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 Worcester Township in Worcester Co Mass                                 Also see Hampden County MA

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 found one page for Loyalists, with a Wm ELDER

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 with Wm and John ELDER

 1799 voters:
 Wm and John ELDER

 1790 census
 Wm and John ELDER

 Worcester Common Cemetery's Grave Inscriptions - Index

 The following is transcribed from the 1848 book
Epitaphs from the Cemetery on Worcester Common by W. S. Barton.
 45. Rebecca Elder, dr. of W. and Hester E ; d. July 7; a. 20.
 46. Esther Elder, dr. of Wm. and Hester E; d. July 16; a. 6.

 142. Esther Elder, w. of Wm. E. (No. 223); d. Aug. 31 ; a. 59.

 223. William Elder; d. July 27; a. 79.

 [He was one of the "52 Protesters," who in the year 1774 entered
 on our town records their Royalist
 declaration and protest against the then revolutionary
 proceedings in this place. The town afterwards
 voted, that the signers of that protest be deemed "unworthy of
 holding any town office or honor" until
 satisfaction made, and that their recorded protest be entirely
 obliterated. Satisfaction was accordingly
 made by most of the Protesters, and the record-as may be seen at
 the Clerk's office-was made
 completely illegible.]

 271. Fanny Elder, dr. of John E. Jr. and Lydia E. d. Aug. 13; a. 3.