Descendants of Charles Washington Coleman of Hamilton County, Tennessee

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Descendants of Robert Coleman of Nansemond County Virginia 1684-1930

Chapter 23.  Descendants of Elizabeth Coleman and John McClure of Sequatchie County, TN

By permission, the text below is excerpts from a book, The Colemans of North Hamilton County Tennessee by Cy Yarborough.
Editor's notes are my additions based on reports people have given me or I have researched - Wes Coleman

(394) Elizabeth Coleman, the oldest child of Wash and Lucinda Sims Coleman was born around 1837, in Bledsoe County, Tennessee, in the vicinity of the present Lewis Chapel and Flat Top communities.

She married John McClure in mid-to-late 1850's.  John was born in Tennessee around 1832.  In the 1860 Sequatchie County census, Elizabeth and John were shown living in the 1st District with a Fillmore, Tennessee Post Office address.  This should indicate that they had moved from off the mountain and down in the Sequatchie Valley.

Little is known about Elizabeth as a child.  She was shown in the census records of 1840 and 1850 as a daughter of Washington Coleman.  After her marriage she was in the 1860 census with her husband, but according to one of her descendants she and her husband met a tragic death while still in young adulthood.  It is not known exactly when and how they died.  This same descendent told [Cy] she thought they died in a fire.  Judging from the date of birth of their last child, their death probably occurred in the mid-1860's.  Therefore, little is actually known of the lives of Elizabeth and her husband. 

(394) Elizabeth Coleman and husband John McClure had these children:

(620) 1. Lucinda McClure,           b. 09/15/1856, Sequatchie Co., TN.
(621) 2. Millie Elizabeth McClure,  b. 11/10/1858, Sequatchie Co., TN.
(622) 3. Margaret McClure, (twin)   b.  ca. 1860,  Sequatchie Co., TN.
(623) 4. Martha McClure, (twin)     b.  ca. 1860,  Sequatchie Co., TN.
(624) 5. Thomas McClure,            b. 02/01/1862, Sequatchie Co., TN.
Birthdates were provided in Blalock, 2000:

[editor WDC: The information below regarding the pension was added.] A pension application was made on behalf of the minor children of a John McClure, Sr. Among the papers is a record showing John McClure, Sr died from Inflamation of the lungs on March 31, 1865 at the age of 34 or 36. This record shows on April 9, 1871 John McClure, Sr and Elizabeth McClure had these children:

  1. Lucinda McClure                  b. 09/15/1856
  2. Milly McClure                    b. 11/10/1858
  3. Thomas B. McClure                b. 02/01/1862
Thus, it appears the twins did not survive to 1871. [Sponenburgh, 2008]

(620) Lucinda McClure (Sims) was born approximately 1857 in Sequatchie County, Tennessee.  After the death of her parents, she and her remaining siblings went to live with their grandfather, Wash Coleman, in Putnam County.

Upon growing into adulthood Lucinda returned to Sequatchie County where she net and married William Taylor Sims on 3/26/1885.  Taylor was born 6/11/1847.  Lucinda and Taylor probably lived their entire lives in the Sequatchie Valley.

Lucinda's death date is unknown, but Taylor died 3/17/1920, just a few months before his 73rd birthday.

(620) Lucinda McClure (Sims) and husband Taylor Sims had two daughters:

(625) 1. Lillian Sims (Brown)                  b. 04/?/1886,  in Sequatchie
(626) 2. Ida Elizabeth Sims (Hickman)          b. 05/07/1889, in Sequatchie

(625) Lillian Sims (Brown) was born 4/?/1886, In Sequatchie County, Tennessee. She married S. LaFayette Brown, who was born ca. 1883. They also lived in the Sequatchie Valley/Mowbray Mountain area. When Lilly died on 27 Jan 1944, she died at her home in Dunlap. Her husband LaFayette died at his home in Soddy, TN on 17 Mar 1949. They were buried in the Rankin Cemetery.

(625) Lillian Sims Brown and her husband LaFayette Brown had 5 children:

(627) 1. Grace Brown (Baumgartner),       b. c1910
(628) 2. Jesse T. Brown,                  b. c1912
(629) 3. Arnett Brown,                    b. c1913
(630) 4. Ray Brown,                       b. c1915
(631) 5. Roy Brown,                       b. c1917
(627) Grace Brown was born on Mowbray Mountain, west of Daisy, Tennessee.  She married Paul Baumgartner and had 3 children.  This family moved out of state.

(628) Jesse T. Brown was born on Mowbray Mountain.  He married Irene Mysinger and they lived in Soddy, Tennessee.  They had one daughter, Jimmie Ruth Brown.  Jimmie Ruth died as a young adult. (629) Arnett Brown was born on Mowbray Mountain.  Little is known of Arnett other than he is now deceased. (630) Ray Brown was also born on Mowbray Mountain.  He married Edna Brown, (no relation) and lived in Dallas, Georgia.  They had 4 children. (631) Roy Brown was born on Mowbray Mountain, married Louise Johnson and is now deceased.  They had one son.

(626) Ida Elizabeth Sims was born 5/7/1889, in Sequatchie County, Tennessee.  She married Floyd Hickman on 12/18/1904, in Sequatchie County, TN.  Floyd was born between Falling Water and Daisy, Tennessee.  He was the son of Elias and Ellen Hickman and the grandson of William H. Hickman, a pioneer settler of Bakewell, Tennessee.

Ida and Floyd lived most of their lives in the Sequatchie Valley.  Ida died on 5/5/1981, just 2 days before her 92nd birthday.  She was buried in the Rankin Cemetery on her 92nd birthday.  Floyd preceded her in death by a number of years.

(626) Ida Elizabeth Sims Hickman and her husband Floyd Hickman had four children:

(632) 1. Noma Hickman (Tucker),      b. 11/05/1914
(633) 2. Mona Hickman (McClain),     b.  8/25/1916
(634) 3. Eva Hickman,                b.  8/04/1918
(635) 4. Claude Hickman,             b.  2/27/1922
(632) Noma Hickman (Tucker)

Noma Hickman was born 11/5/1914, in Dunlap, Tennessee.  She married Ambrose Tucker on 8/18/1937 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Ambrose was born 10/4/1900, in Chattanooga, TN.  He was retired from Southern Bell Telephone Company.  Noma and Ambrose lived in Chattanooga.  They had 2 children, a daughter born in 1938 and a son born in 1948.

(633) Mona Hickman was born 8/25/1916, in Dunlap, Tennessee.  She married James McClain and had 7 children starting from 1939 to the 1950s.

(634) Eva Hickman was born 8/4/1918, in Dunlap, Tennessee.  She never married and lived most of her life in Dunlap.

(635) Claude Hickman was born 2/27/1922, in Dunlap.  He married Mary Lou Clark.  Floyd was a former merchant marine and employee of 3M Company in Chattanooga.  He died 3/2/1981, at the age of 59.  Claude and Mary Lou had 3 children.

(621) Millie Elizabeth McClure was born 1858 or 1859 in Sequatchie County, Tennessee.  She also lived with her grandfather Wash Coleman as a child after the death of her parents but returned to Walden's Ridge as a young adult.  She married John C. Harvey on 2/18/1884, in Sequatchie County, Tennessee.  John was the son of William H. Harvey and Susan Harvey and the grandson of Jason Harvey, an early settler of Walden's Ridge.

John C. Harvey was born 11/?/1863 in Sequatchie County.  Millie and John apparently lived most of their married lives in the Lewis Chapel area of Eastern Sequatchie County.

Millie died in a sanitarium in Chattanooga on 5/9/1925.  She was buried in Dunlap, TN.  John died on 11/5/1944, at the home of his youngest daughter, Allie Shadrick, in Daisy, Tennessee.  He was buried 11/7/1944 in the Varner Cemetery in Soddy, TN.

(621) Millie Elizabeth McClure and her husband John C. Harvey had these children.

(636) 1. Maggie Harvey,                b. 12/?/1884
(637) 2. William J. Harvey,            b.  9/?/1887
(638) 3. Anderson Harvey,              b. 12/?/1889
(639) 4. Mark Harvey,                  b. 6/8/1893
(640) 5. Mollie Harvey (Brown),        b. 12/?/1895
(641) 6. Allie Opal Harvey (Shadrick), b. 11/?/1898

Cy's work reported there were seven children, but these are the only ones I found recorded there.

(636) Maggie Harvey was born 12/?/1884, in Lewis Chapel, TN.? She married James Stewart on 7/02/1902, in Sequatchie County, TN.  They lived in the Lewis Chapel area.  Nothing else is known of this family.

(637) William J. Harvey was born 9/?/1887, in Lewis Chapel, TN.? William apparently died between the time his mother and his father died as he was listed as a survivor when she died but not when his father died.  Nothing else is known of William.

(638) Anderson Harvey was born 12/?/1889, in Lewis Chapel, TN.? He married Nancy Sims on 3/01/1909, in Sequatchie County.  He also died between the time his parent's death.  He had two sons, Lester and Nathan Harvey presently living on Mowbray Mountain, TN.  Nothing else is known of him.

(639) Mark Harvey was born 6/8/1893, in Lewis Chapel, TN.? Mark never married and was killed overseas in World War I on 10/13/1918, at the age of 25.  He is buried in Sequatchie County.

(640) Mollie Harvey (Brown) was born 12/?/1895, in Lewis Chapel, TN.? She married c1917 to Will Brown, the son of George Brown.  Mollie died 6/24/1973. She was living in Graysville, TN, at the time of her death.

(640) Mollie Harvey Brown and husband Will Brown had 8 children:

(642) 1. Imogene Brown (Smith),                  b. c1918
(643) 2. Mozella Brown (McBroom),                b. c1919
(644) 3. L. B. Brown,                            b. 11/5/1921
(645) 4. Orville Brown,                          b. c1923
(646) 5. Clarence Edward Brown,                  b. c1924
(647) 6. Calvin Brown,                           b. c1926
(648) 7. Mark Brown,                             b. c1927
(649) 8. Annette Brown,                          b. c1929

(644) L. B. Brown was born 11/5/1921, was married and lived on Mowbray Mountain.  He had 3 children.

(646) Clarence Edward Brown married Bobbie Hendon.  He died 7/29/1981, in Dunlap, TN, and was buried in Brayton Cemetery.  He had 10 children.

(641) Allie Opal Harvey (Shadrick) was born 11/?/1898.  Allie married Frank S. Shadrick.  She died 4/13/1967, in Jasper, Tennessee.  She was buried in the Harvey Cemetery on Flat Top Mountain, Tennessee, 4/16/1967.

(641) Allie Opal Harvey Shadrick and her husband, Frank S. Shadrick had 4 children:

(650) 1. Frank A. Shadrick
(651) 2. Thomas Shadrick
(652) 3. Margie Shadrick (Abbott)
(653) 4. Willie May Shadrick (Kyle)
(650) Frank A. Shadrick, He was living in North Carolina at the time of his mother's death. (651) Thomas Shadrick, He was living in Jasper, Tennessee at the time of his mother's death. (652) Margie Shadrick (Abbott), She was born ca. 1925.  She lived in Chattanooga and was employed by the Chattanooga Baking Company.  She married Donald Abbott.  She died 6/15/1981, in Chattanooga.  She was buried 6/7/1981, in Hamilton Memorial Gardens.  She had 2 children. (653) Willie May Shadrick (Kyle), She married Robert Kyle and lives in Dayton, TN.

(622) Margaret McClure was born about 1860, in Sequatchie County, TN a twin sister of Martha (below). She is thought to have died as a very young child, possibly in the same accident that killed her parents.

(623) Martha McClure was born about 1860, in Sequatchie County, TN, the twin sister of Margaret.  She is also thought to have died with her parents and twin sister.

(624) Thomas McClure was the last of Elizabeth Coleman McClure's children. Little is known of Tom other than he was born ca. 1862, in Sequatchie County, TN.  He lived with his grandfather Wash Coleman in Putnam County for some time, along with his surviving sisters, after the death of his parents. He grew up, married and raised a family in Middle Tennessee, somewhere around the town of Sparta.  Nothing else is known of him, or his descendants.


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