Killed In Action


World War II

Clark Beale US Army
Duane Beach USN
General Dwight Beach
Coporal Kenneth Beach
30 months prisioner of Japenese
Batan Death march died after release.
Buried at sea
Jefferson (Jack) Arnold Beasley
Herbert Becker
- frostbitten at Battle of the Bulge
and later wounded in Germany.
Alvin F. Blank
Wisconsin PVT Ordnance Dept
4-2-1907 11-22-1958
Elmer F. Blank
Wisconsin PFC CoB 363 Engineers
9-29-1908 9-25-1970
Milton Breeden US Army
James A Birckbichler, USA from PA
Thomas G Birckbichler, USA from PA
Donald F. Boales,
B-24 pilot in Jolly Roger squadron
- Pacific theatre died November 7, 1986
Geredline Bucko WAC
Calvin C. Burke
Hartman Burke
Richard Burke
Leon Burke
Jack L. Byford RAF
Raymond Aubrey Carpenter
served in the Alaskan Campaign
Charles Clement- Silver Star for Gallantry
died: April 13, 2000 in Albemarle NC
Anthony Damato was awarded
the Congressional Medal of Honor
for falling on a Japanese grenade in
order to save two of his buddies.
Neal Damato was a bombardier
with 24 missions over Germany.
His plane went down over
the North Sea and was never located.
Letters Written by above
Damato brothers to their Mother
William DeMore
James L DeMore
Thomas A DeMore
1925-1944 WWII -Normandy
Kenneth DeMore, Sr
LTC Julian Texas Dendy
505th Bomb Group
482nd Bomb Squadron B-29 Pilot
Edward Vernon Dickerson
USS Fleming DE-32
Joseph A. Dickerson USAF
Don Dobkins
Leslie Einhipple USN
Msgt James D. Etheridge d.1975
Peter Fusco US Army Medic
Fred Fusco USN
Joseph Giberson
Heinz Gruening US Army
Jack Fazenbaker -Battle of the Bulge
Johnnie Deal Harper
George Hiittner, Jr
Ralph Hinchman
John Shirley Hobbs
was a veteran of Tarawa, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal
William S Hocutt Sr., US Navy
Euless Hocutt, US Army
Truman H Hocutt, US Army
Wayne Jacobs
Jack H. Jennrich, Sr
U. S. Navy b. 3/25/1924 d. 8/27/1989
Francis Mackey:
He served on a PT boat for almost 2 years
in the Pacific.
Squadron lost 5
of their 12 boats to Japanese action.
He was wounded in battle off Guadalcanal.
He refused duty as instructor
upon return to states and ended up at Normandy !!
Joseph Matruder:
He served on a destroyer
in what was known as " The Circle of Death"
during Okinawa campaign.
Destroyers bore the brunt of the
Japanese Kamikazee attacks.
Gordon J. O. Marquardt
Wisconsin TEC 5 3
Reine Depot BSM 4-19-1926 6-14-1948
Ralph Moritz MP
John T. Murray The Army Air corps
William H. Neitzel
Wisconsin SFC 7784 Signal Service Co
also served in Korea 6-10-1927 11-25-60
Edward Novakowski
William H Nussbaum USN, New Jersey
Walter Osanik, US Army, New York
Robert Duane Peters Sr. USN
Raymond Eugene Pollitt
born July 5, 1925 in Wayne Co. In.
and died in Loma Linda, Ca. Oct 11,2000.
His surviving children are
Daniel, Jim, Joel
and a wife Fayetta Wing Pollitt
He served in WWII for the Marines at Iowa Jima
and given a Purple Heart for his injuries which
laid him in military hospital for 1 year.
He was a grocery store owner for 50 years in
Greens Fork, IN.
and retired in 1978 moved to Chino,Ca.
Mitchell J. Rudolf USA
Francis Rudolf USN
Robert F. Spitler Sr. US Army Aircorp
Don Tallman X NAVY
Allen David Tallman USN
11 Aug 1943-April 5, 1955
LTC Royce Taylor
Thomas E. Pinson
Wilfred A. LaMarine
of Quincy and Weymouth, Mass.;
US Army (twice wounded in action)
Eli C Platt, Sr.
Viljo Rekola,USN, Connecticut
Frances L. Richter
Cpl U.S. Army also Served in Korea
10-29-1927 10-4-1986
Albert Ruppert USN lost a leg
and died as a result of the wound
James Ruppert USMC
Peter Ruppert
Eddie Ruppert
John (Bert) Rhyne
Martha Scudder
Charles Shock U.S. Navy
Clarence Shover
Arthur Shover
John L Shover, Jr
Friedrich Karl Johann Taake 79th Seabees
Ruben Tepper USAF
Walter I. Terrill-
rifle instructor for Home Guard
Byron Timberlake was killed
in the Japanese bombing
of Dutch Harbour, Alaska.
James Thomas
Millard E Wilson, USN from PA
John P Wilson, USN from PA
H Wade Wilson, USN from PA
Colonel E Wilson, USN from PA
Arvel William Turner.
Francis X. Wells US Army
Billy Burton White
Kenneth Wheeler
Bernice Wheeler
Gordon Wheeler
Clinton E. Walter
PFC U. S. Army CoD 13th Tk BN
Eastern Europe
served: 8/44 to 6/28/1946
3-11-1926 12-6-1983
Edward M Wesick,USN, New York
Troy Whitteker US
Lamoyne Williams
He received his citation
"His Purple Heart"
See dedication written by his Aunt


Don Dobkins 5th division, USMC;
Virgil Williams 24th and 25th USArmy;
Wayne Jacobs, 5th Div., USArmy;
and Everett Wiese 101st Airborne.

The Survivors


I thought I would send you this painting
I recently finished of
four WWll veterans in our town.
Between them they were at Manilla, Pearl Harbor,
Iwo Jima, Battle of the Bulge and Normandy.
The painting is called The Survivors.
It is about the men who saw the worst of it
and came home able to love their familes
and function as decent and caring neighbors.




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