King Phillips War


KIA= Killed In Action

King Phillips War

Samuel Appleton,
Maj. John Howard
of Duxbury, Massachusetts
Michael Pierce , Capt.
Peter the Wolf-Mohawk
KIAHenry Denslow-killed in 1676
Odatshecta- Oneida

Following Names
Taken from

"Soldiers of the King Phillips War"
by George M. Bodge, Boston, 1906
as posted and donated by

Roster of the Officers of the army
of the United Colonies,
as organized forthe
Narraganset Campaign,
and mustered
at Pettisquamscot,December 19,1675.

General Josiah Winslow,
Gov of Plymouth Colony,commander in chief

General staff:

Daniel Weld of Salem, chief surgeon
Joseph Dudley of Boston, chaplain
Benjamin Church, of Little Compton,RI, aid

Massachusetts Regiment
Samuel Appleton of Ipswich
and Captain of First company

Reginmental staff

Richard Knott, of Marblehead, surgeon
Samuel Nowell of Boston, chaplain
John Morse of Ipswich, commissary

Officers of the line

Jeremiah Swain, First Company, Lieutenant
Ezekiel Woodward, Sergeant (acting ensign)

Second company

Samuel Mosely, Captain
Perez Savage, Lieutenant

Third company

James Oliver, Captain
Ephriam Turner, Lieutenant
Peter Bennett, Sergeant (acting ensign)

Fouth company

Isaac Johnson, Captain
Phineas Upham, Lieutenant
Henry Bowen, ensign

Fifth company

Nathaniel Davenport, Captain
Edward Tyng, Lieutenant
John Drury, ensign

Sixth company

Joseph Gardiner, Captain
William Hathorne, Lieutenant
Jeremiah Neal, Sergeant (promoted ensign)
William Sweet, ensign

Calvary company "troop"

Thomas Prentice, Captain
John Wyman, cornet
(promoted lieutenant)

PLYMOUTH regiment

William Bradford of Marshfield,
major and Capt of First company


Regimental staff

Mathew Fuller of Barnstable, surgeon
Thomas Huckins of Barnstable, commissary

Officers of the line

Robert Barker of Duxbury,
First Co.,Lieutenant

second company

John Gorham of Barnstable, Captain
Jonathan Sparrow of Eastham, Lieutenant
William Wetherell, sergeant



Robert Treat of Milford, Major

Regimental staff

Gershom Bulkely, surgeon
Rev. Nicholas Noyes, chaplain
Stephen Barrett, commissary

officers of the line

John Gallop of Stonington,
Captain, First company
Samuel Marshall of Windsor,
Captain, second company
Nathaniel Seely of Stratford,
Captain, third company
Thomas Watts of Hartford,
Captain, fourth company
John Mason of Norwich,
Captain, fifth company

The First and Fifth
Connecticut companies
were attached Indian scouting companies,
numbering 75 to each.

after the battle of "fort fight",
the following were sent by Massachusetts
to fill in the vacanies
caused by loses. [No assignments given with names]


Dr. Jacob Willard of Newton
Dr.John Cutler of Hingham
Dr. John Clark of Boston

[ no assignments or towns given]

Samuel Wadsworth
Joseph Sill
Samuel Brocklebank
Thomas Brattle
Jonathan Remington
John Jacob
Nicholas Manning



Stephen Greenleaf (promoted)
Daniel Ring (promoted)


From CONNECTICUT to replace "vacanies"

Rev. James Fitch of Saybrook
Rev.John Wise of Branford

from Hartford [Conn] soldiers

Capt John Stanley
Lieut Joseph Wadsworth
Lieut Samuel Martin,sr
Zachary Sanford,Serg.

New Haven company

Capt John Beard
Lieut Moses Mansfield

Fairfield Company

Capt John Sillick
Lieut Stephen Barrett

Capt. Daniel Henchman's company
was of Boston and the soldiers listed are

from John Hull's account book
[ doesnt give names of towns where soldiers
Spelling is shown exactly the way it's in the book


Aug 20,1675

Thomas Burges
Richard Gibson
John Hills
Thomas Williams
John Lewis
Joseph Ford
John Angel
Samuel Walles
Benjamin Negus
William Bently
John Chapman
Peter Edgerton
Robert Smith
John Bull
William Manly
Richard Brooks
Thomas Irons
John Barrett
Samuel Perkins
Joseph Fiske
Hugh Taylor
Joseph Tucker
David Jones
Israel Smith
James Whippo
Samuel Ireson
Theophilus Thornton
Nathaniel Osbourne/Osborne
Samuel Davis
Henry Kerby
Ephriam Hall

Aug 21,1675

James Dichetto
Jacob Gully
Isaac Ratt
Samuel Veze
Samuel Daniel
John Kemble
John Russell
Simon Groveling
John Thorn
Charles Damport
Benjamin Bishop
John Throp
Solomon Watts
Philip Coker
John Jefferies
Robert Wills
Isaac Morris
Nicholas Weymouth
Nathaniel Jewel/Jewell
Samuel Mirick/Merrick/Myrick
William Parham
Thomas Roberts



John Hubbard
John Tebb
Henry Timberlake,
Thomas Hitchborn,
John Taylor, sergt
Thomas Bishop
Peter Bennett,
Simeon Messenger
John Polly
John Essary
Jenry Harwood,
Samuel Barber
Phillip Jessop
Chalres Blincott,
Isaac Amsden
Henry Prentice
John Streeter
Abraham Hathaway
James Johnson,
Isaac How
Thomas Parker
Joseph Peirce
John Oats
William Hopkins
Ralph Hall,
clark [ clerk ?]
Thomas Wigfall, ensigne
Richard Bennett
John Scopelin


Sept 3,1675

Josiah Arnold
Wm Smallidge
John Buckman
Enoch Greenleaf,
Samuel Johnson
William Drew
William Hardin
John Cray
Nathaniel Fiske
John Miller
John King
James Ogleby
Rowland Soley
Thomas Region
Thomas Hincher
Joseph Smith
Thomas Aliston
George Burkback
Daniel Magenis
Henry Eliott
Thomas Okerby
John Hastings
Edward Weeden
John Wiseman

Sept 14,1675

Joseph Priest
Nathaniel King
John Pemberton
Osbel Morrison
John Cross
Perez Savage-
Roger Procer
Robert Orchard-sergeant

Sept 21,1675

David Church
Samuel Johnson,
Thomas Traine
Ebenezer owen
Matthew Stone
Nathaniel Kean
Benjamin Tower
Jonathan Dunning


served as Capt Henchman's
patrol or guard

Oct 5,1675

Richard Wood
Ephriam Willer,
Thomas May
Michael Bearstow
Thomas Webb
Edward Dickinson
Jacob Bullard
Samuel Whitney
John Shattock
Daniel Keniday


Soldiers of King Philip's War;
George M.Bodge, Boston 1906
pages: 54,55,56,57

all spellings as shown in the book

Nov 1,1675: Capt Henchman and
his men marched out of Boston towards
[today's Grafton,Mass]


Lieut Philip Curtis of Roxbury
killed before he received his formal
Thomas Andrews of the Mendon garrison
was killed
Corporal Abiell Lamb
outran himself in the attack


Men that served with Henchman
Nov 30,1675

Edward Barton
Isaac Heath
Henry Kirby
Jeremiah Wise
Benjamin Negus
John Leech
James White
John Good
Joseph Bateman
Edward Everet
Richard Francis
John Kemble
Experience Orris
Samuel Rydall
Joseph Gridley
William Bodkin
William Hooper
John Tuckerman
John Cann
William Price
William Davenport
Thomas Smith
Joseph Bugby
Samuel Gardner
Simon Rogers
Abiel Lamb
Richard Woods
Degory Sargent
Josiah Mann
John Malony
Francis Siddall
Hugh Price
James Harrington
Benjamin Gamlin
Isaac Morris
Josiah Holland
Joseph Wilson
Samuel Ruggles
Philip Curtis,


Nov 12: Major Willard and
12 soldiers sent to serve
with Capt Henchman
[no names given]


These 10 soldiers were
IMPRESSED in Boston for
the Narragansett campaign

Dec 3,1675, were the following from
Capt Henchman's company:

James Whipple
Samuel Jenkins
Walter Cohone
James White
Thomas Jones
Thomas Stains
John Dereing
Robert Emory
Ralph Powel for James Lloyd
Francis Cooke for William Larrison


Dec 20,1675:
served under Capt Henchman :

Joshua Silverwood
John Sherman
John Corbin
Henry Tite
Simon Yates
Thomas Birch
John Pierpont
John Necks
John Griggs
Thomas Lawrence
Joshua Atherton
William Briggs
Nicholas Gray
Isaac Hubbard
James Drapper


Jan 25,1676

William Goswell
Onesiphorus Tilson
Thomas Jones
Samuel Burnall
John Spurr
Lawrence White
Thomas Cheyney
Thomas Bridentine
Robert Woodward

Feb 29,1676

Joseph Bodman
William Lyon
John Parker

March 24,1676

William Elliot
Joseph Clark

April 24,1676

Hugh Clark
Thomas North

June 24,1676

Magnus White
Joseph Lyon

July 24,1676

John Chub
Daniel Hawes
Hugh Taylor
Joseph Proctor

Aug 24,1676

John Moore
Thomas Wheeler
Richard Scott,
George Stedman
Jonathan Atherton
Jacob Hill
James Cheevers
John Oyne
William Keene
James Franklin
Joseph Richeson
Justinian Holding
Denis Sihy
Thomas North
Thomas Robinson
Robert Emes
Richard Browne
Francis Woolfe
Joseph Garfield
Jonn Floyd,
Jonthan Sprague
Benjamin Muzzye
Thomas Adams
Francis Cooke
John Stone
Patrick Morren
William Healy
Simon Groves (also Grow)
John Polly
John Kendall
Ephriam Regimant
Benjamin Rice

Sept 23d, 1676

Joshuah Sawyer
James Sawyer
Jacob Willar
John Winter
John Tolman
James Cutler
Nathaniel Adams
James White
Joseph Browne
Samuel Edmons
John Greenland
John Pinder
John Redman
Abraham Wilkerson
James Bayly
Daniel Ruff
John Gibson
Richard Wood
Josiah White
John Adams
Joseph Bucknam
John Stedman
Jonathan Hill
James Patterson
Thomas How
Richard Scott

Pocasset Swamp
where Fort Leverett was built,
lies in the present town of

pages 70-73

These men were take
on in Dedham, 9 of Xber,1675.

[ It doesnt mean that the men were
from Dedham as I have several ancestors
listed here from
Plymouth Colony .] Cynthia's note

The spelling is exactly as in the book.......

Credited with military service
with Capt Samuel Mosely:
Dec 10,1675

John Rice
William Blake
Jonthan Freeman
Samuel Guild
John Buckman
Richard Brine
John Cooper
Thomas Bull
John Roberts
Edward Weston
Perez Savage,
John Ireson
John Brandon
John Fuller,
Benjamin Dyer
James Johnson,
Zachariah Crisp
Peter lane
John Turner
Richard Rust
John Leech
Jonathan Nichols
John Plympton
Thomas Region
John Cross
Thomas Green
Thomas Harris
James Dickenden
Richard Scott
William Bateman
Richard Adams
Thomas Warren
John Ramsey
John Stebins
Jonathan Wales
Timothy Wales
Jeremiah Stokes
Jeoseph Twichell
Samuel Veale
Andrew Johnson
Mathew Thomas
Francis Siddall
John Dunbar
Edward Weeden
Samuel Kemble
Timothy Hortman
John Corser
Daniel Magenis,
James Updike,
Daniel Matthews
Mathias Smith
John Williston
John Sherman
William Phillipa
James Frankling
Bartholomew Flegge
Benjamin Allen
John Cantelberry
Hugh Collohue
Jacob Willar
Valentine Harris
James Mathews
Daniel Johnson,

Dec 20

John Mayo
Thomas Okleby
John Casey
John Langbury
Richard Jinkes
Joshua Silverwood
John Morse, commissary

Jan 1675/6

Benjamin Norden
Jonathan Gay
George Manning
Joseph Porter
Josias Hillman
Thomas Jones
Edward Read
Robert Parris
John Langbury

Feb 29,1675-6

Daniel Canada
James Franklin
Jonathan Wales
George Grimes
John Provender
John Leech
Hugh Gollihu (also Collohue)
William Bateman
Joshuah Silverwood
John Bucknum
Edward Weston
Benjamin Dyer

March 1675-6

Daniel Mathews
Samuel Colebourne
John Stebbins
John Brandon
Jonathan Freeman
John Williston
Daniel Matthews
James Johnson
Richard Gibson
John Farmer
John Canterbery
John Cooper
James Updike

April 1676

John Munge
John Shepherd
Thomas Davis
Samuel Guile
James Mollard
Dennis Sihy
Thomas Bull
Richard Randall
Richard Brian
John Day
Edward Weston
Richard Gibson
Thomas Welch
John Ramsey
Thomas Furbush
John Rosse
William Philips
John Rice
James Chadwick
Edward Weeden

June 24,1676

Thomas Forbes
John Pemerton
John Leech
William Maderill
Peter LEane
William Smallage
Richard Gibson
Thomas Ockerby
Jonathan Wales
Richard Randall
Joseph Wakefield
William Blake,jr
John Essery
Thomas Warren
Philip Keane
Edward Weason
Joseph Douse
Stephen Fielder
Joseph Pratt
Thomas Bishop
Joseph Deers
Richard Addams
James Couch
John Ramsey
Thomas Webb
Daniel Clow
John Wilkins
Matthew Thomas
Samuel Leman
Richard Cowell
Daniel East
Thomas Hitchborn
Samuel Fosdike
John Hawkins
David Landon
Seabread Taylor
John Long
Peter Bennett, lieut
John Wenstead
Edmund Chamberlain
Jacob Cole
Edward Walker
Joseph Low
Joseph Graves
Roger Brown
Thomas Bull
Joseph Douse
James Smith
Dennis Sihy


Colonial Wars

Captain Abiel Packard
(1699-1774) of Plymouth,
Bridgewater County, Massachusetts
fought in the Colonial Wars

French Indian Wars

KIAKing Hendrick- Mohawk
It was this Mohawk chief who
in argument with the
British officers about their
battle plan for the
Battle of Lake George said..
"If we are to die, we are too many;
if we are to fight, we are too few.
" Nevertheless, he climbed on a wagon to
exhort his several hundred warriors to go
into the battle, with such eloquence that
many white officers
reported being spellbound,
in spite of not
understanding his language.
He died in that battle on Sept 8, 1755.

Georg Dachstatter
Cornelius Doxtator-Oneida
Scanando- Oneida


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