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The Moore Family

     Welcome to my geneology page.  This is an ongoing page where research will be added as time permits.  Geneology is like a jigsaw puzzle. One day you may find nothing and the next day, week, month, or year you may find one or more pieces.  The puzzle is never completed.  Time goes forward as it goes backward.  There are new lives to add along with the lives of long ago.  I have found many cousins in my search.  All have become family to me.  We share our information, e-mail back and forth to each other, and I have even met a few of them.  It has been very rewarding. If in the process of browsing my book you have questions or a match, please feel free to E-mail me.  I will try to help as much as I can.                                                     Nancy Moore

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The following pages are divided into four lines.  Surnames are as follows:

Bill's main line-Carrigan, Day, DeFreitas,  Hammond, Hogan,  Johnson, Marcum, Mikel, Moore, Noe, Nunes, Richards, Robertson, Smith, Vaughan, Waters,Wilkerson, Womack, Wood.

Nancy's main line- Claybaugh, Hamilton, Hoy, Johnson, Jonnson, Jonas.dtr, Keifer, Paulson, Persson, Root,  Smiley, Wade.

INDEX OF SURNAMES          Bill's                   Nancy's

INDEX OF MARRIAGES        Bill's                        Nancy's

 Charity Baptist Church                Union Baptist Church                          Christian Church

Moore/Waters Descendents (Complete GED)

  1.  Mordicai J Moore married Elizabeth (Betsey) Waters June 20, 1803 in Lincoln Co, KY


  1. 2.  Nathaniel born January 16, 1804 Lincoln County, Kentucky married Mary (Polly) Wood December 21, 1828.
  2. 3.  Boy born between 1805 and 1810 (US Census 1820 KY)
  3. 4.  Girl born between 1805 and 1810 (US Census 1810 Lincoln Co, KY)
  4. 5.  Martha  born October 10, 1810 Lincoln County, Kentucky,married Harry Smith about 1828 and Samuel Wood in 1832.
  5. 6.  Isaac born April 5, 1812 Lincoln County, Kentucky, married Sarah Smith February 14, 1833
  6. 7.  Boy born between 1815 and 1820 (US Census 1830 KY)
  7. 8.  Girl born between 1815 and 1820 (US Census 1830 KY)
  8. 9.   Wilson T. 1820 (US Census 1830 KY) married Lydia Harris Dec 23, 1841, Macoupin Co,IL
  9. 10.  Milton  born November 12, 1820 Lincoln County, Kentucky, married Elizabeth Eastham in 1838 and Caroline Edwards August 11, 1853
  10. 11.  Varney J.1825 (1830 Census Morgan Co, IL) married Penina Huskey, March 2, 1845 Macoupin Co, Illinois
  11. 12.  Olymphia 1827 (1830 Census Morgan Co, IL)


Mikel/Marcum/Bell/Wilkerson (Complete GED)

  1.  John Mikel married Mary


  1. John A J married Martha J December 8, 1915
  2. Son Martin Beaty married Delila Marcum February 26, 1844
  3. Son Sherrod
  4. Son
  5. Daughter Nancy L

Johnson/Carson Descendents (Complete GED)

  1.  Nathaniel Johnson married Nancy Carson 1800


  1. William married Fanny
  2. Wilson Henry married Jane Claybaugh May 1, 1838
  3. Sarah married John Thompson
  4. Samuel married Eliza Carson
  5. John married Rebecca Herron
  6. Nanny
  7. Robert married Margaret Joseph
  8. Joseph
  9. James


Jonsson/Jonas.dtr/Persson/Person/Wade (Complete GED)

  1.  Pal Jonsson married Enga Jonas.dtr


  1. Sven Paulson married Hannah Persson Jan 8, 1867

NOTE: Some of the data presented on these pages  may be in error, some omissions are surely to have occurred, and some of the stories that are (or will be in the future) included may not all be happy ones.  If there are errors found they can be corrected in very short order, that is the value of this system.  All E-Mail regarding this site and it's content, is welcomed - positive or negative.

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