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Seventh Texas Infantry: Generals John Gregg and Hiram B. Granbury by Rebecca Blackwell Drake

Photo of Marker John Gregg, Aberdeen, MS

Brigadier General John Gregg Commander, Gregg's Brigade by Rebecca Blackwell Drake

Descendants of Norvell R. Granberry Researched by Jane Embrose

A Misleading Headstone Leads to the Search for General Hiram B. Granbury By Jane Embrose Granberry Descendant

Fannie Sims Granbury: Shrouded By Mystery By Rebecca Blackwell Drake

The Search For Fannie Sims Granbury: Wife of Brigadier General Hiram B. Granbury By Rebecca Blackwell Drake; Researched by Rebecca Drake, Mississippi Civil War historian; Mary Eddins Johnson, professional researcher from Mobile, Alabama; Eddie Lanham, Civil War researcher of Georgia; Jane Embrose, descendant of the Granberry family of Ohio; and James Drake, researcher, Mississippi.


Glen Maxey Files by Glen Maxey on P O Box 2505 Austin TX 78768 [email protected]

LDS Lena Smith Submission, et al. Publication: Microfilm: 1394068 Austin Shipp Ancestral Chart Publication:


Family file on by Contact: David Bowerman 84

LDS Ancestral File AFN:1WOV-ZG Text: provided information on all the children except Martha and Mary

The Descendants of Cornelius Autry, Immigrant, of Edgecombe County, and Neil Culbreth of Sampson County, North Carolina, and Allied Families Page: Pages 2,3,5,6,25 thru 695 This book, written by V. Mayo Bundy and Robert Autry Brooks, provided most of the historical information presented here.

Title: Rootsweb's WorldConnect Project


Nelson / Lester Family History on Updated: Mon Nov 25 17:33:06 2002 Contact: Charla Haley

GHOTES, Descendants of John Stringer Repository:

World Family Tree Vol. 5, Ed. 1 Tree #0601 v23t0441.FTW Family Archive CD


James Riley 2004 family file on Updated: Sat Jan 10 2004 Contact: Pauline Riley 0013718


Robert Courtney on by Tom Curtis

big family by A big Family on Gen


Decendants of John Muse Sr by James H Muse on [email protected] June 15, 2004


World Family Tree Vol. 8, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: January 12, 1997 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #1441; Title: vol81441.FTW

World Family Tree Vol. 1, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: November 29, 1995 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #2721

The Ancestors of Jordan & Taylor Barge by Carol Barge on

The Complete Peerage of England, Scotland, Ireland, Great Britain and the United Kingdom, Extant, Extinct or Dormant, new ed. Author: Editor: G.E. Cokayne, with Vicary Gibbs, H.A. Doubleday, Geoffrey H. White, Duncan Warrand and Lord Howard de Walden Publication: Alan Sutton Publishing, 1910-1959; reprint in 6 volumes, Gloucester,U.K., 2000, volume XII/1.

The New Extinct Peerage 1884-1971: Containing Extinct, Abeyant, Dormant and Suspended Peerages With Genealogies and Arms Author: Pine, L. G. Publication: Hearldry Today, London, U.K., 1972

Britain's Royal Family: A Complete Genealogy Author: Weir, Alison Publication: The Bodley Head, London, U.K., 1999


Vol. I, Houses of Strother, Descendants of William Strother I, King George County, Virginia; Author: William Strother Society, Inc., Robin T. Hite, editor 1993 Publication: William Strother Society, Inc., 455 Elbow Creek Road, Mount Vernon, IA 52314-9730 Published from the Lloyd F. Oliver manuscript Call Number: ISBN 09637624-0-0.

The Strothers Author: William E. Railey The Register of the Kentucky Historical Society carried only two installments on the Strother family by William E. Railey -- in September 1917 and January 1918 (p.. 369-394, this volume).

Family Tree Maker, CD 185 Family History: Kentucky Genealogies #1. Genealogies of Kentucky Families, Volume II


West Virginia History, Vol. 3 on Description: Home to over 1.2 million people in 1910, West Virginia was created in the ashes of the American Civil War. This database is the third of three volumes covering the history of the state, originally published in 1913. Beginning with the earliest explorers to the region, it provides a detailed account of the state's development. Additionally, it contains biographical sketches of important residents. Of particular use to the researcher are these brief histories and genealogies. Names of ancestors and descendants are included in many entries, making this an invaluable tool for the researcher whose ancestors lived in West Virginia.

Source Information: West Virginia History, Vol. 3 [database online]. Provo, UT:, 2000. Original data: Miller, Thomas Condit and Hu Maxwell. West Virginia and Its People, Volume 3. New York: Lewis Historical Publishing Co., 1913.


Davis04 on Updated: 2004-05-02 Contact: Linda Stewart 035


Norcom-Tyner-Padgett by Dallas L. Phelps on Gen

My Family by Dianna Vaughn


Msg from Bettie Myers Worley [email protected] Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 Subject: My Southern Family ID Number138929 To: [email protected] Direct descendant of Albert Dudley Watts and Emma Willis Rucker.


Msg query on message board 5 Aug 2004 from Beverly Maier EMail: [email protected] Direct descendant of Lillie Whitely and Henry Miller.


Ungeheier/Seltzer Families by C. Ungeheier on


Byer and Hays by Rosie Fuller-Hays

Charleston families by Thom Gibby

Ancestors of Virginia Gail DeVries by Ginni DeVries

woofer6 by Mary [email protected]


Descendants of Jeremiah Hinton Author: Joe Bell Publication: Genealogy compiled by Joe Bell


Ferrers01 Families covered: Ferrers of Chartley, Ferrers of Derby, Ferrers of Taynton, Ferrers of Wemme Main sources: TCP (Derby), TCP (Ferrers of Chartley), BE1883 (Ferrers of Derby), BE1883 (Ferrers of Chartley), BE1883 (Ferrers of Wemme) with some support from TCP (Boteler of Wem)

Ferrers02 Families covered: Ferrers of Groby, Ferrers of Tamworth Castle Main sources: (1) For Ferrers of Groby : TCP (Ferrers of Groby), BE1883 (Ferrers of Groby) (2) For Ferrers of Tamworth: TCP (Ferrers of Chartley), 'Historical Collections of Staffordshire', or 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire', edited by The William Salt Archaeological Society, New Series volume 1, printed in 1898. (3) For Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton: BLG1952 (Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton)

Ferrers03 Families covered: Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton, Ferrers of Tamworth Castle Main sources: (1) For Ferrers of Tamworth: TCP (Ferrers of Chartley), 'Historical Collections of Staffordshire', or 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire', edited by The William Salt Archaeological Society, New Series volume 1, printed in 1898. (2) For Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton: BLG1952 (Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton)


Msg from From: Mary Ellen Cunningham [email protected] To: [email protected] Cc: [email protected] Subject:Cunningham Family Date: Aug 8, 2004 Direct Descendant of John Reid Cunningham.


Harrison-Franklin Bible This Bible is in very poor condition with both the backs and several pages missing. The title page is missing; however, the New Testament title page has the date 1809, and the printer was Mathew Carey of Philadelphia. Contributed by Mrs. Martha P. Reneau, Rte. 1, Galsgow, KY Published in Kentucky Ancestors, Vol. 5, No.1, July1969.

Harrisons & Shipleys of Barren Co., KY by Ruby Shipley-Lehner on

Msg From: "Linda Fleming" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Barren Co. Ky. Harrisons Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004


McLean-Coble Relatives from Middle Robert W. McLean on

Kathy's Kinfolk by Kathy Franklin-Hamilton on


Henderson01 at Stirnet Genealogy, at


Colville02 Stirnet Genealogy at


Maxwell01 Stirnet Genealogy at

Burke's Peerage under "Maxwell". & See Burke's Peerage under "Maxwell".


Halyburton01 Families covered: Halyburton (Haliburton) of Dirleton, Haliburton of Haliburton (Halyburton) Main sources: TSP (Haliburton), BE1883 (Halyburton). TSP = "The Scots Peerage", founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's "Peerage of Scotland". Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul. Published 1908.

BE1883 = Burke's Extinct Peerage "Genealogical History of the Dormant, Abeyant, Forfeited and Extinct Peerages of the British Empire by Burke" (1883 edition). Copies of this are held in many of the larger public libraries in the UK." inklo


Ancestors of Garry Stuart Gibson


The Olney Connection on; Updated: 2004-07-13 Contact: Laverne Edward Olney Email: [email protected] Home Page: ey Olney Family & Finance Links


Msg From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 Subject: [HARRISON] Re: HARRISON Family, VA, TN & MS


Msg from "Sherry Keith" [email protected] to [email protected] Subject: Request to use info from your site Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004; Direct descendant of Lucy Higginbotham and Durrell Stodghill.

The Keith Paterick Family by Sherry Keith on

Dana's Family & Cass County Collections by Dana Thomas on

Brøderbund Software, Inc.Publication: Release date: August 23, 1996 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #1185 (Fitzpatrick)

"Huyck Cousins" by Myra Manfrina, Printed by Vance Newcomb, 1986. US/CAN 929.273 H983m.


Descendants of Franks, Cone, Smith, and Bush. on by Barbara Smith; July 20, 2003 last update.

Carolyn L. Bush Laird, "The Bush Family As Descended from Richard and Mary Prescott Bush" 1987

Norma Walker Anderson, Sarah Junell Walker Mullinnix, and Bobbye Roberts Harkins, comps., A Genealogical Record for the Descendants of Lt. Isaac Walker and Elizabeth Stuart (n.p.:, 1995)


Msg 19 Aug 04 from Robert N. Grant Palo Alto, CA 94301 Email: [email protected] to [email protected]


DURHAM SURNAME DNA PROJECT Group Administrator: Marshall Durham [email protected]

Please visit the Family Tree DNA website for detailed explanation.


Msg From: Charlotte Higdon. [email protected] Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 Subject: Calpernia Cicero Thornton Wood To: [email protected] Direct descendant of Caleprnia Cicero Thornton Wood, great grandmother.


steven david waddell by steven david waddell on

Palfenier Connections by Otto Albert Joseph James Palfenier (Boteler info) on


Msg From: Lowell and Barbara Camp [email protected] Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2004 Subject: family history To: [email protected]. Descendant from Margaret Taylor(1705) and Edward Tinsley.


LDS Submitter: Rev. Christos Christou, JR. 303 Nicholson Road Essex, MD 21221-6609 Compact Disc #77; Submission Search: 1020578-0312103171904

Submitter: Jodie GEE 1204 Springland Drive, North Myrtle Beach, SC, 29582, United States of America - Compact Disc #72 Submission Search: 1015170-0905103174454


Msg in Morgan Mail List: From: [email protected] Subject: Re: [Morgan] Re: PVT John Morgan 1763 -1844 Rev. War Declaration. To: [email protected] Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 Descendant of Rachel (Reachel) Morgan, dau of Thomas b 1702.


Gregg Bonner's Genealogy Database: WorldConnect Ver.16 on Updated: 2004-06-17 Home page:


Bill Morgan msg From: [email protected] Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2004 Subject: Elihu: 3rd wife To: [email protected]


"Maurice Higginbotham" [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: biography Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004. Direct descendant of George Washington Higginbotham.


From: [email protected] Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 to [email protected]


Waller researcher, Roy F. Waller is a descendant of Benjamin Waller (1716-1786), 5th child of Colonel John. Of interest to many will be the TAZEWELL connections found on Roy's page.

Roy F.Waller's Page

Descendants of William Waller by William Scott


From: [email protected] descendant of Col. Morgan Morgan Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2004 Subject: Re: [Morgan] Re: Zackquill Morgan b. 1690, Bishop of Cardiff, Wales To: [email protected] "From: The Morgan Line, St. Mellon's Parish, Glamorganshire, Wales. Taken from data from The Bishop's Library, Cardiff. copy of hand written notes containing data purportedly copied from the archives of the Bishop's Library, in Cardiff, Wales.


TABER/MANSFIELD Seqovia CORNER TUSCANY IIk on Updated: 2004-09-28 Contact: Christopher Taber 2842170


ULRICH Family Tree Links by Ron Ulrich 1 Oct 2004


Msg to Morgan-L mail list: From: [email protected] Date: 22 Jun 2004 Subject: [Morgan] Re: David Morgan

Sources: "Col. George Morgan, His Family and Times," paper written by Julia Morgan Harding (of Pittsburgh), as published in the Washington (Pa.) Observer, May 21, 1904.]

Morgan Family Prayer Book, Gallaher Collection (Marietta, Ohio, in 1932; present location unknown); Julia Morgan Harding Notebook, Harding Collection (New York City); George Morgan Notebook, Library of the Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh); Morgan Family Bible, Mrs. H.D. Coffinbury (Cleveland, Ohio, in 1932; present location unknown).]

"George Morgan, Colony Builder," published by Columbia University Press in 1932. [Warrington Dawson's papers, with records of his Morgan family research, are at the Duke University Library, which I hope to visit at the end of July.]


From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2004 Subject: [Morgan] Re: Family tree of Charles Morgan (1743-October 23, 1808), VA

From: Bethany [email protected] To: [email protected] Date: 3 Oct 2004 Subject: [Morgan] Re: Family tree of Charles Morgan (1743-October 23, 1808), VA to western PA


From: Marilou Smith Ninowsky, "Marilou Smith" EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Re: Lindsay line Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004; direct descendant of William Henry Lindsay, 1773-1823.

Bayliss Family Bible, Census Records for Jefferson County, Arkansas in appropriate years, " The Lindsays in America", " Central Arkansas Counties Biographies and Historical Memoirs- Jefferson County, Jefferson County Marriage records.


Martin-Busk by Jack Martin on; Info on this family from Paul Baker & Appleton Morgan, A HISTORY OF THE FAMILY OF MORGAN, Shakespeare Press 1901 page 92.


FloryCooper by Claude Flory on updated 2 Jul 2004


Parrish Jarman by Cheryl Parrish Jarman on

Southern Roots1 by Jeanette W. Cuthriell on


Pritchett-Skinner families & connections by Steve A. Pritchett on


Herren Family by Pete Herren on EMail: [email protected]

Lokey Family by Blanchard, Langham, Lokey, Wheeler and Allied Families by Contact: Joe and Ludelle Wheeler, EMail: [email protected]; on updated 10-10-2004. Land Family data. 748

Word Doc from Gladys EMail: From: [email protected] word doc To: "[email protected]" Subject: Benjamin Lokey descendants 24 Oct 2004


From: "Ron Sandidge" [email protected] To: [email protected] 12 Oct 2004 descendant of Thomas Hastings Sandidge.


My Eastern Kentucky Ancestry on Updated: 2004-09-10 Contact: Sandra Salyers 14873

Genealogical and Personal History of Fayette County Pennsylvania, Vol I Fayette County - McCormick

Hollingsworth Genealogical Memoranda in The United States From 1682 to 1884" b y William B. Hollingsworth, 1884, Baltimore, MD., page 37.

Some Virginia Families Being Genealogies of the Kinney, Stribling, Trout, Note: TEXT Some Virginia Families Being Genealogies of the Kinney, Stribling, Trout


Gardner by Christopher L. Gardner on (update 2001)

Murphy Family History by Amy Murphy on 19 Aug 2004


Our Southern Roots by Billy Smithey, Jr.on Heaton-Turner by Candy Heaton-Austin on Erbert Family by Mary Erbert on

World Family Tree Vol. 11, Ed. 1 Author: Brøderbund Software, Inc. Publication: Release date: July 1, 1997 Media: Family Archive CD Page: Tree #0089

Adventures of Purse and Person Virginia 1607-1624/25, Third Edition, by Virginia M. Meyer & John Frederick Dorman, source given by Hewitt F. Ryan, Jr

Old King William Homes & Families; p. 18, Peyton Neale Clarke; 1964


Foley-Conley Family Updated: Sat Aug 25 2001 Contact: Bob Foley ([email protected]) 11


Dedmon Ancestors in FTM 90 03Apr02 Updated: Wed Apr 3 2002 Contact: Floyd Dedmon on (EMail: [email protected]). From Singletary Family .FTW. The Dedmon Ancestors in FTM.FBC.FTW


Msg. From: John Conway EMail: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Charles Leavitt Costello Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2004


Msg from From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Your webpage Goodwin family , Micajah inquiry Date: Oct 20, 2004


Genealogy of the Shoemaker Family of Cheltenham, Penna; Author: Benjamin H. Shoemaker Publication: 1903; Lippincott-Philadelphia, PA; file Updated: 2004-09-10 by Jerry Zollars 3027


Crichton01 Families covered: Crichton of Brunston, Crichton of Cairns, Crichton of Crichton Main sources: BP1934 (Erne), TSP (Crichton), TSP (Caithness)

Crichton02 Families covered: Crichton of Auchingoul, Crichton of Frendraught Main sources: TSP (Crichton), TSP (Frendraught), BE1883 (Crichton of Frendraught).


Leslie01 Families covered: Leslie of Leslie, Leslie of Ross, Leslie of Rothes Main sources: (1) TSP (Rothes), BP1934 (Rothes), BP1999 (Rothes). (2) TSP (Ross). (3) BLG1850 (Leslie of Balquhain, in the supplement).


Gordon02 Families covered: Gordon of Huntly Main sources: TSP (Huntly), BP1934 (Huntly).


Wallace01 Families covered: Wallace of Elderslie, Wallace of Riccarton Main sources: (1) 'The Book of Wallace', volume 1, along with 'The Wallace Papers', both by the Reverend Dr. Charles Rogers, printed in 1889 for The Grampian Club, Edinburgh. (2) 'Wallace, the Hero of Scotland' by James Paterson, published in Edinburgh by William P. Nimmo in 1881. (3) BLG1952 (Wallace of that ilk), BLG1850 (Wallace of Kelly)

Wallace02 Families covered: Wallace of Biscany, Wallace of Cairnhill, Wallace of Elderslie, Wallace of Kelly, Wallace of Neilstounside Main sources: BLG1952 (Wallace of that ilk), BLG1850 (Wallace of Kelly)

Wallace03 Families covered: Wallace of Craigie, Wallace of Riccarton [This page will be revised in due course. As it stands, it should be viewed as little more than 'draft for discussion' because a number of major changes are expected, even then leaving several issues still to be resolved.]

Main sources: the Vans Family Archive at

Wallace04 Families covered: Wallace of Craigie, Wallace of Failford, Wallace of Woolmet[This family is still being researched.] Main sources: the Vans Family Archive at with support from TCB (volume IV).


Relatives of Ralph and Pat Roberts Updated: Wed Aug 6 2003 Contact: Ralph Roberts on; Sources: Forrester, Izola, "This One Mad Act", 1937. Kimmel, Stanley, "The Mad Booths of Maryland"; Ostrem, Sigurd, email June 2001. L.D.S. Ancestral File; Ancestry World Tree at; Nottingham, Theodore, "The Curse of Cain", 1997. =I046786

Thomas Pierce of Charlestown, Mass.Updated: 2004-10-20 Contact: Richard L. Pierce. 953

Families of Burlington Co., NJ Updated: 2004-10-17 Contact: Bill Abrams Home Page: /index.html 893


Msgs From: From: Susan Grabek [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: [LINDSAY] Frederick County land transactions Date: Oct 24, 2004


Guthrie by Steve Tomasek on posted October 25, 2004 EMail: [email protected]

Welty genealogy by Robert and Tammy welty on (Phillips info) posted September 18, 2004


Kudzu and Maples Leaves by David V. Hughey on Source: jhgaines--James Gaines.FTW

PalmerCouture by Cody Re (Grimsley info)

Bond Info: HYNEK, Julia A. Rt. 1 box 100 Industry, Il 61440-9608 Family Tree Maker Marriage CD#228 IL, IN Media: Family Archive CD

Stroud-Wood-Looney Families by Nancy Stroud Holland on


LDS: Van R. SPENCER P.O. Box 174 Bluewater NM Submission Search: 1778726-1103102214155 CD-ROM: Pedigree Resource File - Compact Disc #52


From: "Mary M Robertson" EMail: [email protected] 31 Oct 2004

To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [Morgan] North Carolina


Msg From: [email protected] To: [email protected] Subject: Elizabeth Montague/Doodes Minor Date: Nov 1, 2004 Home Page: Thomson and Ellis Familes

Edmiston-Delk Updated: 2004-10-30 by Darla Edmiston on (Jadwin, Coleman, Masterson) 7487


The Darnell Master Gedcom File on Updated: 2004-10-02 by Awiusdi Darnell 87


Msg from John Field Pankow Asheville, NC EMail: [email protected] 3 Nov 2004 Source: [email protected] Subject: Elizabeth Briggs & William Lindsay


LZmisc02 Families covered: Lucie of Egremont, Lucie of Lucie, Lucy of Langley, Lucy of Lucy Main sources: BE1883 (Lucy)


This work is derived from the book "John Walker of Wigton, Scotland" published in 1902 by Emma S. White. It is presented here, unaltered, so as to hold the integrity of the book. It is for your free use! CD available.


September 2003 by Pollee Walker Kreaps on


Ancestors of Eugene Alvis by Eugene Alvis on


LDS Submitter(s): FLETA GAIL CHILDRESS Microfilm: NONE 2830 TIDAL WAVE RD CORBIN KY Submission: AF97-116910 USA 40701

DANIEL TRICE Microfilm: NONE R3 BOX 321 MULDROW OK Submission: AF95-112533 USA 74948

ELDON J. EDGIN Microfilm: NONE 14908 WOODBRIAR DR DALLAS TX Submission: AF90-101274 USA 75248

ELDON J. EDGIN Microfilm: NONE 14908 WOODBRIAR DR DALLAS TX Submission: AF93-107850 USA 75248

RICHARD E. HAY Microfilm: NONE 1605 SUMMIT DRIVE WAYNESBORO VA Submission: AF97-119839 USA 22980-5231



S t r a y L e a v e s A JAMES FAMILY IN AMERICA SINCE 1650


Ancestors of Jane Peyrouse by Jane Harton Peyrouse on

Harold Davey by Harold Davey on

Cavin, Hornbaker, Hoye by Connie Lynn Hornbaker on

"The Powell Family" Author: Ruth T. Dryden Publisher: Ruth T. Dryden, 1994


Mag From: Philip Lindsey [email protected] Date: Thu, 18 Nov 2004 direct descendant of Lindsey Briscoe.


Central MO Familes: Surnames


Taylor Ancestors-Descendants by I V (Sue) Taylor Foster on

Ancestors of Jean Cothran by Jean Cothran on


Our Southern Heritage by Joe Sanders on

Arkansas Families by Jennifer L. Jones on

Virginia, Kentucky, Texas by Don Wigley on

Ancesters of Charlotte McKinney Rowden by Charlotte McKinney Rowden on


Mary Lincoln/Todd Family Genealogy Information Emilie Todd Helm and her daughter Katherine were Todd family historians. In the early part of the 1900’s, Emilie sold her papers to Kittochtinny Magazine which published a Todd Family History explaining much of the family history back to James Todd who was born in 1669 in Scotland. Assoc. of Lincoln Presenters by Donna D. McCreary


Msg From: William Hurst EMail: [email protected] Source: [email protected] Subject: Hurst/Lindsey Connections 23 Nov 2004

Msg From: [email protected] To: [email protected] August 15, 2004


Old Home Place - East TN Roots by Ron Smith on


Capt. or Col. JOHN HOLDER of Culpeper Co., VA companion of Daniel Boone PIONEER land speculator; Holder's Family Tree by Bill Holder.


Msgs re: Durham-Lindsey on Durham-L list from Vivian Toole April 11, 2004; Vivian Cates, Rt. #2 Box 52-A, Alto, Texas 75925-9607 1-936-858-3801; "Marshall Durham" [email protected]; N A Durham [mailto:[email protected]]


Register Report - HOLMES by Sam Behling 30 Jul 2003 EMail: [email protected]

Descendant of John AUDLEY (3 Feb 1641/1642 - 13 Dec 1711) & Martha HOLMES (13 May 1640 - 30 Dec 1711)

Home Page: Created and Maintained by Susanne "Sam" Behling


SHAW Tree 2002 Rev1 by Mike Shaw on

COOKE to Currie (Mayflower line) by George A. Jones

"The Turner Family -- Discovering the Father of Thomas Turner, John Turner, and Philip Turner of Rowan County, N.C. and Madison County, KY" by Virginia Darcy Slaughter, 8405 N. Wagon Trail Rd., Columbia, MO 65202.

Kimbrough & Allied Families Children of Marmaduke KIMBROUGH by Kathy McCown


The Descendants of Francis Andrus by Ross D. Andrews


Genealogy of H. Edgar and Karen R. Hill on Updated: 2004-09-22 Contact: H. Edgar Hill. &id=I26090 Home page:

Bollenbacher, Shawver, Manbeck, Whetsell, Hughes on Updated: 2004-08-19 Contact: Mary Fyock moon&id=I1282


Northen and Southern East Coast Families by A. Joyce on

Heritage of Rockingham County North Carolina by Author: /Charles Dyson Rodenbough/, ed. Publication: Rockingham County Historical Society [Hunter Publishing Company], 1983 Page: [594] p. 339 [Linda C Vernon] [to Patrick Co VA]

Thomas and Alexander Joyce Descendants Home Page [Ancestors of Justin Michael Woodall] by Author: Vivian J /Worthington/ Publication: 08[through] 0016.html, 21 NOV 1997 Macon GA 31211-9549 (912) 741-3749 [email protected]


Source: [email protected] Subject: Generation No. 3 - (Edmund, Robert) Richard Bracewell (b. abt. 1588 in London, England) From: [email protected] 1 Dec 2004 BRASWELL FAMILY, by Elizabeth Braswell Pearsall of Rocky Mount, NC.


From: Greene County Historical Society Paragould EMail: [email protected] Subject: Re: [SANDIDGE-L] Higginbotham Reunion in Lynchburg To: josie bass [email protected]

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