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In my research of JAMES B. GARMON, the Surname Garmon is recorded as GARMON / GARMAN.
The Deed between George W. Garman & James B. Garman is evidence of James B. Garmon as such.
Much time has been spent in searching for the parents of James B. Garmon, by a number of Garmon / Garman researchers. With little if any clues as to whom his parents are. However there are some new thought as to the possibility of him being listed with the family of Samuel and Elizabeth Garmon as J. B. McKinney.

In the 1850 Census of Adair County, KY. Compiled by Mrs. Randy H. Flowers and Randy C. Watson 1986. On page 25 Household No. 317 J. B. McKinney (m) 7 KY. with Samíl Garmon family. Ten years later in the 1860 Metcalfe Co., Ky. dwelling 136, family 136, Census taken June 7, 1860:

Garman, Samuel, 62, m, farmer, 1,200, 1,500, Vir., can't read or write.
Elizabeth, 58, f, Vir.,
Susan, 29, f, Ky.
Almarine, 18, m, Ky. attended school in year.
Garman, Samuel E., 20, m, farming, Ky., married in yr.
Garman, Martha J., 19, f, Ky., married in yr.
McKinney, James B., 17, m, farmer, 600, 600, Ky.
Per Betty Garmon

If you or other Garmon / Garman researcher has any information leading to the parents or siblings of James B. Garmon and / or James B. McKinney. Please contact me at: Carlis B. Wilson.

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2.    John Coomer

Their are  two Coomer families in Adair and Pulaski County, KY. which came from North Carolina and Virginia.

While not confirmed as yet, I think these two families are one family, possibly JOHN COOMER, b. 1796, Stokes Co., NC. He married NANCY UNKNOWN. She was born 1803. could be the father or uncle of WILLIAM COOMER of 1770.

More about William Coomer:

WILLIAM COOMER married SUKEA BEASLEY; Their child is: GEORGE W. COOMER, b. 1808, Stokes Co., NC; d. 1867.
He married (1) UNKNOWN (PALMER/PALMORE) Abt. 1830. He married (2) SERENA ASHBROOK Abt. 1836 in
Pulaski Co., KY, daughter of JAMES ASHBROOK and CHRISTINA FRY. She was born Abt. 1811.
Do you have any information on these two families? If so please share it with us by sending it to: E-mail: Carlis B. Wilson.

You can find more about these two families in the family reports in the:
Descendants of John Coomer and Descendants of William Coomer

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