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Naughton Genealogy

Naughton Genealogy

Sponsored By Bill Naughton

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This Web Site is dedicated to helping people doing genealogical research on Irish Naughton family lines in all of its varied spellings--from the original O'Neachtain (Ua Neachtain) to O'Naghten, Naghten, Naghtan, Naughtan, Naughten, Naughtin, Naughton, Nocton, Nockton, Knockton, Nattan, McNaughton, Norton and other Anglicized variations of the original Irish pronunciation.

It includes an ongoing attempt to trace the history of the Naughton family line from its legendary origins within the ancient Celtic Laigin or Dumnonii ethno-tribal group in Normandy to its leadership position in Ulster Province and later within the Hy-Many (Ui-Maine) kingdom in Connaught Province, to its rule of the extensive plains of Maonmagh in County Galway until the Anglo-Norman conquest, to its forced movement to southern County Roscommon where it ruled the Faes or Fews (woodlands] between Athlone and Ballinasloe--historically known as "Naughton Country"--and to the later widespread movement of Naughton families to other parts of Ireland and abroad following Oliver Cromwell's resettlement of Ireland.

This site also consolidates links to other articles, such as one of my efforts to trace my own Naughton family line in northwestern County Roscommon, as well as links to other web sites dealing with Naughton family lines and to other resources which should help Naughton descendants search for their ancestors. I wish you success.

New information and suggestions for improving this web site are always appreciated, especially references to other links to Naughton-related sites.

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