Boone Thur Fones


Descendants of George Boone III

Generation No. 1


1. George Boone I, was born in Devonshire, England, and died in Devonshire, England He married Ann Fallace, daughter of Walter Fallace. She was born in Devonshire, England(1), and died in Devonshire, England(1).


Notes for George Boone I :

George Boone I and Ann Fallace, dau of Walter Fallace who died in England. George Boone I was born in England and died along with his wife Ann in Devonshire England. They were married in Devonshire also.



Child of George Boone I and Ann Fallace is:

2. i. George Boone II, b. November 17, 1646, Exter, Devonshire England; d. 1706, Devonshire, England.

Generation No. 2


2. George Boone II (George I) was born November 17, 1646 in Exter, Devonshire England, and died 1706 in Devonshire, England(1). He married Sarah Mary Uppey in Denvonshire, England. She died in Devonshire, England.


Notes for George Boone II:

George II was born about 1636 near the City of Exeter, Devonshire England, and died 1696 in Devonshire England and was buriedat Stoke Canon, Devonshire England. He was listed as being a blacksmith and farmer. He married Sarah Uppey in Devonshire England. She died at age 80 in Devonshire England.


Child of George Boone II and Sarah Mary Uppey is:

3. i. George Boone III, b. Abt. 1666, Stoak, near Exter, Devonshire Eng; d. July 27, 1744, Exter Township Phil. Co., Pa. (Berks,Co., Pa.).

Generation No. 3


3. George Boone III (George2, George1) was born Abt. 1666 in Stoak, near Exter, Devonshire Eng2, and died July 27, 1744 in Exter Township Phil. Co., Pa. (Berks,Co., Pa.)(3). He married Mary Maugridge 1689, daughter of John Maugridge and Mary Milton. She was born 1669 in Branich, near Exter, Devonshire, England4, and died Bet. 1740 - 1741 in Exter Township Phil. Co., Pa. (Berks,Co., Pa.4.


Notes for George Boone III:

Mary Maugridge was b. 1669 in Bradnich, near Exter, Devonshire, England. She died 2 Feb 1740/41 in Exeter Township, Philadelphia County PA (now Berks County). She is buried in the Friends Burying Ground (Quakers), Exeter Township PA. Mary was the dau of John Maugridge and Mary Milton. Both were born in England and died in Devonshire England. John was a weaver.

George Boone III was born 1666 in Stock (?Stork?) England, near Exeter, Devonshire England, and died 27 Aug 1744 about 8 A.M. in Exeter Township in Philadelphia County PA. He also is buried in the Friends Burying Ground, Exeter Township PA. He and Mary were married in England in 1689. In 1713 he sent his children George Jr., Sarah, and Squire to Pennsylvania. On 17 Aug 1717 he and the remainder of his family left Bradnich (Bradninch) which is 8 miles from Exeter and sailed from Bristol England to America. They arrived in Philadelphia on 29 Sep 1717. He was a part owner in Poole Forge, the first iron making in PA. He and George IV built the first flour mill in Berks County. He is listed as being a Justice of the Peace, Weaver in England, Surveyor and Teacher of math and English.


Children of George Boone III and Mary Maugridge are:

i. George Boone IV, b. 1690, England4; d. 1753; m. Deborah Howell ; b. 1691; d. 1759.

ii. Sarah Boone, b. 1691, England4; d. 1744; m. Jacob Storer (Stuber,Stowber).

iii. Squire Boone , b. 16964; d. 1765, NC; m. Sarah Morgan; b. 1700; d. 1777, NC..

iv. Mary Boone, b. October 4, 1699, Branich, England4; d. January 2, 1765, Berks Co., Pa4; m. John Webb Sr., September 24, 1720, Berks Co., Pa; b. Abt. 1695, Gloucester , England5; d. October 10, 1774, Berks Co., Pa.


Notes for Mary Boone:

Now for Mary Boone: Mary was born on 23 Sep 1699 in Bradnich, Devonshire England and died 16 Jan 1774 in Philadelphia County PA (now Berks County) and is buried in the Churchyard of the Daniel Boone Homestead in Birdsboro PA. She was baptised on 13 Oct 1699 in St. Disen Parrish, Bradnich, Devonshire, England. - She was the sister to Squire Boone who was the father of Daniel Boone frontiersman. It has been said that her husband John Webb was the favorite uncle of Daniel. She was the dau of George Boone III and Mary Maugridge.


Notes for John Webb Sr..:

John Webb Sr.

Was born in Nov 1694 in the Co of Glouster Perish of Woodchester, England. He married Mary Boone on 13 Sept1720 at Gwynedd Meeting House, Society of Friends-Quakers, He died on 18 Oct 1774 in Phildelphia Co., Pa. (now Berks CO) and is burried in the Churchyard of Daniel Boone Homestead in Birdboro Pa.


v. Joseph Boone, b. 1704, England5; d. 1776, PA; m. Catherine Brown.

vi. John Boone, b. Unknown5.



1. Helen Spraker Book/Lanny Kegley Gastonia NC/Boone Homepage






The Home of Joseph and Eliza Jane Elswick Burke
taken in 1982
Standing on the porch
Ola (Neola) Burke d/o Joseph and Eliza
Sadly at this writting the homestead is no longer standing, and
Ola has gone on to meet the Lord .

Love grows best in Little Places!!!

Descendants of David Burks



Generation No. 1


1. David 4 Burks (Rowland Horsely 3, Richard 2, Samuel1) was born 1. He married Rebecca Duncan.

Children of David Burks and Rebecca Duncan are:

2. i. Charles Burks, b. 1809, NC; d. 1879, Tackitt/ Longfork Pike Co., KY.

ii. Jenny Burks, b. Abt. 1799, NC2; m. Jeremiah Collier, January 26, 1815, Floyd Co., KY.

iii. John Burks, b. Abt. 1802, NC2; m. Rachel Owen, September 11, 1825, Pike Co., KY.

iv. Anna Burks , b. Abt. 1803, NC2; m. Stephan Collier, July 1, 1819, Floyd Co., KY.

v. James Burks, b. Unknown.

vi. Issac Burks, b. Abt. 18082; m. Nancy Johnson, April 5, 1830, Pike Co., KY.

vii. William Burks, b. Abt. 1812.

viii. Richard Burks, b. Abt. 1814, Va2; m. Sarah Tackett, May 11, 1835, Pike Co., KY.

ix. ? Burks, b. Abt. 1800.

x. Elizabeth Burks, b. Abt. 1820, KY; m. James Sullivan, May 11, 1840, Pike Co., KY.



Generation No. 2


2. Charles 5 Burks(David 4, Rowland Horsley3, Richard 2,Samuel1) was born 1809 in NC3 and died 1879 in Tackitt/ Longfork Pike Co., KY3 He married Westina Rice, daughter of James Rice and Sarah (?Mefford?).

Children of Charles Burks and Westina Rice are:

3. i. William Burke, b. 1831, Pike Co.,KY; d. 1916, Pike Co.,KY.

4. ii. Anna Burks, b. October 4, 1830, Pike Co.,KY; d. August 18, 1912, Pike Co.,KY.

iii. James Burke, b. Abt. 1835, Pike Co.,KY; d. November 2, 1857, Pike Co.,KY.

5. iv. Greenville Burke, b. July 7, 1837, Pike Co., Kentucky; d. October 26, 1929, Long Fork, Pike Co., Kentucky.

6. v. Moses Burke, b. March 14, 1841; d. July 1933.

vi. Gilbert Burke, b. 18483; m. Dorcus Mullins, July 1, 1842.



Generation No. 3


3. William 6 Burke(Charles 5 David 4,Rowland Horsley 3, Richard 2, Samuel1) was born 1831 in Pike Co.,KY4, and died 1916 in Pike Co.,KY4. He married Lucy Hall March 4, 18574, daughter of William Hall and Elizabeth Johnson. She was born 1840 in KY4, and died Abt. 1920 in KY4.


More About William Burke:
Burial: Burke Cem., Marshall's Branch Pike Co., KY

More About Lucy Hall:
Burial: Burke Cem., Marshall's Branch Pike Co., KY


Children of William Burke and Lucy Hall are:

i. James Martin 7 Burke , b. April 10, 1868, Ky; d. October 28, 1941, Ky m..Susannah Hampton; b. August 30, 1870, Ky5; d. July 22, 1949, Ky.

ii.Thursay Ann Burke, b. Abt. 18587; m. Alexander Johnson, May 31, 1883.

iii. Henry W. Burke, b. Abt. 18597; m. Bethania Jane Mercer.

iv.Oliver G. Burke, b. Abt. 18647.

v. Bailey Burke, b. October 8, 1872, Pike Co.,KY; d. June 16, 1922; m. Rebecca J. Meade.

vi. Martha Burke, b. December 19, 1873, Pike Co.,KY; d. February 18, 1897, Pike Co.,KY; m. William Henry Tackitt, June 5, 1894, Pike Co.,KY.

 More About Martha Burke:
Baptised: June 1896, Longfork Church, Tackitt,Pike Co., Ky


vii.Dora Marie Burke, b. July 15, 1878, Pike Co.,KY7; d. May 5, 1965, Pike Co.,KY7; m. Maryland Tackett, Abt. 1909, Pike Co.,KY7.

More About Dora Marie Burke:
Burial: Marchall's Branch Longfork, Pike Co., KY


viii. William Burke, b. Abt. 18787.


4. Anna 6 Burks(Charles5, David4, Rowland Horsley3, Richard2, Samuel1) was born October 4, 1830 in Pike Co.,KY, and died August 18, 1912 in Pike Co.,KY. She married Pleasant Johnson February 5, 1848 in Pike Co.,KY, son of William Johnson and Lucy Ayers/Akers He was born February 10, 1819 in Pike Co.,KY, and died August 30, 1901 in Pike Co.,KY.


Children of Anna Burks and Pleasant Johnson are:

i.Jeptha 7 Johnson, b. Abt. 18499.

ii. Silome Johnson, b. February 9, 1850, Pike Co.,KY; d. May 12, 1920, Pike Co.,KY; m. Sylvester "Vester" Hampton, November 15, 1872, Letcher Co., KY; b. July 24, 1854, Letcher Co., KY; d. Letcher Co., KY;.

iii. Marium Johnson b. Abt. 18519.

iv. Silas Johnson, b. Abt. 18529.

v.Elizabeth Johnson, b. Abt. 18549.

vi. Anna Johnson, b. Abt. 18559.

vii. James M. Johnson, b. Abt. 18599.

viii. William Johnson, b. Abt. 18649.

ix. Sarah Johnson, b. Abt. 1865, Pike Co., KY m.Joseph Tackett, March 23, 1882; b. 1864, Pike Co., KY.

x. Wayne Johnson, b. Abt. 18679.

xi. Rosaline Johnson, b. Abt. 18689.


5. Greenville 6 Burks (Charles5, David4, Rowland Horsley3, Richard2, Samuel1) was born July 7, 1837 in Pike Co., Kentucky10, and died October 26, 1929 in Long Fork, Pike Co., Kentucky. He married (1) Lurena Hall February 16, 1859, daughter of Richard Hall and Sarah Tackitt. She was born Abt. 1839 in Pike Co., KY, and died 1839 in Pike Co., KY. He married (2) Mahala Bently January 24, 1881. He married (3) Lousia Osborne January 6, 1895 aay Greeville Burke's, Pike Co., KYPike Co., KY.. She was born Abt. 1857 in Pike Co., Kentucky. He married (4)Lucretia Tackett January 12, 1901 in Pike Co., Kentucky, daughter of Harvey Tackitt and Mary Kinny. She was born May 14, 1881 in Indian Creek, Pike Co., Kentucky.


Notes for Greenville Burks:

Military: Civil
War, (C.S.A.); Pvt. in Co. G, 5th KY Mtd. Inf.5

 More About Greenville Burks:
Burial: Burke Cem., Burke's Br./Shelby Creek, Pike Co., Kentucky 

More About Lurena Hall:
Burial: W.F. Tackett Cem., Long Fork, Pike Co., Kentucky


Children of Greenville Burks and Lurena Hall are:

i. Rathburn7 Burks, b. 1859; d. 1942.

ii. Ruth W.Burks, b. 1859.

iii. Demanza Burks, b. 1862.

iv. Alamander Burks, b. 1864; d. 1944.

v.Tobias Burks, b. 1865; d. 1959.

vi. Andrew Burks, b. 1866.

vii. Arminda Burks, b. 1870; d. 1950.

viii. Melivina Burks, b. 1870; d. 1939.

ix. Hibbard Burks, b. 1875; d. 1935.

x. Sarah Burks, b. 1879.

xi. Virgie Burks, b. Unknown.


Children of Greenville Burks and Mahala Bently are:

xii. Cora 7 Burks, b. 1882.

xiii. Mattie Burks, b. 1884.

xiv.Duran Burks, b. 1886; d. 1912.

xv. Anna Burks, b. 1890.

xvi. Myra Burks, b. 1891.


Children of Greenville Burks and Lucretia Tackett are:

xvii. Perca Delmer7 Burks, b. 1901; d. 1972.

xviii. William Palmer Burks, b. 1903; d. 1983.

xix. Teddy Roosevelt Burks, b. 1904; d. 1990.

xx. Cordella Burks, b. 1906.

xxi.Lillie Jane Burks, b. 1907; d. 1994.

xxii. Bessie Belle Burks, b. 1909; d. 1983.

xxiii. Lexie Pearl Burks, b. 1911; d. 1998.

xxiv. Charles D. Burks, b. 1914; d. 1970.

xxv.Draxie June Burks, b. 1920.

xxvi. Noah Lee Burks, b. 1922.


6. Moses6 Burks (Charles5 Burks, David4, Rowland Horsley3, Richard2, Samuel1) was born March 14, 1841, and died July 1933. He married Levina Hall April 27, 1864 in Floyd Co., KY, daughter of Richard Hall and Sarah Tackett. She was born 1845, and died February 20, 1895.


Child of Moses Burks and Levina Hall is:

i. Mahlon7 Burke, b. November 5, 1876, KY; d. February 1, 1961, KY; m. Eliza Mitchell, November 11, 1896, Myers KY.; b. April 1880, Harltey Ky.; d. October 20, 1964, KY.




Neola Guess Burke/Ken Burke
1870 Pike Co Census
Jessica Gilbert





Left to Right
James Martin Burke, Susannah Hampton Burke, In her arms Lola Burke
Neola Burke, (Calvin) Coolidge Burke, (Julius) Hartman Burke, Joseph "Joe" Burke s/o James and Susannah Hampton Burke
Mart Burke s/o Lee Epp and Mary Elswick Burke
The rest of these children are the children of Joseph {far right) and Eliza Jane Elswick Burke (deceased 1931) picture taken circa 1932/33









Descendants of Stephen Caudill



Generation No. 1


1. Stephen1 Caudill was born(poss.) 1685 in Scotland, and died Unknown. He married Elizabeth Fields. She was born Unknown in Scotland ?.

Child of Stephen Caudill and Elizabeth Fields is:

2. i. James2 Caudill Sr., b. 1718, Scotland; d. Abt. 1800, Wilkes Co., NC.

Generation No. 2


2. James2 Caudill Sr. (Stephen1) was born 1718 in Scotland, and died Abt. 1800 in Wilkes Co., NC. He married Mary Yarborough January 1, 1749. She was born Abt. 1731 in Lunenbergh Co VA, and died Unknown in Wilkes Co., NC.


Children of James Caudill and Mary Yarborough are:

3. i. Matthew3 Caudill Sr.., b. 1760, Lunenburgh Co., Va.; d. 1837, Letcher Co., KY/Perry Co., Ky.

ii. Benjamine Caudill, b. Bet. 1755 - 1758, Wilkes Co., Va or Lunenburgh Co., VA.

iii. David Caudill, b. Abt. 1757, Wilkes Co., Va or Lunenburgh Co., VA.

4. iv. Stephen A. Caudill, b. 1763, Lunenburgh Co VA; d. July 26, 1839, Sandlick Letcher Co., KY.

v. Thomas Aaron Caudill, b. 17651.

vi. John Caudill, b. Unknown.

vii. William Caudill, b. Unknown.


Generation No. 3 

3.Matthew Caudill ,SR. (James2, Stephen1) was born 1760 in Lunenburgh Co., Va., and died 1837 in Letcher Co., KY/Perry Co., Ky. He married Sarah Webb, daughter of James Webb and Lettie Nelson. She was born November 8, 1778

Children of Matthew Caudill and Sarah Webb are:

i. Stephen4 Caudill, b. February 7, 1794, SC; m. (1) Sara Yonts, June 1814, Floyd Co., KY; b. March 13, 1796, Letcher Co., KY; m. (2) Elizabeth Casebolt May 1, 1828; b. Scott Co. VA; d. January 7, 1857, Lawrence Co KY.


Notes for Stepan Caudill:

Per Deed Book D, page 176, Floyd Co., Cy., sells to Jarvey Hall of Floyd Co., Ky., a parcel of land on Clear Creek, a branch of the left hand fork of Beaver Creek, part of the survey of Cornelius Estep. Signed by the marks of Stephen and Jesse, and witnessed by Jonathan Hall, Abner Caudill, Abishi Johnson, Patrick Johnson, Jesse Hambleton and Squire Hall


ii.Jane Caudill, b. Abt. 1799, Wilkes Co., NC1; m. Thomas Caudill, December 12, 1816, Floyd Co., KY2; b. Abt. 1797, SC.


More About Jane Caudill:
Burial: on Millstone, Letcher Co. KY

 Notes for Thomas Caudill:

per Floyd Co. County records to Thomas Caudill, b ca 1797, S.C. This couples first two children were born in Scott Co VA later in Magoffin county, KY.
More About Thomas Caudill:
Burial: on Millstone, Letcher Co. KY


iii. Mary Caudill, b. Abt. 1801, Wilkes Co., NC3; d. Longfork/Hartley Pike Co., KY; m. Richard Collier, August 30, 1832; b. May 9, 1789, VA; d. August 3, 1871, Letcher Co., KY.
More About Mary Caudill:
Burial: Millstone Letcher Co., KY
More About Richard Collier:
Burial: on Millstone, Letcher Co. KY


iv. Matthew Caudill, Jr., b. 1801, Wilkes Co., NC. m.Terry Caudill; b. Abt. 1812, Letcher Co., KY.

v. Samuel Caudill, b. September 24, 1804, Wilkes Co., NC3; d. August 13, 1883, Rowan Co NC; m. Sarah Maggard March 31, 1825, Perry Co., KY; b. November 9, 1809, KY.


Notes for Samuel Caudill:
This family intially lived in the Cumberland Valley, then moved to Knott Co., KY. for a few years. About the time of the Civil War they moved to Rowan Co., KY. and spent the rest of ther lives near Morehead, KY. This the ancestor of the Caudills who have operated the Peoples Bank of Morehead, KY., since its origin Jan 1, 1907.


vi. Richard Isom Caudill, b. Abt. 18103.

vii. Sarah Caudill, b. Abt. 18133; m. William Tackett, Jr.; b. March 4, 1809, Knox Co., KY.; d. May 27, 1894, Pike Co.,KY.

viii.Susannah Caudill, b. Abt. 18133; m. Joseph Hampton, Abt. 1837; b. 1815, Floyd Co., KY; d. Unknown.

ix. Elizabeth Caudill, b. Bet. 1816 - 18203; m. Sylvester Hampton; b. December 20, 1819, Letcher Co., KY; d. January 27, 1903, Longfork Pike Co.,KY.

x. Abel Caudill, b. Abt. 18175; m. Mary Crace, 1842, KY.

xi. Rachel Caudill, b. Unknown; m. Pete Crace.

xii. Abner Caudill, SR., b. 1797; m. Ellender Johnson, December 3, 1814, Floyd Co., KY; b. Abt. 1796, VA.

 Notes for Abner Caudill, Sr.:
In the 1860 Floyd County census, Abner and Nellie are living with son, Abner Jr. Per Floyd County Order Book NO. 2, Abner Caudill was appointed surveyour of the road from the head of Beaver Creek to the gap at Millstone.


4. Stephen Caudill (James2, Stephen1) was born 1763 in Lunenburgh Co VA7, and died July 26, 1839 in Sandlick Letcher Co., KY. He married Sarah Adams possible Francis Adams.


Child of Stephen Caudill and Sarah Adams is:

i. Henreitta Caudill, b. Abt. 1792; m. George Adams, February 20, 1820, Prestonburg, Floyd County, KY..


 Lanny Kegley Gastonia NC
per Floyd County Ky records





Descendants of Samuel Cutter



1 Samuel CUTTER d: in Newcastle-upon-Tyne England

........ +Elizabeth LEATHERHEAD b: 1574 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne England m: Abt 1600 in Possibly Balam Church, Sandford Bridge (or Bolam) Father: Mother: d: in Cambridge Mass

.2 Richard CUTTER b: 1621 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne England d: June 16, 1693 in Cambridge Mass

... +Elizabeth WILLIAM Father: Mother:

.. 3 William CUTTER b: February 22, 1649 d: April 1, 1723 in Cambridge Mass

..... +Rebecca ROLFE m: 1680 Father: Mother: d: November 13, 1751 in Medford, Mass

..... 4 Richard CUTTER b: November 13, 1682 d: December 17, 1756 in Woodbridge, New Jersey

...... +Mary Ann PIKE m: August 20, 1706 in Woodbridge, Middlesex, New Jersey Father: Mother: d: February 1720 in Woodbridge, New Jersey

....... 5 Ephraim CUTTER

........... 6 Samuel CUTTER

................. +Miss COLE Father: Mother:

............... 7 Ezekiel CUTTER b: 1805 in PA d: May 16, 1877 in Holmes Co. OH

.............. +Martha CHARLTON m: June 10, 1830 in Holmes Co. Ohio Father: Mother: d: 1878

.................... 8 Samuel J.CUTTER b: 1833 in OH

.......................... +Christina STUCKER b: in Holmes Co. OH m: November 13, 1860 in Holmes Co. OH Father: Abraham Stucker Mother: Elizabeth More

......................... 9 Harry M. CUTTER

................................ +Sarah Jane STARRETT Father: Mother:

............................... 10 S. Christina CUTTER b: October 3, 1889

............................ +Arthur Cellus MCCARTNEY b: March 4, 1889 Father: Silas Jackson McCartney Mother: Nancy Curl Terry d: in Bradenton Fla








Descendants of Bradley Elswick,Sr.


1 Bradley ELSWICK,Sr. b: Abt 1785 in VA d: 1808 in Floyd Co., KY

. +Catherine RATLIFF b: Abt 1792 Father: James Ratliff Mother: Meribah Fowler

. 2 Bradley ELSWICK, Jr. b: 1828-1829 in KY d: in Pike Co.,KY

..... +Martha Patsy TACKITT b: July 16, 1829 in Pike Co.,KY m: September 19, 1851 in Pike Co.,KY d: Unknown in Pike Co.,KY Father: William Tackitt, Jr. Mother: Sarah Caudill

..... 3 Bradley ELSWICK b: October 5, 1853

........ +Mary A. JOHNSON m: November 15, 1872 Father: Mother:

..... 3 William ELSWICK b: October 5, 1853

........ +Elizabeth JOHNSON m: Abt 1871 in KY Father: Mother:

..... 3 Henry ELSWICK b: July 18, 1854 in KY d: October 15, 1946 in Hartley, Pike Co., KY

........ +Susannah HAMPTON b: May 6, 1857 in Letcher Co., KY d: February 9, 1917 in Hartley, Pike Co., KY Father: Sylvester Hampton Mother: Elizabeth Caudill

........ 4 Eliza Jane ELSWICK b: October 7, 1895 in Pike Co., KY d: May 14, 1931 in Virge, Pike Co., KY

............ +Joseph BURKE b: December 20, 1895 in Hartley, Pike Co., KY d: June 22, 1974 in Virge, Pike Co., KY Father: James Martin Burke Mother: Susannah Hampton

........ 4 Sylvester "Vester" ELSWICK

............ +AMY Father: Mother:

........ 4 Rachel ELSWICK

............ +Jessie HAMPTON Father: Mother:

........ 4 Lina ELSWICK

............ +Ballard TACKETT Father: Mother:

........ 4 John ELSWICK

............ +Amanda BURKE Father: James Martin Burke Mother: Susannah Hampton

..... 3 George ELSWICK b: April 26, 1855

........ +Brentha F. JUSTICE Father: Mother:

..... 3 James Wesley ELSWICK b: November 9, 1856

..... 3 Joseph M. ELSWICK b: November 9, 1856 in Pike Co.,KY

..... 3 Catherine ELSWICK b: August 20, 1857 d: January 2, 1956

........ +William WRIGHT Father: Mother:

..... 3 Rebecca ELSWICK b: October 10, 1862

........ +William TACKETT m: April 8, 1883 in Pike Co.,KY Father: Mother:

..... 3 Samuel ELSWICK b: Abt May 1870

........ +Polly (Mary?) WORRIX b: Abt 1885 Father: Mother:




Descendants of Thomas Fones


Thomas FONES Father: Mother: b: Unknown in England d: Unknown

+ Anne WINTRHOP b: Unknown d: Abt 1616 father: Adam Winthrop Mother: Anna Brown

..... 2 Elizabeth FONES WINTRHOP FEAKE HALLETT b: 1608 in London, England d: Abt 1657 in Flushing, NY

..... *1st Husband of Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett:

......... +Henry WINTHROP Father: John Winthrop Mother: Mary Forth b: Abt 1607 in Groton, Suffock, England d: July 1631 in Salem, Mass

..... *2nd Husband of Elizabeth Fones Winthrop Feake Hallett:

......... +Robert FEAKE Father: Mother:

* 3rd husband of Elizabeth Fones Wintrop Hallet

......... +William HALLETT Father: Mother: b: 1616 in Dorset, England d: 1705 in Flushing, NY

..... 2 Martha FONES b: Abt 1609

......... +John WINTHROP Jr.Father:John Wintrop Mother: Mary Forth

..... 2 Samuel FONES




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