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Some Descendants of Ezekiel Main - aqw01.htm

Some Descendants of Ezekiel MAIN

First Generation

1. Ezekiel MAIN was born 1641 in of Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. He died 19 Jun 1714 in Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut.

THE DESCENDANTS OF EZEKIEL MAINE OF STONINGTON CT, by Algernon Aikin Aspinwall. Washington DC 1905. pp. 3, 4.
    The first mention of him in the records is the following under date of March 9, 1660/1.
     "Ezekiel Mayn for accompanying and countenancing of the said parties in their extravagant course for the accomplishing of their eregrelar purpose", was fined twenty shillings. This referred to what was called the disorderly conduct of Robert Whitcomb and Mary Cudworth in coming together without consent of parents and lawful marriage". As Ezekiel Maine aided these parties in their elopement, it is to be presumed at this time he was a young man and unmarried.
    Under date of October 20, 1668, the Plymouth Colony Records give the following: "It was at the same time ordered likewise by the Council of War in reference unto Ezekiel Mayne of Scituate, that whereas there doth appear a willingness in the Military Company of Scituate, that in regard that he hath but one eye, it is difficult and in some respect dangerous for him to be in arms and training as formerly".
    Soon after he removed to Stonington, CT for on February 2, 1668/9, when a census of the inhabitants of that town was taken, Ezekiel Maine is enumerated as one of the forty three heads of families. A number of people from Scituate settled at Stonington about this time. His fortunes at this time were presumably at a low ebb, for the Plymouth Colony Records show under date of June 3, 1673, in the settlement of an estate there that among the accounts as "doubtful" is one of Ezekiel Main, to the amount of two pounds, four shillings and five pence. Let us hope that he subsequently liquidated this debt.
    In 1672 Ezekiel Maine received a grant of land from the town of Stonington. He subsequently purchased other land, and in 1680, he received another grant from the town. All of this land adjoined, and was located in that part of Stonington which is now North Stonington, and on the North by the land of Joshua Holmes.
    Ezekiel Maine was a farmer, and does not appear to have been conspicuous in the affairs of the town, as his name is seldom mentioned in the records. He was admitted to the Church at Stonington, September 3, 1676. In 1690, he was a Deputy to the General Court at Hartford CT. He died at Stonington June 19, 1714.
    In his will, dated May 5, 1711, which was admitted to probate July 13, 1714, he gives, "to Mary my dearly beloved wife the one third part of all my moveable estate...To my two daughters hannah Main and ffebe Kingsbury one third of moveables to be equally divided between them.
    To my well beloveed sons Ezekiel Main and Jeremiah Main, to be equally divided between them the other one third of all my moveable estate".
    The descendants of Ezekiel Maine are not in accord in their spelling of the name, some using and some omitting the final "e". The children given are all that have been disclosed on the records at Stonington, and if there were others, they undoubtedly died young, as evidanced by the Will of Ezekiel Maine.

HISTORY OF STONINGTON, CONN, by Richard Anson Wheeler, Call no. 929.37465 in Conejo Valley Gen. Soc. collection in Thousand Oaks, CA library. page 448.
    He came in 1670 and in 1672 received a grant of land from the town of Stonington. This history does not have his marriage date, and thinks he married shortly before his arrival in Stonington.
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The following Information was collected by Vera Main Robinson.
SOCIAL HISTORY OF STONINGTON, CONN. 1850-1700, by Eleanor E. Fuller (typscript at Westerly Public Library)
    Ezekiel Mayne was a deputy to the General Court in 1680 and 1696.

STONINGTON TOWN RECORDS, Vol. I, taken from a copy made in 1800's. Orininal copy is locked away.
    Page 88: Aug 9, 1670, Ezekiel presented certificate from Scituate -- propounded himself to town of Stonington to be inhabitant.
     Page 94: Nov. 15, 1670, Ezekiel received as inhabitant.
    Page 97: Dec. 29, 1670, Included on list of inhabitants of town.
    Page 102: April 7, 1671, Town meeting held at Goodman Mains.
    Page 131: April 28, 1674, Freeman's oath.
    Page 164: Nov 7, 1670, Mark of cattle, horses and swine: top of right ear cut off with a slit under the same ear. Jan. 31, 1771/18, Jeremiah to keep the same mark.
    Page 180: Jan. 13, 1693, Ezekiel Main, Jr. Mark: Crop off the ear and a slit on the under side of the same ear and a half penny on the underside of the near ear.
    Page 220: May 15, 1688, Twelve acre lots lottery: Ezekiel received lot #24.

    2:199 - From William Chesebrough to Ezekiell Mayne Cost 12 pounds 13 ___ 1688. 100 acres SE of Cowissatuk Hill.
    2:199 - Ezekiall Mayn Junior do accept this deed from my father as my portion. I Ezekiell Mayn Senior do acknowledge that I have given unto my son Ezokiell Main as my act. . . . The mark of Ezokiell Mayn Senior. Jan. 14, 1689 above act witnessed by Samuel Mason. Entered in record book Feb. 14, 1693.
    2:209 - From Samuel Lam to Jeremiah Main, Dec. 7, 1695 for 15 pounds. Land on the east side of Coxtayn Brook running between John Yoemans and Samuel Lam.
    2:209 - Feb. 18, 1703/4 -- From Jeremiah Maine to Ezekiell Main for 9pounds 2s. All my right, title in and with ye appurtinances thereto.
    2:210 - From Ezekiell Mayne to Jeremiah Main on Dec. 1698 for love Mary Main signed also. -- My dwelling house, barn, orchard, all my lands adjoining unto it -- land I bought of Thomas Bell where I now dwell in addition to land given me by the town and what I bought of Richard Cook and the 100 acres given me by the town adjoining to it which was Cook's -- reserving 1/2 the house for the use of Mary (west end), part of the cellar and the well orchard. Ezekiell Mayne his mark, Mary Mayn her mark.
    2:223 - From Ezekiell Main Sr. and Jr. to William Cheseborough May 30, 1692. Small parcel of land adjoining Edward Yeomans. Ezekiell Sr's Mark, Ezekiell Jr.'s mark.
    2:233 - To James Dean from Ezekiel Mayne Senior for 50s. The 24 lot bound on the north by Goodman Osborne, on the west by Mistucksutt Brook to Ezekiell Mayne Senior. June 23, 1702. Ezekiell Mayne his mark.
    2:259 - From James Pendleton to Ezekioll Mayn for 50s Jan. 10, 1699/1700.
A parcell of land 50 acres part of a grant given me by the Town of Stonington.
April 19, 1703, Ezekiell Mayne passed the above deed to Ephrius Minor for 3 pounds.
    2:315 - Samuel Yoemans to Ezekiell Main Junior for 12s Feb. 18, 1703/4. Land running by Jeremiah Mayn to brook.
    2:325 - Ezekiell Jr. to David Hilliard for 46 pounds. House and housing buildings - same land description as 2:315. Feb. 23, 1703/4.
    2:542 - The first deed is a copy of 2:199.
    2:542 - Ezekiell Main Jr. To David Hilliard for 30 pounds, Mar. 29, 1714, 45 acres of land +/- being part of the land given to Ezekiell Main Jr. by his honored father. James Noyes and Ezekiell Mayn agree to divide lands given to Noyes and Nehemiah Palmer by their father-in-law on behalf of Main's brothers-in-law, June 27, 1678.
    2:30 - 1671 - Four score acres of land laid out to Goodman Manye bought of Thomas Bell. No price listed. Thomas Bell, taylor to Ezekiell Mayne of the town and place . . . . four score acres of land along Shunak River . . ."the trees, wooks, underwoods, rocks, swamps, mines, minor alls, fishings, fowlings, water, water courses, sayas, commons, liberties and what forever belonging to the land. . .
     2:31 - Richard Cooke to Ezekiel Main, Nov. 1681. Cook signed over his interest in Bell's land to E. Mayne, Nov. 1681.
    2:57 - Feb. 24, 1680 - Grant to E. Mayne from town, 100 acres to E. Mayne. Thomas Bell on south, Joshua Holmes on west, east a small river to James York, Jr.
    Estate of Joseph Tilden 3 Jun 1673 doubtful account due 2 pounds 4s5p owed by Ezekiel Mayne. . . Same volume, page 8, discharged from bearing arms since he hath but one eye.
    3:279 - From Hannah and Mary Main to Jeremiah Main for 4 pounds. Hannah and Mary sold alnd left them by father Ezekiel Main, June 10, 1726.
    3:345-36, Dec. 28, 1721 - Jeremiah gave land to son Thomas.
    4:607 - Ichabod Main received of brother Elijah Jones -- Elijah to provide for Ichabod and his mother, Dec. 8, 1736*
*Why was there something wrong with Ichabod?
WILL OF EZEKIEL MAIN - New London Probate Volume B:86, Dated May 5, 1701 (sic) Proved July 13, 1714.
    Wife Mary to get 1/3 of moveable estate; Daughters Hannah Main and Ffeebe Kingsberry one third moveables; Sons Ezekiell Main and Jeremiah the other 1/3 of moveables. Executors Ezekiell and Jeremiah.

Ezekiel married Mary HATCH, daughter of Thomas HATCH and Lydia, about 1670 in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts. Mary was born about 1631 in England. She died 12 Jan 1693 in Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut.

Information on HATCH from Joanne E. Woodward, 110 Gager Road, Bozrah, CT 06334. Need to get sourcees.
    Married Mary Hatch, who was the daughter of Thomas Hatch. Other accounts say she was the daughter of William Hatch of Scituate, Mass.
    Mary was born 3 Oct 1682 in Stonington.

VITAL RECORDS OF SCITUATE MASS TO THE YEAR 1850, NEHGS, Boston, 1909, 1:175, FHL microfilm 0496902, FHL book 974,482/S1 V28: Dewey 929/.3744/82, LOC F74.S3S5 1976. Baptism recorded taken from church record, Second Church of Scituate, now the First Unitarian Church of Norwell.
    Not named in the estate of her father. An agreement made 25 Feb. 1702 between William Hatch, her brother, and John Barstow, her brother-in-law, specifically refers to two heirs of William, Sr.: William and Lydia, Bristol County Probate Records 2:87-88 FHL film0,903,396 and reprinted in Abstracts of Bristol Co., Mass Probate Records 1685-1745 compiled by H. L. Peters Rounds, Baltimore, 1897, page 29

RHODE ISLAND ROOTS, MARCH 1991, by Vera Main Robinson
"A Clue to the Identity of Mrs. Ezekiel Main."
    Ezekiel Main appeared in Scituate, Plymouth Colony, by 1661; was mentioned two or three times in Plymouth Colony Court Records; and in 1669 appeared in the Stonington, Conn. census.
    In 1671 he received his first grant of land from the Town; he participated in King Philip's War and received a grant of land in Voluntown for his service (even though he "hath but one eye" and was excused from train band in Scituate); he appeared to be a good, honest, hard-working citizen; he served in the Connecticut General Court at least once; and his was was probated on July 13, 1714.
    We know Mrs. Ezekiel Main's name was Mary -- In Dec. 19, 1798, Ezekiel deeded to son Jeremiah his dwelling house and all the lands adjoining unto it, reserving the west end of the house for wife Mary. Mary and Ezekiel both made their marks on the deed. I have found no record of this marriage. In studying the land evidence records of Ezekiel Mayne, I think I have found her identity.
    Let's consider the following items from Stonington Land Evidence: (I have added correct spelling and punctuation when needed to make the message clearer.)
    SLE 2:11 - James Noice of Stonington . . . doe . . . with Ezoikell Mayne of the same town (he acting in the behalf of his brothers-in-law of ye colony of Plymouth) to divide lands containing 400 acres more or less granted by will unto Nehemiah Palmer and James Noice accept of the 50 acres layed out unto the said James Noice and the hundred acres next adjacent unto said 50 acres and ye 50 acres not yet laid out as far as ye said Noice he share the said Mayn hath accepted of the remaindeer for his satisfaction as witness our hands. June 27, 1678.
    SLE 2:211 - I Nehemiah Palmer of Stonington in the county of New London in the Colony of Connetticot for divers good considerations . . . and in  . . . for twenty pounds in hand received to my good satisfaction have soule and . . . for my heirs and executors, administrators and assigns sell and make over all my right and interest in a tract of land deemed to be two hundred acres; which is that tract of land willed to my wife by her late father Thomas Stanton deceased; and in my parts of four hundred acres which is bounded betwixt Mr. Noyce and . . . which land lyeth near Ashawog and Shunako Rivers in several tracts except fifty acres which is not yet layed out; I say I have sold all my right and interest in the said tracts of land as it was willed to me And it was laid out and bounded as may appear upon record; Unto Jeremiah Hatch and Thomas Hatch of Situate and Thomas rose of Marshfield all of New Plymouth to them their heirs executors administrators and assigns; forever to have and to hold and . . . to posess with the privileges and appurtinances there unto belonging . . . to enjoy without lott hindrances or molestation by me or any other by from or under , , , And in witness Hereof I have hereunder set my hand and leal in the year of our Lord 1680, the twenty-ninth day of June.
    I do consent to the sale of the land Nehemiah Palmer above mentioned as witness my hand. Hannah Palmer.
    Signed and sealed in the pressence of Gershom Palmer and John Stanton.

    So far we have Thomas Stanton leaving his daughters Dorothy and Hannah 400 acres of land in his will. Dorothy's husband, James Noyes, and Ezekiel Main (acting for his brothers-in-law in Plymouth) then mode an agreement as to which of the 400 acres were Noyes' and which were Palmer's. Then two years later, Nehemiah Palmer, Hannah's husband, sold his 200 acres to Jeremiah and Thomas Hatch and Thomas Rose. All except 50 acres of the land was "laid out" -- that is the boundries of 150 acres were established and known. The other 50 acres were to be carved out of town holdings at some future date.
    SLE 2:208 - March 16, 1691. Layed out of Thomas Bell his land fifty acres to Goodman Mayne for his brothers-in-law part of that land bought of Goodman Palmer and bounded as follows: [The land description is the "pile of stones to the sassafrass bush" variety. The only adjacent property owner mentioned is Henry Hall. No rivers or known geographical features are mentioned.]
    This would be the fifty acres not yet laid out in the previous deed.
    SLE 2:208 - June 15, 1691. Division of land by surveyors of Jeremiah Hatch, Thomas Rose and Thomas Hatch deceased, being desired by Exekiel Mayne to divide the same in three parts we make one share of that 50 acres laid out of Thomas Bell his land to the north of Henry Hall, all of the rest on the west of the Ashawog River to another, the last share to be that on the east side of the river.
    Gershom Palmer, Ephriam Minor Survey , , , the heirs of Thomas Hatch to have the first lot and Jeremiah Hatch to have the second and Thomas Rose to have the third.

    Now, let me quote Donald Lines Jacobus in THE CONNECTICUT NUTMEGGER, 20:4, page 699: "The terms 'brother-in-law' and 'sister-in-law' are more likely to have the same meanings we give them today. For instance, 'brother-in-law' almost always indicates either a sister's husband or a wife's brother."
    Next, let me tell you a bit about the Hatch family: Thomas Hatch was born about 1596 at Tenterden, County Kent, England; married about 1622 Lydia ____, lived in Wye and probably came to America with his brother William in 1638. He settled in Scituate, Plymouth Colony and died there before June 14, 1646. A list of his children follows:
    William born about 1624
    Jeremiah baptised July 28, 1626 at Wye, England.
    Thomas baptised Nov. 9, 1628 at Wye, England.
    Mary born about 1631. Married Daniel Pryor.
    Alice baptised Sept. 25, 1636 at Tenterden, England. Married 1st Jonas Pickles, Dec. 23, 1657 at Scituate, Mass. Married 2nd Thomas Rose, Dec. 1665 at Scituate, Mass
    Hannah baptised June 14, 1646 at Scituate, Mass. Married Samuel Utley Dec. 6, 1658 at Scituate, Mass.

    Thus we have the brothers-in-laws: Thomas and Jeremiah Hatch and Thomas Rose. Old Mary Hatch Pryor married Ezekiel Main as her second husband? It would appear so, although there is no record of this marriage in either Scituate, Mass. or Stonington, Conn. There is no record of Daniel Pryor in Plymouth Colony Court Records after 1644. There is a reference in Plymouth Deeds 12:168 to land that "was sometimes the land of Daniell Pryor" in 1649. We know that there was a son of Daniel and Mary who was also named Daniel. He was baptized July 16, 1656 at Scituate, Mass. On July 1, 1680 he was living at the home of Thomas Hatch in Scituate. There is no record of the death of Daniel Pryor, Sr. I think that Mary Hatch Pryor, by then, in her mid-to-late thirties, married Ezekiel Main, perhaps in 1668, and together they removed to Stonington to start a new life.
    The other deffinition of brother-in-law: Ezekiel's sister's husband. We know nothing of brothers and sisters of Ezekiel. He may or may not have been related to the John Main family of York, Main. If a Hatch had married a sister of Ezekiel, Thomas Rose would not be a brother-in-lw=aw. We know who the daughters of John Maine of York married. Nary a Hatch in the bunch!
    Consider the names of Ezekiel and Mary's children: Ezekiel, Mary, Jeremiah, Thomas, Phebe, and Hannah. Three out of six of these names are Hatch names.
    Members of the Hatch family did appear in Stonington after Ezekiel and Mary moved there. Both of Samuel and Hannah Utley's children, Lydia and Samuel, lived and married in Stonington. There is a possibility of a daughter Mary in Stonington also.
    Jonas Pickles, Mary Rose's son by her first marriage appeared in Stonington. Ezekiel Main Jr. Married Hannah Rose, a daughter of Thomas and Mary, in Stonington. Ezekiel Jr.'s daughter, Merriam, died "at Sam Utley's" in 1729. William, the son of William Hatch, settled in Preston, Conn., the next town to Stonington.
    I'm not claiming to be the final word on this mystery. I'm sharing what I know; perhaps someone can help my case -- or totally distroy it.
    My sources: Stonington LAND EVIDENCE RECORDS as cited, Plymouth Colony COURT RECORDS 2:77, 6,45, Plymouth DEEDS 12:168, NEHGR, July, 1916, 256-57, Stonington VITALS 2:54, First Church of Christ, Stonington, RECORDS, Wheeler's, HISTORY OF STONINGTON, and Dorothy K. Stewart who taught me the importance of reading land records. Very significantly, I'm leaving out Brown's BABCOCK-MAIN GENEALOGY and Dean's HISTORY OF SCITUATE, MASS.

(It had been believed that Mary was the daughter of Jonathan and Hannah (Rowley) Hatch. Please note: Thomas Hatch of Barnstable and Some of His Descendants by Charles Lathrop Peck. Pages 76-79. "Jonathan Hatch and Sarah (Rowley) Hatch appear on records of both Barnstable and Falmouth, married 11 April 1646." "Mary Hatch is listed as first child born 14 July 1647. This Mary Hatch married William Weeks, Jr. of Falmouth as his second wife. Captain Miles Standish left her a bequest. The first wife of Welliam Weeks was Mercy, daughter of Isaac Robinson, baptized July 4, 1647 at Barnstable, and married March 15, 1669. She is thought to have died early. William Weeks had six daughters and two sons.")

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Ezekiel MAIN Jr. was born 1 Jul 1675 and died 20 Oct 1715.
+ 3 F ii Hannah MAIN was born 13 Feb 1683.
  4 F iii
Mary MAIN was christened 24 Jun 1677 in 1st Church of Stonington, Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut. She died 24 Jan 1678 in Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut.
+ 5 M iv Jeremiah MAIN was born 1 Apr 1678 and died 11 Nov 1727.
  6 M v
Thomas MAIN was christened 22 Sep 1679 in 1st Church of Stonington, Stonington, New London Co., Connecticut. He died in his youth.
+ 7 F vi Phebe MAIN was christened 7 Aug 1681.

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