10:31:22 1998
I have a John Harrison, Sr.,b. 1691, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY. His wife is Phoebe (?), b. 1686, Oyster Bay, Nassau, NY and died on 6 Dec .1793, Smith's Creek, VA. Can you really believe she was over 100? Also, what is her last name? Please advise. You have a great Web Page.
Bonnie J. Huser <[email protected]>
Roseville, CA USA - Wed Jan 21 23:56:46 1998
I really enjoy your page. I been looking for information on the name wooten for the longest. this is a begining to my search.
darius james-wooten <[email protected]>
oak park, il USA - Wed Jan 21 7:53:26 1998
Beautiful. Boggles my mind. I spent decades tracking ancestors, including Harrisons, and am new to surfin' the web (got it for Christmas) but yours is the most comprehensive I've come across yet. Just thanks.
Rod Medders <[email protected]>
Seabrook, SC USA - Tue Jan 20 18:11:25 1998
Hello, I like your web page. It has been of great help. I will keep this in my favorite section for years to come.
Wayles Randolph Harrison, III <[email protected]>
Lenoir, NC USA - Mon Jan 19 20:35:18 1998
Loved visiting your home page and the music was just perfect for thinking and gettinginformation written. Wonderful theraphy!!!! I am a newcomer to finding roots via internet, so probably my ignorance will all show in one big "fell swoop". I do have some Harrison information on paper which I have had for a long time and would like some information and direction. My father was the yhoungest of 14 births, but I remember stories about Willie who moved to Texas andhow he went on the train to see him. I do not anyone of these relatives. I also remember other stories during my childhood about his parents and his much older siblings. I would like to put the pieces together. I will list my limited information. It begins with Aaron Harrison b. 1862 or 1864, maybe in Calhoun County AL or another AL county and d. during Civil War near Blackwater VA where he was buried. He married Lucy or Lacy (?) Deerman who was born in St. Clair County AL, date unknown. Her death was 08/15/1891 and she is buried in Calhoun County AL. Several children were born in Calhoun County, Bynum, AL during this marriage: 1841--Mary m. L.L.Winn 10/17/1881; 1848--Martha m. W. H. Comer 12/21-/1877--2 children--Osborn C. and Arch H. Comer; 10/14/1849 - 12/22/1934 Walter M. m. Susan Demaris Easterwood 03/05/1856 - 02/13/1926 at the residence of Harvey and Cozodia or Canzadie (sp?)Easterwood in Calhoun County AL on 03/05/1871--these are my grandparents and both are buried in Eulaton Methodist Church Cemetary, Coldwater, Calhoun County, AL; 1850 Benjamin; 1852 Direky (sp?) m. Fannie Conner 09/17/1896--both are buried near Bynum, Calhoun County nty AL cemetary; 1856 John W; 1858 Louise; 1859 Baby not named; No birth or deat dates on the following children: Edna L. m. John C. Hinds 01/20/1875; Jane; Will; J.M.; Maragaret. Children born to my grandparents Walter M. Harrison and Suan Demaris Easterwood were: William Harvey 02/06/1872 - between 1957 & 1958 m. Hattie Eagle Demory on 05/19/1897 and is buried in EL Campo Tx; Martin Richard 02/15/1874 - 01/02/1955 m. Eula Wilson, both are buried in Coldwater Methodist Cemetary; Aron Ragoin (sp?) 02/03/1876 - 04/? /1933 m. Daisy Hughes (lst wife) & Molly Hughes (2nd wife), buried in Birmingham AL???; Charley Pearce 12/17/1877 - approx 1905 m. Nora Heath--He is buried in Coldwater Methodist Church Cemetary, one child Bertha Mauldin of Gadsden AL and one grandchild June; Fannie Leonor 08/19/1879 - 03/? /1958 m. Cliff Coleman--both are buried in Coldwater Methodist Cemetary; John Elijah 02/25/1881 - 08/? /1960 unmaried, buried in Edgemont Cemetary, Anniston AL; Thomas Arthur 09/26/1882 - 09/01/1883, buried at Taylor's Chapel, Bynum AL; Luther Groce 02/22/25/1884 - 07/22/1885, buried at Taylors Chapel, Bynum AL; Walter M. 09/30/1885 - 08/30/1877, burial place uncertain; Lelus Lonza 09/31/1886 - 1968 approx. m. Pearl McDade 12/02/1910 - 1968 approx, burial site uncertain; Henry Forney 12/05/1888 - 08/05/1958 m. Zinnie Curlee, both are buried in Edgemont Cemetary, Anniston, AL; Lillie Pearl 04/04/1891 - approx 1969, m. Dr. Edward L. Curlee; Lila Causadia 11/24/1893 - 10/20/1898, buried at Taylors Chapel, Bynum AL; Homer Eugene Harrison 07/25/1895 - 03/18/1963, buried in Forest Lawn, Anniston, AL m. Isabelle Margarette Prim 02/02/1905 - of Atlanta GA and Memphis TN in Anniston AL on 04/21/1924, my parents. My mother Isabelle has lived with me since 1980. She is currently in age degenerating health. My full name is Margie Margaret Isabelle Harrison 04/19/1934 m. Phillip Whittington Whiteside 07/20/1932 - 03/16/1975 in Anniston AL on 12/27/1953---lived in Anniston and Mobile AL. Whit died in Mobile and is buried in Forestlawn Gardens, Anniston AL--Four Whiteside children--Richard Whittington 02/04/1955 m. Patricia Dillingham 06/04/1956 of Atlanta GA--two children Micah Whittington & Margie Margaret Emily, all residing in Marietta GA; Twin daughters Karin Norwood 02/15/57 m. Carl J. Bullard 08/31/59 of Batesville MS on 12/17/80--two children Whitney Hester 03/10/1983 & Hannah Cameron 02/02/1986, all residing in Shreveport LA; & Primm Demaris 02/15/1957 m. Eddie Scott 10/15/1937, no children, residing in Mobile AL; & Phillip Jonathan 08/25/1963 m. Margaret Wright 08/12/63 of Mobile AL--one child Harrison Woodroof Whiteside 12/19/1997, all residing in Charlottesville VA. Margie remarried on 06/12/1980 to widower Francis Harold Allen of Mobile AL (Margie H. Whiteside-Allen), residing in Daphne AL.
Margie Harrison Whiteside-Allen <[email protected]>
Daphne, AL USA - Sun Jan 18 23:04:31 1998
GREGORY E. HARRISON <[email protected]>
MIMS, FL USA - Sun Jan 18 21:48:52 1998
Jan 98 I've been working on the Elizabeth Leeds site and have found the site removed from the web ??? I have tried to inform you I have more information on Elizabeth and B.O. Harrison with no response. I'm sure there are many who are interested and would like the detales of what happen to this family line. I feel like I'm talking to a wall when I get no response after seven months. I realize I am only one of many but I feel the original research came from this line and you could do with all the help you can get. Does the Bonner site ever read their mail ???????i
Mary Eliz. Kerchal1 < CrOien>
Portland, Or USA - Sun Jan 18 16:52:27 1998
As a new user of the internet, I have been doing alot of surfing. What a relief to find a user-friendly site. Your alphabetical surname directories are a welcome break from having to find family names amongst paragraphs of name and data. When I have more time I will return to your site and explore it more deeply. Thanks!
Margie von Marenholtz <[email protected]>
USA - Sat Jan 17 12:00:15 1998
SORRY THAT I didnt reply to your email having a little bit of trouble with my email
Robert Thixton <[email protected] com>
Springfield, iLL USA - Sat Jan 17 9:19:25 1998
Just stopped by hunting for the parents of William Robert Barton of Adel GA b 1844 d1973
Virginia Barton Lane <[email protected]>
Dover, DE USA - Sat Jan 17 8:26:48 1998
Thanks for a quick look, because it was quick and ste site interesting i will be back (like Mcarthur).
Cecil Bernard Clark SEYMOUR <[email protected]>
Brisbane, qld AUST. - Fri Jan 16 6:51:15 1998
It's nice to see that there are so many Harrison's from out there.
Benjamin William Harrison <[email protected]>
Thornhill, Ont Canada - Thu Jan 15 21:43:53 1998
I've begun the search. Am attempting to find a Martha Harrison Bell. My family contains Hawkins, Paxton, Ruff, Harvey, Harrison Travis.
Paul Ruff <[email protected]>
Alexandria, VA USA - Thu Jan 15 10:09:45 1998
Serching for info on Catons from US to Canada during the 1790s. Specifically Archibald Caton, married to Mary McKim.
Catherine Caton/Behan <[email protected]>
Ottawa, ont Canada - Wed Jan 14 19:00:10 1998
Ultimate research site!Ease of handling and response! I love this!! I am a : Smith, Alexander, Davis, Sones, Jones, Jarrell, Snow, Dossett, Bilbo, Spiers, Pinckney, Waddell, Randall, MeGeehe, LeNoir, and the list goes on. The Alexander line goes back to Paris area. The Smith line is more difficult to trace back. Good Luck to everyone and yes, Happy Hunting is the right term.
Debra <[email protected]>
USA - Tue Jan 13 21:46:35 1998
I really like the added touches, music and new items. My Grandmother was Ardelia Jane "Jenny" Harrison Brown b. 4/6/1870, Anamoas, Jones Co. IA d. 8/8/1959, Kingfisher/Love Co., OK m. 8/25/1891 in Falls City, Mebraska (Charles Beckwith Brown. My father said that he believed that she told him about she was visited by her cousin William Hennry Harrison, (before he was president) and he gave her an inkwell. My father believes that Ardelia Jane was the granddaughter of Benjamin (the President). I am having a dificult time in verifying this, could someone give me some help/direction please?
Alies Jordan Dalton <[email protected]>
Kansas City, MMMmo USA - Tue Jan 13 18:04:15 1998
I am from Muldrow, Oklahoma. My father's name was Craegor McConnell and I think his father's name was Edgar. He was from Ireland, but I have no specifics.
Douglas Wayne McConnell <[email protected]>
Austin, Tx USA - Mon Jan 12 22:38:23 1998
It is unfortunate that your reference sources are not tied to the event. This makes it impossible for others to reference the source of information for a specific event.
Robert A. Epperson <[email protected]>
Panama City, FL USA - Mon Jan 12 17:27:23 1998
Randy Martin told me to tell you that he sent me to your address regarding Higginbothams. My cousin's wife and I have been concentrating for 2 years on the Hightower family who was in Elbert Co Ga ca 1800 and the allied lines they married into. Some of them are: DAVID, FARR, HOUSE, HIGGINBOTHAM, ANDERSON, ANTHONY. One William Hightower md Mary Higginbotham. We would be happy to communicate with anyone concerning any of these names that moved on to Oglethorpe Co Ga, Montgomery and Autuaga Counties, Ala before 1840s.
Eddene (Hightower) Thompson <[email protected]>
Broken Arrow, OK USA - Sat Jan 10 20:37:05 1998
I am a decedant of Edmund P. Gaines, so this page is very interesting to me!
Rachel <[email protected]>
Dallas, Tx USA - Sat Jan 10 11:57:10 1998
liked your site very be back soon.
TONY CASH <[email protected]>
milan, tn USA - Fri Jan 9 21:41:22 1998
I really love your site. It makes browsing lots of fun! I was searching for Jessee's and found your site. In particular, Nannie Maryann Jessee who we believe is a sister to Frances "Ces" Jessee. We believe she was the last born child of John Counts Jessee and Margaret Cross. She was b 1880 and d 4/1910 in Russell County VA m Frederick Winfred Jessee (1st Cousin) in 1896. Her marriage cert shows John Counts & "Beggie" Jessee as parents. Now all we need is a birth record. We're hoping someone out there can help us!! Anyway, Thanks for a great site!
Carolyn Jessee <[email protected]>
Oak Harbor, OH USA - Fri Jan 9 19:25:50 1998
will b back soon
cecil SEYMOUR <[email protected]>
Brisbane, qld AUST - Fri Jan 9 8:08:42 1998
I love your page. It has been a tremendous help in my research of the Sutton and Dudley lines. How on earth did you ever accomplish such a great site? Keep up the good work and I'll be back again and again. THANKS!!!!
Carolyn Hagerman <[email protected]>
Boise, ID USA - Fri Jan 9 1:24:27 1998
I have a link and am researching Hudson Harrison and Rachell Beeson(Rachel Beson) through their son William Riley Harrison(Married Nov. 13, 1833 to Sarah Stover(born Jan. 13, 1816) I have more from a family Bible. Just found you through Gendex. Thanks!
Suzanne Trelease <[email protected]>
San Diego, CA USA - Thu Jan 8 20:57:54 1998
Searching CUMMINS, ALEXANDER - Prairie Co, AR, 1830-1890's; WOODS, GRIZZLE B.1800 D.1830'S TN Thanks for a fun site!
Hathcock <[email protected]>
Broken Arrow, ok USA - Thu Jan 8 15:45:18 1998
I have been looking for one particular Harrison connection and your site looks really nifty. It will take me some time to digest what you have and to compare what I have. But my my first opinion is WOW!!!!
Lee Gallivan <[email protected]>
Carmel, IN USA - Wed Jan 7 20:30:40 1998
LOOKING FOR MOOSE, MOZA, MOUSSE AND Bennett or Benna. I found one obscure mention of Joseph Moza BENNET OR BENNA.( Moza means moose)
Norman Kiker <[email protected]>
Shawnee , OK. USA - Wed Jan 7 15:38:49 1998
I felt like I"d discovered the motherlode of Harrisons when I discovered you! I'm really impressed and hopeful of finding Frances Harrison, b. early1700s, married to Joshus Davis, Jr. all of King George county, Va. Their son James(1731-1808) married Frances Berry Golding Dobyn. The 1st name Mott is in the next generation..possible link to Geo, or John Mott of Rapp. Co in late 1600s? Help [email protected]
sandra Ferguson <[email protected]>
Charleston, wv USA - Tue Jan 6 11:50:06 1998
I love your page. I am researching the Brewster line for my husband. His ggg grandfather was Jeremiah Brewster born about 1770-1780 maybe lived in tenn. ga. or virginia. about 1800. Any help would be appreciated.
Elizabeth Brewster <[email protected]>
Shell Knob, mo. USA - Mon Jan 5 21:32:02 1998
This was one of the most complete sites that I've visited. I was hunting for any Ohio based Harrisons. Although I didn't find them,I greatly enjoyed browsing. I'm not very good at this,so maybe I missed them. Thanks!
Jerri Powell <[email protected]>
Maiden, NC USA - Mon Jan 5 18:33:47 1998
Any other Swanson's out there? Check out our family tree!
Swanson Family Tree <[email protected]>
Plymouth, MN USA - Mon Jan 5 12:01:43 1998
Quite interesting to come across my name on one of your pages. I was looking to see what the search would find and it lead me to you genelogy. I have traced my own line of Longmire's back to the 1700's coming to Nova Scotia from England by boat. It would be interesting to see if the two lines cross anywhere. I think that William was also a prominent name in my family as well, although it has been a few years since I have looked at the research.
Sally Longmire <[email protected]>
Kentville , NS Canada - Sun Jan 4 12:08:31 1998
I really enjoyed your music. Your page is nice, too! I'm wondering whre your Hodges come from? I'm resaerching Hodges also, although I didn't recognize any of your names. Donna
Donna Carter <[email protected]>
Edgewood, Tx USA - Sun Jan 4 0:20:09 1998
You've done a great job on your site! I've enjoyed visiting and I'll be back. You've got my GATEWOODs, you mentioned BALDOCK and BURNETT and I'm going to let my sister-in-law know about your HARRISONs. She is a direct descendent of WILLIAM HENRY HARRISON. I'm impressed!
Margaret Baldock <[email protected]>
NM USA - Fri Jan 2 22:24:39 1998
Interesting, I'll visit again when I have more time.
Harvey Harrison <[email protected]>
Garland, TX USA - Fri Jan 2 21:36:53 1998
I am kind to Anthony Par Lipford, who witnessed your document. I would like to know more about the Lipfords in Cumberland County. Any suggestions?
Beverly Lipford Yeager <[email protected]>
Virginia Beach, VA USA - Thu Jan 1 17:13:05 1998
I am Researching the Decendants of Johan Hendricus Huber(Hendrick Hover) who was a member of the Reformed Dutch Church Smithfield,Pa. June 22 1745 He married Susanna Hohleys.
Donald Hover <[email protected]>
Spring Hill, Tn. USA - Thu Jan 1 12:50:05 1998
I am researching the Hover Family Tree and am interested in seeing if the Hover's in Your Family Were Decendants of Johan Hendricus Huber (Hendrick Hover) who Married Susanna Hohleys. He was a Member of the Reformed Dutch Church, Smithfield Pa. June 22 1745
Donald Hover <[email protected]>
Spring Hill, tn USA - Thu Jan 1 12:45:30 1998
Real neat Web site. I am looking for information on Peter Stephen Bonner who homesteaded from New Jersey to an area around Guymon Oklahoma. He brought with him my grandfather Stephen Jacom Bonner. Bonner family is still around Guymon, Ok. Before Peter Stephen Bonner is unclear. If anyone knows anything I would appreciate hearing from you.
Chris A. Bonner <[email protected]>
Star City, In USA - Thu Jan 1 11:36:29 1998

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