Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County Virginia 1684-1930; Chapter 3: Robert Coleman, III and Susanor Unknown

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Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County Virginia 1684-1930

Chapter 3:  Robert Coleman, III and Susanor Unknown of Edgecombe County, NC

(4) Robert Coleman, III, (son of (2) Robert Coleman, II, son of (1) Robert Coleman, I) was born in 1705 in Nansemond County, Virginia [McGarr].  Robert III owned a plantation and his wife was Susanor.  Noting the presence of a Robert Coleman in Dobbs County, NC and also in Georgetown County SC, I wonder if either were this (4) Robert Coleman, III.

(4) Robert Coleman, III and wife Susanor had these children named in his will, dated 10 Jan 1761 and probated in March of 1761 [Williams, 1956]:

(14)   1.  Robert Coleman, IV,   b. c1734
              m. 13 Aug 1762, in Edgecombe County, NC
                 to Sarah Story
(15)   2.  Aaron Coleman,            b. c1735, Edgecombe County, NC?.
(16)   3.  Cadar Coleman        b. c1736, Virginia?,
              m. 5 Apr 1764, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina,
                 to Susannah Stephenson
                                     d. c1801-1809 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.
(17)   4.  Stephen Coleman,          b. c1737,
              m. to Esther Unknown, (c1742->3/29/1803).
                                     d. 29 Mar 1803, Edgecombe County, North Carolina.
(18)   5.  Sarah Coleman             b. 1738,
              m. 5 Jan 1763, in North Carolina,
                 to Robert Carlile (later spelled: Carlisle).
(19)   6.  Josiah Coleman,           b. c1742.
(20)   7.  Susanor Coleman,          b. c1745.
              m. Richard Strother [Powell, 2000]
(21)   8.  Jaconias Coleman,         b. c1748.  This daughter's name was sometimes spelled Jachonias
(22)   9.  Grace Coleman,            b. c1751.
(23)  10.  Sely Coleman,             b. c1754.  A.k.a. Sela or Celia.
(24)  11.  Hardy Coleman,            b. 1757.
(25)  12.  Zilpha Coleman,           b. c1759.
              m. Henry Pitt in NC [Powell, 2000]

(14) Robert Coleman, IV was born c1736, married Sarah Story on 08/13/1762, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  Sarah was born c1736.  Robert made a will dated 5 Oct 1790, probated in 1795 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  His will mentions sister Grace and son.  Executors of Robert's will are Jacob Battle, Noah Woodard.  Witnesses of Robert's will are Aaron Coleman and Sela Coleman, the brother and sister of the deceased.

There is nothing more known about Sarah Story but there are references to Colemans and Storys in the archives of the rootsweb mail lists for the STORY surname, such as "Abstracts of Edgecombe Co. NC deeds" and "Scotch Irish Colemans from PA mentioned".

(14) Robert Coleman, IV and Sarah Story had these children:

(26)  1.  John Coleman,             b. c1750-1770, Edgecombe County, NC?
    A closer approximation of his birth may be 1763.
    On Dec 16, 1805, John Coleman sold land originally deeded to his father,
    per Deed Book 11, #734 [Watson, 1969, p. 70]
    Though it is wild speculation, this may be the John Coleman who on 06/07/1799
    married Rebekah Dancy, daughter of Archibald Dancy.
    [Watson, 1969; Ingmire]
    Archibald Dancy died before deed dated Feb 24, 1806
    [Watson, 1969, p. 66]

(27)  2.  Martha Coleman,           b. c1765 if brother John born 1763.
            m. John G. Hollon (Holland) Deed Book 23 #453 dated Feb 24, 1844
               [Watson, 1969, p. 278].

(28)  3.  Elizabeth Coleman,        b. c1767 if brother John born 1763.
    m. 22 Sep 1836 to William Barnes Deed Book 23 #453 dated
    Feb 24, 1844 [Watson, 1969, p. 278]. 
    William Barnes may be the same that had a
    wife, Jane C. Wilkins, daughter of Willis Wilkins per Deed Book 23 #477
    [Watson, 1969, p. 278]

(16) Cader Coleman and Susannah Stephenson

(16) Cader (Cadar, or Kador) Coleman (Robert III, Robert II, Robert I) was born c1740, in Virginia, married Susannah Stephenson on 04/05/1764, in Edgecombe County, North Carolina.  I'm guessing Susannah was born c1740.  Cadar died between 1800 & 1820 in Fairfield County, South Carolina.  Cadar was recorded in Edgecombe County, NC court records from Jan 1763 when he bought land from Arthur Philips, married 15 months later and appears in road building groups and juries until he sold the 447 acre plot he purchased from Philips to Richard Bradley in Jan 1772.

Cader and his wife sold two plots in Fairfield County, SC in 1785, and I presume they had relocated there in or shortly after Jan 1772 upon the sale of their home acreage in North Carolina.  On May 28, 1789, Cader records 493 acres in Camden District of South Carolina.  In the 1790s, Cader shows on juries in Fairfield County through 1799, but is absent in the local 1829 census. 

Below are listed some early deeds of Edgecombe County, NC bearing the name of Cader Coleman. Refer to the Edgecombe County map above for locations referenced in these early deeds. Bodies of water have the same names as they did when these deeds were recorded.

  1. Deed Book 1, page 332, Kader Coleman planter of Edgcomb Co to John Fountain Sr. 15 Jun 1762. 16pounds 11 shillings 8 pence NC. 200 acres on the south side of Swift Creek, joining Mr. Holt, John Moor. Wit: William(x)Fountain, Moses(x)Woodard, Robert Coleman. Jun Ct. 1762 . Jas Hall DCC
    [Bradley, 1995a, p. 37:
    Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds Volume I: 1759-1768
    Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr.1995,
    Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464]
  2. Deed Book 1 page 425, William CARLILE planter of Edgcombe Co to John Bradley of same. 26 Sep 1762 20 pounds VA. 400 acres as by a deed to sd William Carlile 27 Jul 1761, on the North side of Swift Creek, joining Amos Cotton. Wit: Aaron Coleman, John Pully, Kader Coleman. Sep Ct 1762 Jas Hall CC
    [Bradley, 1995a, p. 43]
  3. Deed Book 1 page 448 Arthur PHILLIPS of Edgcombe Co to Kadar Coleman of same. 9 Dec 1762. 10 pounds VA. 447 acres which was a deed to Arthur Phillips 3 Nov 1761, between the Maple Swamp & Moors Swamp, joining Thomas Jones. Wit: Ethd EXUM, Stephen Coleman. Jan Ct 1763. Jas Hall CC
    [Bradley, 1995a, p. 44]
  4. Deed Book C page 386, Kadar COLEMON of Edgcombe Co to Robert Colemon of same 7 Jul 1766. 5 pounds proclamation. 100 acres, joining Jno Fountain, Pocoson Branch, Robt Coleman, Hartwell Phillips. Wit: Aron Coleman, Hardy Colmon. Jul Ct 1766. Jas HALL CC
    [Bradley, 1995a, p. 83]
  5. Deed Book C page 409, Arthur PHILLIPS of Edgcombe Co to Randolph Hancock. 7 Oct 1766. 20 pounds VA. 400 acres on the North side of Moors Swamp, joining Water Branch, sd Arthur Phillips, Cadar Coleman. Wit: Jno. Spell, Nathl Harris, Oct Ct 1766 Jas Hall CC
    [Bradley, 1995a, p. 86]
  6. Deed Book D page 510 Kader Coleman of Edgcombe Co to Richard Bradly of same. 17 Jan 1772. 45 pounds VA. 447 acres which was a grant to Arthur Phillips 3 Nov 1761, Between Maple Swamp & Moors Swamp, joining Maple Meadow, Thomas Jones. WIT: Jechonias Coleman, George Bryant, Aaron Coleman. Aug Ct 1772. Jas Hall CC.
    [Bradley, 1995b, p. 49:
    Edgecombe County, North Carolina Deeds Volume 2: 1768-1778
    Abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley, Jr. 1995
    Stephen E. Bradley, Jr., Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464]

Cadar's death and will records are not known to this author and may be found someday in Fairfield County, SC, or in Alabama, or in some other place I can not yet imagine.

(16) Cadar Coleman and wife Susannah Stephenson had at least two children:

(29) 1. Charles Coleman,
(1137) 2. Robert Coleman,
known to this author.  The best documented child of Cadar and Susannah Coleman is Charles Coleman, Sr., whose offspring are documented here in this chapter and the chapter on Fairfield, SC Colemans.  Little is known about (1137) Robert Coleman other than he owned land on the Wateree River in Fairfield County, SC which he sold to his brother, Charles Coleman Sr., and then Robert moved back to Virginia. [Coleman, J. P., 1965, pages 374 & 375.]  Where (1137) Robert Coleman, son of (16) Cadar Coleman and Susannah Stephenson, settled, whether he married or had any heirs, and what became of him is unknown to this author.

(29)    Charles Coleman, Sr.,     b. 1762
        Occupation blacksmith, gunsmith,
        m. before 1787, in SC, Ruth Gibson, daughter of Abraham Gibson.
        Abraham Gibson had a brother, the Reverend Jacob Gibson, Jr., who was
        the pastor of a church in Fairfield.  "Gibson's Meeting House" was the
        place built by the pastor and helpers for this church.  This location
        is mentioned in Colonel Winn's notes as he recorded the activity of the
        South Carolina militia as it fought the Torries while the Continental
        Army was away and bought time for the revolutionary army.
        Jacob Gibson, Sr. died in May 1735 in Prince Williams, VA.  His wife's name was
        recorded as Jane.  The 1820 Census of Fairfield County, SC records:
              Gibson, Abraham	        2 0 0 0 0 1 - O O 0 1 1
        Charles' first wife, Ruth Gibson, died 1825 and he remarried (date unknown)
        to Elizabeth (Eliza) Unknown, b. 1785.  Charles Coleman, Sr. died
        6 April 1842, in Alabama.

The relationships between Cadar Coleman, son Charles and Charles' first wife, Ruth Gibson are documented by a letter written by Cadar's grandson, James Buchanan Coleman. James was applying for a widow's pension for Elizabeth when he recorded that his father, Charles Coleman, Sr. below, had fought in the Revolution.  Acting as executor of his father's estate, James was applying to claim any pension moneys due his widow, Elizabeth.  The fact that Charles fought was known to James from family discussions which James recalled hearing of his father Charles and his grandfathers on both sides, Cadar Coleman and Abraham Gibson, telling of their actions in the war.

(29) Charles Coleman, Sr. and his descendants are the subject of Chapter 13, The Colemans of Fairfield County, South Carolina.

Sarah Coleman and Robert Carlile

(18) Sarah Coleman (the daughter of Robert III, Robert II, Robert I) b. 1738, married Robert Carlile on 01/05/1763, in North Carolina. From personal correspondence, Robert Carlile was born 1734, in NC and died 1786 in Edgecombe County, NC [ Yarborough, 2001].  Yarborough notes the DAR Patriot's Book, not as reliable a source as transcripts of legal documents, records Robert as born in 1740, and deceased in 1780.

McGarr found this quote in Glen and Kin: "Robert [Carlile]'s will, proved in Nov 1786, named his wife Sarah as an heir, so she died after that date." [Christopher, 1994, p. 236];

McGarr records Robert Carlile was a Revolutionary soldier from North Carolina.  There was also a second Robert Carlisle who died 18 years later and who married Nancy (Bell?). [Carlisle, H. 2004].

Robert Carlile and Sarah Coleman had two girls, Sally and Mary Ann, who were orphaned at the time of Robert's death. Stephen Coleman became guardian on 2 Feb 1790.

Robert Carlile and (18) Sarah Coleman had these children:

(30)   1.  Edmund "Edmin" Carlisle,       b. 1764, (Edgecombe Co., NC?)
(31)   2.  Rhoda "Rhodey" Carlisle,  b. 1766, Edgecombe Co., NC
(32)   3.  Susannah Carlisle,        b. 1768, Edgecombe Co., NC
(33)   4.  Simon "Simeon" Carlisle,  b. 1772, Edgecombe Co., NC; d. December 01, 1794.
(34)   5.  Mary Ann Carlisle,        b. 1774, Edgecombe Co., NC
(35)   6.  Sarah "Sally" Carlisle,   b 1776, Edgecombe Co., NC
(36)   7.  Coleman Carlisle,         b. August 15, 1770, Caswell, Edgecombe Co., N.C.;

The will of Robert Carlile, spouse of Sarah Coleman, was abstracted from the court records Edgecombe Co., North Carolina.  It was dated September 26, 1786 and probated in November Court of 1786.  It provides:

Wife & Executrix: Sarah, use of plantation, where I live, all personal property for herself and in raising my children.

Daughters: Susannah, Mary Ann, Sarah, and Rhoda.

Sons: Simon and Edward: lands, houses, orchards.

Son Coleman, 56 acre tract of land whereon Lemon O'Neal now lives, Debt due to me from Richard Strother, and double Britch(breech) gun.

Executor. Robert Digges. Witnesses: Elijah Stallings, John Bell [Carlisle, H. 2004].

A second will, 21 years later, is recorded for the other Robert Carlisle who married Nancy, who apparently was the widow of a Bell. He makes reference to his wife's daughter in the will.  It is found in Book E, page 81, Edgecombe County, N.C.; dated September 27, 1808, probated in February Court, 1815.  It names his wife and executrix as Nancy, lists daughters Rebecca Jackson, Liddy Carlile, and Nancy Riley; son John, daughter Polly Bellflower; daughter Edeah Sealf; son Clark; son Robert, son Joseph, son Cary, and mentions wife's daughter.
[Carlisle, H. 2004].

(18) Sarah Coleman, spouse of Robert Carlisle, left a will also. [Carlisle, H. 2004]


July 13, 1772, Jan Ct, 1776 - Edgecombe Co., NC

Daughters: MILLIE; SARAH BALDWIN and ELIZABETH BRADLEY, my wearing apparel.

Son: ROBERT, one cow he now has in his possession.

Son: WILLIAM CARLISLE - 20 S Virginia money.

Son: WM. BELL; Son & Excr. RICHARD BELL and son JOSEPH BELL, all rest of my estate.

[Carlisle, H. 2004]

(36) Coleman Carlisle was born August 15, 1770, Caswell, Edgecombe Co., N.C.  He died November 18, 1824, in Laurens County, S. C.  His first marriage was to Hannah Thompson Glenn on December 24, 1792, daughter of James Glenn and Elizabeth Bowles.  Hannah Glenn was born March 14, 1771 in Cumberland County, VA, and died October 24, 1811 in Union County, SC.  His second marriage was to Joanna Lewis Brown 4 May 1813.  His third marriage was to Sarah Leake 30 May 1822 in Laurens Co. SC.  Sarah was born 8 Mar 1783. [Mabry, 1981]

(36) Coleman Carlisle was a Methodist minister in South Carolina serving the Winston-Salem Church as a circuit rider.  (36) Coleman Carlisle and wife Hannah Glenn Carlisle had these children:

(37)  1. James Glenn Carlisle,     b. 20 Sep 1801 in Union Co, SC
                                   d.  9 Oct 1883 in Attala Co, MS
(38)  2. Julia Glenn Carlisle
(39)  3. Martha Bowker Carlisle,   b. 22 Sep 1794 in Union Co, SC
                                   d. 23 Aug 1821 in Laurens Co, SC
                                   m. Ephraim Tender or Tinder 19 Oct 1819

(40)  4. Lucy Glenn Carlisle,      b. 14 Sep 1796 in Union Co, SC
                                   d. 30 Nov 1815
                                   m. William Watersby Warwick 26 May 1815.
(41)  5. Elizabeth Bowles Carlisle, b. 23 Apr 1799 in Union Co, SC
                                   m. John Abel, 19 Dec 1819.
(42)  6. Thomas Anderson Carlisle, b. 27 Aug 1803
(43)  7. Gideon Newton Carlisle,   b. 26 Apr 1806
(44)  8. Sarah Hill Carlisle,      b. 17 Jun 1808
(45)  9. John Dougherty Carlisle,  b. 09 Aug 1810

(36) Coleman Carlisle and wife Joanna Brown had these children:

(46) 10. Eliza Lewis Carlisle,     b. 09 Feb 1814
(47) 11. Peter Coleman Brown Carlisle, b. 04 Feb 1816
(48) 12. Joanna Lucinda Carlisle,  b. 13 Feb 1818
(49) 13. William Henry Carlisle,   b. 30 Dec 1819

(37) James Glenn Carlisle married Nancy Hawker Selby 09 Sep 1824, the daughter of Philip Selby and Mary Simmons.  Nancy was born 28 Feb 1799 in Laurens Co, SC and died 8 Jul 1884 in Attala Co, MS.  James was a Methodist minister in South Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama.  He served as a circuit rider in Mississippi. 

(37) James Glenn Carlisle and wife Nancy had these children:

(50)  1. Coleman Philip Carlisle,      b. 13 Aug 1825
(51)  2. Hawker Owen Carlisle,         b. 30 Dec 1826
(52)  3. James Anderson Carlisle,      b. 26 Apr 1828
(53)  4. Benjamin Selby Carlisle,      b. 07 Jan 1830
(54)  5. Gideon Westmoreland Carlisle, b. 03 Feb 1832
(55)  6. Mary H. L. Carlisle,          b. 23 Jul 1834 in TN
(56)  7. Sarah E. Carlisle,            b. 12 May 1838 in TN
(57)  8. Martha Elizabeth Carlisle,    b. 12 May 1838 in TN
                                       d. 09 Mar 1926 in MS
(58)  9. Roxanna Louise Hull Carlisle, b. 19 Jun 1840
(59) 10. Miriam Carlisle,              b. 05 Apr 1842 in AL
(60) 11. Nancy S. Carlisle,            b. 22 Mar 1844 in AL

(17) Stephen Coleman and Ester Unknown

(17) Stephen Coleman, son of Robert Coleman, III, died 29 Mar 1803 per his will in Edgecombe County, NC.  His will named his wife, Esther Unknown.  No children were listed in his will.

(20) Susanor Coleman and Richard Strother

(20) Susanor Coleman was born about 1742. She married Richard Strother.
[Powell, 2008b]

(20) Susanor Coleman and Richard Strother had these children:

(1295)   1.  Robert Strother
(1296)   2.  James Strother
(1297)   3.  Nancy Strother
(1298)   4.  Elizabeth Strother
(1299)   5.  Susanna Strother
(1300)   6.  Richard Strother
[Powell, 2008b]

(1297) Nancy Strother married 1st Unknown Hollis married 2nd Unknown Justice

(1298) Elizabeth Strother married Unknown McConnell

(1299) Susanna Strother married her first cousin, John G. Pitt, son of (25) Zilpha Coleman and Henry Pitt.   Their descendants are documented in Chapter 42 Descendants of Zilpha Coleman and Henry Pitt, of New Albany, Indiana.

(22) Grace Coleman snd Noah Woodard

(22) Grace Coleman married Noah Woodard per a deed witnessed by Grace and her parents:
On March 3, 1743-44, Grace Woodard was a witness with Robert Coleman and Susanna Coleman to a deed between John Sickes and John Hatcher, both of Edgecombe County, for 170 acres on the north side of Tar River adjoining that of William Pope and the south side of Swift Creek, as by patent to Jacob Pope. [From this deed,] Thomas Woodard's family from Nansemond County [included]: Grace, Moses, James, Daniel, Reuben, and Noah Woodard.
[Padgett 2008] The problem with the year reported above is that Grace would not have been born yet. So I need to track down the correct year for this deed. But the names match up beautifully.

(24) Hardy Coleman and Aval Unknown

(24) Hardy Coleman was born in 1757. At the age of 74, on August 23, 1832, he appeared before a Judge in Sumner County, TN to claim a pension for service in the Revolutionary War. His name appears at the top of the first page and below it is written "or Colemon, Avey", a reference to his wife, Aval or Avey Coleman. He stated to the judge he returned to make his home in Edgecombe County after the revolution until he moved to Sumner County, where he had made his home for the past 27 or 28 years. He must have relocated around 1804 or 5. He served with Capt. Edward Clinch, Maj. Joseph Clinch, Col. Eaton, and Gen. Ash. He volunteered for 6 months and marched through South Carolina to Georgia serving in the battle of Brier Creek under command of Gen. Ash. Henry Pitt swears to know Hardy Coleman and of his service in the war. Henry is his brother-in-law, husband of Zilpha Coleman, as described below. Also witnessing this document were Josiah Walton and James Brigance.

Following this is an application by Avey Coleman dated 4/25/1851 to claim the benefits of many acts of Congress providing for pensions to the widows of officers and soldiers who served in the war of the revolution. She is listed as 81 years old, placing the year of birth at about 1770. She declared she was married to Hardy on 1/01/1791. She states Hardy died 10/01/1837. She and Hardy were married by Simon Muffin, a Justice of the Peace, in Edgecombe County, NC.

Following the above two records, a third record dated 3/15/1852 shows William Pitt appeared before a justice, 61 years old as of 10/04/1851, and states that his mother was sister of Hardy Coleman, husband of Avey Coleman. 10/04/1791. He says Hardy and Avey Coleman used to live on Town Creek in Edgecombe County, NC about four miles from his parents place. They would ride three on a horse, him behind his mother and a younger sister held in her mother's lap. He states his father moved his family from Edgecombe County to Tennessee in June 1795 or 96, and uncle Hardy brought his family the year after. He mentions Bobby Minor, Elizabeth Minor and Betsy Minor also moved from Edgecombe County, NC to Sumner County, TN.

Today, Town Creek, NC is in Wilson County, meaning in that day, it was in the Southwestern part of Edgecombe County, quite apart from the Northeastern part which became Halifax. Clearly, the children of Robert Coleman, III were spread out all across what was then Edgecombe County, NC.

Next is a corner cut from a family bible record page stating that William Pitt was born 02/04/1791, in conflict with the date given above. I would trust this source over the court record.
[U.S. Revolutionary War Pension Records of West Tennessee dated 8/23/1832, found and added viewing Heritage Quest Online, 7/17/2008]

He married Aval Unknown per deed dated 20 Dec 1802.
[Watson, 1969, p. 51]

Hardy is listed as the head of his household in Edgecombe County, NC in 1800. Hardy is found in the U.S. Census of Sumner County in 1820. There are other Hardy Coleman's listed in Sumner County U.S. Census in 1850 and 1860.

In the 1850 U.S. Census for Sumner County, District No. ?, dated ?, p 158, house 420, we find another Hardy Coleman, perhaps a son of the one who died 10/01/1837:

Hardy Coleman, 50, Male
Maria Coleman, 32, Fem
Judy Coleman, 17, Fem
Joseph Coleman, 12, Male
Nancy Coleman, 6/12, Fem
Ava Coleman, 76, Fem 
Nancy Black, 48, Fem

Also, that year, on page 141, household 417:

Hardy Colman, 46, m
Mariah Colman, 46, f
Elizabeth Colman, 19, f
Joseph Colman, 16, m
Hardy Colman, 6/12, m

And in 1850 on page 535, household 332:

Sethe Colman, 47
Penina Shoemake, 57

In the 1860 U.S. Census for Sumner County, District No. 17, dated 07/04/1860, we find:

Hardy Coleman, 54, Male, White, day laborer
Mariah Coleman, 30, Fem, White
Nancy Coleman, 11, Fem, White
Sally Coleman, 9, Fem, White
Nancy Coleman, 1, Fem, White 
Nancy Black,Fem

In the 1870 U.S. Census of Sumner County, only one household of Colemans is indexed. On June 1, 1880, in the 14th District of Sumner County, p 216b, household 19:

Mariah Coleman 45, white female, rents house
Nancy Coleman 20, white female
Sarah Coleman 16, white female
Eliza Coleman 14, white female

In the 1880 U.S. Census of Sumner County, only one household of Colemans is indexed. On June 1, 1880, in the 14th District of Sumner County, p 216b, household 19:

Mariah Coleman 53, white female
Eliza Coleman  21, white female, daughter
J. C. Hunter   25 ? white male, son-in-law
N. V. Hunter   27 or 29 white female, daughter
Smith Loya or Toya 58 or 38 or 28 white male, border
Elvira Loya or Toya 50 or 30 white female, border

In 1900, only one household with a Coleman is indexed. In the 14th District, date June 8, 1900, page 226B, household 111:

Sallie Walsh, head, white fem b. Dec 1853, age 47
Richard Walsh, son, white, male b. Sept 1889, age 10
Ada M. Walsh, dau, white, fem, b. May 1893, age 7
Allie C. Walsh, dau, white, fem, b. Nov 1895, age 4
Mariah E. Coleman, mother, white, fem, b. May, 1820, age 80, widow

Based on clues above, it is likely the Coleman family line in Sumner County, Tennessee was as shown below, though it remains to be proven that the children shown below were actually theirs. Hardy and Aval were married in 1791, so any Coleman born within 20 years after that date and living in Sumner County is assumed to be theirs. It is apparent everyone but Hardy, son of Hardy and Aval, moved away by 1860, prior to the Civil War, and that Mariah was the only one of the Coleman's to remain in Sumner County.

(24) Hardy Coleman and wife Avey had these children:

(1303)   1.  Rebecka Coleman, b c1791
(1304)   2.  John Coleman, b c1793
(1305)   3.  Thomas Coleman, b c1794
(1306)   4.  Anna Coleman, b c1796
(1307)   5.  Downing H. Coleman, b c1798
(1308)   6.  Hardy Coleman, b. 1800
(1309)   7.  Seth Coleman, b. 1803
(1310)   8.  Pacicade Coleman, b. c1805
(1311)   9.  James Coleman, b. c1807
(1312)  10.  Jordan P. Coleman, b. c1809

(1303) Rebecka Coleman married Joseph Christopher on 11/01/1806. Thomas Cocke was recorded as bondsman.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

No Rebecca or Joseph Christopher were found in Sumner County in the 1850 or 1860 U.S. Census, based on a search using the 1850 Census search on the web site and the 1860 U.S. Census search of HeritageQuest Online (HQO). No Joseph Christopher from Tennessee appears in the Revolutionary War records of HQO.

There is a Rebecca Christopher, 70 yrs old in 1850 U.S. Census of Greenville, SC living with Marion and Rebecca Hall. This is interesting because the name Hall appears twice in connection with this family: Patsey Hall, spouse of Downing below; and J.W. Hall official at the wedding of Jordan Coleman, below.

(1304) John Coleman married Nancy Lewis on 08/13/1818. Ansil D. Bugg was recorded as bondsman.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

John and Nancy do not show up in the U.S. Census nor pension applications for the Revolutionary War as indexed on HQO.

(1305) Thomas Coleman married Eliza Cage on 03/13/1827. G.N. Douglas was recorded as bondsman.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

Nothing more is known about Thomas Coleman and Eliza Cage.

(1306) Anna Coleman married Anthony Donoho on 07/01/1816. James Stratton was recorded as bondsman and Daniel Latimer, J.P. was officiating.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

(1307) Downing H. Coleman married Patsey Hall on 03/13/1827. James Coleman was recorded as bondsman.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

(1310) Pacicade Coleman married Anderson Busby on 02/08/1825. John Mitchell was recorded as bondsman.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

(1311) James Coleman married Leather Shoemaker on 03/28/1832. Edward Lee was recorded as bondsman and Daniel McAuley, J.P. was officiating.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

(1312) Jordan P. Coleman married Senith Turner on 12/25/1838. J.W. Hall was recorded as officiating.
[Sumner County Marriages on rootsweb]

Senith Frances Turner, wife of Jordan Coleman, was born 12/08/1812 in TN, the daughter of Yancy Turner and Mary Dillon. She died 01/13/1858 in TN, buried in Fagg Cemetery, Macon County, TN, where her parents also are buried. [Post #3979 dated 03/16/2001 by Virginia Winn Parker to Coleman family forum of GenForum.]

(25)Zilpha Coleman and Henry Pitt

(25) Zilpha Coleman, born c1759, married Henry Pitt

(25) Zilpha Coleman and husband Henry Pitt had these children:

(1233)  1.  Stephen Pitt,    b. c1780
(1234)  2.  John G. Pitt,    b. 12/17/1782
(1235)  3.  William Pitt,    b. c1784
(1236)  4.  Robert Pitt,     b. c1786
(1237)  5.  Joseph Pitt,     b. c1788
(1238)  6.  Catherine Pitt,  b. c1790
(1239)  7.  Susan Pitt,      b. c1792
(1240)  8.  May Pitt,        b. c1794
(1241)  9.  Elizabeth Pitt,  b. c1796
[Powell, 2008b]

Chapter 42 Descendants of Zilpha Coleman and Henry Pitt, of New Albany, Indiana. documents this branch of the family, thanks to Joyce Powell.


June 17, 2008, Oct. 23, 2012

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