JACOB ELDER, d. 1818,  Lincoln Co KY
shown as a brother to ROBERT ELDER, b. 1760 York Co PA.              Stephen ELDER  and Lewis Co WA

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1. Matthew ELDER m. Mary KINCANNON, d. Aug 1792, Washington
County, Virginia.
 Matthew died 1783, Washington County, Virginia.
+   2.  i       Robert b. 1760.
3.      ii      Jacob ELDER d. 9 Feb 1818, Lincoln County,
4.      iii  Mary ELDER b. 1762, York County, Pennsylvania,
              m. William SNODGRASS, b. 1760, Berkeley County,
              Virginia, d. 1849, Sullivan County, Tennessee.
              Mary died 1828, Sullivan County, Tennessee.
5.      iv      Elizabeth ELDER m. 5 May 1779, in Rockbridge
                        County, Virginia, James ROBINSON.
6.      v       Andrew ELDER m. Margaret COLLIER.
7.      vi      Matthew ELDER.
8.      vii     Agnes ELDER m. ? ROBINSON.
9.      viii    Martha ELDER m. ? BOWLES.
10.     ix      Jane ELDER m. ? COLLIER.
+  11.  x       James b. 1763.
12.     xi      Rebecca ELDER.
13.     xii     Sarah ELDER m. 24 May 1785, in Washington
                        County, Virginia, James JAMISON.

Second Generation

2. Robert ELDER Sr. b. 1760, York County, Pennsylvania, m.
23 Sep 1783, in Rockbridge County, Virginia, Rebecca
ROBINSON, b. 21 Nov 1762, d. 18 Mar 1839, Lincoln County,
Kentucky, buried: McCormack Cemetery, Lincoln County, KY.
Robert died 28 Nov 1839, Lincoln County, Kentucky,
 buried: McCormack Cemetery, Lincoln County, KY.
14.     i       Matthew ELDER b. 10 Nov 1786, Washington
                        County, Virginia, m. 6 Mar 1809, in Lincoln
                        County, Kentucky, Aseneth WATERS.  Matthew
                        7 Jul 1865.
15.     ii      James ELDER b. 8 Jun 1791, Washington County,
                        Virginia, m. 19 Sep 1815, in Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, Polly BENTLY.  James died 19 Nov
16.     iii     Mary ELDER b. 8 Jun 1791, Washington County,
                        Virginia, m. 13 Jan 1817, in Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, Thomas G. PEMBERTON.  Mary died 15
                        Sep 1845.
17.     iv      Andrew ELDER b. 1793, Lincoln County, Kentucky,
                        m. 22 Oct 1817, in Shelby County, Kentucky,
                        Lydia SHANNON.
18.     v       Rebecca ELDER b. 27 May 1799, Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, d. 9 Mar 1894, Lincoln County,
19.     vi      William ELDER b. 28 Jan 1802, Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, m. 23 Jan 1826, in Garrard County,
                        Kentucky, Sally SELLERS.  William died 8 Apr
20.     vii     Jane ELDER b. 25 May 1804, Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, m. 17 Dec 1821, in Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, Josiah SHORT.  Jane died 2 Oct
21.     viii    Robert ELDER Jr. m. 4 Nov 1816, in Lincoln
                        County, Kentucky, Jane BENTLY.  Robert died
                         Apr 1851.

11. James ELDER Sr. b. 1763, York County, Pennsylvania, m.
(1) 12 Sep 1789, in Rockbridge County, Virginia, Margaret
RILEY, (daughter of John RILEY) d. BEF 1797, m. (2) 5 Dec
1797, in Washington County, Virginia, Sarah RUSH, d. AFT
1820.  James died 1819, Lincoln County, Kentucky.
                Children by Margaret RILEY:
+  22.  i       Margaret b. 20 Apr 1793.
                Children by Sarah RUSH:
23.     ii      Andrew ELDER b. 6 Nov 1801, Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, d. 8 Jun 1870, Pike County,
                        buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike County,
+  24.  iii     Matthew b. 1802.
25.     iv      Sarah ELDER b. 28 Feb 1804, Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, m. 21 Dec 1824, in Lincoln County,
                        Kentucky, Jesse CARTER, b. 7 Feb 1802,
                        County, Kentucky, d. 8 Mar 1881, Pike
                        Indiana, buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike
                        County, IN.  Sarah died 16 Dec 1892, Pike
                        County, Indiana, buried: Flat Creek
                        Pike County, IN.
26.     v       James ELDER b. Lincoln County, Kentucky.
27.     vi      Robert S. ELDER b. Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Third Generation

22. Margaret ELDER b. 20 Apr 1793, Washington County,
Virginia, m. 3 Dec 1816, in Lincoln County, Kentucky,
William McCORMACK, b. 15 Sep 1783, Lincoln County, Kentucky,
(son of William McCORMACK and Elizabeth (Betsey) BERRY) d.
21 Jul 1848, Pike County, Indiana, buried: Flat Creek
Cemetery, Pike County, IN.  Margaret died 5 Mar 1858, Pike
County, Indiana, buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike County,
+  28.  i       James P. b. 1819.
+  29.  ii      Joseph B. b. 1827.
+  30.  iii     John H. b. 1829.
31.     iv      Maria McCORMACK b. 1830, Washington County,
+  32.  v       Robert Harvey b. 1 Jun 1831.
33.     vi      Daniel Marion McCORMACK b. 1833, Washington
                        County, Kentucky, m. 2 Dec 1860, in Pike
                        County, Indiana, Eliza Jane SCRAPER.
34.     vii     Oren James McCORMACK b. 1834, Washington
                        County, Kentucky, m. 25 Jan 1871, in Pike
                        County, Indiana, Mary E. BOLLING, b. 1 Dec
                        1847, d. 7 Apr 1876, Pike County, Indiana,
                        buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike County,
                        Oren died 14 May 1887, Pike County, Indiana,
                        buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike County,
                +  35.  viii    Sarah Frances b. 1836.

24. Matthew ELDER b. 1802, Lincoln County, Kentucky, m. 21
Nov 1825, in Lincoln County, Kentucky, Rebecca JAMESON, b. 7
Sep 1801, Lincoln County, Kentucky, d. 11 Dec 1877, Pike
County, Indiana, buried: Flat Creek Cemetery, Pike County,
IN.  Matthew died AFT 1850.
36.     i       John M. ELDER b. 29 Oct 1826, Kentucky, d. 10
                        Aug 1867, Pike County, Indiana, buried: Flat
                        Creek Cemetery, Pike County, IN.
37.     ii      James ELDER b. 1829, Kentucky.
38.     iii     Matthew ELDER b. 1832, Kentucky.
39.     iv      Andrew J. ELDER b. 14 Apr 1834, Kentucky, d. 4
                        Apr 1917, Pike County, Indiana, buried: Flat
                        Creek Cemetery, Pike County, IN.
40.     v       Samuel ELDER b. 1836, Kentucky.
41.     vi      Stephen V. ELDER b. 4 May 1838, Kentucky, d. 17
                        Mar 1912, Pike County, Indiana, buried: Flat
                        Creek Cemetery, Pike County, IN.
42.     vii     Sarah ELDER b. 1840, Kentucky.

Jacob Elder ( d. 1818) in
the book:  "Families Named ELDER in East Tennessee"
Virginia Knight Nelson ( daughter of Hazel Tallent Knight ), Knoxville, TN 1986

Posted on Google Docs with permission of the author

Jacob (d. 1818) in Index
Page 3, 6, 8, 9, 79, 80, 91, 97, 123,

Page 3:
3 wives, Elizabeth Winterbowers, Nancy Collier, Hannah Morehead

Page 6:
 In the Will of Samuel (d. 1811)

Page 8:
Jacob may have gone to Lincoln Co KY - Matthew and Robert ELDER connection

Page 9:
Samuel's children named again from his will.

Page 79:
                  3 wives ?
                 Resided in Sevier County, TN and Lincoln Co KY

Children: 3.1. Stephen Elder

                 3.2   Elijah Elder (1811 -d. after 1880)
                         married Jane Craig (ca. 1809-1871)

                3.3.  Hannah Elder
                         married Isaac Herrin

                3. 4  John Elder

Page 80:
 3. JACOB ELDER (  - 1818?)
           Jacob Elder was a member of Dumplin Baptist Church, which he
joined by experience on 11 November 1809.  He is thought to have been
the Jacob Elder who died about 1818 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.

Note: It is interesting that Jacob Elder settled in Lincoln County, Kentucky.
Robert Elder, son of Matthew (see p. 106) went to Lincoln County in 1796
and remained there until his death in 1839.

More about Jacob:
 "His will, not dated, was probated in Lincoln County on 8 February 1818
 (Will book G, p. 33).  Jacob requested that his real and personal estate be sold at twenty months' credit and the amount of the sale be equally divided among his wife Hannah and his four children, Stephen, Elijah, Hannah, and John Elder, with each to receive a one-fifth part.  Jacob's father-in-law, Daniel Morehead was named executor.  Witnesses were John Davis, Moses Foly, and Reuben Menefee."

Children of Jacob:
3.1. Stephen Elder (perhaps son of Jacob and Nancy)

3.2  Elijah Elder (son of Jacob and Nancy) b. 20 July 1811 in East Tennesse,
       d. aft. 1880.  According to the National Historical Society's History of Randolph and Macon Counties, Missouri (1884), page 1119, Elijah Elder, a farmer and stock raiser, "came to Missouri and settled in Macon County (in 1842) on the same farm he now occupies...Mr. Elder has 220 acres of extraordinary land in Ten Mile township, and is a model farmer." He was a member of the Christian Church.

3.3 Hannah Elder (probably daughter of Jacob and Hannah)
      mar. Isaac Herrin on 29 March 1836, Lincoln Co KY

34. John Elder

Page 91:
 6. ANDREW ELDER (    -d. ca 1821)
Andrew Elder of Sevier County, Tennessee, perhaps born about 1790, was a pioneer settler in Alabama, which became a state in 1819.
After the Cherokee and Chickasaw cession, 1806-1807, the Mississippi Territorial Legislature created Madison county,
which was the first county surveyed in North Alabama.  In 1809 the Federal Government began selling the land;
as much as 160 acres could be purchased for a minimum of $2 per acre. Andrew Elder bought 160 acres,
although the time and amount of his purchase is not known.  However, he was evidently living in Madison County in May 1813
when his father's will was proven there.  Recorded in Madison County in December 1818 is a deed from Allen Morris
to Henry Newman for $1,800 for 160 acres "originally purchased from the United States by Andrew Elder" (Deed Book E, p. 182)

By 1820 Andrew Elder and his family were living in Lawrence County, Alabama.
Lawrence County was created in 1818 by the Territorial Legislature from lands ceded
by the Cherokee and Chickasaw Indians in 1816.
According to the 1820 census of Lawrence County, the Andrew Elder household included:
Males:      3 under 21 and 1 over 21
Females:  1 over 21 and 1 slave

Andrew Elder died about 1821 in Lawrence County
 (Jones and Gandrud, Alabama Records, vol. 22, Lawrence County, p. 10)
Elizabeth Elder was administratrix of Andrew's estate on 15 December 1821,
Lawrence County, and was probably his wife.
Recorded in Jefferson County, Tennessee, is the marriage on 10 November 1809 of
Jacob  Elder and Elizabeth Winterbowers (see p. 80).
Since Andrew's wife was probably Elizabeth, it may have been Andrew who married
Elizabeth Winterbowers and a mistake was made when the marriage was recorded.

In 1830 the Elizabeth Elder household in Lawrence County included:
Males:      1 10-15, 1 15-20, and 1 20-30
Females:  1   5-10   and 1 30-40 and 1 slave 19-24

The names of the children of Andrew and Elizabeth are not known.
In the 1840 Lawrence County census only one of the Elder name is listed:
William S. Elder, age 20-30, probably a son of Andrew and Elizabeth.
With Williams S. was a female, age 15-20, perhaps his wife or his sister.
According to the 1850 census there were no Elders in Lawrence County;
they had evidently moved away.

Page 97:
     ...Probably the first of the Elder name to join Dumplin Church was Jacob, who was received by experience in November 1809.....

Page 123: Jacob ELLER may be confused with Jacob ELDER (see page 80).
For that reason these notes on Jacob Eller of Jefferson County, Tennessee, and his family are included....he .probably died before 1830....  

# ID: I2323
# Name: Walter Stephen ELDER
# Sex: M
# Birth: OCT-1888 in Rockcastle Co., KY 1
# Death: 20-MAR-1937 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY 2