Civil War


Killed In Action

Civil War

Giles Bakley
Francis L. Bartholomew
of Kirkland, Oneida County, New York
died on December 11, 1864 in
Memphis, Tennessee
Charles Bakley
Nathan Becker
John W. Boone
died at the battle of Shiloh 4/7/1862
Henery Boone died 3/21/1864
Edward L. Boone died 9/6/1866
James L. Crysler died on July 14, 1862
Marcellus, Onondaga County Militia
in New York
Cornell W. Crysler died December 15, 1861
Marcellus, Onondaga County Militia in New York
Marcus W. Crysler was wounded
Joshua Taylor Bradford, Lt. Col
Daniel Doxtator
John Elben
Festis J Hocutt, CS Army
Agrippa Hocutt, CS Army
William Hocutt, CS Army
Lorenzo Hocutt, CS Army
Felix Hocutt, CS Army
Manassa Hocutt, CS Army
Ephruim Hocutt, CS Army
Jason Hocutt, CS Army
Flavious Hocutt, CS Army
Enon Hocutt, CS Army
John R Lunsford, CS Army,
Ruffin Hocutt, CS Army
Brown Hocutt, CS Army
Stephenson Hocutt, CS Army
Henderson Hocutt, CS Army
Richard B. Parker killed in the
Battle of Williamsburg VA on
May 5 1862, Confederate
George Andrew Parker
Co C 3rd West Virginia Calvary--Union
Doctor Pate CSA
Marsellus Pate CSA
Samuel Ridgway Union
James Ridgway Union
Peter Ridgway Union
Timothy Ridgway Union
Charles Shock Union Army
CoE 81st Regt Ohio Vol. Inft.
Served: 9/1/1861 to 7/30/1865
b. 9/17/1841 d. 7/18/1907
Greenville Sanders
William Shelton died 3 May 1864
George F. Ward 5/1/1817 6/5/1890
John Whitaker CSA

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