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Clarke, Stephenson and Related Families; gedcom prepared by Charlotte Geier posted on Updated: Sat Jan 12 2002. Email: [email protected]


Aryc Mosher, Email: [email protected] Msg 14 Jan 2002. Direct descendant of Henry Clay Settle and Henrietta Grace Lindsay. .


[email protected]


Letters and Times of the Tylers; Author: Lyon Gardiner Tyler Publication: New York: Da Capo Press, 1970

John Tyler (IV) L.G. Tyler, The Letters & Times of the Tylers, vol. 3 (1896), Appendix H, pp. 209-21 esp. (Tyler, Armistead, Shields, Marot), considerably amplified and extended by GVFT 3:776-77 (Tyler); GVFVM 1:784-89 & Omnibus 12 (1990, journal of the Augustan Society):110-11, 114 (Chiles); R.C.M. Page, Genealogy of the Page Family in Virginia, 2nd ed. (1893), pp. 9-26 & APP (Lukin, Page, Chiles, Tyler, plus Lukin research by Dr. Dwight M. Pemberton); WM 1st Ser. 17 (1908-09):264-67 & VGE 43-44 (Jarrett, Lowe); CFSSA (Armistead, Shields) & GVFWM 1:105-7, 120-21, 132-33 (Armistead), 447, 449-50 (Bray, Booth), 4:430-33 (Shields, Marot); MVC, pp. 235-47 (Tyler, Armistead, Ellyson). See also HSF 2:3-5, 10 (Armistead), VWR 871-76 (Sherwood, Jarrett), 431 (Marot), & VVR 74 (Booth). PK - Harrisons (Armistead)

Genealogy of John Tyler and his Descendants gedcoms: Ancestors of John Tyler Update Wed Oct 10 2001 by John Tyler, Email: [email protected] 600

Berl Tree Updated: Sat Aug 25, 2001 by Ken Berl, EMail: [email protected] 289430


Colonial Families of the Southern States of America: by Hardy, Stella Pickett. A History and Genealogy of Colonial Families Who Settled in the Colonies prior to the Revolution. Baltimore, MD: Southern Book Co., 1958. database on

Combining narrative history with genealogy, this work lists valuable information for over sixty family groupings and thousands of individuals. Devoted entirely to prominent southern families which settled in the American colonies prior to the Revolutionary War, entries often include the location in England where the family came from, land grants, lines of descent, and often occupation.


The Jaber Clough Family gedcom updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 submitted by Gloria Clough, EMail: [email protected]


BJ. Aldridge gedcom Updated: Thu Jan 10 2002 by Billie Coon EMail: [email protected]


Nichols/Worley GEDCOM Updated: Sun Mar 31 2002 by Contact: Carolyn S. Peters EMail: [email protected] foxrock gedcom submitted by Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: William Peters EMail: [email protected]

[S2132] Updated: Sun Dec 2 2001 submitted by Gerald L. Reigle EMail: [email protected] Swanns & Owsley by Jerry Collins' Genealogy Updated: Tue Jan 22 2002 Contact: Jerry H Collins EMail: [email protected]


"History, Biography Genealogy of the Families Named Soule, Sowle and Soulis Vol II. compiled and written by Rev. G. T. Ridlon, Sr. published in 1926". Donna Foster E-mail: [email protected] Msg 12 Jan 2001 to Soule msg board. EMail: [email protected] URL:


The Thomas and Frances (Tandy) Burris Family Updated: Sun Jan 20 2002 gedcom submitted by Ellis R. Brockman EMail: [email protected]


Swartz msg board 27 Jan 2002 by Debbie Stoner EMail: [email protected]


Old Churches, Ministers, and Families of Virginia. Article XXX. Tombs at Carter's Creek, or Fairfield.


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Volume IV Chapter IV The Rootes Family.


Mississippi Cemetery & Bible Records, Vol IV, VII, VIII & Vol IX furnished by Mississippi College Library, Box 127 Clinton, MS 39060. Mississippi Genealogical Society copies of Coney Bible Vol IV pp 84-86, 91-92 Coney, Miller, Bullock ; Vol. IX pp 96-98 Miller Bible; Vol. VII pp 91-93 Lewis N. Coney Bible, John Huffman Bible, Vol. VIII pp. 84-87 John Ellzey Bible, William Ellzey Bible, Mary Quinn Ellzey Bible, Isaac N. Varnado Bible, Cullen W. Conerly Bible sent by C.E. Melton ref 2089.


The Kinkade Family gedcom submitted by Ruth A. Cherecwich EMail: [email protected] Updated: Sat Feb 12 2000


Mr gedcom submitted by Edward Robinson EMail: [email protected] Updated: Sat Dec 15 2001. Sources: Title: Metts Ancestors in America, The Direct Line Author: Albert Caswell Metts, Jr Publication: Privately published by the author, San Antonio, TX; Title: G6146-reeves.FTW; Leonardo Andrea Collection

Author: South Carolina Archives; Historical Southern Families Author: John Bennett Boddie. Title: The Normans of Mississippi.


Contact the Cusenbary Association Email us at [email protected]


The Royal Scotish Dynasties 842-1625. House of Alpin & House of Bruce. URL:


Royal Genealogies


Ancestors of Paul Bailey MCBRIDE, EMail: [email protected]



Descendants of Clement Nance and Elizabeth Sanders Gilliam. A Crouch Family Heritage Association Family Tree page, Nance family line. Dan Shell Home Page gedcom submitted by Valerie (Johnson) Freeman EMail: [email protected]


Collinsworth info.EMail msg Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 From: jbandshugie EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected]


Ancestry of Marguerite Walker, Countess of Portsmouth first draft by William Addams Reitwiesner EMail: [email protected]

[S2149] gedcom submitted by Melissa Thompson Alexander, EMail: [email protected] Updated: Sun Jan 20 2002. Millie Huddleston Avery, EMail: [email protected]

Cahill Family on Updated: 2004-05-12 by Stephen P. Davis [email protected]


Barnes, Robert, Maryland Marriages 1634-1777, copy of register at MHS Charles Co. Church Records: Maryland and Delaware 1600's - 1800's, (FTM, 1999), Colonial Records of Southern Maryland.


Descendants of Walter Beatty, gedcom; Updated: Wed Oct 31 2001; Submitted by Marvin Beatty EMail: [email protected]


Norwood Family Bible: This Bible is now in possession of Mrs. Annie Smith Rosenthal, St. Francisville, La. Copied March 9, 1961 by Anne Harvey Daniel. Holy Bible, New York: Stereotyped by A. Chandler, and Printed by D. Fanshaw for the American Bible Society 1838. Family Record pages have been removed from their proper place, and are loose in the Bible. However, the flyleaf remains intact, and bears the following: "The property of Frances A. Norwood presented by her Father Jany. 1st 1846." All Family Record pages bear legend: "D. Fanshaw, Printer."

[S2153] gedcoms 1. Will2.GED Updated: Thu Nov 1 2001 submitted by Joann Broadhead, EMail: [email protected] 2. Boney Family Updated: Thu Dec 20 2001, submitted by Randy Boney EMail: [email protected] 3. Peterson Updated: Aug 25 2001 submitted by Iris Guertin EMail: [email protected] 4. Archer, Franklin, Tackett, Murphy & Bonner Updated: Aug 25 2001 Submitted by Buck Archer EMail: [email protected] 5. OLD FRANKLIN AND WILKES CO'S GA AND THEIR SPIN-OFFS. *****A REPOSITORY*****Updated: Thu Feb 7 2002 Submitted by Bill Kerr EMail: [email protected]


Burkart-Shelton family tree. Updated: Fri Aug 31 2001 Submitted by Ray & Sue Burkart, EMail: [email protected] Information on this line per descendant Becky Rae Burkhart


Msg from Bill Hodges 2/2002: EMail: [email protected] (old [email protected]). Descendant of Henry G. Hodges & Nancy Burns of Sevier Co. TN.


Ludwig Bottner and his Sons, The beginning of the Boatner Family in America by Paula S. Felder. Historic Publications of Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Copyright 1995; Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 84-81370. ISBN: 0-9608408-1-8 (sent to me by Col. Mark Boatner of Clinton, LA - lives across the road form Hickory Hill).


Brashears Research: trees: Rickett Family Tree Updated: Fri Aug 31 2001 submitted by William M. Rickett EMail: [email protected] f3774 Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Unknown EMail: [email protected] Ancestors of Fay(Griffin) and Shelby Ratcliff Updated: Sat Nov 24 2001 Submitted by Fay Ratcliff EMail: [email protected] Ancestors of Barbara Elaine Freeman Updated: Wed Jan 23 2002 Contact: Robert Suddath EMail: [email protected]


Sanders, Barganier, Purser or Pusser, Heaton, Saucer, Stringfellow, Byrd, Shell, McCrory, Holton, Dearborn, Webb, family tree Updated: Tue Jul 3 2001 submitted by Joe C Sanders EMail: [email protected]


GeneWeb (


Linda Jean(Williams)Keefer, EMail: [email protected] msg 2/18/02 Descendant of William Hammer.


Betty Ensor Thomas, EMail: [email protected] 6/98


Wilkinson family tree: Updated: Aug 25 2001 Submitted by Robert Wilkinson EMail: [email protected] "Always Looking for Cousins!" Updated: Jan 11 2002 Contact: Craig Beeman, EMail: [email protected]


They Live Again Main GEDCOM Information, family tree: Updated: Sun Feb 3 2002, submitted by Richard N. Fox EMail: [email protected] URL: They Live Again

Woodward Family Genealogy Author: Elizabeth Richardson 7&id=I0327 Elizabeth Richardson EMail: [email protected]

Robert Wylie Family History Updated: Sun Aug 31 2003 Contact: Robert Wylie


James Daniel the First of Essex/Caroline, Virginia Second Generation


Descendants of Robert Kent, family tree file: Updated: Aug 25 20 2001 Submitted by Catherine Walker EMail: [email protected]


Gerald Hankins Johnston's Family and Ancestors, family tree. Updated: Feb 8 2002, Submitted by Jerry Johnston EMail: [email protected] (dupe of ref 2468)


Lee's Links II, URL:


Winston County, Alabama: 1907 Census of Confederate Soldiers. [With notes on burial from the book, "Cemeteries of Winston County, Alabama" by Ruth Ferguson]


Davis/Leedle Bergmann/Loeber Babler/Feldt Krueger/Kelly Ancestors on Family tree: Updated: Mon Aug 6 2001, Submitted by Margot Babler EMail: [email protected] Howell Updated: Tue Dec 21 1999 Contact: James Howell EMail: [email protected]


Virginia, Prominent Families, Vol. 1-4 Chapter I Warner-Reade.Kent Island, Temple Farm, Martain, Gwynn, The Nelson Family.


The Leland Family of Virginia, et. al. on Updated: Thu Jul 31 2003 (Updated: Feb 26 2002); Contact: Richard McLester Leland III, EMail: [email protected] Home Page: The Leland Family of Virginia,


jallvie Updated: Aug 25 2001 Family tree file by Joseph Allen Levie EMail: [email protected]

PATRICK E. ROPER on Updated: 2004-04-29. 4544783

Special Collections LSU Libraries Head (William H. and Family) Papers (Mss. 3238)


MIZE - HUDSON TREE on ,Updated: Feb 16 2002 Contact: Janet M. Underwood, EMail: [email protected]

Prickett and Allied Families by Mark Alexander on

Maxwell, Miller, Mayo, Bandy, Crawford by Nancy Bishop on

Berry Plain Berrys by Jim Berry on

Taylor Ancestors-Descendants by I V (Sue) Taylor Foster on

[S2174] family tree file: g675 Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Unknown EMail: [email protected] 1. Garner Keene Families of Northern Neck VA, Author: Ruth Ritchie & Sudie Rucker Wood, Publication: Jarman Printing Co, Charlottesville, VA, 1952.

2. Descendants of Richard Wright, Gentleman, of London, England & Northumberland Co, VA 1655. Author: Charles Arthur Hoffin, Publication: author of Worcester, MA & Connaught Club of London, England. Note: From records of Northumberland, Westmoreland, Richmond, Prince George, Stafford, Prince William, Fauquier, & Fairfac cos VA, & some from assorted other cos in VA & MD.

Title: Orcutt, Carla Dean (Bailey) Publication: of Bainbridge Island, WA, Wright researcher [email protected]

3. Garner-Keene Families of Northern Neck VA by Ruth Ritchie & Sudie Rucker Wood, pub. 1952, Jarman Printing Co, Charlottesville, VA.


History of the House of Percy, Publication: London, 1902. Complete Peerage, Author: G.E. Cockayne, Publication: St. Catherine Press, 29 Great Queen St, Kingsway, W.C. 1959. Ancestral Roots of Certain American Colonists Who Came to America bef 1760 Author: Frederick Lewis Weis, Publication: 7th ed Genealogical Publishing, Baltimore 1992. (per ref. 1274).


Sarah Reveley, EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] 9 Mar 2002


Mary Jane Anderson msg to jbass 25 Feb 02 with attachment Notes_based_on_my_Humrickhouse_gene.doc EMail: [email protected]


Richardson, Watts, Reaves, Reeves, Hall family tree: Updated: Thu Jun 14 2001 Contact: Waymon Griffin EMail: [email protected]


Aldine J. Coffman, Jr.EMail: [email protected] Msg to jbass 3/02. great grandson of Josephine Buffin.


Besser Familys Rootsweb Family Tree: Updated: Sat Dec 15 2001 by Jeff Besser. EMail: [email protected]


Mary Le Samms EMail: [email protected] Family tree on Updated: Jan 31 2002


Pettingill Rootsweb tree file (LDS File) Updated: Mon Jul 16 2001 by lewis pettingill EMail: [email protected]


Sue Harris, EMail: [email protected] message board "[email protected]"


Mike Marshall, EMail: [email protected] Messages to [email protected] Subject: Re: [EFSS] Vass-Montague-Yates Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002


"Cauthorn Family Tree" family file: Updated: Sun Aug 26, 2001 data on Parks family; Contact James Elliott Cauthorn, EMail: [email protected]

"Record of the Cauthorn Family, Compiled by R.C. Phillips, Edited by Lucy Albion Luxford, Dietz Printing Co., Richmond, VA, 1909, p.5.

The Cauthen Family History, by Maryline Cauthen Westenhaver, copyright 1980, Fourth Printing, 1992, Craftmaster Printers, Inc. Opelika, AL.


Dudley Family Annex by Rod Davis on Gencircles. "The Dudley Genealogies and Family Records" Author: Dean DUDLEY, Publication: Boston, MA, 1848; Call Number: CS71.D85. "Sir Philip Sidney: Courtier Poet" Author: DUNCAN-JONES, Katherine; Publication: Yale University Press, 1991; Call Number: LC 91-65391; Page: 341ff. Title: "Wilson & Dudley Southern Families" Author: REZAC, Barbara Wilson; Publication: WorldConnect, Media: Book. "Sweet Robin: Biography of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester [1533-1588]" Author: WILSON, Derek; Publication: G.B., 1997; Call Number: ISBN 0-74900-360-X

"New Dudley Genealogies, The" Author: DUDLEY, Rev. Gary Publication: Media: Electronic

Brøderbund Software, Inc. Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #2458

Dudley Families (4) 1266 - 1950 Deadley, Dodly, Dudely, Dudlay, Dudlee, Dudley, Dudlie, Dudly, Sutton Email: Rod Dav4is [email protected]


Cathy Harris Helms msgs on Bondurant msg board. EMail: [email protected] date aug 2001. typed "excerpt from application for membership to The Huguenot Society of the Founders of Manakin in the Colony of Virginia" that I found among my late grandmother's genealogy papers.


Ruth Talley Smith EMail: [email protected] msg board Bondurant 5 Sep 2001. Sharon Kingen EMail: [email protected] 11 May 2000


Bettye Heinrich EMail: [email protected] 3/02


Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly • volume XV • volume XV, number 4 (01-OCT-1977) • Winston Family Genealogy on


Jack/Jacks/Jacques & J.V. Thompson Journals. family file: submitted by Cheralynn Wilson Updated: Tue Feb 12 2002 EMail: [email protected]


Lee and Billie Jones, EMail: [email protected] posted 2002/03/22 [email protected]


Bolton Castle North Yorkshire England


Vol II File 24: The Paternal Ancestry of Homer Beers James 38. Stafford Line (Earls of Stafford)


Polly Brill's Home Page. Researcher the area's of Leicestershire and Staffordshire. Stafford Family Genealogy (Descendants of Hugh de [Caldecott] Cavalcamp) by Melissa Smith Kennedy, EMail: [email protected]


"Jim & Gaila" EMail: [email protected] msg 3/23/02 re: Nettles


Norwood, Hall, Pickens UK to Darlington SC to Monroe Co AL, family file Updated: Thu Jun 14 2001. Updated: Mon Mar 4 2002 Contact: Waymon Griffin, EMail: [email protected]


Relatives of Scott Earnest tree file. Updated: Thu Jan 3 2002 Contact: Scott Earnest, EMail: [email protected] Nixon/Peterson Ancestors Updated: Wed Dec 12 2001 Contact: Dee Nixon EMail: [email protected]


Ketcham,Mace tree file: Updated: Aug 25 2001. Contact: William Bryant, EMail: [email protected] World Family Tree Vol. 14, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: October 20, 1997 Page: Tree #2164


Maximilian Genealogy Master Database 2000 'Royalty for Commoners', Roderick W. Stuart, 1993, p 65.


Updates to the Stanley Family Tree, Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Deborah Stanley, EMail: [email protected]


Email msg Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2001 From: BRENDA EMail: [email protected] Subject: Uriah Pruitt To: [email protected].


Email msg From: James Windsor, EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected], Subject: Daniel Howard Compton Date: Thu, 14 Mar 2002.


Jean Alexander, EMail: [email protected] Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 Subject: John Bryant/Mary Owsley family To: [email protected] Their 14th child was Daniel G. Bryant. The G was for Guerrant. I am a descendant of the first one, James Guerrant Bryant. Thank you.


John F. McKay, EMail: [email protected] maternal grandfather's Ben P. Chapman


from Chesterfield County, Va., Will Book No. 23, 1862-1865 on microfilm.


Amanda Waits Lee, EMail: "amanda lier" msg to jbass 8 Apr 2002.


[email protected] Email to [email protected] 26 Apr 2002.


Bill Vincent EMail: [email protected] msg to [email protected] 22 Apr 2002 (5g-gs of Captain John SANDIDGE and Mary WOOD).


"The Hanks Family of Virginia" and FTM: Send email to preparer: [email protected]


Anita Cerda, EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 4/22/02


E. Feliciana Parish, Louisiana Cemetery Inscriptions by Mary Ann Smith Sageley. Privately published by Mary Ann Smith Garner 12247 Hwy 961, Clinton, Louisiana 70722. Copyright 1970.


Linda B. Shull, EMail: [email protected] URL:


Smith-Wofford-Wactor-Faulkner Family Tree, Submitter: Sharon J. Smith Sherry EMail: [email protected] file updated 1/01


Cowart Ancestors by Rick Cowart


Ancestors of Frank C Elsberry by Frank C Elsberry


Joel Hager's Research May 2002 by Joel Hager

Joel Hager Gainesville, VA [email protected]

Joel Hager's Research April 2004 by Joel Hager on

Joel Hagers Research July 2004 on by Joel Hager


Webster Gudmundson, EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 7 May 2002. Descends from Anne Thomas, the daughter of Richard Thomas and Isabella Pendleton.


Derden, Tiffin, Duncan, Crow, Coughlin, Nee and other Lines Updated: Sat May 11 2002 (Updated: Sun Jul 8 2001) submitted by Don A. Tiffin EMail: [email protected] on


Kim McCarty posted msg January 06, 2000, g-grandmother was Samuel John McCants daughter, Martha Elizabeth McCants, wife of Joseph Edward Wright (of San Jacinto and Ellis Co., TX).


Catherine M. Ordonez EMail: [email protected] msg to jbass 9 May 02.


Richard W. Field E-mail: [email protected] Revised August 24, 1998


Spotsylvania County, Virginia Deeds FHL Film no. 34068 submitted by Submitter: Helen Crowley to message board 3 Mar 2001.

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