Korean Conflict


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Korean Conflict




by Dillion Staas

Oh gentle people of the land of morning calm,
Hold sacred your new freedom
And listen to my psalm.
The seeds of many nations
came from far across the sea,
And paid a price on your behalf,
For freedom isn't free.

The gripping fear,
the stench of death, no longer fill your mind.
The horrors of the battlefield
have all been left behind.
Your children, dreaming of peaceful dreams,
Safe in your arms each night.
Wake with a smile of innocense,
To face the morning light.

Your home secure,
on quiet sheets, bring comfort to the soul.
From verdant hillside
terraces to valleys down below.
Your mountain streams now running clear,
Without a trace of red,
No sound you hear, no crying from the dying,
Or the dead.

So when good fortune smiles on you,
And fills your heart with cheer.
Remember those who fought and died,
And left their futures here.
Give thanks to them,
and make a special place within your heart,
That you and they forever friends,
Shall never drift apart.

above sent to me by
James J. Jones
now decease


Robert Ailor
General Dwight Beach
William E. Biro;
US Army and USN (career officer/pilot);
Ken Burke USMC
Frank Burke USMC
Albert Chrchonis
Charles Clements
George DeLorenzo Jr
US Army & US National Guards
Msgt James D. Etheridge d.1975
Paul Hall awarded Silver Star Tour 1951-1953
Edgar V. Hogston USMC d. 1990
James F. Hogston US Army
Wilber Jackson
James J. Jones Sr., US Army
b. December 12, 1931 d. March 4, 2002
Robert Lahey
Stoney Mayock;
USMC (later a Blue Angels pilot)
Paul McCoy
John McGuire:
served with the 25th Infantry Division
Wayne Moore, US Army
Henry Nussbaum, USN, GA
Paul Reed
Charles E. Rollman USAF
Robert Shover
Donald E Shover 1935-1997
Bud Garl Spaulding
UDT US Navy served several tours in Korea
Fredrick Gwain Sivils USN
and was involved in the Landing in Inchon, Korea
John Sivils USAF
Robert L.Wakelee Jr.
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF,
Marvin C Wills, Sr
Troy Whitteker USN
Wesley Eugene Whiteley USMC

Korean War Memorial courtesy of Medford55
THANKS Medford55

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