Wilson Allied Families Newsletter

Wilson and Allied Families Newsletter
Carlis B. Wilson, Editor

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The winter activity has been expectedly good, with a lot of contacts submitting more new family data.
The John Coomer Family has became the largest of the two Coomer families of our research.
Many Allied Families which are connected to the John Coomer family are listed below.

Descendants of John Coomer
Abrams, Baker, Bennett, Bradshaw,
Brown, Burris, Coffey, Coomer,
Corbin, Crawhorn, Curry, Gadberry,
Gilpin, Hadley, Harvey, Hurt,
Lawhorn, Loy, Matney, Montgomery,
Morrison, Murphy, Pernell, Richards,
Roach, Rogers, Scott, Sparks,
Sneed, Thompson, Taylor, Willis,
Wilson,  Withers, Wolford, Yarberry.

The above list is a few family named that can be found in the report. A count of the index of names shows
212 Surnames and 1020 Individual Names, to date, more will be added from the ongoing project.
There has been a lot of interest in this family in the last year.

With the amount of interest in the John Coomer Family. Some have request that I print the book for the history of said family. If you or anyone you know would be interested in the book, please write and let me know your thoughts.

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Wishing you and yours Happy and Prosperous Spring.

Carlis B. Wilson, Family Research and Storyteller.