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The Nance Family

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Welcome to this web site dealing with the first Nance family to settle in the Colony of New South Wales as non-convict settlers.

Thomas Nance, together with his wife Elizabeth and their seven children, left Cornwall and travelled aboard the sailing vessel "William Metcalfe" for four months and ten days before reaching the shores of the new country in which they wished to settle.                                                         

Thomas and Elizabeth are my  Great-Great-Grandparents. 

I have been researching this family and its descendents for several years, and as with all ancestral research, it is never complete and many diversions and brick walls are encountered along the way. I have been fortunate to have been helped with contributions of valuable data from the following

   Nola Short (Australia)

   Yvette Muir (Canada)

  William (Bill) Muir (Canada)

   Mollie Sear (Australia)


I am truly grateful for their contributions, and as a result of their unselfish sharing, I am able to publish this information through this website and hope that others may also find it useful.


Feel free to utilize any information for any non-commercial use. However, this information should be used as a starting point in your research and not as a definitive source of information. I have tried to ensure all the information is correct. However, as with any family tree, errors are possible, so please email me should you find any errors so that I may correct them.


Also, please email me if you've found this site to be of help to you, or if you have information that you would like added.


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