Desert Storm


Killed In Action or during Service


Desert Storm


Bob Baxter Sr
Anthony Bohannon - USN
U.S. Coast Guard from 1992 thru April of 1996.
Brian Glancy Master Sergeant USAF
Mark Goosby USA
Keith David Hall..USMC
Dwight Henry USN
David William Hocutt, USAF
James B. Hogston USMC/Reserves
Mathew Judy USN 3rd Class - Electricians Mate
Kenneth Wesley Lee Moore , USAF
Presently in USN Reserve.
Katrina Marie Terrill SSgt USAF
Dwight Tackett - U.S. Army
Served during the Desert Storm in Israel
defending against SCUD attacks.
Kevin Terrill SSgt USAF
Thomas Terrill US Army
Clark Terrill USN
David Terrill USN
Keith R Wakelee . Petty Officer 1st Class, USN
Kent W Wakelee. Petty Officer 3rd Class, USN,
1986 - 1990 Two tours in Persian Gulf,

Served During Peacetime

Donald S Alverson Army
William Bartholomew
was a LT. of Woodstock Military
Company of Ipswich,
Essex County, Mass.
Ronald Bohannon
USAF circa. 1984 to 1988 in Japan.
Domenic A Cirino
Dominic M. Cirino
Lt. Kevin Colling USN Navigator (Blue Angels)-
killed in air accident
In GA Air Show Thursday Oct 29, 1999
Monty Cordery, USAF
Christopher DiCapua US Army
John Anthony DiCapua US Army
John Dickerson
was in the Suffolk County Militia in 1715
Bobby Fusco US Naval Chief
Adam Gordon, USAF
William D Hocutt, USAF
Jerry R Hocutt, USAF
William S Hocutt, Jr., USAF
David W Hocutt, USAF
William T Hocutt, USAFRTF San Diego
Pete Holste USN ComSta Corey Field, Fla.
USS New Jersey BB-62 USS Prairie AD-15
AFRTS Sangley Point, Republic of the Philippines
Tawanna Jennings, USAF
Monty D Jennings, USAF
Timothy Kuppe,USAF
Mark Kuppe,USAF
Matthew Kuppe,USAF
LV Lunsford, US Army
Lt. Cmdr. Kieron O'Connor
USN Pilot (Blue Angels)-
killed in air accident
In GA Air Show Thursday Oct 29, 1999
David Daniel Peterson -
U. S. Air Force serving now
and Possibly Stationed in Greenland
Terry Lee Tackett Sr.-
Ohio Air National Guard 1975 thru 1992
Jan 1977 thru Nov 1977 was on active duty.
Dwight Tackett
Kenneth Wesley Moore, USAF
Phillip Oakes-US Army
TSgt Teresa Rozich,
US Air Force Active Duty.Pope AFB NC
John G. Scaife
US Army & US National Guards d 1990
Glenn H. Walter U.S. Navy
Wesley H. Ziebell U.S. Navy


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