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Adair County Kentucky Families
Genealogy reports for: 
Wilson, Coomer, Wheeler, Garmon, Farris, Hamilton, Yarberry.
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My roots are in this section of Adair County Kentucky, in later years the Columbia area. There will be old pictures, drawings of buildings, people, writings and other interesting things of years gone by. 




Disclaimer: We the contributors cannot be responsible for the information contained in this site. The information provided is believed to be true, based on the research and the intent of the submitters. There are many friends and relatives who have contributed to and been involved in the search for the information that is provided here. There is no way that we can be absolutely sure about each family member belonging to that particular family, nor the dates and other information. It is, rather, up to the individual researcher to verify as much information as possible through their individual research efforts. If you believe any of the posts are in error, you may send your information to the e-mail address below.

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