Killed In Action


Vietnam Conflict

Barry Adams, US Army
John Craig Andrews of Chicago, Il
Bob Baxter Sr
Curtis S. Boone USMC May 1967-June 1982
General Dwight Beach
Michael W. Berry
of South Boston and Walpole, Mass.; USN
Larry Boyd
John C. Birkner USN,
served on USS Saratoga and USS Kitty Hawk
William "Bill" Burke wounded in action
-Died May 28,1998
Cause of Death-Lung Cancer,caused by Agent Orange-
He will be greatly missed by his family.
Wayne Joe Burke
Nick Corridore
Sonny Crenshaw
William Deason
Kenneth DeMore, Jr 1950-1969
Thomas Devane, Coast Guard, GA
Ernest Milton Ferrell, Jr
- dearly missed by his family
Terry Fox
Herbert Reiji Hayashida - .died April 18,1968
Warrant Officer, helicopter
pilot , killed in helicopter collision
during the Tet Offensive
Mark Conover Heath Jr USAF
Larry K Hocutt, US Army
Larry Howard, USArmy
Jack H. Jennrich, Jr U. S. Army
Robert Judy
US Navy Senior Chief ( MMCSC ) retired
Ervin L. Laird, Jr., USA Specialist
earned the Bronze Star Medal when he died
heroically defending his comrades
Edgar Mason
Thomas C. McCartney Sr.MP, USAF
John Merefield
Jim F Moore, US Army,
Rick Neylon, USN Command Master Chief
James Novakowski
Terry Roberts U.S. Army 1-24-1954 9-16-1993
Henry Nussbaum, USN, GA
Donald Ray Phillips
GySgt USMC served two tours in Viet Nam
Bruce Roberts U.S. Army
John Silivs USAF
Ralph F Shover
Robert F. Spitler Jr.
Rufus Sturgill, U.S. Army, 1967
Larry Noble Tackett,
USAF, appx 1964 to 1984, retired as MSGT
Terry Lee Tackett Sr. ,
Aug 17,1961 - Aug 16,1965 USAF
USAF Res. 1965 thru 1974
Milton Terrill US Army
Chester Terrill USN
Butler Terrill TSgt USAF
Walter R. "Dick" Tucker 1942-2001
Died from heart/kidney disease.
Served with US Navy, 1959-63,
Shipfitter on USS Los Angeles
Ran escort during early VietNam conflict
Orrin W. Tucker 1941-1995
Died from lung cancer (possibly Agent Orange).
Served with US Army,
1967-1971, AmeriCal Division
Hit five times by enemy fire;
received four purple hearts.
Robert A Voss
Karin Whaley Terrill Winward SMSgt USAF
Eugene M. Wilson, USAF from PA
Robert L.Wakelee Jr. Senior Master Sergeant, USAF,
Wesley Eugene Whiteley USMC
Darrell White, USArmy
Larry G. Walter U.S. Marine Corps U.S. Army
(ret)Vietnam (2)
Eugene H. Ziebell
U.S. Navy,U. S. Air Force (Ret) Vietnam (2)


Grenada Confict

Tim Houston
2nd Battalion (Airborne) 505th Infantry

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