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LDS: Ancestral File #: 79FP-XW Author: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Publication: July 1996 (c), data as of 2 January 1996. Family History Library, Salt Lake City, UT 84150 USA. and Kevin L. Privette EMail: [email protected] Rootsweb Worldconnect.


Kentucky Explorer, Volume 10, Number 3 - August, 1995. pp. 95-96. Clark County. Taken from old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history, newspaper unknown. These clippings are about 100 years old (1997). Reprinted in


Cecelia Gibson EMail: [email protected] 2/01


Claire Salter, EMail: [email protected] 2/01 descendant of William George Dixon.


Our Appalachian and Southern Families 2/01


Hodges researcher: "JohnRobert Peavy" ([email protected]) 2/01 Bob (John Robert) PEAVY Post Office Box 1519 Rincon GA 31326-1519


Mrs. J. M. Benson, 200 Edgewood, Baytown, TX loose papers found in Hodges file, Darlington Hist. Society. (collected 1999 by Josephine Bass). Her Research has been donated to the State Regional Archive in Liberty, TX. under Mrs. J.M. Benson or Barbara Fitzgerald Benson.


HODGES-DUBOSE-PEGUES Volume 38, page 26, DAR ID Number: 36068 Miss Evelyn Harvey, Born in Greensboro, Alabama.


Marlborough County, South Carolina, Minutes of the County Court 1785?1799 and Minutes of the Court of Ordinary 1791?1821by Brent H. Holcomb, CALS


"American Revolution Roster, Ft. Sullivan 1776-1780, Battle of Fort Sullivan Events Leading to First Decisive Victory" Published by the Ft. Sullivan Chapter of the DAR.


Hanover County, VA 1706 - 1786 Vestry Book of St. Paul's Parish. File submitted to US Genweb Archives by Pat C. Johns ([email protected]) Harris Researcher.


Biographical Directory of the US Congress.


Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol. 6; database. 2/01


Whitely Ancestors from Shirley Owens, EMail: [email protected]. 2/01 Sources: "In the 1970's, Thomas D. Whitely, of Arlington, Virginia, did extensive research on the early Whitelys and found Whitely names in Colonial records, some as early as 1619. This information on the ancestors of William Leftwich Whitely comes from research he sent to me in 1980." Family Bible of Wm Leftwich Whitely & Rebecca Jane Day. Personal research of Shirley Owens.


LDS FamilySearch Ancestral File Haynes: (AFN: RKJ6-44) Submitter(s): LOUIS D'WAYNE WYMAN, 550 EAST 700 SOUTH SALT LAKE CITY UT USA 84102





John L. Haynes, EMail: [email protected] 2/01 John Haynes, [email protected]


Essex County, Virginia Marriages, 1655-1900, database. Source Information: Wilkerson, Eva Eubank. Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia, 1655-1900. Richmond, VA: Clearfield Company, 1953.


Essex County Virginia Courthouse inscribed tablet commemorating Judge Muscoe Garnett.

[S1642] Ancestral File (R)


Marriage Bonds of Bedford County, Virginia 1755-1800. and Bedford Co. VA Marriages:


Whitely Bible Record from Letter to Wm L. Whitely signed by Mat. note on back: " Mr Whitely I send you the family record Elizabeth drew it off as it is in the bible the day of the month you was borned is not set down so you will have to guess at it I would of sent them before now but Frank said not Yours truly Mat."

(Mat may be Matilda Haynes, sister to Mildred (the mother of William L. Whitely). The Frank MAY be her brother, Francis Haynes, and the Elizabeth, his wife.)

Whitely Original Papers (Typed by Shirley Selman Owens) We have numerous original papers on hand from the Whitely family, most saved by Elise Crawford Selman and by Elma Whitely Crawford before her. We have copies of 2 letters written from Elma to her brother Charles, which new-found relatives gave to Elise in the 1970's. Copies of the letters written by Wiley Monroe Whitely during the Civil War are compiled in a separate booklet. submitted by Shirley Owens 2/01


Marriage Bonds and other Marriage Records of Amherst County, Virginia, 1763-1800, compiled by John Montgomery Sweeny (Lynchburg, 1937) v. 8.


David Street Bible, quoted in W&M Q v.8, p 129. Also WFT Vol 1; # 4056. per John L. Haynes


Colonial Families in the U.S. p. 83; database. Src: Mackenzie, George Norbury, ed. Colonial Families of the United States of America. New York: 1907.


Maryland Marriages, 1777-1899. database. 2/01

Allegany County: Allegany County was formed in 1789 from Washington County. The records from the county in this database cover the years 1791 through 1850. Original data: Allegany County, Maryland Marriages, 1791-1850. County court records located at Cumberland, Maryland or Family History Library microfilm #0013310.

Carroll County: Carroll County was formed in 1837 from Baltimore and Frederick counties. The records from the county in this database cover the years 1837 to 1899. Original data: Carroll County, Maryland, Marriages, 1837-99. County court records located at Westminster, Maryland. Records extracted from the Maryland State Historical Society in Baltimore.

Frederick County: Frederick County was formed in 1748 from Baltimore and Prince George's counties. The records from Frederick County in this database cover the years 1778 through 1850. Original data: Frederick County, Maryland Marriages, 1778-1850. County court records located at Frederick, Maryland or Family History Library microfilm #0014082.

Montgomery County: Montgomery County was formed in 1776 from Frederick County. The county's records in this database cover the years 1851 through 1875. Original data: Montgomery County, Maryland Marriages, 1851-75. County court records located at Rockville, Maryland.

Prince George's County: Prince George's County was formed in 1696 from Calvert and Charles counties. The records from the county in this database cover the years 1777 through 1885. Original data: Prince George's County, Maryland Marriages, 1777-1885. County court records located in Landover, Maryland and Family History Library microfilm #0041305.

Washington County: Washington County was formed in 1776 from Frederick County. The records in this database cover the years 1799 through 1850. Original data: Washington County, Maryland Marriages, 1776-1850. County court records located in Hagerstown, Maryland or Family History Library


Maryland Indexes, Maryland Marriage References by Robert Barnes MSA S 1527 Maryland State Archives 350 Rowe Boulevard Annapolis, MD 21401 EMail: [email protected] 2/01


Fred Preston's pages:

Sources: "The Family Tree" by Mary Preston Gray 1980-1984, "The Preston Genealogy" edited by L. A. Wilson under the direction of William Bowker Preston pub. 1900 and "The Preston Family" compiled by John Mason Brown 1870.

the Patton story from data supplied by Annie Rhea Bruce from the book "James Patton and the Appalachian Colonists".

Quote: "Fred is not a genealogist but he has collected some very good things. I feel the Smith Genealogy is mixed up".


Eugene Whiteley EMail: [email protected] per msg 5/98


Vol II, No. 2 Spring 1997 of Whiteley Whittlin's: H. Leroy Whiteley, Jr. of Forest Hill, MD 516 Walters Mill Road, Forest Hill, MD 21050.


Lori Bordas msgs Pressley Genforum 11/99 EMail: [email protected] email msg 4/24/01 Subject: Gotea Surname.


Joni Floyd, genforum msg Pressley forum, 5/00, descendant of Margaret Gotea. EMail: [email protected].

Charles Christian, same forum, EMail: [email protected] 12/00 caretaker of cem. in Santa Rosa, CA, provided Pressley gen report.


Kathy Miley, EMail: [email protected] 12/98 posed on genforum Porter family genealogy.


"The TYLERs of James City, York and Stafford Co., VA - TYLER - STROTHER - ALLEN". TYLER's Quarterly Magazine. Src: Carol Garrett gen forum email: [email protected] gen forum msg 2/01


James Bolton, Jr, EMail: [email protected] 2/01 (a descendant of Lawson line) Member of: SCV, SAR Clan Munro, National Society of the Washington Family Descendants, National Society of the Madison Family Descendants, Jamestowne Society, Nicolas Martiau Descendants Assocation, Peyton Society and others.


Patrick Anderson, Email: [email protected] Gen forum msg Re: Richard Tyler of Essex Co Va ca 1680's 9/99.


Dale Mueller, EMail: gen forum msg Re:Charles Tyler Anne Moore by James Bolton 1/01.


Doug Farish, EMail: [email protected] 2/01 URL:


Patrick Anderson, Email: [email protected] genforum msg 9/99 SRC: TYLER (Source: etal, Tylers Quarterly, Historical & Genealogical Magazine, (Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., Baltimore; 1932), pages 797-799.


EGS Database, Tyler. 2/01 the Edenfield Genealogical Society.


Civil War Letters of Wiley Monroe Whitely of the 15th Alabama Regiment, Company A, stationed near Richmond, Virginia, to his family in Russell County, Alabama. With notes by Shirley Owens, granddaughter of Monroe's sister, Elma Whitely Crawford.


Laurel Straub, EMail: [email protected] 2/99 msg on Hereford genforum. descendant of Lelia Hereford.


Scott Hereford, EMail: [email protected] gen forum msg 4/00 descendant of Howard Hereford. descendant of Gale is Elsie Swarner, EMail: [email protected] 10/00


Sylvia Akin, EMail: [email protected] gen forum msg 10/99; new msg 4/01 [email protected].


Dr. Elizabeth Lindsay Britton, 6060 Chamberlayne Rd, Atlee VA, PO Mechancicsville VA 23111. researcher on this branch of the Alvis family.

[S1668] File Name 337646 Submitter [email protected] 2/01 and File Name 83149 Submitter [email protected]


LDS File Name 45464 Submitter [email protected] 2/01

Submitter: James H. L. LAWLER 3765 wedgwroth Rd S Forth Worth TX 76133 2949 Submission Search: 1441088-0904101201235 URL: CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #35


Charles R. Hereford, EMail: [email protected] 2/01 combined a data base of almost 34,000 individuals and tracing back to 1100. Much of the research was done by Frank Lester Hereford of Dallas, Texas and Dr Eckels of Sarasota Florida in the 1950-70 time frame.


Cash Family of Amherst Co. VA website compiled by Thelma Faye Cain Prince. 1998. EMail: [email protected] 2/01


Heritage of DeKalb Co. AL, sent by Betty Taylor 2/01.


Probate Court, Madison Co. AL 1879, Petition to sell personal property, Milton Goodwin ex.


WFT file 44 # 748 Descendant of William Lindsey. Ancestral File No. IRS6-KWF & IRS6-KXM. Sent by Betty Taylor 2/01.


Will of John Milhous, Jul 13, 1846 in 1843-47 Probate Minutes. Sent by Betty Taylor found in loose file records, Limestone Co. AL. 2/01


Tyler's Quarterly Historical & Gen Mag, Editor: Lyon G. Tyler, M.A., LL.D., Vol V. richmond, VA 1924. Reprinted Kraus Reprint Corp. NY 1967.


Wm & Mary QTR Hist. Mag, Editor Lyon G. Tyler, Vol XVI 1907-1908; Kraus Reprint co. 1977.


The VA Mag of History & Biography for the year ending Dec 31, 1927, Vol. XXXV; reprint Fraus Reprint Corp. NY, 1968.


Edward Sheridan, EMail: [email protected] 3/01 descendant of Thomas Stuart Blake and has all of John and Jane's children and Thomas Stuart's.


Mary Waters Cooper, EMail: [email protected] 3/01 descendant of Mary Peachy Walker.


Howard S. Rhyne, EMail: [email protected] 9 Oct 2003 msg to [email protected]. ([email protected] 3/01)


Ancestry com Files: Murray, Kennedy, Neece, Hickerson Family History on Updated: Sat Mar 8 22:19:04 2003 by Contact: C. Edwin Murray EMail: [email protected]

Name 107728 Submitter [email protected] 3/01

Murphy/Espy Updated: Sat Aug 25 20:02:56 2001 by Contact: Phillip Murphy EMail:[email protected]

[S1683] File Name 101846 Submitter [email protected] 3/01

[S1684] File Name 137944 Submitter [email protected]


Kimberlee Martin EMail: [email protected] 3/01; descendant of Edmund son of William Pendleton & Elizabeth Tinsley.


Julia Shields EMail: [email protected] 3/01 Rootsweb Single Lineage Researcher Page.


"Memoirs of Coe Wm Case" Handwritten by him about 1930, but not dated. he discusses his father's family and its moves.

found this on google

This web site contains the known ancestry of Coe William CASE, preparer, and his wife Mary Kathryn WRIGHT.

1. Interviews and personal knowledge of Coe William Case, Jr, b. 1926, preparer of these genealogical records. Personal knowledge of preparer. 2. Case, Calvin T.. Calvin T. Case 1 (1886-1980) notes and correspondence, mostly typed with hand written corrections and notations. Many updated from records of his father, Coe William Case. Notes spanning 1910's to 1970's. 3. Interviews and personal knowledge of Coe William Case, Jr, b. 1926, preparer of these genealogical records. 4. Ibid. Personal Knowledge. 5. Velma Coleen Ray Case, wife of Robert Allen Case, and sister-in-law of the preparrer of this record. Personal Knowledge and Interviews. 6. 7. Interviews and personal knowledge of Coe William Case, Jr, b. 1926, preparer of these genealogical records. Phone call from his wife, Betty at about 10:00AM Dec 20, 1997. 8. Coe William Case (1) and Calvin Theodore Case (1). Case, Calvin T. 1 and Coe William Case 1 genealogy data. None: Some items dated 1930 thru 1980.


Doris J Hazel EMail: [email protected] 3/01 "In Memory of Thomas D. Whitely". Daughter of Thomas D. Whitely, of Arlington, Virginia, the researcher of much of this Whitely material. Collection: Compton Bible, Source unknown Matthew Compton & Susanna; Will of Robert Whitely 1744; testate 1745 of Matthew Compton; Briscoe data from Early Charles Co. Settlers book at MD Hall of Records; Wills of Philip Briscoe 1724 and Susanna Swan Briscoe 1739. My Whitely Genealogy, January 18, 1980. Written by Thomas D. Whitely, 5101 N. 25th St., Arlington, Va. 22207.


"The Pendleton Family", Mrs. Mary Dunnica Micon in CULPEPER CO. HISTORY. Genealogy of Pendleton Family in Edmund Pendleton's Bible, now owned by Colonial Williamsburg, Inc. In 1792 Edmund Pendleton wrote the chronology of his family on the blank pages between the Old and new Testaments of his great family Bible. From time to time he made additional entries, and after his death other entries were made in various hands by persons unknown.

The VA MAG; Vol. XL-No 2, p 179-186, April 1932, pub by VA Hist. Soc. Richmond. VA. Data submitted by Mrs. Katherine Cox Gottschalk, Wash DC and Major John Bailey Calvert Nicklin, Chattanooga, TN. CD ROM Title: The Pendleton Family, Broderbund Banner Blue Division.

Genea & Historical Notes on Culpeper Co Va" LDS 975.539D2g Col Families of America" Vol 14 p189 "The Forebearers & Desc of Wlm Taylor & Mahala Cromwell" by Carie Carte LDS929.273T219c "Americans of Gentle Birth & Their Ancestors" 1970 LDS 973D2pa LDS Archives record sub by Christianson (on file) Prominent Families of USA by AM Burke 1908.


Carol Stoakley posted to genforum by [email protected]. 2/01 and Liz Stevens EMail: [email protected] Ware Descendants.


Oma Gordon Email: [email protected] (Oma Gordon) 3/01 direct descendant of David Nolan Causey and his wife, Josephine Plunkett Corcoran.


Wanda Whitely Collins EMail: [email protected] 3/01 direct descendant.


Barbara Oaks, EMail: [email protected] Date: 2001-03-23 Surnames of Interest ESTES/GRISSOM Locality of Interest Adair Co., KY Comments: I signed your guestbook in 1997 and left my e-mail address. Of course, that address has changed and wanted to post my new address. Would like to find more information on Otha Estes bn. 1845 Adair Co., KY m: Harriett Grissom who was bn. in MO. Please write if you have possible links


Kathleen (Alvis) Spears, EMail: [email protected] Date: 2001-02-17 Surnames of Interest Alvis - Crisp Locality of Interest Shelby and Nacogdoches Co, Tx Comments: I'm not sure how I found your Home Page, but I am so glad I did, I was stuck on "William Carter Alvis (1812-1968) TN. Was looking for the Civil War record on William Warren Alvis, And because of your page I was able to go all the way back to Scotland. This is a great find because it has just been family legen that we originated there, but was said that it was William Carter and a brother that came over via England. Now I can set the Records straight.

Thank you so much for being there for me, even if it was by surprise.

Kathleen Anne (Alvis) Spears Johnson City, Texas


Jim Miller, EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Stewarts Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2001


Chris Wilkinson, EMail: [email protected] Date: Sat, 24 Mar 2001 Direct descendant of Jack Claiborne Rushing. Has info from Matthew Rushing Descendants in South Mississippi 1810-1995 by Helen Lyndola Rushing (Jones).

[S1697] File Name 355837 Submitter [email protected] 3/01 Debbie Kay Johnson Higginbotham.

Satterwhite-Grindal of Yorktown, VA Entries: 946 Updated: 2004-10-24 Contact: Jim Satterwhite 6868957

World Family Tree Vol. 5, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: August 22, 1996 Tree #3153


Ancestry com. Sandel msg board: 2001 Jean R. Sandel descended to Percy Sandel of Monroe, LA and Dr. Wm Sandel & Mary Higginbotham of E. Feliciana Parish, LA. Jack S. Sandel descendant of John Peter Sandel of Orangeburg Dist. SC & George Henry Sandel of Amite & Pike Cos. MS.


Neal Whitely EMail: [email protected] 3/01 descendant of Stephen Whitely.


1850 Amherst Co. VA Census.


Michael Miller Family, The AUTHOR: Wine, Cecil J. PUBLICATION: 1964, Commonwealth Press, Inc. Descendants of David Miller (1750) The Descendants of Michael Miller, Sr. (1783-1855). Manning Family Library. per Bob Manning:


Company I, 25th Regiment South Carolina Volunteers History web site of Cindy Parker of Sumpter, S.C. a UDC EMail: [email protected] Cynthia Ridgeway Parker [email protected]


Charles L Christian , Commander local SUV Camp and Docent of the Old Rural Cemetery, Santa Rosa, California. EMail: [email protected]. 4/2003 ([email protected]> 2/01)


History of Sonoma County, CA pp 581-582. Sent by Charles Christian. Caretaker of the cemetery where Pressley, Dozier line is buried. EMail: [email protected]


Margaret Whitehead EMail: [email protected] 3/01 related through marriage to John Jr.'s mother Elizabeth Coghill Lester Purl.


Provided by Jeff Swann 3/01


John Compton LDS Submitter(s): M B FLANARY 684 ROSEMONT MEMPHIS TN USA 38116 & Barron Flanary & Patricia Flanary.




Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume I III--Colonial Councillors of State Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Volume II, II--Governors of the State--1776-1861:


Steve Compton EMail: [email protected] 3/01 Comptonology [a journal edited by C.V. Compton which ran from the late 1930's through the early 1950's]

William Bingham Compton, The History of Compton Wyngates, London, 1930; William Marquis of Northamption [notated in pencil in the original in the Library of Congress as William George Spencer Scott Compton], Compton Wynyates, Humphreys Pub. (London), 1904;

Delton Blalock, British and American Comptons, 1984; a genealogy by James H. L. Lawler on the Internet (which makes the American William I connection with the English line);


Shelia Allen York EMail: [email protected] 3/00 posted on My Compton msg board. Sheila York - Mar 28, 2000 Mathew Compton Text.

[S1711] Collections towards the History and Antiquities of the County of Hereford, in continuation o f Duncumb's History. Vol III,

[S1712] See Source A for Born.


History of Sufton Court by Compton Crow.wpd HEREFORDS OF SUFTON COURT by Bruce Copleton-Crow; The author is a history professor at Oxford. Semt bu Charles Hereford 4/02/01.


The Hurt Family Genealogy Site Message Board - by June Hurt and Robert G. Hanks [email protected].


Descendants of William Hatcher, 1613-1680. Nel Hatcher [email protected] Hatcher Families Resource Center HATCHER DNA Project List Admin: Hatcher email list


Henrico County, Virginia, Wills and Deeds, 1677-1705, Compiled by Benjamin B Weisinger III.


"RUCKER HERITAGE" - 1993, by Alice RUCKER Allen. "HISTORY of the RUCKER FAMILY" and their descendants - 1928, by Edythe Johns RUCKER Whitley. "THE RUCKER FAMILY GENEALOGY" - 1932 by Sudie RUCKER Johns.


Taken from old clippings dealing with Kentucky family history, newspaper unknown. These clippings are about 100 years old (1997). Reprinted in Kentucky Explorer, Volume 10, Number 3 - August, 1995. pp. 95-96. Clark County.


Bill EMail: [email protected] 4/01


Bernd Klein, Email: [email protected] 4/01


Joe, EMail: [email protected] [email protected] Joe Wrote 4/99: Your Second Cousin must be Ernest Lee "Buddy" Canulette. He and my Sister are in a Home in Lacombe, La., my sister has Alzimers and Buddy, I don't know what is wrong with him other than he has a (I don't know how to spell it , but I will try, "kolostamy" because of cancer, but they say that they got all the cancer.

I am very glad to hear from you. In your query, you mentioned Carrie Scarborough, what do you wish to know about here? She was my mother. I would be happy to send you any information I have, but I need to know what you want. Did you know any Scaborough's? I take it you were an Andrew's before marriages. Do you want info on Pearsons?. I have info on Pearsons from 1620 to present. I did not do any research on the Canulette's. I plan on writing a book on the Pearson's, Scarborough and Alfords. If you have anything on the Scarborough's, Pearsons's or Alford's I would appreciate your sending same to me and let me know what you are interested in and if I have it , I will be glad to send same to you Thanks for answering my mail and have a nice day. Looking forward to hearing from you.



Gatewood (Fayette Co, IL then to Texas County,Missouri) Misty Wright, 4/00 EMail: [email protected] (Researching: Adkins (Shannon CO,Texas Co, MO, Finally, Riverside Co, CA), Blankenship (Texas CO, MO), Bradley (NC then Fulton, CO, AR), Caste/Easte (Crawford and Dent Co, MO), Gatewood (Fayette CO,IL then to MO), Madison (Jackson CO, MO), Matherson, McCaslin, Montgomery (Izard CO/Fulton CO,AR), Moore (Fulton CO, AR), Neal (Fulton CO, AR), Smith (MS then Dent CO, Mo then Texas Co, MO) Stricklin (Crawford Co, MO then Dent CO, MO)


Beverly Wilhelm, 4/01 The Grayson Co. Ky Query Forum EMail: [email protected] descendant of Emmeline & Stephen Whitely and George Houston Wilhelm.

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