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20th Century History of New Castle and  Lawrence County Pennsylvania
and Representative Citizens (pub 1908)

[p. 668] whose fine farm of seventy-six acres lies on the Neshannock Falls road, in Wilmington Township,
one-quarter of a mile south of the village of Fay, is the head of this branch of an old pioneer family of this section.
He was born November 15, 1869, on the farm he now owns, and is a son of John and Barbara [BEST] Elder.
 John Elder was born in Washington County, Pennsylvania, in 1837 [or 1815], and
died in Wilmington Township, Lawrence County, April 6, 1885.
His parents were Alexander and Polly Elder, natives of Scotland, and
settled in Pennsylvania at an early day, living in Washington County until after the birth of their son
and then moving to North Beaver Township, Lawrence County.
There he followed farming for many years.
John Elder was married (first) to Maria Hamill and they had one child.
He married (second) Eliza Reed, and they had five children. [see ROBERT REED ELDER, b. 1845]
His third marriage was to Barbara Best  who was a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Holebaugh) [or Hollibaugh] Best,
who were prominent farming people of Armstrong County...."

WorldConnect by Connie White
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Name:      Alexander Elder
Home in 1880:     Sandy Lake, Mercer, Pennsylvania
Age:     67
Estimated birth year:     abt 1813
Birthplace:     Pennsylvania
Relation to Head of Household:     Self (Head)
Spouse's name:     Margaret
Father's birthplace:     Scotland
Mother's birthplace:     New Jersey
Occupation:     Farmer
Marital Status:     Married
Race:     White
Gender:     Male
Household Members:    
Name     Age
Alexander Elder     67
Margaret Elder      64
Mary J. Phipfas     42
Kate Phipfas             9  
William Phipfas        6
Source Citation: Year: 1880; 
Census Place: Sandy Lake, Mercer, Pennsylvania; 
Roll  1155; Family History Film: 1255155; Page: 407B; Enumeration District: 226; Image: 0712.

by EDGAR B. ELDER (Elder Member #96)

Elder Family Newsletter vol. 1 #4 -EFN-Oct-Dec. 1993, page 9.

"In Jefferson Township, Pennsylvania, located northwest of Washington, Pa., lies a
small community called Eldersville.
  Expecting to find several Elder families in the area, I visited there in the Summer of 1992.
  When I contacted the postmistress, she said in all the years she had lived in the community
there had never been an Elder living in the area.  Conversations with other citizens had the same results.
But the way the town got its name is interesting.
   The land was originally owned by Thomas and Sarah Ward, who took up a tract of 400 acres.
It was surveyed on September 15, 1784, and again on March 7, 1785, and a patent was granted
April 6, 1792, under the title of "Ward's Ward."
  During September 1814, the plot of the village was surveyed and laid out by James Henry,
for Thomas Ward.  The name first given to the village was "Wardsville."
The town plot consisted of 53 lots and several streets and alleys.
The first store was built in the same year with John Miller as proprietor.
  About this time Thomas Elder came to the area and bought two acres of land from Ward.
He built a tavern and operated it from 1809 to 1818.  Since there was no water in the village
for animals or humans, Elder agreed to have a public town well dug if the name were changed
from Wardsville to Eldersville.  His suggestion was accepted and the well was dug.
Today there is a pump on the site and the well is still in use.
  The village consisted of several homes, two churches, three stores, one tavern, a post office,
two blacksmith shops, and a community building called Centennial Hall--and a Village Well.
Thomas Elder evidently left the area sometime after 1818, for I found no further evidence of him.
 --Edgar B. Elder
[Editor's Note: According to the "History of Washington County, Pennsylvania (1882)--
"Thomas Elder, founder of Eldersville" married Margaret Campbell, daughter of Arthur Campbell.
  --DYL - (Donna Y. Logan)
William ELDER, Raccoon Church Cem, Candor PA (Robinson Twp)--Near Midway PA:
William Elder 1782 Feb 2, 1857 age 75
William Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1782 Pennsylvania
William Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1837 Pennsylvania
David Elder --Armstrong, Washington, PA 1790
John Elder --Armstrong, Washington, PA 1790
Marcy Elder --Armstrong, Washington, PA 1790
Robert Elder --Armstrong, Washington, PA 1790
Thos Elder --Not Stated, Washington, PA 1790
1800 Washington Co PA
Thomas Elder-- Cross Creek, Washington, PA 1800
John Elder --Hopewell, Washington, PA 1800
David Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA 1800
David Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA 1800
1810 Washington Co PA
Thomas Elder-- Cross Creek, Washington, PA 1810
John Elder --Hopewell, Washington, PA 1810
David Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA 1810
James Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA 1810
William Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA 1810
John Elder --Smiths, Washington, PA 1810
1820 Washington Co PA
Mary Elder --East Bethlehem,Washington,PA 1820
Thomas Elder --Hanover,Washington,PA 1820
David Elder-- Robinson,Washington,PA 1820
Wm Elder --Robinson,Washington,PA 1820
Joseph Elder --West Bethlehem,Washington,PA 1820
Peter Elder-- West Bethlehem,Washington,PA 1820
1830 Washington Co PA
Mary Elder-- East Bethlehem, Washington, Pennsylvania
David Elder --Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania
William Elder-- Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania
1840 Washington Co PA
David Elder-- Smith, Washington, Pennsylvania
Duncan Elder-- Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania
Jas Elder --Smith,Washington, Pennsylvania
Mary Elder --Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania
Wm Elder-- Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania
John Elder --Smith, Washington, PA abt 1814 Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Elder --Smith, Washington, PA abt 1824 Pennsylvania
Anne Elder --Smith, Washington, PA abt 1845 Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Elder-- Smith, Washington, PA abt 1847 Pennsylvania
Allis Elder --Smith, Washington, PA abt 1849 Pennsylvania
William Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1782 Pennsylvania
Carry Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1801 Pennsylvania
Samuel Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1829 Pennsylvania
Mary Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1822 Pennsylvania
David Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1832 Pennsylvania
Joseph Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1834 Pennsylvania
Jane Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1837 Pennsylvania
Oliver P Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1839 Pennsylvania
Carry Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1842 Pennsylvania
Adelia A Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1826 Pennsylvania
Duncan Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1809 Pennsylvania
Mary Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1809 Pennsylvania
William Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1837 Pennsylvania
Martha Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1840 Pennsylvania
Clemant Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1845 Pennsylvania
1860 Washington Co PA
Mariah Elder-- Mount Pleasant,Washington,PA 41  1818 PA  Female
Mary J Elder --Mount Pleasant,Washington,PA 21  1838 PA Female
Luis J Elder --Mount Pleasant,Washington,PA 18  1841 PA Male
Wm Elder --Smith,Washington,PA 23  1836 PA Male
Ruth Elder-- Smith,Washington,PA 18  1841 PA  Female
Thomas Elder-- Smith,Washington,PA 1  1858 PA  Male
Eli Elder --Allen, Washington, PA 18  1851 Pa  White  Male
Alice A Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 5  1864 Pa  White  Female
Johnston D Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 10/12  1869 PA  White Male
Lula J Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 9  1860 PA  White  Female
Ruth Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 29  1840 PA  White  Female
Santford C Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 8 1861 PA  White  Male
Thomas J Elder --Hanover, Washington, PA 11  1858 PA White  Male
William Elder --Hanover, Washington, PA 35  1834 PA  White Male
William E Elder-- Hanover, Washington, PA 7 1862 PA  White  Male
Elisabeth J Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA 23 1846 PA  White  Female
Clement Elder --Smith, Washington, PA 25  1844 PA White  Male
Isabel Elder-- Smith, Washington, PA 23  1846 PA  White  Female
John Elder-- Smith, Washington, PA 1  1868 PA  White  Male
Johnston Elder-- Smith, Washington, PA 28  1841 PA  White  Male
Mariah Elder --Smith, Washington, PA 53  1816 PA  White
C. M. ELDER-- Burgettstown, Washington, PA 34 PA  Male  Self
John C. ELDER --Burgettstown, Washington, PA 11 PA  Male  Son
Rachel A. ELDER --Burgettstown, Washington, PA 33 PA Female  Wife
W. W. ELDER-- Burgettstown, Washington, PA 8 PA  Male  Son
Ada F. ELDER --Hanover, Washington, PA 4 PA  Female  Dau
Alice E. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 12 PA  Female  Dau
James C. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 3 PA  Male  Son
John S. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 6 PA Male  Son
Johnston ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 37 PA  Male  Self
Johnston ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 11 PA  Male  Son
Leman K. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 6M PA  Male  Son
Lena G. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 7 PA  Female  Dau
Luella J. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 19 PA  Female  Dau
Sanford C. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 18 PA  Male  Son
Sarah F. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 32 PA  Female  Wife
Thomas J. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 21 PA  Male  Son
William ELDER --Hanover, Washington, PA 44 PA  Male  Self
William E. ELDER-- Hanover, Washington, PA 16 PA  Male  Son

Name:      Wm Elder
Township:     Robinson
County:     Washington
State:     Pennsylvania
Enumeration Date:     August 7, 1820
Free White Males - Under 10:     1
Free White Males - 10 thru 15:     1
Free White Males - 26 thru 44:     1
Free White Females - Under 10:     2
Free White Females - 26 thru 44:     1
Number of Persons - Engaged in Agriculture:     1
Free White Persons - Under 16:     4
Free White Persons - Over 25:     2
Total Free White Persons:     6
Total All Persons - White, Slaves, Colored, Other:     6
Source Citation: 1820 U S Census: Robinson, Washington, Pennsylvania, Page: 210; NARA Roll: M33_113; Image: 368.
1810 William Elder-- Robinson, Washington, PA
1820 Wm Elder --Robinson,Washington,PA
1830 Wm Elder --Robinson,Washington,PA
1840 Wm Elder --Robinson,Washington,PA
1850 William Elder --Robinson, Washington, PA abt 1782 Pennsylvania

Cross Creek Twp. (pp. 721-742)
History of Washington County, Pennsylvania*
...About the same year, 1812, a house was built near where Hampton Walker now lives. Its location is in Jefferson township, but by a special act of Assembly approved Feb. 14, 1867, the real estate of David S. Walker and Francis Cunningham was annexed to Cross Creek for school purposes. The first teacher here was Andrew McColloch, who taught about three years.
William Elder taught one term...."

Presbyterian Church of Cross Creek.- The region of country called Cross Creek began to be settled about the year 1770-71. The first settlers were mostly Scotch-Irish. Some came directly from the north of Ireland and west of Scotland, some from York County, Pa., and from Winchester, Va., and a few from Mecklenburg, N. C. Among these pioneers were some pious men, who began to hold meetings for worship as early as 1776-77.

Rootsweb - McCarty
"John McCarty emigrated to what is now Washington County about the year 1773. He located on a tract of land at the head of Cherry Run Valley...
...daughter Cassia, who married William Elder, and settled on the west part of Midway village.  He died, and the property was sold to J. M. Clark, Esq.
 She is now living at Butler, Pa."
 Hanover Twp. (pp. 802-811) in
Boyd Crumrine's "History of Washington County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Pioneers and Prominent Men" (Philadelphia: L. H. Leverts & Co., 1882).
..."A large tract of land in Robinson and Hanover townships was taken up by one Hollingsworth. Isaac and William Donaldson, natives of Ireland, purchased a portion of the tract, part of which is now owned by Andrew B. Donaldson, a grandson of William Donaldson. William Elder occupies the part on which Isaac settled, and is owned by the heirs of Richard, son of Isaac."


Abstracts of Washington County, Pennsylvania willbooks 1-5, 1776-1841
--Recompiled by Bob Closson; Mary Closson; Genealogical Record Group of Citizens Library.; Citizens Library (Washington, Pa.) 
Apollo, PA : Closson Press, ©1995.
Will Book #3 (1814-1823)
Page 195   (Copied by WV Archives for J2 DNA research):

ELDER, DAVID SR., yeoman, Little Beaver Twp., Beaver Co., Pa.
(Page 4)
Dated: 11 Dec. 1814   PROBATED: 22 Dec. 1814
EXEC: SONS: David and William
WIT: Samuel Cochran; John McBurney
BENE: SONS: John, David, James Alexander, William
      SON-IN-LAW: David Campbell, Hance Johnson and John McGehon
      DAU: Elizabeth McGehon
      GRANDCH: Margaret and Anney - dau's of son John;
      David, son of James, rec'd Bible; David, son of David;
      DAU-IN-LAW: Elizabeth, wife of son James
MENTIONS: John Anderson; Leonard Dobbins

ELDER, JOHN, Smith Twp. (Page 5)
DATED: 10 Dec. 1814   PROBATED: 22 Dec. 1814
EXEC: Brothers: David and William Elder
WIT: Samuel Cochran; Archibald Mahan
BENE:  DAU's: Peggey; Ann (each rec'd a Bible);
              SIS's-IN-LAW: Nancy Caughey; Jean Caughey
MENTIONS: Dau. Ann rec'd property which testator rents to
          James Gordon; Martin McDonald and John Smith