My Southern Family



"Lee of VA", Edmund Jennings Lee, 1895 (considered the Bible of the family).


Notable Southern Families, vol III, p. 71. On Borderbund CD # 191.


Wilder Familes SE USA (especially some WARE) by Wm Murtha Wilder, Albany, GA 15 Aug 1945, 3rd Printing 15 May 1969.


The "19th Virginia Infantry," by Ervin L.Jordan, Jr. and Herbert A. Thomas. Jr. This book is part of a series based on the Virginia Confederate Soliders. Also, there is a brief history of each solider that served in the 19th Infantry.

The Virginia Regimental Historical Series, published by H.E. Howard, Inc.Lynchburg, VA. books on every VA Regiment which includes all of the battles, personnel, organizational history.


Lindsay Newsletter: Southern Colonial Branches. Pub in 1981-1982 by Elliott Lindsey Stringham, 124 E. 71st St. NY, NY 10021.


Judy Keene Gaff EMail: [email protected] 1/99 1003 N. Wood St. Caney, KS.


Jean A. Ellzey EMail: [email protected] 1/99


Sarah Allen EMail: [email protected] 11/98 Desc of John Bailey Nicklin.


The Linzee Family of Great Britain & the USA and the Allied Families" Vol II; Author: John William Linzee, A.B.,S.B. Pvt Pub. Boston, MA 1917. NEHGS has copy they will loan.


The Lindsay Family Assoc of America. Annual Reports.


Genconnect Board - Henrico Co. VA. 1/99. old handwritten family genealogy that has been passed down for about 130 years says this of the Kemp family from Henrico Co. Virginia: Posted by alb on Wed, 20 Jan 1999, in response to Porter, posted by Elaine Randall English on Wed, 30 Dec 1998.


"The Call to Arms" by Danny H. Smith. (per r446)


Diane EMail: [email protected] 1/99 descendant of Jimmie McCants & Florence Todd.


William G. Thompson EMail: [email protected] 1/99. 02/01 The primary source used for the ancestry of Henry Taylor, b. 1796 was: Gray Genealogy, by Liddell, Lib. of Congress call #CS71G781940, pp 5,17.

Hayden's Virginia Genealogies and Bishop Wm. Meade's Old Churches and Families of Virginia. There were some unpublished notes from a Senator Wickham of Ashland that are in her personal possession and may difficult to obtain.

"VA. Genealogies" by Dr. Samuel Hayden: "To elucidate other lines in this volume, this very imperfect pedigree is given. It is based mainly on a chart of the descendants of James TAYLOR of Carlisle, England, kindly loaned me by Miss Edmonia TAYLOR. Like the most of such family records, this chart is very deficient in those essentials to genealogical accuracy, i.e. full names and dates. Mr Erasmus TAYLOR (of #168) has also sent me the family Bible record of #14 Erasmus TAYLOR, 1715-1794. Very few other members of the line of James have responded to my courteous letters of inquiry, which always enclosed stamps for reply. The historical matter is the result of my personal research."


Mary Berry Simons EMail: [email protected] 1/99 Granddau of Clarence P. Berry. .


Linda McCormack EMail: [email protected] 1/99 desc of Harvey Harrison & Zilpha Bell; Harvey White Harrison dau, Bertha Rose married Stephen Kendall. Stephen Kendall was actually a Kuykendall from NY. I have that line back to 1616.


Deanna 'Higginbotham' Starlin, EMail: [email protected] 2/99


Francis Norman Mouillé EMail: [email protected] 2/99 From: "FNM" To: The "Higginbotham" community, Arcadia Parish, LA. Higginbotham rootsweb mail list on 25 Jan 2002. Direct descendant Francis EMail: [email protected]


The South Carolina Magazine of Ancestral Research, Volume XV Fall 1987 Number 4 SOME EARLY GEORGETOWN DISTRICT RECORDS

Volume XV Fall 1987 Number 4 , p. 191 The following abstracts were made from documents found in the Office of the Clerk of Court in Georgetown County Court House. Somehow these records were not destroyed with the bulk of the Georgetown County records during the Confederate War. My thanks to Mr.William H. Chandler of Hemingway, SC, for making me aware of these records.


BAD LINK Don Williams EMail: [email protected] URL: 2/99


James A. Pittman, MD EMail: [email protected] 2/99


Hardesty's Historical and Geographical Encyclopedia (Illustrated), 1884, Special VA Edition, R. A. Brock, H. H. Hardesty & CO, NY, Richmond, Chicago, and Toledo.


Deana Zdroj-Nealon, EMail: [email protected] (new) 5/01 (old) (old [email protected] 1/99)


Evelyn C Thomas, EMail: [email protected] 2/99


Estate Records of John Hodges on file in Wilkinson Co. Woodville, MS found by Ella P. Dumas 1959, 5415 Anita, Dallas, TX. Birth, death dates and marriages from records of Mrs. A. N. Palmer, Denham Springs, LA Bible owned by Mrs. Julia Bankes, Pine Grove, LA 1973.


Family Bible:William Henry Hodges & Fidelia M. Dorset Family Bible , pub 1816, filed in Anahuac, Chambers Co. TX Archives.


"Carol" EMail: [email protected] 2/99


Ged Com file on the Halliday family at in the World Ancestry Tree site (#10901) submitted by "[email protected]" at ""


No. 307 Succession of: Melissa Stone Hodges 21st. Judicial District Court State of Louisiana Parish of Livingston Filed: November 02, 1939


Janice Katherine Lund, EMail: [email protected]


Tracey Bryant EMail: [email protected] 2/99 husband is descendant of George Albert Bryant.


John Andrews Old Darlington District Chapter, SCGS P.O. Box 175 Hartsville, SC 29551-0175


Rhonda Robertson, EMail: [email protected] 2/99 This file contributed by:


David Botts EMail: [email protected] 2/99 Larry's Ancestors on by Larry Botts Updated: Thu Oct 10 2002 Src: David Botts. BOTTSd3.FTW; kkgedcom4.FTW

Barclay info from Significant SCOTS website:

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College ~ Swarthmore, Pennsylvania Chronology of the Life of Robert Barclay m

The Barclay Bastion 2.html

Clan Barclay: The History of the Surname Barclay




Historical Society Amite Co., MS Courthouse Orphans Court; Marriage Records; Will Book 1, Jacob Buckholtz, Wilkinson Co.MS Courthouse Inventory & Accounts - Original Land Entries, Book 1; Some Southern Talberts, by Aldridge & Aldridge; Your Inheritance, Vol 2 by Ross; Amite Co, MS Land Coveyance Book 1,4 Marriages; Tom Miles Family Bible; C. Wayne Coon.


Grant Montgomery Sanders Alvis EMail: [email protected] 3/02 ([email protected] 2/99) 6906 Keiber Circle, Youngstown, Florida 32466 01.html


G. Lawrence, EMail: [email protected] 2/99 Have information on her family. I have her family back about 5 generations.


C. Palmer; EMail: [email protected] 2/99


Research of "forsytheW'tuck', WarrenForsythe EMail: [email protected] (11/01) (old-Kay Rhea" EMail: [email protected] (2/99))


Charles Brashear Email: [email protected] ([email protected] 2/99) Author of " A BRAZIER/BRASHER SAGA". (Brasher is pronounced BRAY-shur, as well as BRASH-er.) Msg from Charles Brashear, 10 Nov 2002, EMail: [email protected] re new book: VOL. 5 of A BRASHEAR(S) FAMILY HISTORY, "Two Brashear(s) Families of the Lower Mississippi Valley, Their Choctaw, & Other Descendants," has now gone to the printer; so I'm presuming that it will soon actually exist in the world. It will even make a pretty good thump when it hits the floor, since it is 700 pages (xvi + 686) and hard backed. I'll start taking orders for it now. $40 per copy, plus $3 postage and packaging for the first book, $1 for each additional book. From now until the 1st of December, please send your orders to me, Charles Brashear, at P.O.Box 38, Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423. After Dec 1, 2002, please send orders to me at 26 Tiffany Place, Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Two branches of the Brashear(s) family were among these early immigrants: 1. Benjamin Brashear and all his children except Marsham (who stayed in Louisville, KY) and 2. Jesse Brashears and all of his children. In both cases, one or more members of the family married into the Choctaw tribe and founded large families that are still traceable today. Other of their brothers and cousins founded large, non-Indian families.


Larry A. Taylor EMail: [email protected] 2/99 Virginia Genealogies, by Horace Hayden, and The Robertson, Rogers and Taylor Ancestry by Donald Robertson.


VAWTER family doc in my files 2/99 URL:


"Darlingtoniana" edited by Eliza Cowan Ervin & Horace Fraser Rudisill, The Reprint Co. Pub, spartanburg, SC 1976.


Pat Moran EMail: [email protected] 2/99 2gdau of Elizabeth Buckholts.


The Alvis Exchange No. 46 Jan 1999 edition. No. 50 p. 50-1.


Shirley Davis Warren EMail: [email protected] Sun, 5 Aug 2001 (old) [email protected]) from query on Henry Co. Gen site. 3/99 EMail: [email protected] 14 Apr 1999. Sources: "The Philpotts of Patrick & Henry Counties, Virginia(1772-1843)" by Jane & Charles H Philpott. Noland Hubbard Bowling; "Meet Your Ancestors, Des of Edward Philpott". "Descendants of Edward Philott; KY", Utica 42376, Rt 4, Box 314, TX 1788057, Dec. 23, 1985, Library of Congress; availible from McDowell Publishers,Utica KY. Correspondence with June Alice Stubbs, Columbia, MO; dated 19 Jan,1994:


Jenny Swanner-Terry, EMail: [email protected] 3/99 Bible of Wm Minor Anders and Margaret Jane Stovall Anders owned by James S. Cookston


Pamela K. Alves, EMail: [email protected] 3/99 Has years of research on James HOGG and Walter Hogg ALVES from Orange Co., N.C. Has the lines both ascending and decending.


JoAnn McLaughlin e-mail: [email protected] 3/99


Joseph W. Strickland, EMail: [email protected] 3/99


Ina Scott, EMail: [email protected] 3/99


Sharon P. Williamson, EMail: [email protected] 3/99


History of The Old Cheraws, The First White Settlements by Rev. Alexander Gregg, D.D. NY richardson & co. 13, bond Street 1867.


Descendant Chart for "Lee of Virginia" "Lee of Virginia 1642-1892" by Edmund Jennings Lee. Copyright 1997 by Laura K. Irvin


The kinship between George Washington and the present Queen Mother was first published by Antony Wagner, former Garter King-at-Arms, in _Genealogist's Magazine_, 8 (1938-39), pp. 358-75, with a collateral descent for Robert E. Lee:


1850 Census Pike County, Mississippi


D. Davis EMail: [email protected] 3/99


Donald L. Jones, EMail: [email protected] 3/99


Donna Witt, EMail: [email protected] 3/99


Chesterfield Co. VA Marriages Vol 1.


Green Co. KY Marriage Book A.


Tracy Lisinski EMAIL: [email protected]


Alice Rucker, EMail: [email protected] 10/98


Heather Anne Sumner EMail:[email protected]


Jack Thornton Burnette EMail:[email protected] 3/99


Suzanne T Coker EMail: [email protected] 3/99 [email protected] (Heather Sumner)


Thomas Hooks, 1730-1803, His Antecedents and Descendants, and Allied Families of Harrison, Duggan, and Smithwick". This was privately published by the author Coy K Johnston, in Atlanta GA, in 1976.


Ancestry Com submitter: EMail: [email protected] Roots Web Text: Donald Johnson


Kelly Priestly EMail: [email protected] 3/99 desc of Adolphus Eugene Jones.


LDS International Genealogical Index/North America Batch number: 5007393 Sheet: 29; Batch number: 8615305 Sheet:30


Marlborough County, South Carolina Minutes of the County Court 1785-1799 and Minutes of the Court of Ordinary 1791-1821 by Brent H. Holcomb, CALS.


William Ray Wilson EMail: [email protected] March 21, 1998


John H. Cherry


"Early Pee Dee Settlers" Part Two by Johm M. Gregg; pub Heritage Books, Inc.


Susan Davis EMail: [email protected] descended from a Mary Esther Mcknight who married David Gordon 10/98


Rosie Byard, EMail: [email protected] 7/98


The Register Book of Parish Prince Frederick Winyaw of the Black River, S.C. which was founded during 1713. This book was published during 1916 by the National Society of The Colonial Dames of America.


Jeffrey McAllister, EMail: [email protected] 11/98 Email no good 2/01


Gedcom Ancestry Com #


Biographical and Historical Memoirs of LA , published in 1892.


South Carolina Provincial Troops, June-Nov 1775; Compiled by Alexander S. Salley. Gen Pub Co. Inc Batltimore 1977.


"Selected Final Pension Payment Vouchers 1818-1864", Abstracted by Alycon Trubey Pierce, C.G.; pub Iberian Pub Co. Athens, GA 1996.


"Original Index book showing the Revolutionary Claims Filed in SC between August 20, 1783 and August 31, 1786" kept by James McCall, Auditor General, copied by Janie Revill; Baltimore Gen Pub Co. 1969.Lib of Congress Catalog Card Number 68-56356.


American Revolution Roster Fort Sullivan (later Fort Moultrie 1776-1780; Battle of Fort Sullivan, pub Fort Sullivan chapter, DAR.


The Darlington Flag, pub by Darlington Genealogical Chapter S.C.G.S.


LDS: Submitter(s): Alma Ruth Palmer, 2959 South 9000, West Magna UT USA 84044 Submission: AF83025953; Ann Larsen,1156 North 450 West; Sunset UT USA 84015 Submission: AF93001441.


LDS Submitter(s):Submission: AF91103784 JAMES W. REED, 311 GLEN COVE ROAD, BRANDON MS 39042

Submission: AF91104025 OBREY LEE BROWN 2961 MILL CREEK RD MENTONE CA 92359

Submission: AF93001441 ANN LARSEN 1156 NORTH 450 WEST SUNSET UT USA 84015

Submission: AF93108268 TYRE HARRIS BROWN 2423 EAST LOCKETT FLAGSTAFF AZ USA 86004-1803

Submission: AF93108348 CHESTER RANKIN JOHNSON P O BOX 582 HURST TX USA 76053-0582


LDS:Submitter(s):Submission: AF83029446 Jan Ann Underwood; 2609 Maxwell, Midland, Texas USA 79701


Georgia Fleming, EMail: [email protected] 6/99. Descendant of James Pendleton & Elizabeth Coleman.


Georgia Fleming EMAIL: [email protected] 6/99 Descendant of Mary Bishop Taylor & Henry Pendleton = Philip & Martha Aubrey. Desc. Georgia fleming EMail: hyacinth 6/99.


Oakes/Brunson gedcom on Updated: Sep 20 2001, submitted by Elaine Oakes EMail: [email protected]


Weis, p 59 CP, XIV, p 57


Susan Kerr 6/99 Grandmother Gatewood's Bible.


1850 U.S. Census, East Feliciana Parish, La. Submitted by Donald W. Johnson. File prepared by Deandra Norred Pardue


B. G. Piper EMail: [email protected] 6/99; ggd


June Ferguson EMail: ([email protected])

June Ferguson to Adam Genealogy on Updated: 2004-06-21 [email protected] Home Page


Linda (Gatewood) Bassie of Cleveland, MS, EMail: [email protected] 6/99 4/01 Desc. of Rowan Malvin Gatewood. Corrected data in Quinn Book R478: Irma was descended from Robert Andrew & Lucy Dabney's son, Richard Henry Gatewood (Irma's grandfather) who married Amanda Anna Merrill.


Be It Known and Remembered: Bible Records Volume 1, Part 3 Published by Louisiana Genealogical & Historical Society, 1960.


The Alvis Exchange No. 48, Summer 1999. Pub by Edward Arthur Alvis of Hydro OK

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