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Some Descendants of Sir John Peckham - aqw01.htm

Some Descendants of Sir John PECKHAM

First Generation

1. Sir John PECKHAM was born 1595 in England and was christened 8 Apr 1595 in Boxgrove, West Sussex, England. He died after 6 Jan 1681 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

LITTLE COMPTON FAMILIES, pub. by Little Compton Historical Society from Records compiled by Benjamin Franklin Wilbour, 1967.
    "John Peckham no doubt came to Boston with Sir Henry Van in 1634 and he probably met there Mary Clarke who accompanied her brother John Clarke to Boston about the time. The acquaintance resulted in marriage of which no record can be found. He probably was one of the party called the Ann Hutchinson party, who founded a settlement on the north end of Rhode Island, which became the town of Portsmouth. In 1640 the bounds of his land were established."
    On 20 May 1638 his name appeared on the list as one of those admitted as an inhabitant of Portsmouth. He became a freeman in 1641. In 1648 his second wife Eleanor was baptised.
    His residence was in that part of Newport which is now Middletown, and a stone marker J. P. is supposed to mark his grave.

Researching this line is Nancyann Norman at [email protected]

  Sources: NEHGR, v75, p279; C. Merton Babcock. C.M. Babcock: John Peckham of Newport, RI.   NEHGR: __ Peckham of Newport.

John married Mary CLARKE, daughter of Thomas CLARKE and Rose KERIDGE, about 1637. Mary was christened 17 Jul 1607 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England. She died 1648 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.

Mary was christened 26 Jul 1607 in Westhorpe, Suffolk, England.

Little Compton Families, page 486. Sister of John Clarke.

Researching this line is Nancyann Norman at [email protected]

  Sources: Genealogies of RI Families; C. Merton Babcock; 160 Allied Families;
NEHGR, v75, p279.
  C.M. Babcock: Mary Clarke, baptized 17 July 1607; married John Peckham of Newport, RI.
  RI Families: Merie Clark, baptized 17 July 1607. (Vol. 1, page 198. Bible records.)
  160 Families: Mary Clarke, born 1607.
  NEHGR: Mary Clarke, baptized at Westhorpe 26 July 1607 (17 July 1607, according to a Bible record). Said to have married __ Peckham of Newport, R.I.

They had the following children:

+ 2 F i Mary PECKHAM was born 1643 and died 1695.
+ 3 M ii John PECKHAM was born about 1645 and died about 1712.
  4 M iii
Rev. William PECKHAM was born about 1647. He died 2 Jun 1734.
William married (1) Elizabeth CLARKE, daughter of Joseph CLARKE and Margaret TURNER, about 1675.

  Sources: A Potter-Richardson Memorial; Colonial Families of the USA.
  Families: Elizabeth Clarke,  married Rev. William Peckham.
  Memorial: Elizabeth Clarke,  married Rev. William Peckham, son of John.
William also married (2) Phebe WEEDEN about 1680/1685.
  5 M iv
Thomas married Hannah Weeden CLARKE. Hannah died after 1722.
  6 M v
James PECKHAM died 26 Feb 1711.
  7 F vi
Rebecca PECKHAM.
        Rebecca married John SPOONER
  8 M vii
Stephen PECKHAM.
        Stephen married Mary
  9 F viii
Phebe PECKHAM was born 1666. She died 1746.
Phebe married Thomas GRAY.

LC Families, page 486.
    Son of Edward and Dorothy (Littice) Gray of Plymouth.
  10 M ix
Clement PECKHAM.
        Clement married Lydia
  11 F x
Deborah PECKHAM was born 1671 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island. She died 12 Jun 1707 in Newport Co., Rhode Island.

DECENDANTS OF ROBERT TAYLOR, by Earl Crandall, 1993, page 1.
    He married Deborah Peckham in 1671 at Newport, RI, dau. at John Peckham and Eleanor Weaver, born in Oct 1653; died on 12 Jun 1707 at Newport Co., RI.
Deborah married Robert TAYLOR, son of Robert TAYLOR and Mary HODGES. Robert was born Oct 1653 in Newport, Newport Co., Rhode Island.
+ 12 F xi Elizabeth PECKHAM was born about 1670 and died 24 May 1714.
  13 F xii
        Sarah married William WEEDEN

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